Keno is an easy-to-play, very entertaining game that has made its way to online casinos. Choose a casino below and start playing. 

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The Benefits of Online Keno

There are several benefits of plyaing online keno as opposed to going to an actual casino. The obvious one is not having to leave your apartment and socialise when you only want to play the game. Ohers are not that obvious, so keep on reading to find out what they are:

Cheaper Tickets

In most cases, the price of a keno ticket is less than a lottery ticket. Online casinos charge even less than the typical $1 charge per ticket by brick and mortar casinos. Tickets can be found as inexpensively as twenty cents in some online casinos. This enables the players to purchase additional tickets, play even more keno games, and increase their chances of winning.

The Higher Payout Percentages

When a player chooses to play online, the payout percentages are generally higher than that of lottery games. The payout rate for physical casinos is approximately eighty percent. The payout rate for online casinos is even better at 95 percent.

The Additional Bonus Options

Many online casinos offer good bonuses for playing keno. This includes extra keno balls and bonus selections. This provides players with a better chance of winning.

Free Demo Games

Players do not always have to play keno for real money. Free demo games are offered by the majority of online casinos. This offers players an excellent opportunity to improve their strategies or simply have fun without the need for real money. This is also a good option when funds are running low.

The Quick Sessions

There is a tremendous difference between playing the game at a land-based casino and an online casino. When the game requires a live person present in a casino, the process takes a lot longer. This is because all of the numbers are individually drawn and the sheets must be collected from all of the players.

The online version is different because the selection process happens immediately, and there are no sheets requiring collection. This means you can play a lot more games online in less time.

Extra Variations

Some of the online casinos offer different variations of keno. When it comes to player bets, one game may be preferable for certain players than others.

The Mobile Version

As the number of online casinos continues to increase, more and more players enjoy playing their favorite games while relaxing at home. Online mobile casinos have significantly changed the gambling sector because players can use their tablets or smartphones to enjoy keno from practically anywhere.

In most instances, the player can either play using their mobile device right from the browser or simply download the app for the mobile casino. A lot of mobile devices currently being used are compatible. This enables the player to choose from a wide selection of games.

The Popularity and History of Keno

Keno is an old game, originating in China. The game has been around a minimum of 2,000 years. The Chinese originally called the it pai-ko p’iao or baige piao. This translates to white pigeon ticket. This is a reference to the homing pigeons originally used for the tickets. During the 3rd century BCE, the game was played predominately in China.

The gambling houses obtained permission from the province governor prior for offering the game. The governor then received part of the profits of the game. Chinese communities are still using the original baige piao ticket. The game is currently extremely popular all over Asia. The first eighty characters come from the Book of a Thousand Characters. This is the reason they are in Qianziwen as opposed to numbers.

Although this book is considered classic Chinese literature, the author remains unknown. The book contains 1,000 Chinese characters referred to as ideograms. All of these characters are different. Instead of using numbers from one to 1,000, the Asian version of the game often uses these characters.

The Rules of the Game

The player receives a card, then chooses the numbers they believe will be chosen in the game. The player can select ten to twenty numbers. The values are between one and eighty. In a brick and mortar casino, the players must turn in their tickets for validation. The process for online casinos is simpler. All the player needs to do is push the start button. Twenty numbers will then be randomly selected.

The player does not need to mark a card with any matching numbers because the computers in online casinos do this automatically. When the player matches a certain amount of numbers, they win the game. The player has a choice as to which bets they want to make. Each variation of the online game offers different options. The available options for the game are as follows:

  • The Standard Bet: This is when the player bets on single numbers. There are limits as to the minimum and maximum amounts the player can bet. The player hopes luck is on their side because when their numbers are called, they win the game.
  • Way Bets: This is when the player bets on a group of numbers as opposed to single numbers on their card. One of the most common way bets is a group of three numbers. If any of the three numbers are drawn, the player wins the game. This is similar to betting on three different numbers for three different games.

When a player decides to play online, they should look into the rules for each online casino. This is because each casino has its own variations. This determines the amount of money the player receives each time they win a game. Different versions of the game offer different payouts. The player should always check this amount for the version of the game they have selected.

Some players prefer the traditional version of the game. Others enjoy the variations and bonus games offered by many online casinos. This includes edge ticket, top and bottom ticket, super and power variations. In addition to all of the different formats on offer, some online casinos have changed the standard format to make the game even more entertaining and fun to play.

