Pachinko is one of the less known casino games. Unless you have spent so much time in Japan, you may not know much about the game. It looks like a Japanese slot machine but in the form of a pinball machine.  
When playing the game, you control a man who wields an electrical rod. In each Pachinko game, there are two of these men at the bottom of your playing screen – one to the left and the other to the right. Hit any of the men with the energizer the man you control wields and the balls start changing colours. 
Although you control where you hit the ball, you do not have control over where it lands. Granted, the game is purely based on chance. The spinning rotors hit the ball and send them to different directions. The Troubleshooter, a man in the middle of the play area, can hold your balls and throw them randomly. There is also the Magic Mountain that can shuffle the point value of cups in which the ball may land. Like a slot machine, winning in Pachinko UK requires your luck.  
One of the best features of this game is that you can play against the computer, or you can play against other humans. This makes it a fun game, especially for those who play free games and those who are competitive.

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The History of Pachinko

Pachinko started in the 20th century. The inspiration for the game came from children playing the Corinth game or Corinthian bagatelle played in America. In Japan, the creators of the game might have drawn inspiration from the Japanese Billiards. It was first played as an adult game in 1930. The Pachinko parlours shut down temporarily during World War II, but they reopened after the war.  
Because gambling is illegal in Japan, the Japanese take Pachinko as the only way to win rewards from a game. In land-based casinos where gambling is illegal, Pachinko players win simple prizes such as pens, alcohol, handbags, electronic devices and more. By offering these rewards instead of money, the casinos do not break any laws. But the topic has remained controversial, especially in Japan.  
With the advent of online casino, Pachinko came online and is now accessible in different casinos in the UK and beyond. The online Pachinko presents the same gameplay as the Pachinko in the parlours. You can enjoy the interface from the parlours in your online casino, and this makes the game easy to play.

How to play How to Play Pachinko and Types of Pachinko Machines

Pachinko works almost like a pinball machine. It comes with small steel balls, each 11mm in diameter, in land-based parlours. These same balls are seen on online casino games. To play the game, you fire the balls into a track using a playing trigger. These balls will spin around a track and then enter an area of the play once they lose their momentum.  
The play area of player has cups and pins. You will win when the ball lands in a cup. If a ball bounces of the pins and lands on the catcher, you lose the game. In the play area, there are many things that might happen to the balls and the value of the cups. The spinning rotors, the Troubleshooter, and the Magic Mountain might affect the direction the balls take and the value of the cups. These three features make this game more chance-based.

Choosing the Right Machine 

You can choose between three Pachinko variants 

• Novice 
• Intermediate 
• Advanced 

The Advanced Pachinko offers more intense and fast-paced action for players who need more challenges. The Novice Pachinko is the simplest of them all and offers easy gameplay.  

Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Pachinko Strategy

1. Learn the Game – You need to understand how the game works before you learn how to beat it. The game has balls that move rapidly on tracks, and they can ricochet when they hit pins on the game. If the balls land into cups, you win. When the balls drop, they may fall into a hole, enter the cups, or settle on the catcher.  

2. Understand the Speed of the Game – The speed at which you fire the balls determines how randomly the balls scatter. In a physical machine, you can increase the pressure of the twists on the knobs. This throws the balls in random and increases your chances of them landing in cups.  

3. Choose a Winnable Machine – You can check the stats of the online machine to ensure that it is winnable. Machines that have had fewer wins and lots of spins are easy to win. If a machine has not had many wins, it might pay in several waves. Stats on the machine will show you the waves of winnings so that you can plan your game.  

4. Plan new Pachinko Machines – The Japs refer to new machines as Shindai. These are machines with no states and they offer generous payouts. The machines will give generous payouts for about two weeks.  

5. Budget Your Money – Pachinko remains a game of chance, and you have to plan your money to avoid losing everything chasing a win. The fact that you haven’t won in many spins doesn’t increase the chances of winning in the next few or many spins.


Is it safe to play Pachinko online?

Yes. Pachinko is a safe game as long as you play it in an honest casino site. Take your time to choose a casino that offers safe deposit and withdrawal methods and offers fair games. This way, you avoid putting your money and your identity at risk.

Are there free Pachinko games online?

Yes. If you are not ready to play real money games, or you are yet to learn how to play Pachinko, you can play for free. Free games give you a chance to learn how to play and learn how the casino you play at operates. Playing for fun is good for people who have never played Pachinko game.

Is there a Pachinko UK winning strategy?

Pachinko is a game of chance. When you are playing in a Pachinko parlour, you can find a sweet spot by altering the speed of the balls. You can also play on newer machines (a few days old) or machines with a high number of spins and no wins. When playing online, you can also check the stats too and choose games with fewer wins, but a high number of spins. The best strategy, however, is to budget your money as the game depends mainly on chance.

Is Pachinko the same as slots online?

The machine may look almost the same, but they are different. While you need to line similar symbols on a slot machine to win, Pachinko relies on balls landing on cups to win.