Low Wagering Casino Bonuses UK

Bonuses are a factor for many players when choosing an online casino. Casinos offer players free cash or matching deposit bonuses, but there is a catch. These bonuses come with a wagering requirement. We want to help you find the best low wagering casino sites.  
What is a wagering requirement? It is a condition of the casino bonus offer that requires players to wager the bonus a certain amount of times before it can be withdrawn. Most casinos have such a requirement, and in some cases it can be very high. You may have to wager the bonus amount as much as 50 times before you can cash it out.  
While these conditions are standard in the industry, no wagering casino sites do exist. We can help you find an online casino without wagering requirements. This means claiming a large bonus and being able to withdraw it sooner. With a little luck, you may even be able to profit from your casino bonus and add it to your bankroll.   

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Types of Low Wagering Casino Bonuses   

As previously mentioned, there are several different types of low wagering bonuses at online casinos. An online casino is able to set its own terms and conditions for how bonuses are given and the wagering requirements attached. 
A part of our job is to sort through those terms and conditions to help you choose a low wagering or no wagering casino. These are some of the common types of bonuses with a low wagering requirement: 

  • 10x Wins No Deposit 
  • £10 Bonus With 35x Wagering 
  • £10 Bonus With 60x Wagering 

Another type is the online casino without wagering requirements. These can be more difficult to find than the others, but we can identify and recommend them. Such no wagering casino sites are always preferred because you don’t have to satisfy high wagering requirements and conditions before you can withdraw your bonus money.  
You should be aware that larger bonuses often mean a larger wagering requirement. Some players are able to satisfy the requirement and still make a profit from their bonus money.

Finding the Best Online Casinos for Low Wagering Bonuses    

Our team of online casino experts has vast experience in rating and ranking the best online casinos for low wagering bonuses. Our process has been developed over time and is very effective. We use a specific formula which takes into account numerous factors. 
The casinos that reach the top of our rankings are those which score the highest in all categories. You can trust each of the casinos that we have chosen to have the best wagering requirements for players.

How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for Low Wagering Bonuses – What Are the Requirements? 

Here is a closer look at the individual factors that are taken into consideration when we select the best low wagering bonus casinos.

Variety of Bonus Offers

The starting point for choosing the best casinos is the type of bonuses that are offered. We like to see online casinos offer matching deposit bonuses in addition to no deposit bonuses.  
A matching deposit bonus can be far more lucrative for the player. This type of bonus may be worth £1,000 or more. The downside is that a matching deposit bonus usually has a much higher wagering requirement. A no deposit bonus is usually a token sum. £10 is common. Some of these bonuses may not have a wagering requirement.

Lowest Wagering Requirements

The entire point of creating the rankings for best low wagering bonuses in the UK is to select online casinos with low requirements. What constitutes a low wagering requirement? We prefer to see the requirement kept below 30x.  
This requirement refers to the number of times that the player has to wager through the bonus money. If a casino has a 30x wagering requirement, this means that the total bonus amount has to be bet 30 times in the casino before it can be withdrawn.  
As an example, let’s say that the online casino gives you a matching bonus of £1,000. The casino has a 25x wagering requirement. You must make a total of £25,000 with the bonus money before it is able to be withdrawn from your account.  
How is this possible? The answer is simple. The player has to win. We try to recommend online casinos that have a good payback ratio. This can help the player achieve the wagering requirement much faster.

Overall Casino Reputation

No criteria matters as much as the overall reputation of an online casino. If a casino has a poor reputation, the chances are that any bonuses offered are too good to be true. The player will likely never be able to cash them out. 
Our team strives to make sure that an online casino has the proper licensing in place. We also like to see transparency in the form of contact information for the company that operates the casino. A brick-and-mortar headquarters is a must. 
Our mission is to help prevent players from being scammed. It is easy for a casino to promise low wagering requirements when they have no intention of paying out winnings to players.

Customer Service and Assistance

When players have an issue with an online casino, there must be access to customer service. The best online casinos are those which offer a minimum of three points of contact. 
The best customer service option is live chat. Players can receive an answer to their question in real time. It can also be easier to communicate a problem to a live customer service operator.  
The other acceptable types of customer service are telephone and email support. With these types we check to make sure that the response time is reasonable. Customer service requests should be handled within 24 hours.

