Double Fortune Baccarat 

Double Fortune Baccarat

Of all the card games available in modern casinos, Baccarat is one of the most iconic. It has a rich history and continues to offer a fun experience at casinos around the globe. Old-school versions like Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco have a lot to offer. However, it’s the newer iterations that keep the thrill alive! 
One of the most recent variations to hit the scene is Double Fortune Baccarat. This game ups the ante and gives you more opportunities to win. It takes the traditions of Baccarat and adds a new twist to appeal to players of all skill levels.

Top Online Casinos for Double Fortune Baccarat    

Double Fortune Baccarat originated in a brick-and-mortar casino. Sure, casinos in Vegas and other gaming cities have their perks. But, most agree that playing at an online casino is a far better experience. 
Online casinos provide the flexibility you need to play on your terms. Game from your desktop while wearing PJs or on the go with your tablet. The possibilities are endless. 
Learn the ropes and play for free before going all-in with real-money bets. Once you’re ready, online casinos can replicate the joys of gambling right from your very own home. Get the gaming experience you’re after without all the unwanted extras. It’s a win-win!

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How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for Double Fortune Baccarat?   

You don’t have to be a seasoned player to know that the online casino market is vast. There are hundreds of sites out there vying for your money.  
We’re here to help you sift through the fluff. Our team scours the web to find the best the online casino industry has to offer. We dive deep and examine the following factors to make our recommendations.

Bonuses & Promotions 

Nothing beats starting your Baccarat journey with a fresh new bonus! Many online casinos these days use welcome bonuses to entice new players. Sites are constantly trying to one-up each other. As a result, there’s a lot of great bonus opportunities to claim! 
That said, not all promotions are made the same. We look past the clever marketing and values. Our team examines the fine print to understand the terms, conditions, and wagering requirements. 
With our experience, we can differentiate the good bonuses from the bad. That applies to ongoing promotions and VIP programs, too!

Security and Safety 

These days, online security is paramount. Unfortunately, Hacking, phishing schemes, and other unscrupulous acts run rampant in the casino industry. Most casinos do a decent job of keeping you safe. But, you can never be too sure. 
We don’t just assume promises of safety are accurate. All of our recommendations have licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and other governing boards. We also look for certifications and top-notch security technology. Features like fraud prevention and encryption are a big plus.

Selection of Casino Games

Double Fortune Baccarat will, undoubtedly, keep you busy for hours. That said, you’ll want to play something else at some point. That’s why we like to recommend casino sites with a wide variety of titles to try. 
The great thing about online play is that casinos aren’t limited by physical space. It’s not uncommon to see platforms with thousands of slots and a decent selection of table games. Some even have live tables that connect you with a remote dealer! 
Our reviews look into the number and quality of games available. Not only that, but we look for titles from trusted providers. Big-name developers have the best to offer in terms of graphics and performance.

Device Optimization

Most people don’t exclusively play on a desktop anymore. The fast-paced era we live in demands on-the-go connectivity. Casino sites that don’t cater to mobile audiences get left in the dust! 
All of our recommendations have optimized mobile versions to let you play from anywhere. From smartphones to tablets, the best sites keep the experience the same across the board.

Banking Options and Fast Payouts

Double Fortune Baccarat will, undoubtedly, keep you busy for hours. That said, you’ll want to play something else at some point. That’s why we like to recommend casino sites with a wide variety of titles to try. 
The great thing about online play is that casinos aren’t limited by physical space. It’s not uncommon to see platforms with thousands of slots and a decent selection of table games. Some even have live tables that connect you with a remote dealer! 
Our reviews look into the number and quality of games available. Not only that, but we look for titles from trusted providers. Big-name developers have the best to offer in terms of graphics and performance.

Customer Support  

You can’t forget about customer service. When you experience technical or banking issues, the customer support department is there to provide guidance. 
To ensure that you have peace of mind and confidence, we always look into the support capabilities of a site. What hours is the team available? How many ways can you contact them? We answer all those questions to find the best of the best. 
Our team sticks to casinos that have round-the-clock support. We also recommend sites that offer live chat, email, and telephone communication.

Playing for Free vs. Real Money  

Once you choose the best Double Fortune Baccarat casino, you’re free to play how you want. The beauty of online platforms is that you can play conservatively or lay it all on the line. The choice is yours. Try doing that at a brick-and-mortar casino! 
Not sure how you want to game? Here are some excellent reasons to play for free and real money.

5 Reasons to Play for Free Online

  1. Check to see if the casino is right for you.  
  2. Make sure that the software runs on your device. 
  3. Learn the game with zero risks.
  4. Try new tactics and techniques.  
  5. Have fun with no pressure. 

5 Reasons to Play for Real Money Online  

  1. You can only win big if you bet real money. 
  2. Real wagers let you unlock the full gameplay experience. 
  3. Most welcome bonuses and promotional points come after real-money deposits.
  4. Participate in high-stakes rooms, competitions, and tournaments.
  5. Relish in the thrill of real gambling.  

