The Pros and Cons of Online Gambling vs. Gambling in Person

Gambling is one of the oldest human past times. It appears in nearly every civilization since the Paleolithic period. While it has evolved since the first luck-based card and dice games, the thrill is all the same! 
These days, gambling is more accessible and versatile than ever. Only a few short decades ago, players had limited ways to test their luck. The only option available was to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to lay it all on the line. However, the advent of online gambling changed the game forever! 
Online gambling sites have a lot to offer and make experiencing the thrill easier than ever. 
But which way to play is right for you: Online gambling or in-person gambling?  
Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and many factors can impact the gaming experience. This decision is mainly up to personal preference. That said, understanding the critical differences between the two can guide you in the right direction.

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About Gambling in Person 

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at a broad overview of each gambling option. In-person gambling refers to the process of visiting a physical casino. Think of this method as the traditional gambling option. 

Where to Play  

The first thing you have to decide is where you plan to play. In the UK, gambling is heavily regulated. The UK Gambling Commission oversees casino operations around the country. As a result, it’s not too difficult finding a casino.  
Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to find legal casinos in other jurisdictions. While many international casinos exist, they tend to be centralised in gambling hubs. For example, you could visit Monaco or Las Vegas. Keep in mind, however, that those casinos all fall under different governing boards.  
It’s important to check licensing and registration. Licensing is important when visiting international casinos. 

Getting Started 

Once you visit your casino of choice, it’s time to start purchasing chips! 
Most casinos don’t play with cash. You might see some exceptions with the slot machines. However, most require you to use chips. Chips are less cumbersome and far easier to deal with on a table. 
The only issue here is that you need cash to buy the chips!  
Unfortunately, casino bankers typically don’t accept debit or credit cards. ATMs are generally available, but those might come with stiff fees! 

Choosing a Game 

Now you’re ready to play! 
In physical casinos, you can usually find social table games and slots. The number of games available to you depends on the size of the casino. There’s not as much variety as online gambling UK sites, but there’s still plenty to try out. 
Test your luck and try something new! Using your chips, you can make real-money wagers and potentially win big. 

Cashing Out Your Winnings 

As you win, you’ll accumulate chips and redemption tickets. Then, after you’ve had enough gambling for the day, you can cash your winnings out. 
You can get your winnings from the same banking location within the casino. Many establishments also have kiosks for quick payouts. 

About Online Gambling 

The first online gambling venue launched in 1994, and the rest is history! 
Online casinos revolutionized the way we gamble. It’s made the thrill more convenient and accessible than ever before. 

Where to Play 

Just like gambling at a physical casino, the first step is figuring out where to play. The difference, however, is that you’re choosing online gambling sites instead of brick-and-mortar casinos. 
There are thousands of platforms to try out. So, which is the best online gambling software safe online casino? Check out our list of some of the best sites to start your search. 
Every site has something unique to offer. So we cut through the fluff to recommend the best licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. 

Getting Started 

Before you can start playing, you have to sign up and create an account. This process is pretty simple. Many sites even offer welcome packages and bonuses to get you started. After that, you’re ready to start funding your account. Choose from the safe and secure casinos that we have already vetted for you:

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Banking at an online casino is a cinch. Several platforms accept a wide array of banking methods. From traditional bank transfers and debit cards to sophisticated e-wallet services and cryptocurrency, there’s something for everyone. 
Online casinos utilize credits or digital chips. They work just like chips at a physical casino. Use your funds to make wagers. All of your winnings go back into your account for withdrawal later. 

Choosing a Game 

The cool thing about online casinos is that you have thousands of titles to test your luck. Online platforms aren’t limited by physical space.  
As a result, you can play a different game every day of the year without getting bored! Try your hand at a modern digital slot or a classic table game. The choice is yours. 

Cashing Out Your Winnings 

Getting your winnings is a little different from in-person gambling. You must make a withdrawal request. Depending on your banking method, you may have to wait several days for processing, too. 
While it takes a bit longer, cashing out does have the convenience of automatic withdrawals into your account. 

Online Gambling vs. In-Person Gambling 

As you can see from above, online gambling for real money is very different from in-person gambling. Of course, the end goal is the same, but getting there is a unique adventure. 
Now that you understand how those forms of gambling work, let’s look at the nitty-gritty. Here are some pros and cons to each method. 

The Pros of Online Gambling 

Easy Accessibility and Convenience 

The best part of playing at an online gambling site? The freedom to play when, where, and how you want! 

