Baccarat Banque

Alongside Blackjack and Craps, Baccarat is one of the most popular games in the casino realm. It offers a mix of fast-paced gameplay and high-stakes betting. Pair that with the competitive nature, and you have the recipe for an exhilarating gameplay experience! 
Traditional Baccarat has a lot to offer. However, it’s the many variations that keep this card game relevant. One of the most popular versions is Baccarat en Banque. Known simply as “Baccarat Banque”, the game offers more accessibility to both conservative and daring players.

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Top Online Casinos for Punto Bunco

Baccarat Banque is a classic game with a rich history. It was one of the very first card games to appear in physical casinos. To this day, it continues to captivate players in Vegas and beyond!  
All that said, you don’t have to visit a fancy casino to have some fun! 
Many online casinos offer Baccarat Banque. Some would argue that playing online is the best way to experience what this game has to offer. 
Online casinos give you the chance to play on your terms. Game in your PJs while lounging on the couch, or try your luck at a live digital table. The choice is yours.  

How Do We Select the Best Casino for Baccarat Banque? 

Take one look at the online casino sphere, and you’ll see that we’re in a saturated market. Many sites exist to show you a good time. So, how do you choose the right one? 
That’s where we come in! 
Our team of gaming experts sifts through the fluff to find the best of the best. Here are some of the most critical factors we consider when making recommendations.

Bonuses & Promotions

Want to make your initial deposit go as far as possible? Bonuses and ongoing promotions can give you the most bang for your buck. 
Thanks to the competitive nature of the casino industry, sites offer generous welcome packages all the time! Unfortunately, not all of them are as good as they first appear. 
Our team dives deep to uncover terms, conditions, and wagering requirements. We want you to get the best deals out there. From match bonuses and free spins to rare no-deposit rewards, we find them all! 

Security and Safety

Whether actual money is on the line or not, safety is paramount. That’s why we only recommend sites with proper licensing. We look for approval from the UK Gambling Commission and other governing boards. 
Not only that, but our team pays attention to the technical side of things. Does the casino have military-grade encryption and active fraud prevention technology? We look to find out! 

Selection of Casino Games

Of course, we can’t choose the best Baccarat Banque casinos without looking into the game selection.  
Baccarat might be your primary draw. But, it pays to have a versatile collection of titles at your disposal. Casino sites can have thousands of slots, table games, and more. 
In addition to looking into the size of the collection, we pay attention to the software providers. Gaming juggernauts like Microgaming, NetEnt, RealTime Gaming, Novomatic, and more are sure to provide a top-notch gaming experience. 

Device Optimization

Who plays exclusively on the desktop anymore? These days, players are constantly on the go. Online casinos need to provide good mobile optimization to ensure that you can play from anywhere. 
Some of the best platforms have fleshed-out apps or mobile sites that you can access from any device. Whether you’re gaming on a smartphone or a tablet, good optimization makes it happen!  

Banking Options and Fast Payouts

Gone are the days of only having a handful of banking options. Today, there are many ways to make deposits and withdrawals.  
We recommend casinos that accept a wide array of methods. These include e-wallet services, mobile banking, and more. Some even accept cryptocurrency! 
Furthermore, we choose sites that have quicker processing times for payouts. Who wants to wait weeks to get their winnings? Faster payouts ensure that your money is in your hands much sooner! 

Customer Support

Here’s a factor we never overlook. When something goes awry, it pays to have access to a solid customer support network. Sadly, not every platform invests in the support department. 
When choosing casinos, we always pay close attention to your support options. The best casinos have round-the-clock support to reach help through live chat, telephone line, and email.  

The History of Baccarat Banque

There’s no denying that Baccarat has a long and illustrious history. 
However, the exact origins of the game are still up for debate. Believe it or not, most historians agree that it originated in Italy. That’s in stark contrast to the French roots that so many believe. 
The game went by the original title of “Baccara.” The rules were quite different back then. But, Baccara became a hit nonetheless. 
It wasn’t until the game came to France that it genuinely took off. Baccarat became a favorite among the French nobility. There, aristocrats called it “Chemin de Fer.” This version is still a favorite among many gamers. 
Eventually, Baccarat crossed the Chanel and came to England. Then, it sailed across the pond with settlers. 
When Baccarat arrived in South America and the Caribbean, the modern-day rules started to form. The most popular variant, Punto Banco, originated there. By the 1950s, this version made its debut in Las Vegas. 
It was around this time that Baccarat Banque came to be. While Punto Banco continues to be the most played version, Baccarat Banque is a huge hit online! 

