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As the Game Played in Asia​

There are numerous reasons blackjack has become so popular. It is a lot of fun to play, offers a challenge for the players, the cost is minimal and different strategies can be used. In Asia, the game is also called Ban-Luck, 21-point and Ban-Nag. People often play on New Year’s Eve because blackjack is believed to bring luck. One or two decks may be used with no set number of players. One of the differences between the Asian and traditional version is with the Asian game, the value of the Ace changes. If the dealer has a hand of sixteen through twenty, they can reveal additional cards prior to deciding if they want to hit. The Asian hands include:

Ban-Ban – When a player has two Aces, they win automatically. If the dealer has this hand, the game is considered a push so the players do not lose their bets.

Ban-Nag/Ban Luck – This is a natural 21 in Asia. If the dealer has this hand, it is a push so the players do not forfeit their bets.

Escape Hand – This is when the initial cards add up to fifteen. The player can surrender their hand and get their entire bet back.

Dragon – The 5-Dragon is the same as the 5-card Charlie rule recognized by some casinos. This is when the player receives five cards without going over 21.

Online Blackjack

Rules of Blackjack

Playing blackjack is easy and the rules are simple to learn. The game begins once the players have placed their bets. Each player is dealt two cards. The value of the two through ten cards is the same as their numbers. Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth ten points and aces either one or eleven. The dealer also has two cards. The player adds up their cards to determine the value of their hand. The player can then stand, hit, double down or split. The player will continue receiving cards until they stand or go over 21.

Exceeding 21 is an automatic loss. The dealer must continue hitting until they reach seventeen or exceed 21. If the player’s cards are worth a higher number than the dealer’s, they win. If the dealer has the higher hand they win. If the dealer goes over 21, the players win.

The Odds

The odds of receiving a specific card other than a face card is 7.7 percent. The odds of receiving a Jack, Queen or King are 31 percent. The player will be dealt with 21 about every 21 hands. When the dealer has an Ace, the odds they have a 21 are 31 percent. The average player will win a minimum of 48 percent of their hands. Approximately 43 percent of the hands dealt total twelve through seventeen.

If the player receives one of these hands three times in a row, the odds of losing all three is fourteen percent. The dealer will exceed 21 for 28 percent of their hands. The best strategies and players have less than a one percent edge over the house.

In comparison to the other casino games, the house edge is fairly low. The house advantage for roulette is 5.26 percent, with craps around sixteen percent. A basic blackjack strategy blackjack can decrease the house edge to one percent.

The Strategies

  • Strategy One: Always doubling down when the player has a hard eleven. The exception is when the dealer has to stand on seventeen.
  • Strategy Two: Aces and eights should always be split regardless of the dealer’s upcard. Splitting Aces provides an edge for the player while splitting a pair of eights cuts losses.
  • Strategy Three: A pair of fives or tens should never be split. The player has better odds of winning if they play their hand.
  • Strategy Four: If the dealer has an upcard of a two or three, the player should always hit at twelve.
  • Strategy Five: When the dealer is showing an Ace, nine or ten, the player should hit on eighteen. The player can improve their odds if they receive an Ace, two or three.
  • Strategy Six: If the upcard of the dealer is nine or less, the player should always double down when they have a ten-point hand.
  • Strategy Seven: If the dealer has to hit on seventeen, the player should always double down on eleven.
  • Strategy Eight: When the dealer is showing a five or six, the player should always double down with Ace and a two through a seven.
  • Strategy Nine: When the dealer has an upcard of seven, the player should always stand with two nines.
  • Strategy Ten: A fifteen or sixteen are the worst hands in the game. The player should always surrender when holding either of these hands.
  • Strategy Eleven: The player should always double down with eights when the dealer has a five or six in a single deck game. In multi or double-deck games, the player should not double down with eights.
  • Strategy Twelve: When the player has a pair of two’s or three’s with the dealer showing an upcard of a two or three, they should split when allowed. Otherwise, the player should hit.
  • Strategy Thirteen: The player should never take an insurance bet when the dealer is showing an Ace. This is true even if the player has a nineteen or twenty because insurance bets only pay two to one. These odds are less than dealer making 21.
  • Strategy Fourteen: If the dealer is showing a ten, the player should stand on sixteen. If the player hits, the odds of them going over 21 are better than the odds for the dealer exceeding 21.
  • Strategy Fifteen: The majority of casinos pay six to five odds when a player hits 21. If this is a single deck game, the odds of the house increase by approximately 1.45 percent. When the odds offered are six to five, the house edge exceeds two percent. The best strategy is only participating in games offering a payoff of three to two for reaching 21.

