3-Card Baccarat  

3-Card Baccarat is one of the more recent additions to the gambling games found at online casinos. The game is a simplified version of the classic baccarat game. Baccarat is a game that conjures images of high rollers and casino big shots. Now, you can experience the same thrill as the big players in the live casinos of Macau when you play 3-card Baccarat online for free or for real money. 

Top Online Casinos for 3-Card Baccarat     

3-Card Baccarat is still a new game when compared to many other online casino games. It has only begun to appear at some online casinos which are preferred by punters from the UK and other countries. This can make finding the top online casinos for 3-Card Baccarat very difficult. Many factors should be considered before you open an account and deposit your money. Thankfully, you’ve got access to our team of professionals to help you identify the best online casinos for real money gambling. 

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How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for 3-Card Baccarat?  

Over time we have developed a process for rating online casinos. We believe this process to be very effective in ranking casino sites according to a wide range of factors. Here is a closer look at the areas we consider. The best online casinos are those which rate high in all categories.

Bonuses & Promotions 

Online casino players like bonuses and promotions. There are online casinos that will reward players with free money, free spins, and ongoing deposit incentives. We look for online casinos that offer multiple types of bonuses. 
A good mix of no-deposit bonuses, matching deposit bonuses, and ongoing promotions is an advantage for the player. Some matching deposit bonuses can double or even triple the amount of money that a player uses to begin playing online casino games.

Security and Safety 

There is no substitute for proper safety and security when it comes to playing online casino games. All of the online casino sites that we recommend must use the strongest levels of encryption to safeguard player data. We also consider any security flaws that may have been exploited in the past. 
In this analysis we also consider the overall reputation of the online casino. Any player complaints or allegations of wrongdoing are examined for merit. We will only recommend online casinos that are legit.

Selection of Casino Games

Fans of online casino gambling and online 3-Card Baccarat also like to have access to other casino games. We think the best online casinos are those which offer slots, table games, and specialty games like keno and bingo. 
It is a plus if the online casino provides gambling games for free as well as for real money. Some players find that free casino games are an entertaining and risk-free way to learn gambling games like baccarat before playing them for real money.

Device Optimization

Our ratings of the top online casinos give consideration to the platforms on which the casino games can be played. It is common for online casinos to offer their games on desktop and laptop computers in addition to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. 
Some online casinos today even have dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices. With these apps there is no software download required. Mobile gaming is more convenient and preferred by most players today. In all situations we look for games that display well on all devices.

Banking Options and Fast Payouts

Players should have access to multiple options for deposits. These are apt to include credit and debit cards, payment processors like Skrill and Neteller, and bank drafts. It has also become common for some online casinos to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of deposit.  
Withdrawals from an online casino should be handled promptly and without delay. The industry standard is to process deposits within 24-48 hours. The highest ratings are reserved for online casinos that have low withdrawal fees and generous withdrawal limits.

Customer Support  

All legitimate online casinos should provide players with multiple options for contacting customer support. These should include phone support, email support, and live chat. A live chat support platform is always preferred. 
Our main criteria for this category is that customer support requests are handled in a timely manner. Players should not have to wait more than 24 hours to have an issue resolved. 

Playing for Free vs. Real Money  

There are a few 3-Card Baccarat online casinos we recommend which offer both free-to-play and real money games. There are a few reasons you might want to consider each type of game.

5 Reasons to Play 3-Card Baccarat for Free Online

  1. Learn the game with no financial risk.  
  2. Play without the pressure of winning.  
  3. Practice the best baccarat strategies for free.  
  4. No need to provide credit card or banking info.  
  5. Less account verification requirements. 

5 Reasons to Play 3-Card Baccarat for Real Money Online  

  1. Win real money that can be withdrawn to your bank. 
  2. Receive generous bonuses and free money after making a deposit.  
  3. Play for higher stakes as your ability improves. 
  4. Join casino tournaments for chances to win more money. 
  5. Participate in ongoing loyalty promotions.  

Game’s History + Origins 

Baccarat has been around for centuries. It originated in France as chemin de fer. The game quickly made its way to the Americas and other parts of Europe. Soon, baccarat became a staple in live casinos where it was mostly played by high rollers at very high limits. 
Live casinos sought to introduce more players to the game by making it more simple to play, and by lowering the stakes. This led to the creation of Mini-Bac and other variations of the game. 
3-Card Baccarat is the latest incarnation of a gambling card game that now rivals blackjack in popularity. It requires little skill, and is mostly a game of chance. The game is simple to play and can be understood in just a few hours. 

Rules of the Game    

3-Card Baccarat puts a spin on the traditional rules of baccarat as it is played live and online. Specifically, the game adds an element that rewards either the player or the house for receiving the most face cards. This has led to the game being called Prosperity Three Pictures in some live casinos. 
The game uses one 52-card deck and players choose to wager on the player or the banker. A select number of side bets may also be made. The hands for both the player and the banker each receive three cards.  
Players should remember that the player and banker hands are symbolic and do not actually represent the player and the casino.  
The hand that receives the most face cards after the initial deal wins the main bet. If the two hands tie, a point value is used to determine the winner. Each hand is assigned a point value which follows the standard values in regular baccarat. The hand with the highest point total wins in the case that each hand receives the same number of face cards. 
The variants of 3-Card Baccarat would include Mini-Bac and standard baccarat. Among all the versions of baccarat that are available, this version is one of the easiest to play. 

3-Card Baccarat Strategy 

Here are a few simple tips that will help you maximize your winnings at 3-Card Baccarat. 

  • Bet the minimum until you learn the game. 
  • Stick to main bets. 
  • Use free bonus money. 
  • Set win and loss limits. 
  • Take breaks while playing. 


Do all online casinos offer 3-Card Baccarat?

No. The game is still new and only available at some online casinos. We advise sticking with the casinos we recommend.

Can the game be played for free online?

There are some online casinos that offer free versions of their real money baccarat games.

Is skill involved in online baccarat?

The skill that you will use in online baccarat is reserved for money management and betting strategies. Otherwise, baccarat is mostly a game of chance.

What are matching deposit bonuses?

Matching deposit bonuses are given by the online casino to new players. These bonuses can be used by the player to increase their bankroll, and the free money can be spent playing baccarat or other online casino games.

Is online casino gambling fair?

When you stick with the online casinos that we recommend, you can trust that baccarat games are conducted fairly. Most online casinos today use a provably fair model of virtual gaming. This includes baccarat games.