You can jump into the action whenever it’s most convenient for you. Whether it’s in the middle of the night or a quick session during the day, online sites are always available. There’s no need to wait on employees or dealers. 
Plus, online sites are accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Play from the comfort of home in your PJs! The choice is yours! 

Mobile Play 

These days, mobile optimization is at the forefront of the gaming scene. However, it’s not just video games that benefit from modern technology. The best online gambling sites UK has to offer take advantage of mobile devices, too. 
Most sites have a mobile counterpart. Some use a standalone app for iOS or Android devices. Others have fully optimized websites that you can access from any mobile browser. Either way, mobile optimization is a game-changer. 
Traveling to a casino isn’t practical for everyone. Neither is sitting at a computer all day! Mobile gambling lets you game on the go no matter how busy your schedule is. 

Vast Games Collections 

As mentioned earlier, online casinos can have thousands of titles to try out. They trump physical casinos in this regard. Even the biggest casinos in the world can’t match the game selection at an online casino! 
Not only that, but few can live up to the exhilarating experience those games offer. Digital games have fun sounds, quirky animations, and more to create a one-of-a-kind event. It certainly beats the same-old activity at a physical casino. 

Play at Your Own Pace 

New to the world of gambling? If you’re not familiar with the many games available, it can be overwhelming! 
Online gambling sites let you play at your own pace. So take things slow and learn the ropes!  
Many platforms have free versions of popular games. They let you get a few practice rounds in before you start online gambling for real money. Try finding something like that at a brick-and-mortar casino! 
With in-person gambling, you have no choice but to jump right into the action. But, unfortunately, if you’re not well-versed in the game, you could lose a lot of money. 
The opposite applies, too. Those who like to play fast usually find physical casino games boring. When you play online, you’re in control of the pace! 

Bonus Opportunities 

 We can’t forget about the bonuses! 
With online gambling comes the opportunity to claim bonuses. For example, sites use welcome packages as a way to entice new players. In addition, sites get pretty competitive with one another and constantly try to one-up rivals. As a result, generous rewards are prevalent. 
You can claim match bonuses on your initial deposit, free spins, and more. Rarer awards like no-deposit bonuses are available, too. 
On top of all that, sites often have ongoing promotions or VIP points for existing players. 
All of those features are non-existent in physical casinos. Of course, you might see some promotions here and there. But, they’re not as widespread as what you see online. 

The Cons of Online Gambling 

Technology Barriers 

There’s no denying that you have to be comfortable with technology to play online. Online gambling sites are pretty sophisticated. So whether you use a desktop computer or a tablet, it’s good to some degree of tech-savviness. 
All that said, it’s not as complicated as some think. Online casinos want to cater to the masses! To do that, they generally make their sites as straightforward as possible. It pays to be comfortable with your device. If you can’t browse the web efficiently, online casinos might not be for you. 

Long Payout Wait Times 

Another big issue is the payout times. 

With in-person gambling, you can get your hands on your money in minutes! That’s not the case when you play online. 
All banking methods have processing times. Furthermore, casinos have to verify your identity and go through safety hurdles to make the transaction. Those tasks take time. 
The good news is that the industry is getting a lot quicker. Modern e-wallet banking methods offer much faster payouts than old-school methods. 

A Lack of Ambiance 

If you thrive on social interaction, online play might be too dull for you. 
Whether social aspects matter is all up to your personality and needs. Extroverts might find solitude unbearable. Introverts, on the other hand, will relish it! 
Online gambling UK sites often have some social elements for those who want it. Live games, for example, connect you with a remote dealer. 

The Pros of Gambling at a Physical Casino 

Quicker Payouts 

Earlier, we mentioned that online casinos could take days to send your winnings. In-person gambling doesn’t have that hurdle. You can get your winnings in your hand instantly. All you have to do is cash out your chips at the desk or kiosk! 

In-Person Amenities 

There’s one thing online casinos can’t replicate: The lush amenities. 
Casinos are about more than just gambling. They’re about creating an exciting experience at every turn! They’re sophisticated establishments filled with shopping, dining, and so much more. 
When you play at a physical casino, you can take advantage of all those amenities. Many large casino resorts offer rewards cards. You can earn points as you gamble. Use those points for shows, spa sessions, fine dining, and tons more. 

Social Gaming 

Those looking to enjoy a more social experience will fare better with in-person gambling.  
Casinos are lively environments full of joy and excitement. So take a few friends with you and make your gambling endeavors into a memorable event! 
Even if you go by yourself, you’re bound to meet some interesting people. Gather around a table, strike up a conversation, and beat Lady Luck! 

