Sign-Up Bonus

It doesn’t take long to realize that the online casino market is ultra-competitive! No longer bound by physical space, casino operators can create unique online experiences players can access anywhere. As technology gets better and better, so do online casino sites!

Online gambling is such a worldwide phenomenon that new sites pop up all the time. While the saturated market can make things overwhelming, it ultimately benefits you! There’s stiff competition out there, and platforms are always looking for ways to attract new players. One of the ways they entice new members is through generous sign-up bonuses!

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What is a Sign-Up Bonus?

A sign-up bonus is an introductory reward that casinos give to new players. Think of it as an online casino’s way of saying “Hello!” and “Welcome!” As a new member, you can claim the bonus and get starting on your gambling journey.

Usually, casinos advertise sign-up bonuses heavily. Initially, they started as a rare commodity that only well-known platforms offered. These days, they’re practically mandatory! You’d be hard-pressed to find sites that don’t provide a sign-up bonus. Even newer platforms will invest in these bonuses to hit the ground running.

Sign-up bonuses are a way for casinos to stand out in a crowded market. They’re an introductory offer that attracts players looking for their new favorite casino site. Thanks to the competitive field, bonuses can be pretty lucrative! Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned pro, taking advantage of these sign-up bonuses is a must!


There are several types of sign-up bonuses available.

Don’t be fooled by clever marketing! In a vast majority of cases, these bonuses only come with an initial deposit. You can sign up and create an account. But to claim those generous rewards, you’ll need to make a deposit first.

The most common type of sign-up bonus is a deposit match. Sometimes referred to as “Match Bonuses,” the amount depends on how much you put into your account. For example, say that the casino advertises a 100 percent match bonus. If you deposit £100, you’ll get an additional £100 in bonus cash. Now, you have £200 to start playing!

Bonus percentages vary from one casino to the next. But, you can expect between 50% and 200%. Most also come with minimum and maximum bonus amounts.

Some online casinos take things even further and offer deposit packages. In addition to the first deposit you make, you might receive a reward for the second or third deposit!

Free spins are another common form of sign-up bonus. Many casinos reward a set number of spins based on your deposit. Meet the threshold, and you can start playing on the house. The spins typically apply to specific reels. Some casinos also have dedicated bonus wheels or specialty slots. Either way, the free spins are a great way to get started!

Finally, there’s the elusive no-deposit sign-up bonus. These bonus opportunities are pretty rare, but they do exist. As the name implies, these rewards don’t come with a deposit requirement. You get them simply for signing up!

In most cases, no-deposit packages don’t hold much value. But they’re a nice perk that you can use to play a few games for free.

Finding the Best Online Casinos for Sign-Up Bonus

Sign-up bonus opportunities are prevalent in today’s online casino industry. The market is vast, and casinos need these bonuses to stay competitive. Not only that, but players expect them!

Get ready to see a lot of variety out there. There are sign-up bonuses to meet anyone’s expectations and preferences.

All that said, taking the time to choose the right one is paramount. At the end of the day, online casinos prioritize the bottom line. They’re looking to make money. Sure, sign-up bonuses appear to be “free money.” However, these bonuses aren’t without their terms and fine print!

Finding a high-value sign-up bonus is easier said than done. Online casinos always put their best foot forward. As a result, you have to dive deep to understand the actual value of a sign-up bonus.

The goal is to maximize your earning potential. To do that, you have to scrutinise every casino and compare bonus opportunities. Luckily, we’re here to help you out and do the heavy lifting. Check them out here:

How To Select the Best Casinos for Sign-Up Bonus?

Our team of experienced online casino buffs scours the web to find the best sign-up bonus offers. We understand how overwhelming the market can be. We go beyond flashy marketing and don’t take bonuses at face value.

Our goal is to bring you the best of the best. We want you to play smart and stay in the green! That all starts with claiming lucrative sign-up bonuses.

How do we make our recommendations? Here are some of the most critical requirements we consider when finding the best online casino sign-up bonuses.

Wagering Requirements and Restrictions

The first thing we look into is the wagering requirements. Every sign-up bonus you claim comes with terms and conditions. Most players gloss right through the fine print. We get it: You just want to play! Unfortunately, those details are crucial when determining the value of a bonus.

Casinos don’t want you to sign up and immediately requesting a payout. So, they force you to wager the bonus amount a specific number of times before withdrawing it. The wagering requirements vary from one platform to the next. However, you can expect them to be anywhere between 10x to 40x. Some sites may even require that you wager as high as 70x!

It’s important to note that not all games fulfil the requirements the same way. For example, table games might hold more weight than slots.

Whatever the case may be, we look into it all! Our team sifts through the confusing legal jargon to lay things out clearly. Then, we recommend the sign-up bonuses that are worth your time.

Cashable vs Non-Cashable Bonuses

In addition to the different types of sign-up bonuses, you’ll encounter two reward classifications. Prizes can be cashable or non-cashable.

Cashable bonuses are pretty self-explanatory. Essentially, it means that you’re free to withdraw the bonus amount. That is, however, after you’ve met the wagering requirements. As long as you fulfill those requirements, you can cash out and reap the rewards!

The alternative is a non-cashable bonus, which you might hear some players call a “Sticky Bonus.” With a sticky reward, the bonus cash is not eligible for withdrawal.

Let’s look at an example. Say that you have £200 in bonus cash. After using the bonus cash and fulfilling the wagering requirements, you end up in the green with £100 in winnings. You now have a total bank balance of £300.

