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The History of Bingo

During the 1500s, bingo was invented in Italy. During this time, the game was referred to as Beano. The name of the game was eventually changed to bingo because of Edwin Lowe, a toy salesman in New York. He made the changes in the game resulting in the current popularity. Although there are no statistics to offer as proof, bingo is believed to be one of the games most often played across the globe.

Bingo History

Another reason for the current popularity of the game is it provides gamblers with a lot of action without the complications of so many of the other casino games. All you have to do is sit down, relax and wait for the numbers to be called. If you have the number, you mark it on your card. If you do not, you simply wait for the next number to be called.

Another tremendous benefit of bingo are the prizes offered by both land-based and online casinos. When compared to the low fees to play the game, the prizes are often substantial. The fewer player calling bingo, the better the prizes. There is also a lot of excitement in the air as the players anticipate if they will be the next winner.

The Rules of Bingo

Playing bingo is incredibly easy. You start by purchasing a bingo card. Every card has numbers. If you are playing in a brick and mortar casino, you use a special marker to track the numbers that have been called. If you are playing online, your numbers are tracked virtually. After the game has started, numbers are announced by the caller as they are being pulled.

If the number called is on your card, either you mark it or it is marked virtually online. If you do not see the number, you simply wait until the caller announces the next number. When you have completed a row of numbers, you get to yell bingo. The caller will then check your card to be certain you have not made an error. If you are correct, you hold a winning card.

Bingo Rules

If you are playing the game online, everything is done for you automatically. A lot of the bingo games currently being offered enable you to continue playing to try to make specific patterns on your card. This includes everything from completing two lines to filling your entire card. You can win at many online casinos by completing a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line.

One of the reasons bingo is so much fun to play are the unique combinations. In some casinos, getting your numbers for all four corners results in a win. You can even use the free space in the center of your card for certain games. No matter what casino you are playing in, the basic concept of the game does not change.

The Mechanics of Playing Bingo

The rules for bingo are always simple whether you are playing online or in a casino bingo hall. There are slight changes in the rules depending on where you have decided to play. Both online and brick and mortar casinos make the rules available. If you are playing at an online casino, you will find the rules clearly posted on the website. Brick and mortar casinos offer brochures and leaflets containing their rules.

When you want to participate in a game of bingo, you will need to purchase a minimum of one bingo card. Many of the more seasoned players enjoy the challenge and improved odds of playing with multiple cards. The numbers on most bingo cards are from one to 90. If you are playing American bingo, your numbers will be from one to 75. Every bingo card contains one blank square and 24 numbers.

The numbers are situated on your card using a five by five grid. As the game begins, the numbers are drawn randomly. The caller then announces the numbers one at a time. The first person to complete the required pattern is the winner of the prize. If more than one person has bingo, the prize is generally split between them. A bingo pattern is when you complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row of five numbers.

The assignment of the numbers on the squares of your card are at random. Most casinos will allow you to select the bingo cards you want to purchase. Each card is from a unique series consisting of 6000 or 9000 cards. It is impossible for you to have the same card as any of the other players. You will not be able to purchase any additional cards once the game has started.

As the game progresses, the caller will continue drawing and announcing numbers. If you are not playing online, you will need to check your bingo card after each number is called. Make certain you mark the number on your card correctly. This process will continue until you or one of the other players yell bingo. This will stop the game. Your numbers will then be verified by the caller. If you have not made an error, you will be awarded a prize.

The Odds in Bingo

There are two factors that determine your odds of winning in bingo. These are how many numbers have been drawn and how many bingo cards are in play. The odds of your achieving a bingo decrease when there are a lot of cards in play. You can calculate your odds by dividing the number of cards you are playing into how many cards are being played.

A good example is a game with 100 cards being played. If you are playing with one card, you have a one in 100 chance of winning. You can increase your odds of winning by purchasing multiple cards. This will also increase the cost of the game.

The House Edge and a Comparison to the Other Games

Your long-term odds for winning at bingo are low. The house edge for the majority of casinos offering bingo is usually 10 percent. The house edge for most of the other games is much lower. This includes:

  • The house edge for a banker bet in baccarat is 1.06%
  • The house edge for the don’t pass line in craps is 1.36%
  • The house edge for video poker is 0.46%
  • The house edge for European roulette is 2.70%
  • The house edge for blackjack is between 0.5 and 2.0% depending on table rules
  • The house edge for Let it Ride is 3.51%
  • The house edge for Pai Gow poker is 1.46%
  • The house edge for French roulette is 1.35%

Bingo Variations

The most common variations for bingo are 90, 80 and 75 ball bingo. Each version has basically the same goals and rules. The main difference is how many balls are available to the caller in the pool. The number of balls is reflected in the name of the game, such as the 90 balls used for 90 ball bingo. The bingo variations are detailed below.

90 Ball Bingo

This game is also referred to as Housie. The game uses a pool of 90 balls. There are also unique features making this game different from the classic version. The layout of your card will be completely different. There are three rows, nine columns and no B-I-N-G-O markings anywhere on your card. Due to the uniqueness of the layout, there are only three patterns capable of winning. Each game only has three potential winners.

80 Ball Bingo

Your card for this game will also be different. There are four columns, four lines, 16 spaces and no free space. There is a number on each space. Instead of the typical single card, you will be purchasing a group of five cards per game.

75 Ball Bingo

This is the most typical bingo game most people have become familiar with. The game is played using a pool of 75 balls. Each ball is drawn at random. Your card will have a free space and 24 numbers beneath five columns. B-I-N-G-O is used for marking the columns.

Bingo Variations

Speed Bingo

This is a version of the classic game. The average game lasts for around one minute.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

You will receive a mystery box when you win this game. This can contain cash or an offer provided by the Banker. You select between the two options to determine your actual prize.

Deal or No Deal 75

This is the classic 75 ball game. The difference is at the conclusion of the game, the Deal or No Deal feature is in effect.

Lucky Numbers Bingo

In this game, you choose three lucky numbers. You attempt to match one, two or all three of your numbers with the balls. If you achieve a full house, one line or two lines, you will be the winner of the Lucky Numbers jackpot.

Pattern Bingo

This game has set card patterns. You need to complete the pattern to win the correlating prize.

A Summary of the Game

Even though bingo is a simple game, it is exciting to play. The excitement increases when you are playing online. This is due to the wide variety of interesting games available. Many of the online casinos offer dozens of different bingo variations to make certain the players are never bored. You can often play a different variation every day and not run out for numerous months.

Online Bingo

No matter what superstitions or strategies you believe in, you will have a lot of fun playing bingo online or in a land-based casino. The game is extremely entertaining, easily accessible and cost-effective. Some of the veteran players have lucky charms they line up, a specific way to mark their cards or even a lucky dabber. This is the superstition of bingo.

If you are not superstitious, you can play multiple cards. By increasing the amount of numbers you are playing with, you will also improve your chances of winning. The best strategies are patience and perseverance. Bingo is a game of luck. This means if you play enough, you should eventually become a winner. The simplicity of the game is the reason it has become popular all over the world.

If you want to remain at home, online bingo is an ideal option for enjoying a remarkable game and social experience. Start having fun playing bingo and become a part of the excitement now.

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