Crapless Craps – Play Online for Free or Real Money

Sometimes called “Ruse Craps” or “Never Ever Craps”, this game turns standard conventions on their head! Like standard craps, this iteration relies on Lady Luck to win a wager. However, the game removes a lot of barriers that prevent newbies from jumping in on the action! 
It’s truly “crapless”, making it easy to play multiple rounds with bigger payouts. 
Originally a novelty game, Crapless Craps quickly rose to the upper echelons of casino glory! Many online casinos have this game in their collection. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned player or you’re new to the world of craps. Online casinos are the best place to learn the ropes and test your luck!

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Top Online Casinos for Crapless Craps

There’s no shortage of casinos out there offering this iteration of craps. With a digital table that can accommodate up to 20 players, playing online offers several advantages. You can connect to players around the globe and try your hand from the comfort of your own home! 
Crapless Craps is a favourite at established online casinos and new platforms alike. It’s a must-have for any casino’s table game collection. Some big-name casinos even offer live variants. There, you can play with a live dealer in real-time! 
Either way, online casinos offer the perfect gameplay environment to play this game. Learn the ins and outs of the game with free plays and demos. Then, jump into the action and put your money down to potentially win big! 

How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for Crapless Craps

Before you dive in, it’s important to choose a reputable casino site. Take one look at the gaming market and you’ll see that there are thousands of platforms to join. New online casinos open regularly, adding even more fluff to a saturated market. 
Fortunately, we’re here to help! 
Our team of casino experts scours the web to find the best sites for Crapless Craps. We know firsthand how overwhelming the online casino world can be. That’s why we take care of all the hard work! We aim to cut through the mess and provide some valuable insight to players like you. 
With our experience, we take a magnifying glass to understand what online casinos have to offer. Then, we use our research to recommend the best platforms for your needs. 
Here are some of the biggest factors we scrutinize when choosing our top online casino picks. 

Bonuses & Promotions 

The best part of playing at an online casino? The bonuses and ongoing promotions! Try getting those at a brick-and-mortar casino! 
Online casino sites often reward welcome bonuses to new players. These bonuses can vary from site to site. But oftentimes, they include match bonuses on your deposits, free spins, and more. Some even provide the elusive no-deposit bonus! 
We know that getting more bang for your buck is important. So, we take a look at all welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions a casino might offer. We scrutinize the details and examine the wagering requirements, too. 
From there, we can recommend the most worthy bonuses to take advantage of.

Security & Safety 

Online security is a big deal! When real money is on the line, the last thing you want to worry about is fraud. 
We always recommend licensed and regulated casinos. The gambling world is heavily regulated. Governing bodies like the UK Gambling Commission ensure that online casinos are operating fairly and legally. 
In addition to licensing, we look at technical security. In addition to licensing, we look at technical security. This includes military-grade encryption, fraud prevention, and updated random-number generators. 

Selection of Casino Games

While Crapless Craps might be your main priority, it always pays to have a nice collection of options! An online casino is only as good as its games. The good news is that most platforms have no shortage of titles to try out. 
The cool thing about online casinos is that they can have thousands of games. They almost always have more options than any physical casino.  
Whether you’re a fan of slots or table games, we look for it all! We pay close attention to the number of games a casino offers. Not only that, but we look at how often new additions come into the mix! Online casinos regularly add new titles, giving you something new to try out. 
Finally, we look into software providers. Providers are responsible for making the games possible. Online casinos might work with several established providers to beef up the collection. 
Big-name developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and more are a huge plus. These providers have a great reputation for creating solid gameplay experiences! 

Device Optimization

You don’t have to sit at your computer to play! One of the things we look for is good mobile optimization. 
Mobile gaming is not a passing trend. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, it’s here to stay. Online casinos have to adapt to on-the-move gamers if they want to stay relevant! 
We look for sites that offer an intuitive mobile counterpart to the web-based platform. Standalone apps are a great feature to have. But, full mobile optimization is even better! A mobile-optimized site provides wide accessibility on Android and iOS devices. Plus, it ensures that you can play most games without a hitch. 

