Deposit Match Bonus

Many of us have thought of going to Las Vegas to enjoy the casino experience and the variety of games they have to offer. Well, the internet has made it possible to have a great gambling experience in the comfort of your own home and at any time.  

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Las Vegas is even closer to you than before. Most casinos have taken their business online. You can now bet on any game that is available in the casino online. Even more enticing is that casinos offer various types of bonuses to both beginners and regular customers to enhance your gambling experience. 

Deposit Match Bonus   

The first and most common type of bonus is the deposit match bonus. It is as the name suggests; you get a bonus for depositing money into the online casino. The bonus amount that you get from depositing money in the casino varies among different casinos.  
This is because most casinos have different regulatory rules depending on the state in which they are located. Further, the bonus is also dependent on the house rules put in place by the casino to regulate their games and the customers. 
You will find that most casinos offer a bonus that matches the amount that you have deposited into your casino account. For example, if you deposit $500 into your casino account, you will have a bankroll of $1000, which is a 100% bonus.  
This bonus can be much higher and especially if you are depositing money into the casino for the first time. Because casinos want to attract a huge customer base, most online casinos will offer an extraordinary bonus for first-time deposits. 
It is commonly referred to as the first-time deposit bonus and can be considered a significant type of bonus on its own. 
Some casinos have taken first-time deposits to a whole new level. They offer up to a 500% bonus for any amount deposited into the account. If you deposit $50 into your casino account, you will have a bankroll of $300 to bet on your favorite games in the online casino. 
Nevertheless, online casinos have limitations to the bonus amount offered. This move is meant to shield the casino from damages and losses. After all, the business is about making a profit while ensuring that the customers have a remarkable experience.  
Therefore, the casino will set a cap or limit on the bonus given until a specific targeted amount is achieved. For example, the casino could offer a 100% bonus for any deposits made up to 500 dollars.  
This means that if you deposit $600 into the account, you will have a bankroll of $1100. $500 is the maximum bonus that mirrors a $500 deposit, plus the $600 deposited into the account, making a total of $1100.

Multiple deposit bonus   

Multiple deposit bonus is yet another critical bonus that gives you a chance to bet on your favorite online casino game. It usually applies to the second, third, fourth, and even fifth deposits after the initial deposit.  
Even though not all online casinos have this promotional offer, studies show that those that do enjoy a high customer success rate. The majority of gamblers are attracted by these promotional offers, which give them a chance to place a higher stake or even place more stakes on their preferred games. 
Furthermore, multiple deposit bonuses come in different packages. For instance, it is common among most online casinos that offer this bonus to reduce the percentage bonus offered with each consecutive deposit. 
For instance, you might have a 100% deposit bonus for the second deposit, a 75% bonus for the third deposit, 50% for the fourth deposit, and 25% for the fifth deposit into your online account.  
This means that if you were to deposit $100 in your account a second time, you would have a total of $200 to stake. If you deposited $100 a third time, you would have a $175 stake. 
Other casinos will offer a constant percentage bonus for each successive deposit placed in your online casino account. The promotional bonus depends entirely on the online casino and the target market that they want to reach.

Free spins    

Promotional bonuses are essential in attracting customers to the betting platform and can be offered in various ways. One of the most common games in the casino is roulette. You will find that to attract more clientele, the casino could offer free spins that you can try out on the roulette or slot games.  
These free spins are typically the value of the bonus you receive upon depositing a certain amount. This could either be a fraction of the deposited money or an equivalent of the cash, depending on the betting platform and the available games for betting. 
Once these free spins are granted, you can use them in your preferred games for a chance to win real money. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to use money in your account to place a bet. 
Your only limitation is the time that it takes for the free spins to expire. If you spend much time without using the free spins, then you will not be able to use them at all, losing a chance at making money.

Deposit method bonus

The deposit method is as crucial as betting itself. You cannot underestimate the power of how you choose to accredit your account with cash. In a physical casino, you will typically use cash chips to place a stake in a game. Even so, you could still use cash in some games.  

Once you win, you can then convert the cash chips that you’ve won into real cash. There are different methods of payment that you can use to accredit cash to your casino account. 

You can get a deposit method bonus once you use specific deposit methods to load your account with cash. You can get as high as a 100% bonus for just using a specific deposit method. 

