Online Blackjack

Playing Blackjack is fun but playing it from a trustworthy online casino could also mean making some money while still having fun. Finding a trusted online casino for Blackjack games in the UK, however, can be daunting. If you are looking for an online casino that will assure you of enjoying your Blackjack games, worry not because you are in the right place. Here, we will help you find the best online blackjack casinos to ensure you won’t have to wager on an unreliable casino site again.

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We deliver independent online casino reviews so that you get the top casino site reference. To compile the reviews for Blackjack casino sites, our team remains objective and dedicated to finding everything about the casinos that might interest you. Most importantly, we always go out of our way to find and recommend the casinos that receive good reviews from their users. This means that you can trust the Blackjack casino sites that we recommend on our site.

What is Blackjack?

Also referred to as twenty-one, Blackjack is a North American card game in which gamblers go against the dealers instead of each other. The main goal of this game is that you should edge closer to 21 before the house. You, however, shouldn’t go past 21 – busting.

Blackjack is one of the most played casino games for years now, but it is losing popularity to slot machines. Nonetheless, it is still played by many people from online platforms and offline.

Blackjack traces its origin back to the French casinos in the 1700s. The twenty-one term is from the French cards that were known as Vingt-et-Un. This game of cards was mostly a preserve for the French Royal Court, especially under King Louis XV.

The popularity of this card game saw it exported to North America by the French colonists. Without a doubt, the rules of the early Blackjack version were different than the modern Blackjack. For example, the dealers had the liberty to double but not the players.

With the coming of computers and the internet, it has become possible for gamblers to enjoy Blackjack from most online gambling sites. The online casino platform offers a classic type of game as well as various varieties of the game. Equally, the features and rules are quite different. With the online platform, you can enjoy playing Blackjack anywhere at any time of your convenience.

How to Win at Blackjack

If you want to enjoy playing online casino Blackjack, you can start small. Start betting small and then graduate to staking high. In fact, these rules apply even when it comes to playing Blackjack in a physical casino.

Most importantly, study all the Blackjack strategies and make sure you understand them so that you don’t lose more money. You can start by playing the ‘practice hands’ in order to familiarise yourself with the game before playing for real money.

If you are a novice, it is important to know what value the cards hold and learn how to use them to your advantage when it comes to scoring. An ace (A) has a value of one or eleven, the face cards such as jacks (J), queens (Q), and kings (K) all have a value of 10. Bear in mind that a standard 52-card deck comes with four suits of clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds.

The objective of the Blackjack game is to win against the dealer. As such, you don’t have to worry about what other players on the table have. All you need to do is get nearer to 21 before the dealer. If you end up with a total of 22 or even more, then it is referred to as a bust. But if you total your level with the dealer, then the situation is referred to as a push.

Blackjack is a fun game to take part in since it comes with favourable odds for winning against the dealers even when they have the advantage. As such, indulge with prudence and beat the house in the end.

blackjack tips

Game Strategies

Basic Strategy

One of the game strategies in Blackjack is the basic strategy. The basic strategy calls for you to play each hand down optimally. This way, the player always takes into consideration the dealer’s up-card. For example, if the dealer’s up-card is a 7, 8, 9, 10-card, or an ace, you should continue drawing until you reach a total of 17 or more.

But if the dealer’s up-card is 4, 5, or 6, stop drawing once you reach 12 or more. This strategy will caution you never to draw a card that is probably going to bust you. Contrary, you will let the croupier hit and possibly go beyond 21. Equally, if the dealer’s up-card is 1, 2, or 3, you should draw up to 13 or higher then stop.
With a soft hand, the strategy is to continue hitting up to a minimum of 18.

The doubling down strategy is that with a sum of 11, you can continue doubling down. But with a total of 10, you can double down if the croupier has a 10-card or an ace. When you have a total of 9, you can only double down if the house has a fair (2) or a poor (6).

Advanced Strategy

If you are a veteran online casino Blackjack player, you must be trying to get to know more about advanced strategy. Using the advanced strategy is what will differentiate you from the novice players.

While the basic Blackjack strategy is enough for a successful Blackjack game, you need to know that the advanced strategy goes beyond the basic one. Here are some advanced strategy tips that can give you an edge over the house.

Sit in a seat

Sitting in the Anchor seat offers you the opportunity to see which cards have been drawn by the house and dealt out to a fellow player. This way, you can determine the chance of getting a low or high card.

Give attention to the odds

Carefully, consider all your odds of winning or losing your game. With this in mind, you can make an informed decision on how to go about the game. Other tips are:

  • Learn the art of counting cards
  • Bet on another player’s hand
  • Take insurance at the right time only
  • Split the 10s, especially when faced with 5 or 6
  • If you get another card of the same value, re-split
  • Don’t allow multi-card hands to confuse you

Game Types and Variations

Blackjack comes with different game variations, and all of them are available in the most popular online casinos Blackjack across the UK. Some of the variations you will find in the most popular Blackjack sites include:

Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender

This Blackjack variation will enable you to minimize your losses in the case that you don’t elaborate your hand by losing half of your wager.

Most of the game variations don’t allow surrendering. However, if the house accepts, some options will allow surrendering. Surrendering occasioned by this is referred to as early surrender.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City

The Atlantic City is a popular variation with rules that are identical to those of the classic Blackjack. It is played with eight decks of cards, which makes it unfavorable for card counters. However, it allows for late surrender. This will allow you to free your hand in case the house does not have a winning blend.