The Cons of In-Person Gambling 

Inconvenient Hassles 

 There are many hurdles to get through before you can start gambling. First, unless you live near a casino, you must pay for travel and lodging. Plus, there’s the issue of traffic and crowds. 
Sitting in the casino and playing is fun. But all the stuff that comes before is far too much more many to handle.  
Compared to online gambling, in-person gambling can be a massive headache. So why go through all of that when you can just log onto a casino site? 

Limited Gaming Variety 

Compared to online gambling sites, physical casinos don’t have nearly as many games. 
That’s not to say that brick-and-mortar establishments are bland. However, there’s only so much that you can do. Most work with the same game providers. The table game selection is usually limited, too. 
If you like rare game variants and less popular titles, physical casinos aren’t the place for you. They cater to the masses and only offer games that will make money. For everything else, you’ll need to look online.  

Uncomfortable Environments 

For the most part, casinos feel safe and inviting. But, there are some exceptions. 
Many establishments allow smoking, which some people will find uncomfortable. Others have strict dress codes and ultra-posh regulars. 
The overall feel of physical casinos varies wildly from one location to the next.  
Those hurdles don’t exist online. Everything is anonymous and controlled by you. 

High-Stakes Pressure 

Remember how we said that online casinos let you learn the ropes before betting real money? 
That perk doesn’t exist with in-person gambling. You either know the game, or you don’t. If you’re unlucky enough to join a skilled table, be prepared to lose a lot! 
Many people feel a lot of pressure at casinos. Whether it’s the vibe of the building or the fear of being judged by others, it’s a lot to take in. 

Limited Banking Options 

Sure, you can get your winnings fast when you play in person. But, unfortunately, you don’t have a ton of banking options when buying chips. 
Your only choice is to use cash! Most establishments don’t accept debit or credit cards. That’s a far cry from the numerous banking methods modern sites will take. 
When you play online, you can use debit, wire transfer, e-wallet services, mobile banking, and more. Newer sites are starting to accept cryptocurrency, too! However, physical casinos are still far behind online platforms when it comes to banking. 

No Bonuses 

The biggest bummer of gambling in person is the lack of bonuses. 
Online casinos are rife with bonus opportunities! Online gambling sites use them as a marketing tool, which is excellent for players. Unfortunately, physical casinos just can’t match those perks. 
Some do offer rewards to use amenities. But the overall running costs are much lower for online platforms. As a result, bonuses tend to be more generous and plentiful. 

Online Gambling vs. In-Person Gambling FAQ 

Is online gambling legal? 

 Online gambling is legal throughout the UK and many parts of the world. In the UK, sites must have a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Look for that certification to ensure that you’re playing on a legitimate website. 
Other governing boards exist for other jurisdictions. Always look for the licensing before signing up.  
The act is illegal in some countries. Make sure to read up on local laws to stay safe. 

What types of games are available online? 

Online casinos have all kinds of games to test your luck! 

Digital slot machines are at the forefront of the online gaming industry. Providers big and small create exciting experiences for players of all skill levels. 
Beyond slots, online casinos have all the usual table games. You can find traditional card games like Baccarat, Black Jack, Poker, and more. Many also have unique variants of old favorites to keep things exciting. 
Several sites also have live table games. They connect you to a remote dealer in real-time. 

Are online gambling UK sites safe? 

For the most part, the UK gambling scene is quite safe. That said, there are some bad players out there. 
As always, look for appropriate licensing before signing up and providing any banking information. We also recommend looking into safety technology like encryption and fraud prevention. If anything looks sketchy, avoid the site! 
Take a look at our list of the best online gambling sites UK has to offer. Each one is safe and reliable. 

Do physical casinos offer welcome packages or bonuses? 

Bonuses and welcome packages are a rare commodity at brick-and-mortar casinos. The bigger properties sometimes have them for high-rollers. You may also come across rewards programs to take advantage of in-house amenities. 
However, traditional welcome packages are not common. You’ll have to play online to take advantage of those. 

Are there any technical requirements for online gambling? 

All sites have technical requirements. The good news, however, is that most modern devices should suffice. 
There’s no need for special equipment. You don’t even require a beefed-up PC! Standard desktops with reliable graphics and video cards should do. The same goes for mobile devices. Gadgets on the latest operating systems should work just fine when connecting to online casinos.