Typically, the deposit method earns you a 5% bonus for the amount, but these numbers vary from platform to platform.

Reload bonus   

The reload bonus is similar to the accumulator bonus or the welcome bonus. The main reason behind this is that it’s meant to incentivize customers into re-visiting the site. While other casinos have a 100% reload bonus, most casinos with this type of bonus offer only a small percentage (20%) of the money deposited into the online account. 
Even so, it is still a good offer for you as you will be able to get some extra bucks for your stake(s) every time you load money to bet on your favorite online casino game.

No-deposit bonus

You will be surprised to find out that other bonuses do not require any initial deposits at all. Once you get the promotional offer, all you have to do is bet on the selected game(s) and stand a chance at winning real money that you can withdraw from your account.  
No deposit bonuses are primarily common for first-time subscribers or applicants of an online casino. It is worth noting that this type of bonus is not the same as the welcome bonus as that will require you to load money into the online casino account. 
Compared to other bonuses, the no-deposit match bonus is not dependent on past credibility or futuristic expectations of a customer. It is easy and will excite you into looking at the platform. 
Once you do this, you may end up learning how it works by placing actual bets on the games. A no-deposit bonus will mostly come in free spins or credits that can be used directly on the games or redeemed into cash that can bet on the games. 
Furthermore, you will find that the credits that are accorded to you are enough to bet on most games that require a minimum number of credits to play.

VIP bonus   

VIP bonus applies to high rollers who often find themselves placing significantly large bets at a time. Online casinos recognize this as a potential market. In a bid to entice and incentivize customers, they offer a percentage bonus of the deposited money for the customer to place an even higher stake or multiple bets of higher stakes. 
For most casinos with the high roller VIP bonus, a 50% bonus for any amount deposited above $1000 is more than enough incentive for the customer. This is also a high risk on the side of the casino as more significant stakes attract an even bigger payout. Nonetheless, more people would deposit an even higher amount to get access to the big VIP bonus.

Accumulator bonus

The accumulator bonus is also another popular bonus among betting sites today. Online betting has been revolutionized such that you can put a variety of bets into one bet slip.  
This means that you can have multiple games and multiple betting preferences combined within a single bet slip to yield higher winnings—a risky move.  
Even so, most betting sites consider this fact and tend to offer an accumulator bonus for bets that reach a specified betting requirement. You can get a 50% boost on top of your winnings, win-free bets that you can use for future betting, or get real-money prize selections.

How Deposit Match Bonuses Work  

In essence, deposit match bonuses are ‘Thank You’ notes from online casinos for depositing money at the casino accounts. As we have discussed earlier, this promotion is at the rudimentary level. 
A cash bonus that is equivalent to the given percentage of the qualifying deposit is earned. Deposit match bonuses are highly sought after by both rookies and veteran casino players as you will be able to stretch your bankroll significantly. 
Anyone who has bet on a casino game before knows it takes a lot of time to build a decent bankroll for your stakes. It even takes greater patience to be able to accrue your bankroll to sizeable standards. 
It also stands to reason that a much higher bankroll will naturally increase your chances of winning big. It is advantageous to spring at the chance of a bonus to alleviate your betting odds. 
In most cases, there is usually a minimum deposit that you have to make as a customer. This minimum deposit is attached to a present percentage of the match. Other play-through requirements could show the validity of the bonus in question, which affects the cash-out and withdrawal limits. 
Moreover, the bonus could also be attached to a preset wagering requirement that can inhibit you from accessing any money in your account wallet. 
There are two ways the Match deposit bonuses can occur: Cashable and non-cashable match deposit bonuses. People need to realize that the terms and conditions of bonuses are essential parts to consider before happily using or anticipating any match bonus. 
It would be best if you found out whether a deposit bonus is cashable or non-cashable in the terms and conditions that govern a casino. 
You can withdraw all the total amount from a cashable deposit match bonus, but you can only withdraw the winnings made from gambling with the bonus when using a non-cashable deposit match bonus. 
In essence, the only way you can cash in the bonus amount is if it’s a cashable match deposit bonus and cash out only after fulfilling the play-through requirements. It’s a different case for the non-cashable bonus, as you cannot withdraw or cash out the bonus until winning is made from it.