Banking Options & Fast Payouts 

Solid banking options are a must for online casinos! Most casinos will accept the basics, such as Mastercard and Visa cards. But what if you don’t want to use a debit card? 
Many gamers prefer to utilize e-wallet services, direct wire transfers, or other modern payment systems. We look for casinos that offer as many accepted options as possible. Our team looks into banking for both deposits and withdrawals. That way, you can find a casino that works for your banking needs. 
Furthermore, we look into processing times. When you just won big, the last thing you want is to wait several weeks! Processing times are common. But, some casinos payout quickly, allowing you to enjoy your cash much sooner! 

Customer Support 

Last, but definitely not least, we look into customer support. Customer support is an overlooked feature that can make a world of difference. Banking issues or site problems can put a stop to the fun. But, having access to a reliable support team ensure that resolutions come quickly and efficiently. 
You’d expect all casinos to have good customer support. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case! 
We look for multiple support methods. Having access to email support, live chat, and a telephone line is always a good thing. Additionally, we recommend casinos that respond to queries quickly! 

Playing for Free vs. Real Money 

The beauty of online casinos is that you can play Crapless Craps how you want. Play risk-free with no money. Or, lay it on the line with pricy bets! The choice is yours. 
So, how should you play? Here are some reasons to consider. 

Reasons to Play for Free 

1. Stress-Free Play  
With free plays, you don’t have to worry about the stakes. There’s no money on the line! You’re free to have fun without all the risks. 

2. Give the Casino a Trial Run  
Free games are great for testing the casino. It gives you a chance to see what the experience is like. You can experience the casino’s technology and software before you commit. 

3. Learn the Ropes  
Not familiar with Crapless Craps? Free play is the best way to learn! Free games are risk-free. So, you can make mistakes and learn without any issues. 

4. Try Out New Techniques  
Once you familiarize yourself with the game, there’s still a lot to learn. Think of free games as a way to experiment. Try out new wagers and hone your techniques! 

5. Test Your Capabilities  
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses with risk-based games. Playing for free lets you learn more about your gameplay style and preferences. Identify your skills and use free play to improve. 

Reasons to Play for Real Money 

The Chance to Win Big  
The only way to win real money is to play with real money. When you play for real, you can make all the bets you want! 

2. Take Advantage of Bonuses  
Online casinos offer bonuses and VIP perks regularly. But, the only way to take advantage of them is with an account. In most cases, qualifying for these perks requires real wagers. 

3. Experience the Thrill  
There’s no greater thrill than risking real money! That’s what makes casino gaming so fun! 

4. Participate in Tournaments and Jackpots  
Every once in a while, casinos will throw larger tournaments. They tend to come with big jackpots and the potential for huge winnings. The only way to join is with real money. 

5. Get Access to the Full Experience  
Many demos have limitations. You may have a scaled-back version of the game. To experience the full game and all its perks, you must play with reach cash! 

Crapless Craps History & Origins 

The traditional form of craps is one of the oldest games around. The exact origins are a bit fuzzy. But, many historians believe that it was around back in Ancient Rome. Even then, it’s thought that the game evolved from an old Arabic game. 
The game we know today came to be around the late 1700s. It was then brought to the United States and developed even further. Back in those times, it was a must-play game on old riverboats in the South! 
Crapless Craps came to be much later. Again, the exact history of this variant isn’t so cut and dry. Some believe that it originated with a mathematician, Stewart N. Ethier. 
However, most contribute the game to one Bob Stupak. Stupak was a Las Vegas Casino owner and entrepreneur. According to him, it first came to be around the 1990s. He developed it much earlier, but it never took off. 
That changed about 30 years ago. He created a Crapless table at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. The rest is history! 
For a while, the Stratosphere was the only place to play the game in Vegas. But, it’s recently expanded to other venues.  
Of course, the game always had a place online. Many online casinos started offering the game alongside traditional craps. It was the “easier” version of craps. Thus, it became a go-to for newbies wanting to learn the ropes! 

