Casino Bonuses

Casinos make a lot of attractive offers to customers, and one of the most adored incentives is a free bonus, which could be money or spins. A casino will offer you a bonus for many reasons, including status as a new or loyal customer. They offer these bonuses to attract new customers and encourage regulars to keep using the casino.

100% up to $200 + 100 SpinsT & C Apply
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100% up to $140T & C Apply

While some bonuses automatically unlock when you make a deposit, others require a bonus code. These are alphanumerical strings that you will use to unlock the bonus. You can get the codes from the online casino or a third-party website. Casinos make other offers as well. These include show tickets, progressive jackpots, and slot tournaments. However, some restrictions may apply, which should be outlined in the terms and conditions.

Our site reviews casinos in the UK, as well as the different bonuses that they offer. We make comparisons of the different bonuses that casinos offer by looking at the amount of bonus that it is offering. We also look at the specific type of bonus. For instance, some casinos will only offer you a bonus if you have made an initial deposit. Others offer the bonus without a deposit.

We help you understand what the best casinos offer and what will be suitable for you. We also review the best and most reputable online casino bonuses, promotion/s, and promo code/s so that you don’t have to get lost in the mess.

No Deposit Bonuses

You will receive a casino’s no deposit bonus when you create an account. Unlike other bonuses, you do not need to deposit any cash in your account to receive a casino’s no deposit bonus. Casinos use these bonuses to thank their customers and encourage others to deposit money in their accounts.

There are several types of casino no deposit bonuses. The casino can offer you cash or a hefty sum of money that casinos offer new players to use within a certain time period. If you win money in this time frame, the casino will allow you to keep it, but some casinos will restrict the amount that you can withdraw.

Matching Casino Bonuses

You receive a matching bonus when a casino offers you cash that equals your deposit. Some casinos will match the deposit at 100% and others at 50%.

A casino might offer you special matching casino bonuses, such as a multiple deposit bonus. Usually, you will receive a multiple deposit bonus after depositing over three times in a row. You can also receive spins to use in specific slots. The casino will match your deposit to a certain amount.

Reload Bonuses, Once-a-week &
Once-a-month Bonus

A casino will offer you a reload bonus if you’ve made a deposit previously. This deposit encourages players to stay loyal to the casino. Reload casinos work in different ways, offering a bonus that matches what you have deposited or that is based on the type of payment that you use.

Some casinos will offer you a reload bonus every week. Others will give it to you after a month. They might also require you to have made a minimum deposit to your account before receiving the reload bonus.

High Rollers

A high roller is a customer who spends a lot while gambling at a casino. Casinos also refer to them as VIP players, whales, or big fish. If you are a high roller, the casino will offer you a bonus.

Most of the time, high roller bonuses are deposit bonuses. The online casinos will double the deposits you have made to a certain amount. These bonuses are of higher value than typical match deposits. So, casinos will require you to deposit a higher minimum deposit to offer you this bonus.

However, all casinos do not offer high roller bonuses. If you deposit a lot of money and want to receive a bonus for it, choose established casinos. These casinos are experienced in dealing with whales. They also know what bonuses that will meet the needs of this group of customers.

Casino Banking Bonuses

Credit cards are a typical payment method at a casino, but these transactions could be rejected. Instead of preventing you from participating, they may offer you a bonus to encourage you to use more payment options.

You can use other alternatives such as vouchers or prepaid cards. Buy vouchers offline and key in the information on the banking section of the online casino. This will earn you a bonus and give the casino an easy time retrieving the money. Everyone wins.

However, banking bonuses have a cap on them. These caps are up to a certain amount that varies every week or month, so check the terms before counting on a payback.

Welcome Bonus

Casinos will offer you a welcome bonus the first time you join. Most of the online sites will clearly display their welcome bonus. This encourages more people to use the casino. Most welcome bonuses come in form of spins of a matched deposit.

Casinos offer different types of welcome bonuses. Before creating an account in a casino, look at the bonus percentage that other casinos are offering. Then, settle for the largest percentage.

You might also want to find out the minimum amount you need to deposit before claiming your welcome bonus. Some casinos might need you to put in some cash. For others, you might not need to deposit any money.

