The 10 Commandments of Online Casino Gaming


Typically, a casino is a room or building that is usually utilized for adults’ social amusements, especially gambling. Different types of gambling are held in a casino. Other casinos also host live entertainment like sports, concerts, and stand-up comedy. Casinos are usually located or built within cruise ships, retail shopping, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. However, there are also online casinos that are quite popular, given the current worldwide climate.
Since people can no longer walk into casinos and sit in a large group, online casino games have skyrocketed to cater to gamblers and potentially new gamblers who are stuck at home. However, it would be best to be knowledgeable about how these casino games work. Therefore, if you are fairly new to online casino games, the below listed 10 commandments can guide you on maximizing your experience, avoiding any dangers, and growing your bankroll. 

Do Thorough Research 

It is essential to do your due diligence. You cannot always trust people on the internet, but luckily, you can easily find out all the information you need to know about a site by looking it up on a search engine, visiting their website, and reading reviews. Therefore, before you deposit money on a random online gambling site, you must do proper research to find out whether they are legitimate or not. 
There are so many scam sites on the internet, and an unsuspecting person can easily fall victim to these scams. Such sites will cheat you out of your money, and the worst part is that you will not be able to recover it. Be extra careful with sites that offer free casino games. If you are not aware that a site is a scam, you may end up spending a lot of money on such casino games before you realize you are being duped.  
You could also be worried that there is potential foul play with online games, but this is not the case if you are on a genuine site. Online poker players may be worried that their opponents are conspiring against them, and casino players may feel the games are rigged since there is no way to tell if an offshore site is being genuine. People who bet on sports are probably the only ones who do not have the fear that the games are “fixed”. 
Perhaps, the most difficult thing about participating in an online game is considering how difficult getting your winnings can be.  
As mentioned earlier, there are genuine online sites, and while they may not be rigged, you cannot dispute the fact that they have a built-in advantage due to the odds and rules. Some of these online companies do not like paying withdrawals out, and they could simply decide not to pay. In other cases, they could delay your payments for an extended period. Before a withdrawal is processed, players usually reverse it, so more action is put on it. 
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Find Out About the Laws in Your Area 

Most people who gamble online are never concerned about whether what they are doing is within the law, they are only interested in what the risks of facing prosecution are. UK casino games are legal and regulated, but anyone offering them needs to get a license from the commission. Usually, in states where it is illegal, the law targets the establishment and not the clients. However, this may not always apply to every state. Therefore, there is a probable chance that you may be arrested and prosecuted, which is not a risk you want to take.  
Depending on where you live, ensure that you have familiarized yourself with the law. Do proper research and weigh what the chances of being in trouble are and what the consequences will be. When you gamble, and there is a risk that you could get arrested and have that go on your record, it could affect the chances of you getting hired. If you are ever interested in opening a casino and have a misdemeanour or gambling conviction on your record, you cannot get any type of gambling license. 
It would be best if you made an informed legal decision that is obedient to the law. When you are informed about the gambling laws of where you live, even when you break the law knowingly, you will have an idea of what the consequences would be. 

Do Not Steal Bonuses 

When a site offers you a bonus, to take advantage of that, you have to meet all the requirements set by the site. However, you need to beware of sites with a less informed outlook on the subject. Most sites may advertise free casino games or gambling bonuses to motivate new customers to sign up on their site. Although, it is rare and almost impossible to find casino games no deposit free bonus.  
Often, when you deposit funds to play within your account, they will add a specific total percentage of that, so you have more to play with. People who abuse bonuses never intend to play the casino games. Online sites realized this and put wagering requirements in place, which makes abusing bonuses a fool’s errand. When you fulfil a site’s bonus requirements and win, you will be allowed to withdraw your funds. It would also help if you researched a gambling site to check their reputation. It is not unpopular for sites to have good promotional offers, to pull out of their bonus offer after you meet the wagering requirements. Some sites will claim that you have violated the “spirit” of bonuses. This is unethical and borderline criminal, so it would help to be more informed. 

