5 Biggest & Most Powerful Casino Companies in the World 

Despite what some may believe, the casino industry is anything but niche! Globally, the market size of the casino and online gambling industry is worth almost £180 billion! It’s a massively popular form of entertainment across Europe, Asia, and beyond. Millions worldwide are getting in on the action and testing their luck. 
Many attribute the rise of casino gambling to the success of the digital revolution. While brick-and-mortar casinos are still widespread, online casinos are quickly becoming the go-to. Online platforms allow you to play a massive library of games from anywhere. What’s not to love? Online casinos are now such an enormous part of the industry that even old-school operators are taking the plunge. 
With innovation comes competition, and the casino realm is no different. This industry is fiercely competitive, paving the way for new products and experiences for players. But which casino company is holding the torch? Here are five of the most powerful casino companies leading the industry today.  

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Flutter Entertainment  

Flutter Entertainment is a relatively new name in the casino world, launching in 2016. But don’t let its young age fool you. Flutter Entertainment is one of the most powerful entities in this industry, excelling in online and retail segments.  
While it might seem that this company is less than a decade old, it has powerful legacies behind it. Flutter Entertainment was a product of corporate mergers and acquisitions. More specifically, it officially started when Paddy Power and Betfair became one. Those two entities were gambling giants in their own right. When they merged, the resulting company became unstoppable! 
Things got even better for Flutter Entertainment in 2019 when it acquired the famed Stars Group. Despite shifts in brand utilization, the conglomerate left most recognizable names untouched. 
Flutter Entertainment operates under brands like PaddyPower, Betfair, Foxbet, PokerStars, and more. Collectively, these brands pull in billions in revenue! In 2020 alone, this casino company raked in more than £4.2 billion! 
The casino giant currently operates out of Dublin, Ireland. However, its products are available to players throughout the world. Flutter Entertainment also has brands that focus on more than just traditional gambling. Whether your preference is sports bettering or live poker, Flutter Entertainment has it all.

Evolution Gaming  

Evolution Gaming is another juggernaut in the casino realm. This company has been around for quite some time. It initially launched in 2006, over a decade after the start of online gambling. Despite its late entry, Evolution Gaming quickly rose to online casino stardom! 

Evolution Gaming does not operate physical casinos, unlike other companies on this list. It may work with brands to bring products to market, but the conglomerate doesn’t have its hands on brick-and-mortar establishments. Instead, it focuses entirely on creating innovative online casino experiences. 

If you’ve ever played on an online platform, you’ve likely tried a game developed by Evolution Gaming. There are thousands of titles in the company’s collection. Best of all: They’re not limited to one style of play. Evolution Gaming creates slots, live table games, and more. 

This company became what it is today because it offers fully integrated B2B solutions. Without getting too deep into the business jargon, that means it licenses products to other operators. Its well-built online casino platform is responsible for delivering exceptional experiences for players around the globe. 

In the last decade, Evolution Gaming grew significantly. It acquired familiar brands like NetEnt, Red Tiger, Big Time Gaming, and more. While some of those acquisitions weren’t without controversy, Evolution Gaming expanded its presence in the online realm. It makes hundreds of millions in revenue and shows consistent growth in an ever-changing industry. 

Las Vegas Sands 

Las Vegas Sands Corporation is a US-based company with a worldwide reputation. It started in 1988 and is responsible for shaping the casino landscape on “The Strip.” The company was riding high after building massive casinos like The Venetian and The Palazzo! Even today, the company has a considerable presence in the gambling capital of the West. It’s also considered one of the largest casino companies in the world!  

After its success stateside, Las Vegas Sands didn’t rest on its laurels. It quickly expanded to other markets, opening casinos in Macau and Singapore. At its height, Las Vegas Sands was making more than $14 billion in revenue. Revenue remained stable in the last decade despite significant growth. 

Las Vegas Sands is predominantly known for its physical casinos. However, global events in 2020 caused the company to shift its priorities a bit. Massive lockdowns prevented players from visiting physical casinos. As a result, leaders at Las Vegas Sands had to think about other ways to serve its player base. 

In 2021, the company announced the creation of a digital gaming investment team. The company is finally entering the online casino scene. This team is just the start of a more prominent online presence for Las Vegas Sands. While it’s still in the very early stages, many gambling industry experts are excited about this brand-new entry.

Caesar Entertainment  

Caesar Entertainment is another new name with a long history. This company results from a multi-billion dollar acquisition of Caesar Entertainment Corporation by Eldorado Resorts. Upon completion in 2020, Eldorado Resorts rebranded and became Caesar Entertainment. 

Before all of that, the company’s roots began in the 70s. A group of investors built casinos in Reno before spreading to other cities. As Las Vegas developed into the gambling center of the west, Eldorado Resorts emerged to build iconic casinos that shaped the Las Vegas skyline. Long before it became Caesar Entertainment, this company spread its wings beyond Vegas. 

The company owns and operates physical casinos in Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Louisiana, Colorado, and more. Some of the most recognizable brands under the Caesar Entertainment umbrella include Eldorado, Harrah’s, Horseshoe, Tropicana, and of course, Caesars. 

Caesar Entertainment has taken things a step further in recent years. In 2021, the company acquired William Hill, a famous sports betting brand. Caesar Entertainment rebranded William Hill’s US operations to enter the online sphere. It now offers online sports betting in addition to its predominantly land-based operations. 

This company hasn’t entered the online casino realm just yet. However, it’s still massively popular without it. In 2020, Caesar Entertainment managed to pull in the equivalent of about £2.6 billion. 


Our final entry into this list is Bet365. Based in the United Kingdom, Bet365 is a massive company that serves many countries in Europe and beyond. 
Bet365 has pretty humble beginnings. It started in 2000 as a sports betting platform. Founded by Denise Coates, the company built on a family legacy began in the 70s. After taking out a massive loan from the Royal Bank of Scotland, Bet365 was born! 
The company expanded thanks to the boom in online casino gaming rapidly. While it primarily focused on sports betting, Bet365 eventually developed its own casino branch. 
Bet365 is one of the most successful casino companies in the world. While it has faced its fair share of controversy, it’s still going strong. Unlike other names on this list, Bet365 is on the smaller side. It doesn’t have a history of acquisitions or a long list of brands under the Bet365 umbrella. It’s also privately owned and doesn’t appear on any public trading platform. 
This company is a gem that continues to be a big contender in a saturated market. In 2020, Bet365 brought in £2.81 in revenue. 


These are just five of some of the most powerful casino companies in the business. The truth is that the industry is massive! Thanks to its ever-changing landscape and fierce competitiveness, these companies have to stay on their toes to remain on top. As players, we can reap the rewards of innovation and growth as the casino realm evolves.