Deposit Bonuses

When you make a deposit, most casinos will offer you a bonus. These are referred to as deposit bonuses. This is one of the most common bonuses that players receive. Most casinos will match the bonus with a percentage of the amount that you have deposited.

Some deposit bonus bonuses are given to new customers. This will benefit you because you will have more chances for gaming, increasing your chance to win. The casino might also give you extra credits in addition to the deposit bonus.

Sign-up Bonus

A casino will offer you a bonus when you sign up. You will receive the casino bonuses in different ways. The most common is a match bonus. In this case, the casino will give you a bonus that is equal to your first deposit.

Casinos will typically offer you cashable and non-cashable bonuses. The house will allow you to keep cash bonuses if you meet wagering requirements. If you get a non-cashable bonus, you will only be able to keep the winnings, but not the money.

Types of Casino Bonuses

There is a lot of competition in the gaming industry. To outdo competitors, the casinos have contracted software companies to create different variations of games in casinos. Some are for desktop computers and others for mobile devices.

Casinos also attach bonuses to many of the games to keep customers interested and encourage new ones to try their site. The casinos boldly advertise these bonuses on their sites. The main aim is to attract new customers with exclusive offers. You might be concerned that these casinos are not genuine, or maybe you are afraid of using real money.

There is a variety of bonus promotion/s in the gaming industry. Most people have received bonuses that they have converted to money. Others use them to familiarize themselves with the game. These bonuses allow you to use the casino under minimal pressure. The casino will allow you to use the bonus on specific games. After you have gained more experience, then you can use your real money.

As a casino player, you will receive different bonuses at different times, including when you join the casino or consistently use money at the casinos for weeks. Others could even come with a free cash bonus no deposit casino UK 2020. Though genuine, casinos have attached conditions to these bonuses.

For instance, you might not get a bonus unless you deposit some money. Also, you might not be able to receive more money than a certain amount of money in some bonuses. You must understand these conditions to avoid disappointment.

How do they work?

As online casinos become more diverse, the number of bonuses they issue has increased. That’s why we only deal with casinos that are licensed and regulated. If a casino gives you a 100% or 200% bonus, you will need to meet wagering requirements before you access it. Wagering is the number of times you will need to use your money before you unlock the bonus.

Remember – the house always has the edge because casinos do not want to make losses. Thus, you might not access the bonus at all. A bonus is almost always worth it. The process of getting a bonus is simple – you need to find a bonus that you like, sign up, and make a deposit. The casino will then add the bonus to your account. In most cases, you use your money first. If you win with real money and make a withdrawal, you forfeit the bonus. If you lose your deposit, the bonus kicks in. Thus, the bonus acts as a safety net.

If you have deposited money without claiming a bonus when you lose you are done. But if you accept the bonus, you have more chances to win. Even if you lost your money, you have a chance to use the bonus. If you still lose, nothing extra is lost and you have still enjoyed the rush. But if you win, you gain something. With the right bonus, the odds could be in your favour.

Wagering Requirements

Casinos often attach wagering requirements to different bonuses. This means that you need to use a certain amount of money in the casino in order to withdraw or qualify for a bonus. For example, if there is a bonus with 50x wagering requirement, you need to wager through an amount of 50 pounds. If you use 50 spins of one pound each, then you would have gone through your wagering requirement. If you get a bonus with a 100x wagering requirement, this means that you will need to place 100 bets with that money for you to be able to withdraw it. Then you will be able to move on to the next stage. That is withdrawing the bonus funds.

But not every game counts the same to meeting wagering requirements. Slots usually count for 100%. That means every dollar used is a dollar contributed to your wagering requirements. Other games that require skill, like variations of roulette and blackjack, do not contribute. Wagering requirements depend on the specific bonus. Some are not going to have it. Some may have it. If you have a wagering requirement for a bonus, you want to preserve that bonus as much as possible.

Casinos set wagering requirements so that customers won’t just walk away with the bonus money. The casinos need you to stay there and use the money a certain number of times before cashing in the money. The casino sets the wagering requirements to its advantage.

This means you will most likely gamble bonus money into the casino’s pocket before you reach your wagering requirements. You do not have to accept the bonus. Particularly if the requirements are too steep. To decide Consider the types of games that you love. There is little reason for you to accept a bonus if you are interested in blackjack. But if you love slots, a bonus will be helpful. But mostly, remember that some of these bonuses are for marketing purposes. That’s why you see so many flashy advertisements on those websites. Such offers are meant to benefit the house in most cases. If you understand the bonus and its requirements, you can use it to increase your chances of winning.