Rules of Playing Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque plays similarly to both Punto Banco and Cheminy de Fer. The main differences lie in the size of the deck and the banker rules. 
Instead of taking turns to be the banker, a single player can keep the position for much longer. This rule makes the game more accessible to those who aren’t comfortable betting large sums. 
The game starts with an auction for whoever wants to be the banker. The player whose willing to risk the most money gets the position. 
The banker shuffles three decks as the players gather around the digital table. Bankers then deal three hands. One hand is for the banker. The other two go to each side of the digital table. The hands all have only two cards. 
The aim of the game is to get the highest hand value. Betting occurs before the reveal. Players can wager on the banker or one side of the table. Either way, the sum of the bets cannot exceed the bank’s wager. 
If a player beats the banker, the banker has to pay even money to everyone. But if the banker wins, all of the player bets go to the bank! 

Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Baccarat Banque Strategy 

Baccarat Banque can be a pretty high-stakes game. However, it’s not nearly as complex as other card games. 
As a player, you have the option to stick with your two-card hand or get a third hand. How do you determine hand values?  
Number cards between 2 and 9 have their represented value. Meanwhile, the Ace is worth only one point. The 10 cards and suits are worth zero! 
To figure out your hand, add the values up. Then, take the final digit of the sum to get your numerical value. For example, if your cards equal 16, you would have a score of six. 
If you choose to get a third card, it’s dealt up and added to your value. Bankers can then make the same decision before revealing hands. The person with the higher value wins! 

Like other forms of Baccarat, this game is a mix of both luck and strategy. There’s no way to influence your hand. But, you can use logic to maximize your chances of winning.

Here are some tips to help you become a Baccarat Banque pro! 

1. Know when to hold firm.  
The biggest mistake you can make is chasing high numbers. Know when to stand firm and play things safe. Typically, the best course of action is to hold when you have a hand value of six or seven. If you have higher than that, the odds aren’t in your favor with a third card. 

2. Hit on lower values.  
On the opposite side of the spectrum, know when to hit! Values of zero to four almost always benefit from a third card. Values of five can go either way, so you must go with your gut! 

3. Play short sessions.  
There are a lot of chances to win big on Baccarat Banque. But, you can also lose a lot of money. Generally, you’re more likely to lose the longer you play. Keep sessions short and quit while you’re ahead! 

4. Set your limits early.  
Always set limits when playing with real money. Thanks to its fast-paced nature, it’s easy to get carried away with Baccarat Banque. Set boundaries and take advantage of any safe gambling tools available to you. Doing so will help you avoid massive losses. 

5. Avoid Tie bets.  
Tie bets are when the player and banker have equal hand values. It has the highest payout of all the bets. But, it very rarely happens! This bet has the worst odds and can lead to significant losses.  

Baccarat Banque FAQs

How is Baccarat Banque different from other Baccarat variants?

Baccarat Banque is one of three popular variants. The most common is Punto Banque, which is what you see most in American casinos.

Gameplay is very similar across the board. All Baccarat games use small hands, multiple decks, and the same hand value structure.

However, Baccarat Banque is the most accessible of the three. The primary difference is that bankers can hold the position for a lot longer than usual. There’s no cycling through players. As a result, you never have to put enormous sums of money on the line.

This version also utilizes three decks instead of four to eight.

How long does the banker keep the position?

Players who win the position of the banker will hold it until one of three scenarios occur.

The first is that the shoe runs out. The shoe holds the three playing card decks. So, it can last quite a long time.

The next scenario is that the banker runs out of funds. Bankers must match the sum of all player bets, so it’s easy to deplete funds quickly.

Finally, other players can essentially “steal” the position. This event happens when a player “goes bank” and bets the entire bank total.

How long does the banker keep the position?

The house edge for Baccarat Banque is very low. It usually hovers above one percent. This game has one of the lowest house edges of all casino table games.

For this reason, it’s a pretty volatile game for all parties. While casinos can lose a lot of money, so can players. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the low house edge guarantees you’ll get your money back!

Many casinos also cover the potential losses by charging a commission. The exact commission varies from site to site. However, it’s usually around five percent of banker bets.

Can you win real money playing Baccarat Banque?

You can win real money with Baccarat Banque. The only way to do so, however, is to bet real money.

Baccarat Banque is often a high-stakes game at most casinos. The size of bets depends on what players are willing to put on the line. Bankers have the highest risks. They must wager the sum of all player bets.

The good news is that winning often results in sizable prizes. Know when to walk away and focus on completing short play sessions! Baccarat Banque is not a game where your luck improves the longer you play!

Where is Baccarat Banque available?

Baccarat Banque is available at many brick-and-mortar casinos around the world.

However, it’s most accessible online. Online casinos give you the same real-world experience from the comfort of home. Many games are live and have all the same thrill.

Several developers have versions of Baccarat Banque. You can usually find them in the table game selection.

Check out our list of the best Baccarat Banque casinos to find a platform that’s right for you.