Some of these games include Monkey and Royal Vegas. These are online versions of the game offering funny graphics, information bars, sounds and animations. This enhances the experience and enjoyment of the game for the players. Each game offers different payouts. By checking the specific restrictions and rules of each online casino, the chance of purchasing a ticket for a game the player is not interested in is eliminated.

Although a lot of players are interested in this game, it is not considered to be mainstream. This is the reason the player should experience one of the free versions of the game prior to playing using real money. There is also a good selection of free games available to help the player learn how to play and form their own strategy for free.

The game is basically a version of an online lottery. The player simply chooses the numbers they believe will be selected. The enjoyment factor increases due to the different variations of the game and the way the numbers are chosen at the different online casinos. By looking at the instructions for each variation available at the online casino prior to playing, the player has a better chance of winning the game.

The Odds

The odds of winning are dependent on how many numbers the player has selected, and how many of their numbers match. To determine the paytable base rate, the amount of the player’s bet is multiplied with this rate. In most instances, when a player selects mire numbers, they receive more matches. This increases the amount of their payout. Everything is dependent on the specific paytable.

There are some paytables where the player wins more by hitting less numbers as opposed to more. When a player chooses to select twenty numbers, the odds of choosing matching numbers are defined below.

  • 00 pays 0.1186%
  • 01 pays 1.1628%
  • 02 pays 5.00%
  • 03 pays 12.50%
  • 04 pays 20.83%
  • 05 pays 23.81%
  • 06 pays 19.23%
  • 07 pays 11.39%
  • 08 pays 5.00%
  • 09 pays 1.64%
  • 10 pays 0.40%
  • 11 pays 0.07%
  • 12 pays 0.0091%
  • 13 pays 0.0085%
  • 14 pays 0.000549%
  • 15 pays 0.0000024%
  • 16 pays 0.0000000668%
  • 17 pays 0.0000000011 percent
  • 18 pays 0.00000000001 percent
  • 19 pays 0.000000000000034 percent
  • 20 pays 0.00000000000000003 percent

The House Edge

The house edge for this game is extremely high at approximately 25 percent, while for other popular casino games is much lower: for blackjack it is 2.0 percent, for pass/come craps with double odds, 0.6 percent, for pass/come craps, 1.1 percent and for roulette, it depends on the variation. This starts at 7.89 percent.

Whether the player chooses an online casino or a brick and mortar casino, the casino needs to make a profit. This is no different than any other business. This is the reason all casino games have a house edge. This means as time passes, the casino will make an overall profit for all of their players.

The house edge is based on the version of the game. This is generally between four and thirty percent. The house edge for popular games such as baccarat and blackjack is much better. The difference is the player can earn a jackpot payout with this game. There is usually a limit on the winnings in games offering a better house edge.

Variations of Keno

Since keno originated in Ancient China, there are a lot of different variations of the game available at online casinos. This ensures the players remain entertained due to all of the options available. Even though the popularity of the game started in China, it eventually became available all over the world. This was due to the travels of Chinese immigrants. The first variations soon became available in brick and mortar casinos.

In the original version of the game, the players used tiles as opposed to simply marking off their numbers. The players were limited to a single ticket in certain games which was referred to as straight-ticket. They released new versions eventually to enable the players to purchase different ticket combinations.

Currently, there are numerous different versions available including split tickets, combination tickets, top and bottom tickets, king tickets, edge tickets and left and right tickets. The most popular versions of the game include:

  • Straight Ticket: The players select their numbers prior to drawing the cards. The numbers are then matched to the card.
  • Combination: The player chooses different number groups. This increases the chance of the player winning.
  • King Ticket: One number is circled on each ticket which is referred to as the king. This is combined with the other numbers on the player’s ticket. The king tickets are marked by the players much like in split tickets.
  • Power: This is similar to the standard version. When the 20th number is matched, the winnings are quadrupled.
  • Split Ticket: Using the same ticket, the player can play more than two tickets.
  • Super: This is much like power, but the first number must be matched by the player for winnings to be quadrupled.
  • Top and Bottom Ticket: The players must choose either the top or bottom forty numbers on their cards.
  • Left or Right Ticket: The players select the left and right numbers on their cards.
  • Edge Ticket: The edges of the card are selected.

The Final Word

Keno is an extremely enjoyable game with simple rules. The different variations of the game offer the players a lot of options. Each online casino offers different variations, options and rules. The best part is the players can enjoy a free version of the game until they develop their own strategy. Instead of waiting to try out the game, choose any of our casinos to register an account.

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