How to Claim a Bonus

First, look at the bonuses that different casinos are offering. After choosing the online casino that offers the bonus that you want, click on the Play Now button. You must first join the online casino to claim a bonus. After that, the casino will allow you to select the bonus that you want to use.

When you access the bonus, however, depends on the payment method you use. If you pay using a credit card, the bonus can take up to 48 hours for you to be able to use it. If you use other payment methods, such as Skrill and PayPal, you might receive your bonus faster. If you are already a member of an online casino, you can claim your bonus in the deposit process.

After imputing the payment information, the casino will ask if you want to use a bonus code. Then choose the bonus that you want to use. Click on continue and the casino will add the bonus to your account. Remember that a bonus will not always benefit you. Check the terms of the agreement, and make sure that it is the bonus that you want to use with its wagering requirements and the games that you can use it with.

Time Limits

Casinos have placed time limits. They will only allow you to claim the bonus within a certain period of time. If you try to claim and use it after that, you will not be able to. But you can always claim other bonuses. Most of them will offer bonuses regularly, which may occur on a rescheduled basis or when you spend a lot of money.

Maximum Winning Caps

Most casinos have included a clause that limits the amount of money you can win from a bonus. For example, the casino could write that the maximum amount that you can withdraw is 100 pounds. If you win more than this amount, the casino will not give it to you, since casinos have put a cap at the winning to avoid running at a loss.

Game Restrictions

Some casinos will restrict the games you use your bonus on. Almost all the time you will be allowed slot games. However, the casino might not allow other games that require more skill, like roulette or blackjack.

Before claiming a bonus, find out what games you can use it on. If you are a fan of roulette, it doesn’t make sense to accept a bonus that you will not be able to use on these games. But if you love slots, that bonus will go a long way.

Payment Method Restriction

Casinos will allow you to pay using different methods. This includes online vouchers, debit/credits cards, e-wallets, bank funding cryptocurrency, checks, and mobile payments. Other casinos, however, will offer you a bonus if you use other payment methods other than credit cards. Using credit cards will mean that they receive their money after more than 18 hours or more.

Some countries and states will place restrictions on payment methods. They have put in place gambling laws and regulations, which might affect how you pay to use an online casino. In these cases, the casinos will recommend that you use alternative methods if your country has placed such restrictions.


Why play a no deposit bonus?

It’s a chance to use free money at no added risk. You can use this money to build a bankroll and win real money.

You will find two types and online casinos, chips, or spins. With the chip bonus, the site will give you a casino chip to use on certain games like slots, blackjack, or roulette. This will allow you to improve your skill without using any money.

Can I claim a bonus on my mobile?

Yes. Log in to the online casino’s account. Choose an available bonus. It could be a free cash bonus no deposit casino UK 2020. Then go to the deposit page and select your preferred deposit method. Enter the amount that you wish to deposit and complete the payment and get the bonus. You will then be able to claim the bonus.

Do I have a chance of winning if I claim a casino bonus?

Yes, you increase your chances of winning if you claim your casino bonus. That’s because when you lose the money, you get the opportunity to use your bonus.

If you use the bonus you could win. If you don’t win any money, you will enjoy taking part in the game. Either way, you win.

Will I receive bonus funds at once?

No, you will not receive your bonus funds at once. Most casinos will need you to use your money a certain number of times before you receive the bonus. These are referred to as wagering requirements, which are outlined in the casino’s conditions.

Do I need a promo code?

You will not need a promo code/s to unlock your bonus in many UK casinos. However, some might need you to use a code.

Can I claim more than one promotional offer at once?

It depends on the casino. Some will only let you choose one. Others allow you to claim all offers that you qualify for. However, you will need to apply for one at a time.

Will I be able to withdraw my bonus cash as well as the bonus winnings?

In most cases, a bonus acts as a safety net. If you win, then you can withdraw your bonus winnings. However, if you lose, you can receive your bonus. You can use it to increase your chances of winning. You can also withdraw it after meeting wagering requirements.