Rules of the Game

Playing Crapless Craps is pretty similar to standard Craps. If you’re familiar with traditional Craps, you should have no problem here. 
The main difference is the absence of “crapping out” on the Come-Out roll. Traditionally, players can “crap out” on the first roll when they land a 2, 3, or 12. The goal of the first round is to land on a 7. If you land on anything other than 7, 11, 2, 3, or 12, the game commences with additional rounds. 
Landing 2, 3, or 12 instantly ends your game, and you lose! But with the Crapless version, that doesn’t happen! 
2, 3, and 12 are now points. Landing on one of those numbers lets you proceed to another round. The same goes for 11, which is a winning number like 7 on traditional games. 
With the Crapless game, there is no way to lose on the Come Out roll! So, the game is longer. Plus, you get more chances to do secondary bets. Aside from the crapless gameplay, the rules are the same as conventional Craps. All the same bets exist, too. 
Now, Crapless gameplay does increase the house edge. Basic Pass bets have an edge of 5.382 percent. This is much higher than the 1.414 percent of traditional Craps. 


Come Out Roll  
This is the very first roll of the game. You can make various bets on what you think you’ll land on. 

Pass Line Bets  
This is the simplest bet of the bunch. You’re wagering on the fact that you’ll land on a 7 and win instantly. 

The point is any number you land on that’s not 7. When you land on another number, it becomes your point. You can make additional wagers based on the point for future rounds. 

Come Bet  
This bet occurs after establishing the point. It’s like a pass line bet thereafter. You’re wagering on hitting a 7 in additional rounds. 

Taking the Odds  
With this bet, you’re wagering on hitting the point before hitting a 7. 

Laying the Odds  
This bet involves wagering on the shooter hitting a 7 before the point. 

Strategy: Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Crapless Craps Strategy 

This game is all about luck. But, there are still some strategies to maximize your chances of winning! 

1. Wager on 6 and 8  
There are more combinations to land on 6 and 8 than any other number. Thus, there’s a greater chance to land on them! Not only that, but the house edge is lower. Place 6 and Place 8 wagers have a house edge of 1.52 percent. 

2. Avoid Pass Line Bets  
Pass Line bets are the easiest. In conventional craps, they are a go-to. But for Crapless games, avoid them. They have a high house edge. Plus, the odds are low. 

3. Avoid Outside Numbers  
Outside numbers are 4 to 10 and 5 to 9. These numbers have a very high house edge. It’s even higher than standard Pass Line bets. Thus, they’re not worth the trouble. 

4. Combine Pass Line and Buy Odds  
If you’re feeling extra lucky, buy odds. This can increase your chances of winning big. The house edge decreases dramatically the more odds you buy. On 5X odds, the house edge is only 1.042 percent! 

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment  
Here’s where getting some free play comes in handy! The betting strategy for Crapless games can get tricky. Experiment a bit to get a better understanding of how to play. Complex bets can make a huge difference in real-money games. 


Can You Play Crapless Craps for Real Money?

You can play this game for real money. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to play!

Craps, in general, is great for gamers of all experience levels. Like slots, there’s a pretty low point of entry. You can be conservative and limit your wagers. Or, you can go all out and risk it all! The choice is yours!

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the game first. Try free demos and rounds. Then, upgrade to real-money games when you’re ready.

Are Crapless Games Easier?

Many view Crapless versions of the game as easier. In some regards, it is. It’s much easier to advance to additional rounds. There’s no need to worry about losing with your first roll!

But, the house edge does increase. With more rounds also comes greater risk. The house edge gets higher the longer you play.

How Do You Win in Crapless Games?

There are many ways to win this game. Ultimately, it comes down to how you wager.

For your Come Out roll, the easiest way to win is to land on a 7. If you manage that, you win right off the bat! However, bigger winnings are available on bonus rounds. Once you establish the Point, you can win by landing on it. You can also wager against other shooters to end the game.

The best piece of advice we can give is to learn the wagers. There are many wagers for Craps. Understanding them will give you the upper hand.

What’s the Difference Between Crapless and Traditional Craps?

The primary difference with Crapless games is with the Come Out roll. Traditional, landing on a 2, 3, or 12 immediately ends the game. With Crapless games, that’s not the case. These numbers become Point numbers, allowing you to continue.

Can You “Crap Out?

The whole concept of Crapless games is that you cannot “Crap Out.” The traditional Crap numbers of 2, 3, and 12 now points numbers. So, there’s no way to instantly lose on your first roll.