Live Casino Etiquette 

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Online casinos have a lot to offer players all over the world. Not only do they have massive game collections, but you’re free to play how you want! Whether that’s at home or on the go through a mobile device, the choice is yours. 
Live casinos take the gaming experience one step further. Instead of playing in an empty digital room, you can replicate that Vegas-style experience from anywhere. 
In the early days of online gaming, many missed the element of dealer interaction. Some games are just better when there’s a real person on the other end of the table. Live games bridge the gap and provide a nice real-world touch through the digital realm. 
Before you hop onto a server to play, there are some things you should know. Like brick-and-mortar casinos, live casino players must abide by a set of unspoken rules. You can’t go into a physical casino and start doing or saying anything you want! The same goes for live casinos online. 
These rules dictate the feel of the room and make sure that everyone behaves accordingly. Read on to familiarize yourself with live casino etiquette and avoid potential gaming faux pas! 

All About Live Casinos 

Live casinos are nothing new to the online casino world. The first live-dealer games launched around 2003. Some of the first developers to offer this technology were Playtech, Micrograming, and Evolution. 
Despite being a nearly 20-year-old technology, live casinos are few and far between! Not every platform offers live games. Those that do usually only have a handful of table games to play.  
Even still, the popularity of live casinos is on the rise! Thanks to the unique experience they offer, we’re starting to see more options popping up at sites all over the web! 

How Do Live Casinos Work?
The concept of live gaming is pretty simple. It’s similar to live streaming or cooperative online play. When you log on, you connect to a server and join a room. There, you’ll join other players as you gather around a virtual table. Once the game starts, you can make bets and participate through the virtual console on your screen. 
The unique thing about live casinos is that you can see your dealer in living color! Not only that, but you can interact with them. The live dealer adds a brand-new element to the experience. Strike up small talk live you would in a physical casino! Most dealers are personable and ready for two-sided communication. 

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Live Casino Etiquette 

The ability to communicate with a real-world dealer is an impressive feat. The added social element can transform the game while adding a fun personal touch.  
But of course, you can’t go in there and say anything. 
It’s important to remember that there’s a real-life person on the other side. Failing to follow proper live casino etiquette could result in some uncomfortable silence and unwanted interactions. Even worse, a live casino gaffe could get you ejected and banned from the platform! 
To avoid all those potential blunders, here are some essential live casino Dos and Don’ts. 

Do Greet Your Dealer 

When you enter, your dealer will likely greet you by your screen name. Say something back and set up your gaming session on the right foot! 
You don’t want to ignore any direct interactions with the dealer. They can’t see you, but the dealer does know you’re there. Ignoring them would be ill-mannered. It could ruin the experience before it even starts! 
Greet them back in the chat window and start having fun! 

Don’t Be Rude 

This should go without saying, but being rude is a big no-no! It’s a surefire way to get a ticket out the door. 
Remember: The dealer is running the show here. Don’t be pushy or inappropriate. Avoid saying anything that could hurt the feelings of the dealer or other players. Be kind! 
If you don’t have the gift of the gab, don’t fret. You don’t have to be super chatty or over-the-top if you don’t want to be. As long as you are kind with the things you do type in the chatbox, you’ll be fine! 

Do Keep Things Professional and Polite 

Treat the digital room as a professional environment. Many physical casinos have a strict code of conduct and dress code. Treat the live casino the same way! 
Never talk about anything you wouldn’t in an office setting. That means no inappropriate comments, over-sharing, or hitting on the dealer! 

Don’t Bring Up Controversial Topics 

 One thing to remember about live casinos is that you’re connecting with people all over the world. Most live dealers are in an entirely different country than the one you’re in! That means different cultures and belief systems. 
To keep things civil, don’t bring up controversial topics. Religion, politics, or any other hot-button subjects are off the table. Those conversations are bound to get heated. A live casino is not the time or place. 

Do Mind Your Language 

 Everything that goes through the live casino chat window is monitored. Keep that in mind when making jokes or general chit-chat. Dealers can expel you from the room if you say something inappropriate. Casinos can ban you outright, too. 
Please don’t give them a reason to do that. Keep it clean, civil, and polite. 

Don’t Blame the Dealer for Your Loses 

 Live dealers are there to run the game and nothing more. They do not influence the outcome in any way. Blaming them for your losses is not something you want to do. 
Going on a tirade against the dealer will get you expelled very quickly! 

Do Learn How to Play Before Entering the Live Session 

 It’s best to familiarize yourself with the game before you start playing. Dealers can answer quick questions here and there. However, they’re not going to spend time explaining the game or showing you how to play. 
The expectation is that you already know how things work. Dealers are far too busy to go over the rules. They can’t stop everything just because you’re confused! 
There are plenty of great resources to learn a game! Most casinos have game information, too. Use those resources so that you can keep the momentum going. 
The same goes for general support questions. Live dealers aren’t members of the customer support team. Use the dedicated live chat feature if you have support issues you need to resolve. 

Don’t Share Personal Details 

Finally, don’t share personal details with anyone. The beauty of online casinos is that you can stay pretty anonymous. Even on live games, the only thing people will see is your screen name. 
Don’t go about providing personal information about yourself or your family. Not only is that a considerable safety risk, but it’s usually against the rules, too! 

Live Casino FAQs 

Do dealers see you through the webcam?

When you log onto a live game, you can see the dealer through their live stream. However, they cannot see you!

Dealers know when you enter the room. But, video streaming is only one way.

Can dealers influence the game in any way?

Dealers are there to run the game. They aren’t able to sway the outcome in any direction. The online casino industry is heavily regulated. Most platforms have some auditing system in place to avoid cheating in any form.

Is there a way to talk to dealers?

Typically, live casino games have a live chat system. The dealers will speak to you through the webcam and microphone. However, you’ll need to respond through the chat window.

Is everything anonymous?

Playing at a live casino is anonymous in the sense that you don’t use your real name. Only your screen name is visible.

However, this isn’t like a random forum on the Internet! The casino monitors the chat boxes. In most cases, they’re public and visible to other players in the room, too. Keep that in mind, and be careful of what you say.

Can you be banned from live casinos?

Being banned is a real possibility. Casinos will ban players who continually violate the rules. Rude or impolite players are the first to go!

Make sure to brush up on any established rules set by the casino. Also, follow good live casino etiquette to ensure that you are never at-risk for banning.