Claiming a Match Deposit Bonus

Now that we have learned the various types of match deposit bonuses and how they work, let’s familiarize ourselves with how to claim them. Claiming a match deposit bonus should be a straightforward process. 
First off, you must own an account with the preferred online casino; if not, it will not take more than a couple of minutes to sign up. There are primarily three ways in which you can claim that match deposit bonus. They include: 
*Bonus coupon: You have to use a specific redemption code that is attached to the coupon if you are to get access to the bonus being offered 
*Bonus code: You can use the specific code sent to you via text or email to claim your bonus. In most cases, this code is usually sent to you if you have subscribed to a periodic newsletter when signing up with the online casino. 
In cases where you are unable to use this promotional code to claim your bonus, you can contact the site’s customer care via phone, email, or live chat to get further assistance on how you can redeem your bonus offer. 
* Using a bonus link: This is a very straightforward way of claiming your bonus as it only requires you to click on the link to get the bonus. It could be a referral link from a friend or the online casino itself. Either way, the bonus is automatically credited to your account once

Things to Look Out for After Claiming a Match Deposit Bonus  

Adding a bonus to your initial stake is never a bad idea. Here are a few tips that can make you put better use of that match deposit bonus when gambling; 

1. Find out the maximum value of the bonus amount as well as the match percentage
While most online casinos offer a 100% bonus that matches your deposit, other casinos go as high as 500%. It is advisable to seek those very generous casinos with a high bonus rate.  

Not only is it essential for you to know the maximum bonus amount you can claim, but it is also very critical to understand the capping rate that comes along with the offer for you to get the best out of it. 

2. You should always claim no-wagering bonuses immediately
This is a must-do. Most deposit match bonuses are attached with many wagering requirements that you might not even know if you do not read the fine print. Therefore, when you come across a no-wagering bonus, you better claim it very fast as it tremendously increases your chances of winning.  

If you find that there are still wagering requirements required when claiming a bonus, ensure they are the few ones. 

3. Avoid the use of tactics that contradict casino rules
Some call this an advantage play, and casinos hate those players. Instead, make sure that you do not exceed the maximum stake stated by the casino for the specific game, or you could lose a chance at getting bonuses in the future. 

This happens to almost all players who directly forgo the terms and conditions set for these games. 

4. You can always decline a bonus if it’s not attractive
We all enjoy freebies, and there’s nothing more enticing than getting a bonus to use for your betting. Nonetheless, some bonuses have such stringent terms that it is hard to subscribe to them.  

There is no set law regarding rejecting a bonus claim. You have the right to decline a bonus if it has strict terms and conditions that might restrict your betting opportunities in the long run. 

5. Opting for low volatility games
When considering whether to bet on a particular game, you need to consider the variance or the associated risk of placing that bet. It would be best if you always opted for low volatility games as they have a lower risk than highly volatile games. 

This means that you will win more times but in smaller amounts at a time. 

6. You should always try to forfeit the bonus when you win big
It is essential to always to leave the bonus when you win. This is because you will have the option of placing your stake with your money, the bonus, and the winnings. Avoid withdrawing all the money so that you can use the bonus next time you want to place a stake. 

7. Choose the best online casino match bonus.
Let me give a word of caution to those of you who get excited about a fantastic offer on any possible bonuses. Consider what would make the best deposit match casino bonus for you. It is paramount to familiarise yourself with the wagering requirements before you can claim any bonus. 

Understanding these wagering requirements might be the difference between an informed decision and having a long period before you can reap the benefits of your labor. 

Bonuses are meant to incentivize the customer into visiting the site more. These bonuses are meant to give players more time to play. 

Nevertheless, you will find that even with more time to place informed bets, the wagering requirements are restrictive such that you cannot withdraw the amount immediately.  

Instead, you can keep on betting until you use up all the bonuses. Alternatively, you will be forced to wait for an exceedingly long time before you can withdraw and use the cash. 

For example, if you find that you have a 100% deposit match bonus for any amount not exceeding $300, the bonus is usually attached to a wagering requirement that needs you to wager at least X35. If you deposit $200, it means despite having a bankroll of $400, you cannot use it until you bet $14,000. This might take a lifetime to achieve if you are not a seasoned veteran casino player. 

We hope you find this piece helpful and have a fantastic time playing and enjoying the best online casino match bonus on your favorite games.