The History of Double Fortune Baccarat  

Double Fortune Baccarat is still a relative newcomer as far as casino games go. However, the game it evolved from has a more colorful history! 
Baccarat’s exact origins are a little hazy. Official records are sparse, so we have to rely on hearsay to paint a picture of the game’s origins. 
Historians believe that it all started sometime around the 15th century. While most associate Baccarat with France, it likely began in Italy. Some attribute the game to old Roman folklore. The inspiration is thought to come from a tale of gods and a golden-haired virgin. 
Whatever the case may be, Baccarat quickly rose the upper echelons of leisurely fun. Eventually, it came to France. There, it became a symbol of aristocracy! Nobles played the game frequently. This adoption turned it into a massive hit. 
The French created the Chemin de Fer version of Baccarat. Despite this variant’s popularity, Baccarat continued to evolve as it spread. When it made its way to South America, Punto Banco was born. Then came Baccarat Banque and a host of other versions. 
When Baccarat appeared in Mississippi riverboats and the Las Vegas Strip, it flourished even more! 
Double Fortune Baccarat first appeared in the 2000s at the Wynn. For the longest time, Wynn Resorts Holding LLC held the trademark for Double Fortune Baccarat. However, they canceled the application in 2015.

Rules of Double Fortune Baccarat  

From a gameplay standpoint, Double Fortune Baccarat is pretty similar to other variations. The point system and goals are the same as Punto Banco, the most popular casino version.  
The main differences lie in the pacing. Double Fortune Baccarat uses two shoes with eight decks each. That’s a far cry from the usual four decks and a single shoe that standard Baccarat uses. With two shoes in play, you’re free to make bets on two hands at the same time. It ups the ante and creates fast-paced gameplay. Plus, the existence of two shoes generates additional proposition bets that give more opportunities to win. 
One shoe features red-backed cards. Meanwhile, the other has blue-backed cards for easy distinction. 
After the banker deals the hands, players can make several wagers. You can wager on the bank hand or your hand on either of the shoes. It’s possible to bet on both shoes at the same time, too. Every bet is independent of one another, so it’s possible to win one wager but lose another. 
The two proposition side bets are “Pairs” and “Ties.” Pair bets occur on the first two cards of the banker and player hands. Meanwhile, the ties are the same as those found in traditional Baccarat. But of course, both shoes come into play. 
The exciting thing about the proposition bets is that they only apply when both shoes are in play. If one runs out of cards first, all proposition bets are off the table.

Double Fortune Baccarat Strategy 

Double Fortune Baccarat is a thrilling game that combines both luck and strategy. How the cards fall is entirely up to Lady Luck. However, how you wager can make or break the game! 
Here are some of our favorite strategies to help you play your best. 

1. Bet on the Banker. 
As mentioned earlier, both shoes are independent of one another. As a result, there’s no advantage to splitting bets. Statistically speaking, you have a higher chance of winning if you bet on the banker for both shoes. 

2. Know when to hold and hit. 
Baccarat is a masterclass in prediction. You have to know when to hold firm and when to ask for a third card. Generally, it’s best to stay when you have six or seven points. If you have between zero and four, it’s better to hit. 

3. Study the betting structure. 
Learn the betting structure is essential. Baccarat wagers can be complicated for those who don’t understand them. Knowing the bets helps you identify opportunities. Plus, it can help you manage your losses more strategically. 

4. Be conservative with Pairs and Ties. 
Pairs and Ties rarely happen. While they have handsome payouts, the odds aren’t in your favor. Statistically, no Tie will occur in more than 82 percent of games. For Pairs, that figure is about over 73 percent. Those odds are better than traditional, single-shoe Baccarat games. However, you can still lose a lot if you go overboard with these bets. 

5. Set Your Limits Early. 
Finally, don’t forget to set your limits. Due to the nature of the game, it’s best to play Double Fortune Baccarat in small sessions. You’re more likely to lose the longer you play. Set limits and utilize all safe gambling tools available to you. 


How does Double Fortune Baccarat differ from other versions of Baccarat?

This version of Baccarat is very similar to others.

The primary difference is the addition of another shoe. This game uses two shoes with eight decks of cards. One shoe has red cards while the other has blue.

With so many cards in play, you have many ways to bet and win. You’re not just playing with single hands. Both you and the banker get two hands, which adds a unique twist to the game. Not only that, but proposition bets become more complex as well.

How do you win Double Fortune Baccarat?

The goal of any form of Baccarat is to get the most points. The card game doesn’t use the same hand structure as Blackjack or Poker.

Each card has a numerical value. Cards between two and nine hold the stated point value. Meanwhile, Aces are worth a single point. The ten cards and face cards are worth nothing.

When you determine the value of a hand, you must add those points up. Depending on the point value, you can either hold or ask for another hand.

To win the game, the results have to match your wager. For example, if you bet on the banker, the banker’s hands must beat out yours.

Are the results of Double Fortune Baccarat random?

Double Fortune Baccarat is a fair game. You might see players in physical casinos attempting to count cards or hold onto old hands. Those behaviors are largely superstitious.

There’s no way to count cards effectively. The card values don’t hold as much weight as they do in Blackjack.

All in all, Double Fortune Baccarat is a game of luck. The only strategy involved comes down to how you bet!

What is the house edge for Double Fortune Baccarat?

The house edge for Double Fortune Baccarat is around 3.45 percent. That’s about twice as high as standard Punto Banco Baccarat.

As a whole, Baccarat isn’t the best for casinos. That’s why they often charge a five percent commission on banker bets.

This game has one of the lower house edges in the casino realm. But don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. You can still lose a lot of money in this fast-paced game if you’re not careful.

Where is Double Fortune Baccarat available to play?

Double Fortune Baccarat isn’t as widespread as some other versions of the classic card game. However, it’s steadily becoming more prevalent.

The best way to experience the thrill of Double Fortune Baccarat is through an online casino. Several developers have their unique takes on the game.

Online games occur around a digital table. The gameplay is the same as what you’d experience at physical casinos. But of course, you’re free to play from anywhere.

Not sure which online casino is right for you? Check out our list of recommended Double Fortune Baccarat casinos!