Equally, the variation allows players to split pairs up to three times or double down if they have any two initial cards. Keep in mind that the ace is a powerful card. As such, you can only split it once if you get this pair.

Double Exposure

Double Exposure

In this variation, the house cards are all faced up, which is beneficial to the player. However, the dealers can compensate for this by giving slightly reduced payouts. Moreover, the house will also win in case of ties except for when you land in a natural.



The rules for this Blackjack variation are the same as those of the standard blackjack. However, this variation only allows you to deal multiple hands immediately. This is unlike some variations of the game that let a player set five hands at a go.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch

In this Blackjack variation, a player is dealt with two hands as opposed to the usual one hand.

Nonetheless, you can decide to switch the second cards in each hand to make the hands as formidable as possible.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack

This game is popular since many gamblers play it both from online and physical Blackjack casino shops. It uses the same rules as the standard Blackjack variation. It involves two decks and two packs of cards. However, the house can stand on soft 17 since it is not required to look for a blackjack. But if the house has a blackjack while the player has a card combination of a total of 21 with no blackjack, the player loses the game.

Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack

This is a Blackjack casino online game that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. These cards have to be shuffled right after the completion of each game. It is a fun online casino variation that requires a player to try to get a stronger hand than that of the house. The goal is to get the higher value faster than the house without exceeding past 21.



This Blackjack variation is the opposite of the double exposure variation. However, the house’s cards must face down. With this, the house makes the game more challenging for the player. The player, however, gets relief from the increased payout from the natural blackjack of 2:1 to 3:2.

Blackjack with Progressive Jackpots

Blackjack with Progressive Jackpots

This is a Blackjack casino online game that is played The progressive jackpot variations often involve wagering on Aces. Subject to the rules of the variation, you may require drawing 4 sequential Aces of the same suit to hit the jackpot.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

This Blackjack variation is associated with the standard blackjack game, which requires you to place an extra bet to cover your possibility of the initial two dealt cards being a pair. For this to happen, you must have a wager on the natural Blackjack box besides the Perfect Pairs bet. A maximum of 3 individuals could place a Perfect bet on the box if they have blackjack bets.

Live Blackjack – Actual Blackjack Experience

If you are thinking to upgrade your Blackjack game into a more realistic game, then the real dealer’s Blackjack could come in handy, aka live blackjack. The physical croupier will bring you to actual Blackjack that is akin to playing in the shop-based casino. All live games are streamed in HD, which delivers the real look and feel of the game. Moreover, they use original equipment that is operated by experts’ dealers to make the game even more interesting.

The greatest online casino Blackjacks come with a variety of tables for players to select their best position. Even with a low stake, you can have access to different variations that are always on offer. Moreover, these variations come with different wagering limits and side bets. If you are a high roller, visit the highly reputable Blackjack sites and get exclusive VIP tables where you can stake up to £20,000 per hand!


Blackjack is probably among the games that provide players with a real chance to beat the house by using their skills and knowledge. Blending both basic and advanced strategies, you can attain your desired goal of making a profit in the end. Moreover, online blackjack is a thought-provoking card game that will prove worth playing.


Is it fair?

Yes, it is. We feature the most exciting online casinos that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. As such, you can always be guaranteed a fair gaming experience. The most preferred online casinos feature animated Blackjack titles on casino sites that use a random number generator (RNG). All these sites, however, must be audited to make sure fairness is assured. On the other hand, live Blackjack variants are operated by impartial expert dealers.

Can I enjoy free blackjack and learn how to win in it?

Can I enjoy free blackjack and learn how to win in it? Yes, you can. Most online casino blackjacks offer unlimited game options to help new players learn how to win before they start playing with real money. With this, you can learn a lot about the game and develop skills and strategies for winning without risking your money. No matter how these bonus blackjacks look and feel, however, you won’t get your winnings. All you can be sure of is that they are fun and perfect for a learner.

Where can I learn game strategies?

Blackjack game strategies are designed to help players improve their game approach to beat the dealers. You can learn game strategies from us or from another expert Blackjack reviewer. You can also learn all by yourself by reading widely on Blackjack game strategies on reputable gambling sites across the world.

By visiting different online platforms, you can benefit from complete Blackjack game strategies designed solely to equip you with the skills and knowledge on how to beat the dealers and win big!

How can I find a reputable blackjack casino online?

Finding a reputable online casino can be easy or difficult depending on who is looking. Regardless, the first stop at our website earns you not only one of the most reputable review of online casino Blackjack but also gives you access to a partner who will help you find the leading Blackjack casinos across the world. We review online casinos by looking at their graphics, bonuses, financial security, and highest payouts to allow you to figure out if they suit you.

So, don’t settle for an online casino with a single Google search. Be sure to compare the features that the casino has then ensured what you want is catered to in the review.

What is a Welcome Package?

A welcome package is given by online casinos to help players get familiar with their online casino. Essentially, the bonus will enable you to enjoy various Blackjack variants and help you become confident of your strategies. Moreover, you will get to know what the casino entails before you start staking real money.

How do I know if a casino is safe?

Safe casinos should be legit. The casino must have its license displayed along with relevant registration information. This information allows the players who may need to cross check the casinos’ legibility status to get the reassurance they need while playing on a particular online casino. You can also check out the reviews from other gamblers to know what they say about the safety and security of the casino.

Can I use real money in the platform?

Yes, you can. You can use real money in any online casino. Besides, the idea of playing for real money is meant to help you win money. We have studied different reviews throughout the internet to bring you the most appealing options of real money online casino.