Wager-Free Bonus

Bonuses are an integral part of the online casino industry. It’s a way for casinos to attract new members while rewarding those who stay loyal to the platform. Rewards can vary from site to site, but they all serve the same purpose. While generous match bonuses and a handful of free spins are great, nothing beats a wager-free bonus! 

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What is a Wager-Free Bonus?

Wager-free rewards are rare and sought-after. As the name would imply, they are bonuses that come without wagering requirements! 
Typically, casinos are eager to give out bonuses because they all have wagering requirements, also known as rollover requirements. Think of these requirements as acceptance terms. They dictate how much you have to wager the bonus amount before cashing the prize out.  
You might see wagering requirements somewhere around 40x. So, if you receive a bonus of £10, you’d have to bet that amount 40 times! After that, you can withdraw any winnings generated by that £10. 
Wagering requirements are commonplace. They’re a safety net that ensures you don’t bleed the casino dry! But with a no-wagering free bonus, they don’t apply!  
Now, wager-free bonus cash may come with other limitations. For example, they might have a maximum win cap that controls how much you can earn from the bonus. Some come with restrictions on the applicable games, too. Oftentimes, wager-free bonuses work to promote new titles or certain providers. 
Those limitations aside, no-wagering bonuses are quite lax. As long as you meet the other terms, you can withdraw winnings from the bonus almost immediately. 

Types of Wager-Free Bonuses 

Like standard rewards, a no-wagering free bonus may come in many different forms. The type of bonus you claim may dictate how you can use it. 
One of the most common wager-free bonus types you’ll encounter comes with a deposit. Typically, part of a welcome package, they come with your first real-money deposit. You may receive a certain percentage of your deposit back in bonus form. The key stipulation here is that you can only claim the bonus after transferring funds over. Oftentimes, the wager-free bonus is bigger the more you deposit! 
The next type of bonus you might see is deposit wager-free spins. Like the previous variant, this one comes after you make a deposit. However, you’re granted free spins rather than bonus cash. The bonus may come with game limits depending on the promotion going on. 
Now, let’s move on to the good stuff! The next few are the most elusive. But if you’re lucky enough to claim them, they can make the casino experience that much better. 
The first is a free no deposit no wager bonus. These rewards are like traditional no-deposit bonuses, which are pretty rare, too. However, the difference is that they don’t come with strict wagering requirements. Usually, they come as part of rare sign-up packages. It’s a bit of free cash to get you started! You can claim these bonuses before you even make your first deposit! 
Next, there’s the free spin version of the free no deposit no wager bonus. Like the free cash version, this one doesn’t require a deposit. But, it comes in the form of free spins instead of bonus funds. These bonuses are great if you’re a slots fanatic! Keep in mind, however, that the spins may apply to a specific game only.  
You might also see free bingo bonus no deposit no wagering rewards. Like free spins, these rewards are exceedingly rare. Plus, they apply to a specific kind of game. In this case, it’s bingo! Free bingo bonus no deposit no wagering perks let you play rounds of the iconic game on the house. 
Last but not least, there’s the cashback wager free bonus. High rollers have the most to gain with this bonus. Players trigger this reward after betting and losing a certain amount of money. It’s a way to cover some losses and ensure that members don’t walk away empty-handed.  

Finding the Best Online Casinos for Wager-Free Bonuses 

Let’s face it: Bonuses are one of the first things gamers look into when finding a new online casino platform. There’s no shame in that! Any seasoned gamer will tell you bonuses are the best way to maximize your winnings. 
Luckily, there are thousands of bonus opportunities out there. Welcome bonuses are commonplace within this industry. Chances are, you’ll see casinos big and small promoting their bonuses everywhere you turn. 
That said, finding a no-wagering-free bonus is another story! 
These rewards are exceedingly rare. Most gamers don’t even know they exist! If you want to take advantage of these prizes, you have to dig a little deeper. While finding a wager-free bonus isn’t easy, your search will pay off in the long run. 
Not sure where to start your hunt? We have you covered! Our team of online casino experts scours the web to find these elusive wager-free rewards. We take care of the hard part and present you with the best this industry has to offer. 

How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for Wager-Free Bonuses

We want to make sure that every wager-free bonus that comes your way is worth claiming. To do that, we scrutinize the following factors.

Eligibility Requirements

First things first, we look into eligibility requirements. As we discussed earlier, not all wager-free bonus opportunities are as cut-and-dry as they seem. Some come with deposits, while others don’t. Many are also limited to new casino members, while others go to repeat deposit-makers. 
It all varies from one casino to the next. Before you get your hopes up, we try to make eligibility requirements apparent from the get-go. 
The no-wagering free bonus options go to the top of the list! These rewards usually have lax eligibility thresholds. As long as you are a member of the casino, they are up for grabs. However, some are only part of a new-member welcome package. Either way, you can claim them without making a deposit, which is a huge plus!

Terms and Conditions

Before you accept any bonus, wager-free or otherwise, familiarizing yourself with the terms is paramount. Casinos want to protect their bottom line. With a wager-free bonus, things can get tricky! While they want to attract members, casinos don’t like to give out free money! 
We always read up on terms and conditions to ensure that bonuses are worth claiming. Our team pays close attention to conditions like betting limits or maximum win caps. The betting limit dictates how much your bets are worth when using bonus funds. Meanwhile, the win caps refer to how much you can win when using the bonus. Both factors impact the value of the bonus.  

