Fan Tan

The Chinese game Fan Tan is very popular throughout the world in both live and online casinos. You can play it for real money online, or you can choose the free version if you are new to the game. 
Fan Tan is sometimes referred to as Sevens or Parliament. Before you attempt to play this interesting Chinese gambling game online, we recommend that you consult our Fan Tan guide. Here’s a closer look at the game and how we rank the casinos that offer it. 

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The History of Fan Tan

Fan Tan has a very colourful history. It originated in China. Some believe that it may have even been played by the emperors of the country’s various dynasties. It is mostly agreed upon that the game was not given its official name of Fan Tan until it arrived in the United States. 
Chinese immigrants are known to have played the game in San Francisco and New York during the 19th century. Games were conducted in Fan Tan parlours which were often the subject of raids.  
Fan Tan was by no means exclusive to the United States. It also spread to other countries where Chinese immigrants settled. It has only been in the 20th century that the game has been widely adopted for play in live and online casinos. 
Today, Fan Tan may rightfully claim to be the second-most popular Asian card game. It only trails behind Pai Gow, and it has even made attempts to challenge the game of baccarat among Asian players.  

How to play Fan Tan

Fan Tan can be a complex game for the beginner. The table layout and gameplay might seem confusing at first glance, but there is a simple premise that underlies the game. Players are in a race to get rid of all their cards. 

The entire deck of 52 cards is used in a game of Fan Tan. Players at the game are dealt cards until the deck is depleted. Fan Tan is played by 3-8 players. The average number is 4-6, and this number of players also seems to be what works best for the game. 

The player with the 7 of Hearts is required to play first. The play of the game then continues around the board in an orderly manner. Players must play the next card above or below the last card.  

For example, after the 7 of Hearts has started the game, the next player must play either the 6 or 8 of Hearts. The sequence must be maintained until the complete suit has been played from Ace to King. At that point the suit is turned over to reflect that it has been finished. 

Players are not allowed to refuse a play if they hold a card that will play. The winner is usually determined by the player who is the first to get rid of all their cards. 

Common Fan Tan Variations

Fan Tan has evolved into various forms that are more suitable for online gambling. You may encounter the game played differently from one online casino to another. 
Some online casinos keep track of points. After each round the points are tallied based on the cards that remain in a player’s hand. The game continues until one player reaches 100 points. The player with the lowest score is then declared the winner. 
There are also some variations of Fan Tan that punish a player for violations of the rules. If a player does not play a card when they should have, the player may be required to add additional chips to the pot. 

Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Fan Tan Strategy 

Here are a few Fan Tan strategy tips that you can use to maximize your chances of winning real money. Practice them until they are intuitively applied during play.  
Be Slow to Play Your Middle Cards 
The 5, 6, 8, and 9 cards of any suit are often called stoppers in Fan Tan. These cards can limit the ability of other players to add to a suit. This is especially true if you hold multiple stoppers in the same suit. Save them until you are able to position yourself to make a run of plays. 
Focus on Timing 
Timing in Fan Tan is everything. You have to choose the right cards to play at the right time. The best way to pick your spots is to observe the actions of other players. Try to anticipate the cards that they are going to play.  
Don’t Break the Rules 
If you break the rules in Fan Tan you may be required to pay a penalty. This can mean adding more chips to the pot. Always play when you are able, and mind the house rules. 
Pay Attention 
Watching how others play their cards is important. You can often determine which suits a player holds by observing how they play. Paying attention to what is happening will help you choose the right cards to play. 
Play the Suits You Have Many Cards Of 
One of the best strategies for Fan Tan is to play the suits that you have the most cards in. This is more likely to cause your opponents the inability to play when the time comes.  


Is online Fan Tan fair?

Yes, if you stick with the online casinos that we recommend. We only suggest online casinos that are reputable and legit. Most of them have been in business for many years. Never play at an online casino that doesn’t feel right.

Can I use online casino bonus money to play Fan Tan?

he bonus money that you receive from an online casino can be used for any games that you want to play. Some casinos may not count play on some games toward your wagering requirement.

Is there a Pachinko UK winning strategy?

Pachinko is a game of chance. When you are playing in a Pachinko parlour, you can find a sweet spot by altering the speed of the balls. You can also play on newer machines (a few days old) or machines with a high number of spins and no wins. When playing online, you can also check the stats too and choose games with fewer wins, but a high number of spins. The best strategy, however, is to budget your money as the game depends mainly on chance.

Can Fan Tan be played on phones and tablets?

There are many online casinos today that are making their Fan Tan games available on phones and tablets. We recommend online casinos that offer play on a variety of different devices.

Can I play Fan Tan with my friends?

There are some apps for Fan Tan that allow you to play the game with your social media friends. These are free games, and you will not be able to win real money like you would at an online casino.

What is a wagering requirement for my Fan Tan bonus money?

A wagering requirement is a stipulation by an online casino which determines how many times you must play through an amount of money before it can be withdrawn. This wagering requirement only applies to the bonus money that you have received from the online casino.