Quick Withdrawals

Finally, we examine the withdrawal policies of the online casino. We also look to see if there have been any complaints in the past regarding withdrawals. Such complaints can often be a red flag for players. 
Players should have access to a variety of withdrawal methods that include bank transfers and e-wallets. The minimum amount for withdrawals should be low. All withdrawals should be processed within 24 hours. Players should be aware that withdrawals by check can take substantially longer. 
An online casino does not usually remain in business for long if it has a bad reputation for withdrawals. You could spend hours trying to find complaints online, but we’ve already done the work for you with our ratings and reviews.


Why do casinos have wagering requirements for bonuses?

Offering players bonuses to sign up has been a marketing tactic for online casinos since they first began to appear. It works well, and it can also be beneficial for the player.

It is only valuable for the casino, however, when the player is able to use the bonus money to sample the casino’s games. If the player were able to immediately cash out their bonus, there would be no reason for them to stay and play at the online casino.

You can think of a wagering requirement as a type of protection for the online casino. Some casinos want more protection than others, and that is where the size of wagering requirements comes into play.

We help you find the online casinos that are confident you will enjoy their games without the need for a large wagering requirement.

Can I track how much of the wagering requirement I have completed?

Many online casinos make it possible for you to keep track of how much remains on your bonus wagering requirement. There may be an indicator on your account page. If you are not able to find how much remains, you can always contact casino customer service and ask them to check.

Some players are tempted to make bigger bets when they are very close to satisfying the wagering requirement. We advise against this. Stick with your winning strategy and soon you will be able to cash out your bonus money to your account.

What is the best way to satisfy a wagering requirement?

The best way to satisfy a wagering requirement at an online casino is to play the games which offer the best chance to win. All online casino games are structured to give the house an edge, but some have a lower house edge than others. A lower edge for the casino means a better chance for the player.

Slot machine games can be a quick way to achieve the wagering requirement, but they can also have a high house edge. Table games like blackjack will mean reaching the requirement slower, but the player has a better chance to win.

You should look for casino games that are a balance of the two. Video poker can be an excellent choice. Some online casinos will not count video poker play toward the wagering requirement, so be sure to check the terms and conditions.

Can I receive multiple bonuses at online casinos?

Online casinos used to reward players with a single bonus when they signed up and made their first deposit. Today it is becoming more common for online casinos to reward players with ongoing bonuses and promotions.

The thing that you must remember is that each new bonus that you receive from the online casino comes with its own wagering requirements. The requirement amount will be reset with each new bonus that you have received.

Wagering requirements are not shared among bonuses. They can also vary from bonus to bonus. If you have any question about the requirements for a new bonus, be sure to contact customer service.

With our UK casino low wagering bonuses recommendations, you will have no problem finding a casino that allows you a good opportunity to cash out your bonus money. If you are one of the lucky ones, your bonus money could turn into large winnings. Some games in an online casino can pay a large jackpot with a single spin of the reels.

Always remember to have fun as you complete the various wagering requirements of the casino that you have chosen.

How long will it take to complete a wagering requirement?

The amount of time that you will need to satisfy your wagering terms and conditions will depend upon various factors. These include the types of games you choose and how much you choose to bet on each game.

Slot machines can be played for cheap. If you want to enjoy the online casino experience and complete the requirement at your leisure, slots are a good choice. You can shorten the time that it takes to reach the requirement by making bigger bets on table games, but the losses can add up quickly.

How fast you are able to complete the requirement also depends upon how much time you are able to devote to playing each day. We always suggest moderation when it comes to online gambling.

Does bonus money go into my regular online casino account once I have completed the wagering requirement?

When you first sign up with an online casino the bonus money that you are given will be placed in a separate account. You will typically wager from this total first before you begin to wager from your own money.

Once you have managed to complete the wagering requirement, the remaining amount of your bonus money will then be added to your regular account. From there the money can be withdrawn to your bank account whenever you choose.

The casino has to keep the amounts separate so that it can accurately keep up with the wagering requirement.