Size of Bonus

Of course, we want you to get the most bonus cash possible! We always recommend the most lucrative bonuses first. After all, our goal is to help you get the most bang for your buck! 
All that said, it’s important to manage your expectations with a no-wagering free bonus. Don’t expect to get big money with these rewards. They are almost never bigger than the bonuses that come with wagering requirements. 
The exact amount will depend on the casino and current promotion. The terms and conditions of the bonus will impact its value and amount, too. Rare no deposit no wager bonus opportunities are usually between £5 and £10. Exceptions do occur, but that’s the norm. 

Gaming Limitations or Restrictions

Not all bonuses will apply to every game a casino offers. This information is usually available on the terms and conditions page. But, it’s something that we pay very close attention to. 
In many cases, wager-free prizes only work on specific games. They might occur during special events. For example, providers hold promotions all the time to market big game launches. A no-wager bonus is a great way to attract some attention. It gives players the chance to try the game without any risks. 
Sometimes, the bonuses apply to all titles from a particular software provider. You might have to use the rewards on games made by Microgaming, Netent, Playtech, Real Time Gaming, and more. 
It all depends on the terms of the promotion. We like to recommend bonuses that offer as much flexibility as possible. 

Not only that, but we pay attention to what a casino offers as a whole. Ultimately, game variety is key with online casinos. Once your free rewards dry up, you want a healthy collection of titles to try out. So, we look into the games collection, too. 

Overall Safety and Security

We can’t forget about safety and security. There are hundreds of online casinos out there. The industry continues to grow! New platforms seem to launch every month! 
Unfortunately, not all of them are legitimate. More unscrupulous platforms may use the promise of lucrative bonuses to lure unsuspecting players in. It’s the perfect cover for fraudsters. 
We only recommend officially licensed and regulated casino platforms. We look for the UK Gambling Commission badge of approval. Our team will also look for licenses from other governing boards for international players. 
Not only that, but we dig deep to examine a site’s security protocols. Features like encryption during banking, fraud prevention, and state-of-the-art random number generators ensure fairness across the board. Safety and security are factors we look into for every single casino we recommend.  

Wager-Free Bonus FAQs

How does a wager free bonus work?

Wager-free bonuses work similarly to other casino rewards you might be used to. Casinos will offer them to new or existing players. Some are timed exclusives available during a set period only. Others are available all year long!

Whatever the case may be, you must claim the reward first. Usually, this involves typing in a promo code. Even if the bonus doesn’t require a deposit, most casinos utilize promo codes. Before the reward goes into your account, you must accept the terms and conditions. Don’t forget to read the terms!

After that, you’re free to use it according to the terms. The only difference between wager-free rewards and standard ones is the relaxed wagering requirements. You don’t have to wager the bonus amount a specific number of times. Once you wager them, you’re free to withdraw the winnings as you please.

Can you take the bonus and skip out?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about no-wager bonuses. You cannot claim the bonus and then immediately withdraw it. If that was possible, gamers could make free money without playing a single game!

You must wager the bonus at least once. That’s the only “wagering requirement” involved. The bonus cash or free spins stays in your account until you use it. Once you bet it, you can withdraw the winnings. Whether you win only a few cents or manage to win big, you’re free to take your earnings. Beyond that first wager, you have no other obligations regarding your winnings from the bonus.

How common are no wagering bonuses?

Bonuses as a whole are relatively common. The online casino industry is ripe with opportunities! Almost all casinos offer some kind of bonus. From small newcomers to gaming juggernauts, there’s a lot of extra cash for the taking.

However, wager-free bonuses are much rarer. It’s a lot harder to find these rewards. Some casinos offer them on only select occasions. Others will never offer them at all.

You have to know where to look to find the. Luckily, we’re here to help with that. We comb through the industry to find these elusive bonuses so that you don’t have to!

What kinds of wager free bonus opportunities exist?

While rare, there are a few different kinds of no-wager bonuses. They are all similar in function. But the key difference is the terms and eligibility requirements.

The most common version of these bonuses involves a deposit. Casinos may gift you with some free cash or extra spins on the house. But to claim them, you have to deposit a certain amount of money first.

On rare occasions, you might come across free no deposit no wager bonus perks. Those don’t come with any deposits! But, they are usually small and come with usage restrictions. No-deposit variants can be free cash, free spins, or free rounds of bingo.

High-rollers might also get wager-free cashback gifts. To earn those, you have to bet and lose a certain amount of money.

Do wager-free rewards come with any rules or stipulations?

Don’t let the lack of wagering requirements fool you. These bonuses still come with some terms and limits. They’re much more relaxed than standard bonuses and still worth claiming. But, you have to be wary of the existing restrictions.

Most wager-free prizes come with betting limits or winning caps. Betting limits let you know how much the bonus can be worth during a bet. Usually, the limit falls somewhere between £0.10 and £1.00. The winning cap is how much you’re allowed to win. This figure varies a lot, but it’s usually under £100.

Generally, wager-free bonuses don’t apply to things like progressive jackpots, either. Of course, it all depends on the casino. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before you accept any bonus.