Do Not Gamble Using Rent Money 

Whether you are gambling offline or online, there is always a significant risk involved. There is no sure outcome when it comes to gambling. That is why it is advisable to gamble with money that is not meant for other purposes. Do not ever gamble with rent money. This is not to say you can gamble with money meant to cater to other bills, except for rent money.  
Essentially, it means that you should not use money meant to pay things like taxes, child support, and utilities, on gambling. Avoid gambling with money that is meant to cater for your essential needs. Suppose you find yourself using money meant for other purposes to gamble, that is a clear indication that you have a gambling problem and a severe impulse control issue.  
When you really think about it in terms of an addiction or a problem, you will realize that anyone who spends their rent money on alcohol, drugs, or gambling is an addict. Therefore, to avoid getting to a point where you are a gambling addict, the first step is not using money that is meant for rent or another essential need to gamble. If you do not have money to gamble, do not gamble. 

Do Not Count Cards 

Although counting cards online does not hurt anything, it is a futile exercise. For instance, blackjack games online are usually dealt from the sites virtual deck, which is shuffled constantly. Therefore, there is no chance of you getting an edge over the casino on the count of how the deck composition changes. This also applies to live dealer games because they also use shuffling machines continuously.  
There is no way you can virtually be given the advantage to get an edge on the casino. If counting cards online was possible, so many dedicated people would be making money from every game they play. If anything, it is worth noting that it is close to impossible to use any permissible advantage gambling technique when you are playing online. The only exception may be sports betting and poker, where you could potentially get an edge. 

Quit When You Are Ahead 

This will only work if you make the decision to quit gambling for good once you are ahead. As mentioned earlier, gambling is a risk. Whatever type of gambling casino games you indulge in, you bet using a mathematical disadvantage. This does not mean you do not stand a chance to win. However, what it definitely means is that the longer you play, the more chances that you will gradually lose all of your money. Below is an example of an effective strategy that you can use to quit while you are ahead. 
When you bet $200, and you win $200, quit. This is referred to as a maximum boldness strategy, where you place one large single bet instead of placing multiple smaller bets. However, if you have a slight edge, then the best strategy to use will be the minimum boldness strategy. Suppose you are a recreational gambler, if you would like to walk out of a casino with money, quit when you are ahead. 

If You Have a Problem Ask for Help 

Different types of addictions destroy a lot of lives. As mentioned earlier, gambling can be an addiction, and it is as lethal as any alcohol or drug addiction. There are multiple treatment options available for it. You do not have to go for the 12 step program unless you are sure that is what will work for you best. As long as you think you have or are developing a gambling problem, please seek help.  
Many websites have a free questions assessment on what your gambling habits are like, which can help you determine if you indeed have a gambling problem. You are more likely to have a gambling problem if you struggle with impulse control problems. You do not have to hit rock bottom before you admit you have a gambling problem, you can stop and seek help before it gets bad, and you end up losing everything. 

Go for Games That Have a Lower Edge 

Casino games online usually offer the traditional American roulette and the single zero one. They are the same except for one minor difference, the house edge for American roulette is 5.26%, and that of the single zero is 2.70%. Therefore, you have no reason to go for the traditional American roulette, since both versions are played the same way. It would be best to avoid any casino games with an extremely high house edge. Yes, there is a chance that you might win big money when you go for a higher house edge, but when you stick to the lower house edge bets, you get more entertainment from your money. 

Negotiate for The Best Deals 

Chances are you will not get the best deals from sites if you are a low roller. However, when you bring a notable amount of gambling to a site, you should ask for the best deals. Get in touch with the customer care service and inquire about high rollers special offers.  
The benefits could be things like rebates on losses you make or higher deposit bonuses. It is better to try and get benefits than not try at all, and besides, such benefits exist in conventional casinos. However, it would be best that you do not play above your bankroll just so you can ask for benefits.  

Avoid Cheating 

Cheating in a casino is a very risky endeavor, it is an even more unlikely thing to do on an online site. When you get caught, you will not only gain the reputation of a cheat, but you will also have to pay hefty fines, and there is a chance that you may have to serve a jail term. You can cheat theoretically in specific internet gambling games. You need to think about it and decide if cheating is worth it and if it aligns with who you are as a person. 
There are multiple casino games online that you can choose from. Make sure that you go on a reliable and reputable site to avoid getting duped. Use the above 10 commandments to guide you so you can maximize your enjoyment. You do not have to follow them to the book, but ensure you are doing the right thing. UK casino games are a better bet for you if you do not know the laws in your state. Make sure you gamble safely.