The Nine Architectural Wonders of The Casino World

Grand, tacky, and, more often than not, downright ugly, casinos have become synonymous with the gambling industry. Yet, these structures are as diverse and unique as the people who play within their walls. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most beautiful casino architecture in the world — from dazzling gaming rooms that make grown adults weep to gigantic showstopper hotels that could impress even the most jaded museum-goer. From the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas to the Old World charm of the Mediterranean, gambling destinations appeal to millions of people who travel from all over the globe to experience these lavish locations. 

Baden’s Kurhaus – Germany 

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is a true classic in its category. Set in the Black Forest, it’s arguably the most beautiful spa resort in Germany, with a casino that’s just as grand. German Grand Duke Karl Friedrich commissioned the villa’s construction from the renowned architect Friedrich Weinbrenner – whose other works include St. Thomas Church and Gernsbach Town Hall.

Although Baden’s Kurhaus may be small, it’s nothing short of a piece of art. The interior design perfectly complements the building’s imposing white pillars and intricate chandeliers. Overlooking the casino is the imposing Black Forest, where tourists from far and wide flock to see its beauty. Notable visitors have included Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who the casino inspired to write his novel The Gambler.

Bellagio – Las Vegas, USA

Nestled between the world-famous Wynn, Aria, and Monte Carlo casinos is the Bellagio Las Vegas – a true marvel of a luxury resort and casino architecture. The Bellagio is the masterpiece of famed designer Steve Wynn and his company, the Mirage Group. Overlooking the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, it’s a masterpiece of landscape architecture and living art.

The Bellagio is a luxury hotel-casino constructed in a Mediterranean-style building with an elegant interior that splashes out over 3,950 rooms. It’s breathtakingly beautiful to behold. Designed to resemble an Italian town on the shores of Lake Como, it compensates for its casino’s rather standard playing card design with an elaborate lobby and numerous, well-groomed gardens.

The establishment features a stunning interior design with marble floors, shining chandeliers, and live harp music. This hotel deserves all of the attention it gets, and then some. From its tall ceilings to its luxurious decoration – from its corridors to its fountains – Bellagio is a world-class gem. The attention to detail couldn’t be more amazing.

The Clermont Club – London, UK

In 1962, John Aspinall founded the Clermont Club, naming it after Lord Clermont, a Regency gambler who used to host his own game of chance at his Devonshire home. A few decades later, the Clermont was at the epicenter of a swinging London social scene that made its mark in history books. Today, it continues to attract some of Europe’s most elite gamblers.

No.44 Berkeley Square is a truly remarkable building. With its neoclassical architecture and intimate interiors, it encapsulates the charm of an 18th-century London townhouse. Kent masterfully designed every inch of this building. From the sweeping staircase and Georgian mirrors to the neoclassical ceiling in the Grand Salon, it truly embodies a classic English club.

Atlantis Resort Casino – Bahamas

Atlantis Resort Casino is a distinctively attractive resort that combines a grandiose casino, high-end suites, luxury marina, and more into one incredible package. The water park has slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, single and double tube rides, and beautiful ocean views. Located on the exotic Paradise Island in the Bahamas, guests can explore the rest of this beautiful archipelago of stunning beaches, including the famous Blue Lagoon.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas will surprise you with its underwater suites and awe-inspiring towers, which are a feast for the eyes. The luxurious 1000-square-foot rooms have magnificent wall-to-wall acrylic windows that grant fantastic views of the ocean floor. Also, when it comes to the other world-class amenities on offer, there’s not much that can rival an Atlantis Resort.

A casino is only as good as its facilities, and Atlantis has some of the best. The Crystal Bridge suite is one of the most fascinating rooms on the planet; it’s so opulent that it looks like something straight from a movie. It feels like you’ve been transported to another world. You might think you’ve entered the Emerald City when you see the Crystal Gate, a 30,000-pound statue made of more than 2,000 pieces of hand-blown glass.

Casino de Monte-Carlo – Mónaco

Fantastical, extravagant, stunning – these words are just a few adjectives describing Casino de Monte-Carlo. Located on the French Riviera, it’s been the location of choice for high-roller casino enthusiasts since its inception in 1863. Monte-Carlo’s famous casino is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. A must-see tourist attraction adorned with exquisite detail.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of the world’s most prestigious venues, welcoming well-heeled gamblers from around the world to its luxurious gaming tables. The casino is a timeless tribute to gambling sophistication with a rich history dating back more than 150 years. It’s easy to see why this venue is so famous.

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is a world-class hotel and entertainment resort that locals and tourists alike dare not miss. It features the iconic Infinity Pool on its 57th floor, which sits 150 meters above the ground and offers breathtaking views of Singapore’s skyline. It also contains the Sands Sky Park, a 12,000-square-meter open-air oasis that’s home to an array of activities for guests to partake in.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel towers design follows the principles of Feng Shui – a design philosophy that involves harmonizing the flow of Qi, the energy of the natural world. The spiraling glass walkways give an illusion of vertical infinity, and a curvature applies to its hotel towers. Precision plays a large role in engineering – an angle of 26 degrees conveys prosperity and good fortune, which are two important principles in Chinese culture. They add up to the number 8, which is also the symbol for infinity once rotated 90 degrees.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is a work of art – literally. Each of the ten fingers holding up the iconic building houses different galleries, and thanks to the unique design of each, you’ll never feel like you’ve visited the same sight twice.

Caesars Palace – Las Vegas, USA

Caesar’s Palace is one of the top casino destinations in the gambling world, and it’s no surprise that their lavish, grandiose architecture reflects that. Everything about Caesar’s Palace is breathtaking and true to its name, it is a modern representation of ancient Rome. You know you’re in for an unforgettable night out when you see a giant 24-karat-gold lion out front.

As you walk through the marble-clad halls towards the center of the casino, you can’t help but feel Caesar’s Palace is a casino that brings the past into modern times. Bringing in statues and fountain systems that would be around in the renaissance era and using the contemporary technology of today, it brings a unique experience to its visitors. The 14-story building offers over 160 stores, 50,000 sq ft of spa, and the largest casino in America with 161,500 sq ft of gambling space.

The Venetian – Macau

Inspired by the famous Las Vegas Venetian Casino, the building’s architecture is a visual feast of Italian landmarks. From its beautiful frescoes and marble fountains to the gondolas on display, it’ll be like some futuristic machine transported you straight to Italy.

The Venetian is a total sensory experience that evokes both the charm and glamor of the Italian city. The Venetian replicates accurate reproductions of Venice’s most famous landmarks. Inside, you’ll find five-star luxury, a bustling casino, gondola rides, and award-winning entertainment. The Venetian is a destination that caters to all people from all walks of life.

Sun City Casino – South Africa

A stunning example of African architecture, the Sun City Casino Resort is located in the North West province of South Africa. Sol Kerzner built the resort in 1979, and he perfectly planned every last detail down to the lavish chandeliers and luxurious trim on the walls. The resort’s gaming floor features an exquisite casino, slot machines, roulette tables, blackjack tables, and more for you to enjoy your favorite games.

The casino’s design makes it a stand-out destination. From the moment you step off the shuttle from your hotel to the moment you board the bus to return home, you’ll feast your eyes on opulent views of high ceilings, arches, enormous domes, large windows, decadent sculptures, and massive pillars.

Sun City is renowned for blending South African history and culture with incredible modern buildings and facilities. The casino is the jewel of the entertainment center, with breathtaking architecture that doesn’t seem to fit in with the arid African desert surroundings. Furthermore, the complex boasts four hotels, two golf courses, a water park, and several other attractions.

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