VIP Casino Bonuses

There is nothing that beats being treated like a VIP in a casino. You can get VIP casino bonuses at many online casinos. All it takes is frequent play. We have assembled a list of online casinos with amazing VIP programs for players. A VIP casino bonus can reward you with free cash, free spins, and even chances to win physical prizes. Isn’t it time that you got treated like a VIP? 

Types of Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos like to reward players in a variety of ways. Many people think that a VIP casino bonus always involves money. It is true that free spins and reload bonuses may be part of a VIP program, but you can also unlock things like better customer service and expanded banking options. Here’s a look at what a VIP program could have in store for you.
Reload Bonuses on Deposits 
Imagine getting extra money each time you make a new deposit at an online casino. That is exactly what could happen when you become a VIP. Many online casinos will give you a reload bonus up to a certain amount. As your VIP level increases, so does the amount of free cash when you reload your account.  
Free Spins 
Some online casinos award daily or weekly free spins to VIP players. All you have to do to claim these free spins is maintain your VIP status and log into your account when the promotion is offered. You could win large sums of money with a single free spin.  
Free Promotion Entries 
Promotional contests are often offered as a VIP casino bonus. Players are usually given entries into a drawing. The more you play, the more entries you will receive. Your chances are better because these contests are restricted to VIP members.  
Exclusive VIP Games 
VIP players are sometimes allowed to play exclusive slot games or tournaments. Your elite status could qualify you to enter free slot tournaments or table games tournaments. The prize pools for these tournaments can be very generous.  
A rebate is a very attractive VIP casino bonus. This bonus allows you to receive a percentage of your losses back. Rebates are usually calculated on a monthly basis, but some online casinos also offer weekly cash back. The rebate percentage usually increases in proportion to your overall wagering amount for the specified time period. 
Dedicated Support 
VIP status will often entitle you to better customer support. This can even mean a dedicated representative to handle your specific needs. All that you need to do is call or email your VIP host whenever you have a problem that needs attention. 
Better Banking and Limits 
More banking options are sometimes given to the VIP. You may be able to make deposits with your bank account or a wire and have the deposit credited immediately. Withdrawal limits are usually higher for the VIP. It is customary for online casinos to receive the highest limits for their valued VIP guests.    

Finding the Best Online Casinos for VIP Casino Bonuses

So, how do you go about finding the best VIP programs for online casino players? That is where we come in. Our dedicated team of online casino specialists evaluate and rate hundreds of online casinos to find the best VIP casino bonus programs. We can save you time and effort, and we can even help you save money by steering you away from bad casinos. Your best bet is to use our comprehensive ranking and guide.    

How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for VIP Casino Bonuses

Over time we have developed a reliable method of selecting the best online casino VIP programs. A number of factors are considered. The online casinos that score the highest in all of the categories are those which receive our recommendation. Here is a look at some of the areas we take into consideration. 

Licensing and Reputation

A casino’s licensing and reputation should always be a primary consideration for all players. Casinos that are transparent and have few complaints are more likely to offer a legitimate VIP casino bonus. The ownership of an online casino should be apparent. We also let you know if a casino is accepting players from your country.  

Overall VIP Program

The overall VIP casino bonus program should be worth the player’s expense and effort. Casinos that make it easier for players to reach tier levels and earn rewards are preferred. A variety of VIP perks also makes an online casino more attractive. Players should be allowed to redeem points for free cash or spins, and they should also be given access to dedicated online casino hosts.

Specific VIP Casino Bonus Offers

Online casinos are also rated on the specific VIP bonuses that they offer. The size of the promotion should be relative to the amount of money that a player is wagering. There should be some type of program for players of all levels. This includes the high roller as well as the player who spends a more conservative amount. Those that have more unique offers receive higher ratings.

Customer Support

A VIP at an online casino should always be able to receive assistance from customer support without delay. VIP players should have an exclusive email to use for support, or they may be able to reference a priority code when calling in. No VIP should have to wait more than 24 hours for a response to their customer service request.

Available Games and Platforms

A VIP casino bonus program without a large selection of games is not worth much to the player. Online casinos with more game choices usually rate higher. More game selections will allow the player to earn points at a faster rate. This helps the player reach the higher VIP tiers and unlock greater rewards. Most players like a mix of slots and table games, and games should also be available on mobile platforms. 

VIP Casino Bonuses FAQs

What are VIP tier levels?

VIP casino bonus programs usually operate on a tier level basis. There can be multiple levels to the VIP program. The more players wager, the higher VIP level they can attain. At the highest tier levels the rewards can be most generous.

Do high rollers get the best VIP casino bonus?

There is no question that those who spend the most money in the online casino will receive the biggest perks. This does not mean that you have to be a whale who spends thousands each day. By playing each day consistently you may be surprised at the bonuses you can receive. Of course, you should also be playing the online casino games which give you the best chance to win.

What is the VIP policy of an online casino?

Each casino will have terms and conditions that apply to its VIP program. Players should always check these policies on the casino website. The VIP policy will usually state how players qualify for the program, and it will also address what is required to maintain VIP status.

How do I increase my VIP level?

The best way to increase the amount of VIP rewards you receive is to raise your VIP level. You do this by logging in every day to play your favorite online casino games for real money. Online casinos like players who are consistent in how much they wager.

What are VIP points and how are they earned?

VIP, or comp, points are awarded with every dollar that you wager in an online casino. You can then redeem the VIP points that you have earned for free cash, free spins, or tickets into VIP drawings. Some online casinos also allow players to redeem VIP points for merchandise.