High Roller Bonus

If the standard deposit bonus doesn’t meet your gambling needs, you need to go for a high roller bonus. This is a bonus only offered to people who stake thousands of pounds in a casino. As a high roller, you will join the casino’s VIP program and get a VIP manager. The manager ensures you get the best possible service while at the casino.  
Besides the VIP status, spending big money at a casino will give you access to a host of bonuses. These bonuses are not available to other players. However, you have to choose the right casino to enjoy the bonuses. We have selected the best casinos for you so that you can play with ease.  

Types of High Roller Bonuses   

There are a host of deposits for high rollers based on the games they apply to and how a player qualifies. Regardless of the bonus you choose, ensure that you read the terms and conditions of the bonus. The welcome bonus is the most common for most casinos. This is the bonus you get when you sign up at an online casino. Some casinos offer you a no-deposit high roller casino bonus, but most offer a deposit welcome bonus. 
The deposit bonus is the most common type. Casinos offer a bonus based on how much you deposit. Some will match your deposit while others will offer up to 200 percent of your deposit. Other bonuses include: 
• Free Spin Bonuses 
• Special Promotions 
• Free Loyalty Points 
• Goal-oriented bonuses, where you have to meet a goal to unlock a bonus 
Thanks to the variations in high roller bonus offerings, you need to read the terms and conditions before you start playing.  

Finding the Best Online Casinos for High Roller Bonus   

As a high-stake player, your security and safety should come first when you pick an online casino. Your money and your identity need protection from predatory hackers online. As such, we only recommend licensed and regulated casinos. These casinos follow a strict code of operation to ensure they offer fair games and protect their players. 
With so many casinos online, it might be challenging to know which casino is safe. We create accounts with most of the casinos and play just like any other player. From here, we can tell the systems that the casino has put in place to protect its players.

How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for High Roller Bonuses?    

Safety and Security

Even if a casino offers the best bonuses, but their security systems are frail, it still doesn’t make it in our list. We consider casinos licensed and regulated by renowned regulatory authorities such as: 
• Spillemyndigheden 
• Gibraltar Regulatory Authority 
• Gaming Board of Hungary  
• Malta Gaming Authority  
• Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority 
• Inspectorate General on Gaming 
• National Gaming Board  
• UK Gambling Commission  
• Alderney Gambling Control Commission  
• Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission 
When a casino has a license from any of the above (among other known regulators), it is safe to play on. Such casinos promise to offer fair games and follow a strict code of safety and security. The casinos can even go a step further and allow audits from bodies such as eCogra and GLI Europe BV.

VIP Program and its Packages

Once we are sure that a casino is safe, we check how it treats its VIP players. Most casinos give you a VIP status when you stake a high amount. As a VIP, you will have a VIP manager who will be there when you need any assistance. Some casinos make the offer even better and give gifts and comps. 
Land-based casinos offer comps such as free drinks, free rides, and free dinners. In online casinos, the comp might come in the form of free games. There are other promotions that you may access that ordinary players cannot. We check what these casinos have in store for the VIPs besides the high roller bonus.

Terms and Conditions of the Bonus

Although a high roller casino bonus can be a great offer, some bonuses have strict terms and conditions. These bonuses still come with wagering requirements, but these might be more lenient than those of standard bonuses. You may also have to meet certain conditions to access the bonus. This is why you need to read the terms and conditions of the bonuses before you start playing.  
We read the terms and conditions of the bonuses before we recommend a casino. We check the wagering requirements, the time limits, and any expiration dates. We also check if the bonuses come automatically to your account, or you need to redeem them. If all these factors are favourable, we recommend a casino as good for high roller bonus.

Variety of Games

A high roller casino bonus in a casino that only offers craps will not be of use. As a high roller, you may need all sorts of games to choose from. As such, we pick casinos with a wide range of games from table games to slots. Although you may only stake high on table games, you might need to play other games, such as slots, for fun. 
The games offered should also be from a variety of casino software providers such as Microgaming, IGT, Betsoft, NetEnt, and NextGen Gaming among others. Casinos should also offer live games and live dealer games among other convenient casino features.

Mobile Gaming

As a high roller, you may want a casino you can take anywhere you go. A casino that offers you mobile gaming is a great option for you. The casino might either offer web-based or app-based mobile gaming. Casinos with apps offer more features and faster games. However, even a casino with a web-based mobile gaming is better than one that doesn’t offer mobile gaming at all. 
Check the accessibility of all casino games on the mobile app or web based casino. Also check if you can access live dealer games.

Customer Service

With most casinos, you will get a personal account manager besides the high roller bonus. The manager will help you with any challenges you might have with your account. Such challenges can include account hanging, money deposited not showing, or any other. However, not all casinos offer the same services. Worse yet, some casinos do not even offer a manager, and you have to request for support like all other players.  
The best casinos for the bonus are those that offer a personal account manager. If the casinos don’t offer that, we ensure that it offers fast and reliable customer support.


How is a high roller bonus different from other bonuses?

The high roller bonus differs from other bonuses in terms of the amount it offers. While other players may get £100 as welcome bonus, the high roller might get thousands of pounds. Again, high rollers receive preferential treatment when it comes to receiving bonuses, free games, and other perks. When a promotion comes up, the casino will consider the high roller first. These high rollers are in the VIP program, which allows them to access bonuses and promotions immediately they come.

Am I guaranteed to win with a free online casino spin?

There is never a guarantee that players will win at an online casino. This also applies to free casino spins. You may have a slightly better chance to win with free spins because the casino sets a higher rate of payback. This is done to encourage players to keep playing the casino’s games.

How much should I bet to be a high roller?

Different casinos have different requirements to consider players as high rollers and give them high roller bonus. In some casinos, you only need to spend a stake a few hundred pounds every day to be a high roller. In others, you have to spend thousands of pounds to get high roller status. You will know the casino is almost giving you the high roller status when you start receiving perks such as free games.

Do all casinos offer high roller bonus?

Most casinos offer the high roller bonus. The only difference is in the amount that the casino offers and its accompanying perks. Small casinos may not have the huge offers such as thousands of pounds in rewards. In these small casinos, you do not need to spend so much to be a high roller – a few hundred pounds, and you are good to go. As long as a casino has gifts and perks for players who spend more money, they already recognize high rollers.

What do I gain in high roller games rooms?

High roller games rooms, such as the high roller slots room, offer special perks. The amount you get as a high roller depends on the terms and conditions a casino has in place for such rooms. However, you need to wager at least £25 to get a chance to be in such rooms. The high roller slots room is the most common in most casinos. Slots run fast, and this is what makes them a golden goose for high rollers. If you join the high roller slots room, some casinos might reward you up to 0.3 percent of your wager amount.

How do I unlock the high roller casino bonus?

Most casinos will offer you the bonus automatically once you meet the terms. In some casinos, you might need to enter a code to redeem it. The surest way to get the bonus is to make a huge deposit and start wagering hundreds of pounds every hour.