If the bonus was non-cashable, only the £100 in winnings is eligible for withdrawal. That might seem like a bad deal, but most non-cashable bonuses don’t come with strict wagering requirements.

Acceptable Banking Methods

Banking has evolved so much since the early days of online casinos. You’re no longer limited to just wire transfers and debit cards. These days, top-tier platforms accept a host of modern transaction methods. From e-wallet services to cryptocurrency, there are options for everyone.

The best online casinos will give you plenty of choices to bank your way. Online banking, mobile payments, and digital transactions make gaming more accessible than ever. Not only that, but they tend to be a lot faster and more reliable.

Who wants to wait several weeks to access their earnings? With multiple modern banking methods, those lengthy processing times are a thing of the past!

Another thing we consider is how the banking methods link to sign-up bonuses. You might come across bonus opportunities with restricted deposit methods. For example, casinos sometimes partner with payment processors. In those cases, the sign-up bonus might be exclusive to those using a specific payment method.

Safety and Security

Of course, we can’t forget about safety and security. When there’s real money on the line, you can’t be too careful.

Thankfully, modern online casinos are quite reliable. It’s not like the early days of the Internet! Today, military-grade encryption and ironclad privacy features are standard.

All that said, there are still bad actors out there. Fraud still occurs. Blacklisted sites can go to great lengths to trick players like you. One of the ways they attract would-be victims is through fake sign-up bonus offers.

We do our part to help you avoid those dishonest bonus opportunities. We only recommend reliable sites with a proven reputation for success.

Our top picks always have the appropriate licensing. We look for a badge of approval from the UK Gambling Commission and other governing boards. Plus, we dig deep to get some insight into how these sites keep you safe. Only then will we recommend an online casino with a generous sign-up bonus.

Games Selection

What good is a casino without some fun games to play?

The best part of signing up for an online casino is the games selection. Brick-and-mortar casinos have to invest in a lot of physical space to expand the collection. Even then, you’re usually limited to a small number of titles. That’s not the case when you turn to an online platform!

The best online casinos have thousands of games to try out! Branch out and immerse yourself in fun digital experiences. Test Lady Luck on a themed slot or try your hand at a classic table game. Many online casinos also offer bingo, lotteries, and live table games.

We keep an eye out for impressive collections filled with tons to do. Furthermore, we look into the developers available. Big-name software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, PlayTech, Real Time Gaming, and more have great reputations. They’re known for creating out-of-this-world experiences, so fun is always waiting around the digital corner!


How do you claim a sign-up bonus?

Claiming a sign-up bonus is very easy. It’s all in the name!

Casinos offer these rewards to attract new players. The whole goal is to get you to sign up and spend money.

Before you can claim a sign-up bonus, you must create an account. This process usually involves providing some basic information. In-depth identification verification comes later when you request a withdrawal.

Now, some casinos will reward no-deposit bonuses simply for signing up. However, those instances are an exception rather than the rule.

For a vast majority of sites, you must make a real-money deposit to claim a sign-up bonus. After the deposit clears, the bonus amount should appear in your account for use.

As always, make sure to read the fine print to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements.

What’s the difference between a cashable and non-cashable bonus?

Casinos can offer cashable or non-cashable bonuses. The latter is sometimes known as a “Sticky Bonus.”

When a bonus is cashable, it means that you can withdraw it. As long as you meet the wagering requirements, the bonus money is yours. You can bet it until it’s gone. Or, you can withdraw it. The choice is up to you.

With a non-cashable bonus, things are a bit different. You’re free to withdraw the winnings you get from using the bonus. However, the actual bonus amount cannot leave the online casino. The only choice you have is to bet it until you have nothing left.

Can you just withdraw the bonus after signing up?

Casinos do not let you immediately withdraw bonus cash. Remember: The whole point of a sign-up bonus is to get you to spend money. While the reward seems free, there are some strings attached.

Online casinos prevent you from withdrawing sign-up bonuses by implementing wagering requirements. These requirements dictate how much you have to bet the bonus amount. The specific conditions vary from casino to casino.

Generally, lower wagering requirements have a higher value. You don’t have to bet the sign-up bonus as much, so there are fewer chances to lose it! Meanwhile, high wagering requirements can make sign-up bonuses unappealing.

Can I just immediately withdraw my welcome bonus?

Online casinos provide welcome bonuses for a simple reason. They want players to keep coming back to their casino. They can only make money when players continue to play over time. There are safeguards in place to prevent welcome bonus harvesting by players.

Wagering requirements are common at most online casinos. Some of these are lower than others. Almost all online casinos make it impossible for you to immediately withdraw bonus money until you have wagered that money a specific number of times.

We can help you find the online casinos that have the lowest wagering requirements for the player.

How do match-style sign-up bonuses work?

Match bonuses are the most common type of sign-up bonus available. You can find them at both new and established casino sites. They seem confusing at first. However, they’re pretty simple once you have some basic understanding of how they work.

The bonus amount depends on how much money you deposit. The more money you deposit into your casino account, the higher the bonus amount.

The casino will match a percentage of the deposit up to a specific amount. The site might advertise a 100 percent deposit match up to £250. To claim the full bonus amount, you’d need to deposit £250 into your account. The casino matches that £250 by 100 percent, giving you a total of £500 to start playing!

Where are sign-up bonus opportunities available?

Sign-up bonuses are available at most online casino sites. The rewards are a marketing tool. As a result, casinos can get pretty competitive with bonuses.

Check out our list of the best online casino sign-up bonus opportunities. We sift through the market to find the most generous offers around.