Pai Gow

Pai Gow poker is a famous casino game that traces its origin to the ancient Chinese poker games. If you have an urge to play Pai Gow online on the best casino site then this is the right place for you.

There are two options for playing this game, these are either free games or playing with real money. Additionally, there are various things you have to consider when looking for the best site to play this game. We have done the difficult task for you, now all you need to do is make a decision on which one suits you best.

Why should you use the best casino? I believe you have heard someone saying that they have lost their money in a certain casino and if the following things are not adhered to, then you will be a victim too. Below are some of the top online casinos offering Pai Gow poker:

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How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for Pai Gow? 

Bonuses & Promotions 

All the elite Pai Gow casinos have earned their reputation by providing their users with irresistible bonuses and promotions. Bonuses make gaming very enjoyable, it gives you something worth working for. Bonuses and promotions are where you get the difference between a stable casino and a developing casino. 

Security & Safety 

User information is one thing that a casino should ensure that remains secret. These are somebody’s personal and important information that can be used by Ill-minded people.

A casino that is great for Pai Gow should have 100 percent security and safety means. This is because the users need the protection of their data. A casino that doesn’t meet the security standards isn’t worth using and that’s the reason why they are not being featured in our list. How do we know the casino has met the security and safety rules?

First, a casino that is licensed has gone through the assessment by the relevant authorities. This means that the casino is certified and it’s good to be used. So unlicenced casinos are not considered since it’s an indicator that they haven’t met the required standards to operate.

Selection of Casino Games 

A well-developed casino does not have just a single game. This is because it has all the required software to run and manage several games. Therefore, a casino that is perfect for Pai Gow poker should have several other games. This is a clear indicator that the casino has the funds to run itself.

You will also find that these well-developed casinos have been in operation for quite a long time what does this mean? This is an indication that the casino will not run down any time soon and with that in mind, the selection of casino games becomes a very important feature to look at.

You will find that the best casinos to play Pai gow has up to 1000 games or more. So the selection of games is a clear indicator of the level that a casino lies at.

Device Optimization  

A perfect casino for Pai Gow poker is one that offers a game that can run smoothly on different devices. A casino that enables you to play Pai Gow using a tablet, a mobile phone, or a desktop is the casino that we suggest for you.

We use this feature to look at some of the casinos that allow you to access them and run perfectly without any difficulties irrespective of the device being used. It shows that the casino has some of the best software that can run perfectly without a selection of devices. 

Banking Options & Fast Payouts  

Without mentioning this then the list of things to look at while selecting the best casino for Pai Gow poker will not be complete. A casino that has a wide variety of banking and payout options is the one that we select.

Fast payouts are another feature that you look at. Casinos that guarantee Fast payout Pai Gow casino is the best you can use. This is because it is a well-developed casino that gives you various means of banking options and on the winning part, you won’t have to wait for long to get your rewards 

Customer Support  

In every business, the way you treat your customers always matters. Casinos with good customer support that runs 24 hours a day is a top-level casino.

It should also give the customers various channels of accessing them. The services offered by the casino tell more about the casino itself and this becomes another important feature to look at. 

Playing for Free vs. Real Money  

Pai Gow casino always offers two options, playing for free and playing with money. The two modes of playing are not that different. This is because they have similar gameplay and also the rules.

The difference is that playing for free gives the player no risks and playing with real money is a risk but one gets to win also. Playing for free also has no fixed time but playing with money a player is given a certain amount of time.

Promotions and bonuses are only provided to those playing with money and that gives the other group the better hand. 

How to play Pai Gow

Pai Gow is an Asian version of a poker game that is less intense than the other poker games. It has gained a lot of popularity and it is currently one of the classic poker games. Here are some steps that will get you started if you want to play Pai Gow.

1. Basics

Knowing the basics of the game is the first step to take. Pai Gow poker is similar to other poker games in terms of cards. It has a 53-card deck (52 cards and a Joker). It is played by a dealer and other players which should not exceed 6 players. The primary goal of this game is always to win against the banker who in most cases is the dealer or another player.

2. Making the First Move

To play Pai Gow poker, you first need to place a bet as per the table’s minimum. After all the bets are made, each player is given 7 cards and with these cards, you are required to form 2 poker hands, a 5-card poker hand, and a 2-card poker hand. 

3. Understand Your Hands

The 5-card poker hand always follow the standard winning rules while the 2-card poker hand pair and high the cards. The 2-card hand is made up of aces and the other is a hand with 3,2. 

4. Playing the Cards

When playing, you should ensure that the 5-card hand has higher cards than the other hand. If the 2-card hand has higher cards then it is considered as afoul and it’s an automatic loose.

5. Getting the Winner

When determining the winner all the player’s hands are judged and if your two hands beat the banker’s hands then you win, if one hand beats the bankers, then it is a draw. If both of the banker’s hands beat yours then you lose and if you also tie with the banker you also lose. 

6. Beating the House

This is a way that increases your chances of winning. This is a way of using the fail-safe strategy and the house always has a commission that is deducted when you win but you are also allowed to lower it.


Do casinos cheat?

This always depends on the casino you choose. A wrong casino always has its consequences. A casino that is at the top level, that has met all the requirements always gives you the right results. Make sure you choose a casino from our list.

What is the house advantage?

This is a percentage deducted from the winner and the average is 2.84% but it can be lowered to 1.4%.