The Five Best Tips

  1. One of the most important tips of blackjack is understanding the player should bet each individual hand in a specific way. Players that rely on their instincts or a certain feeling when playing blackjack are not considered to be serious players. This is because they will not win in the long term.The best way to win this game is by following a consistent strategy for betting for each type of the game being played. The player must be familiar with all of the betting charts available for blackjack prior to developing an advanced strategy for when they are playing the game.
  2. The second tip is understanding double down and split bets are extremely important for winning the game. The player must know exactly when to use these strategies to maximize both their skill and their advantage. A basic strategy means the player must understand what moves to choose when they see certain cards appear in their hand as opposed to what the dealer is showing.
  3. The third tip is the player has to learn their bets must be in accordance with their bankroll. A new player will often use some errant strategy they saw on the internet or read about telling them they should double their bets after a loss. This is not true. When a player doubles down every time they lose a hand, their losses will most likely continue to increase. No matter how skilled the player, they will eventually have a losing streak. The only way doubling their bets every time they lose makes sense is if the player has an unlimited bankroll. Since most players have a limit as to how much they can bet, all of their bets must be kept in proportion to their current bankroll.
  4. The fourth tip is gambling in any game is subject to the odds of probability. This means every player will have both losing and winning streaks. It is important to remember every streak will eventually break. Winners will eventually start losing while losers will begin to win. This is the reason it is so important to remain calm and not increase any bets. The minimum should be bet until a losing streak has ended with the maximum bets being placed until a winning streak is over. The best way to make it through a losing streak is to use the best possible betting strategies. If nothing is working, the player should leave and try again on another day.
  5. The fifth tip is understanding the only time counting cards is illegal is when the player is using any type of external device. If the player can track the cards using only their brain, it is completely legal. Although not every player is capable of using this strategy, it is effective for those who can. When the player is able to apply a mental math or point system for every card, they can increase their chances of winning simply by using this information.

Blackjack Variations

There are a lot of different variations of blackjack offered by casinos. Sometimes only one deck is used. Other times multiple decks are used for the game. There are also different rules for the dealer such as whether or not they are required to hit on a soft seventeen. There are also differences in the payouts for the players. Some of the most common variations of the game are defined below.


This is when the dealer does not have a hole card. If the dealer is dealt with 21, they do not win automatically.


This game is played for a lot of money, sometimes in the millions. Although this version is similar to the traditional game, an optional side bet is offered to all of the players for a chance to win a progressive or accumulating jackpot. When a player draws Aces, they get part of the jackpot. The more Aces they draw, the more money they win. If four Aces are drawn in just one hand, the player will receive the entire jackpot.


This version enables the player to play two separate hands at the same time against the dealer. This means they can play more hands in less time.

Double Exposure

In this version, all of the dealer’s cards are placed face up. This enables the players to see exactly what the dealer has. All ties are won by the dealer.


A hole card is not dealt to the dealer in this version. If the dealer reaches 21, the players do not lose automatically like with the other versions. The player also has additional regulations. When a pre-double hand contains an Ace, it is counted as one. Only one draw is allowed by the player for split Aces. Any hand containing a Jack, Queen or King and an Ace is called a Pontoon. The player wins more with these hands.

Spanish 21

A Spanish 21 deck has 48 cards including the Aces, Jacks, Queens, Kings and two through nine cards. The game is similar to the traditional version, but the players get bonuses for hands such as 7-7-7.


This offers the players a chance to surrender. If the player is using a good strategy they will most likely not use this option very often. If the dealer has to stand on a soft seventeen, the option is helpful. A player will surrender if they have a total of fifteen or sixteen. In many instances, the player will lose if they stand and go over 21 if they hit.

The Bottom Line

It’s exciting, simple and easy to learn to play blackjack online with fairly good odds against the house. The player can increase their odds of winning by learning the best strategies and when they should be used. The different variations of blackjack keep the game interesting. Once the player understands the game, they will have a lot of fun playing. Instead of waiting, start playing online blackjack for money now.

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