Die Rich Craps

Die Rich Craps is a new crap variation. In so many ways, the game is similar to regular craps, but it is also different in other ways that make it unique. It only uses one die, and you will play on a table that looks like that of blackjack. Unlike conventional craps, the game is fast-paced, making it more interesting and allowing you to enjoy more games.  

Die Rich craps tables are less crowded, unlike regular craps. Every player participates in the game, and they do not have to wait long for their turn. The rules of the game are also less complicated than those of regular crap, so beginners can play with ease.  

This new crap variation is only available in a few land-based casinos and a few online casinos. Its rarity makes it even more exciting. To play online for free or real money, you need a casino that gives you a great gaming experience. We have a list of the best casinos for Die Rich craps for you:

Top Online Casinos for Die Rich Craps

Die Rich Craps is a rare crap variation that is trying to find exposure online and offline. As such, you will only find it in a few top online casinos. The casinos offering the game have advanced systems to give an awesome experience. Because the game rolls on a blackjack-style table, some casinos also offer live games to make it even more interesting. Even though there are only a few casinos offering the game, you still need to be keen to choose the best for your gaming.

How Do We Select The Best Casino Sites for Die Rich Craps Online

The internet has hundreds of thousands of casinos from different countries. Not all these are good even when they have the games you need. Before we recommend a casino, we vet it thoroughly to ensure it offers at least most of the following:

Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses and promotions allow new players to learn the handle of their games without spending money. They also help regular players spend less on their hobby. Some regular players might even leverage on casino bonuses to make profit from the games they love.  

The welcome bonus or first deposit bonus is especially important to new players trying to learn a game. However, you need to check the terms and conditions of the bonus. Some bonuses have strict conditions that it is not worth accepting. We choose casinos whose wagering requirements allow you to withdraw your winnings after a few games. The range of other promotions such as loyalty promotions also influence the casino we recommend.

Security and Safety

An online casino should protect your money and your identity. To ensure you are playing on a safe casino, the casino needs to be licensed and regulated. It should also encrypt all the details you send over their networks for safety. For starters, ensure the casino URL starts with https instead of http.  

We always check the reputation of the casino besides their licensing and regulation to ensure they are safe. Casino licenses come from the state that regulates gambling in a country or in the international scene. Licenses and regulations from Curacao, Gibraltar, Malta, and the UK come under strict terms that casinos must meet. If a casino meets such terms to get a license, you are assured that they offer you safety in any game you choose. 

The casino also needs to offer fair and honest games and pays out the player winnings without any excuses. With a licensed casino, you can always report any cases of unfairness.

Selection of Casino Games

If you only need Die Rich Craps, we have a list of casinos that offer that game. However, if you love many other games, you might want a casino that offers variety. This way, you can play all your favourite games in one safe and fair casino. When selecting the best casino, we ensure that the casino has games from some of the popular casino games developers.  

We ensure that the casino has a host of variations of the same game to give you choices. If you love live dealer games, we are sure to choose casinos that offer that too. If your favourite casino game is only Die Rich craps, test out different games in the casinos we recommend.

Device Optimization

If you are always on the go, you need a casino whose games you can access from a smartphone or tablet. Mobile games are not only for those who travel a lot. If you want to lie on your couch playing instead of sitting at a desk, you’ll love the games too.  

The availability of mobile games is now standard for online casinos. This is why our lists have these casinos to enhance your gaming experience.

Banking Options and Fast Payouts

The deposit and withdrawal options determine how fast you can start playing at an online casino. They also determine how fast you can access your winnings. Check the fees the casino charges for different deposit and withdrawal methods. Then check the duration it takes to process withdrawals via the different methods. In some cases, such as credits or debit cards, it can take up to seven days. In others, such as eWallets, it can take only a day. Even as you check the duration, check the convenience and availability of the different methods in your location. In our list, we show the casino deposit and withdraw methods to help you make the right choice.

Customer Support

When playing in a new casino, you may have so many questions about the bonuses, how the site operates, and more. When playing a new game such as Die Rich Craps, you may have even more questions. In the case of casino support, faster replies are better. We prefer casinos with a 24/7 live chat feature with friendly customer support personnel. A phone number is also ideal as long as the casino personnel pick.

Playing Free vs. Real Money: Top 5 Reason for Each

Why Play Die Rich Craps Online Free Games

  • When playing for real money, you need to spend money for you to make money. While this means you risk your money, you have a chance to walk away with a big sum if you are lucky.  
  • When you play for real money, you tend to consider the rules keenly and seek to understand the game better. This way, you will avoid losing money, and you will enjoy the game more.  
  • Real money players have many accessible bonuses that may not be available for free players. This means you have to deal with wagering requirements, but it’s all worth it when you win. 
  • Casinos offering real money games invest more on security and gaming software. You will, therefore, find great graphics and more safety in the casinos you play.  
  • Playing new games for real money before learning the game increases your chances of losing your money.

Why Play Real Money Games?

  • Free games offer you a chance to learn the rules of the game before you commit your money.  
  • With interesting games such as Die Rich Craps, you have a chance to enjoy a game without risking your money.  
  • You do not risk any money, and you have no chance to win anything. Even when you get a free bonus, you will still be forced to deposit cash before you withdraw your winnings.  
  • You may not get any bonuses when you play online for free. If you want bonuses, you need to deposit cash.  
  • Casinos that offer exclusively free games may not be focused on support and quality of games. Either way, you get to learn the rules of the game without spending money.

History of Die Rich Craps

Die Rich is craps with one die. The game is the brainchild of Ken Coleman, the man behind Reno, Nevada. It comes with similarities to the regular craps, but a host of differences that make it unique. The game was at the Global Gaming Expo among other new games. From the Expo, Ken got a greenlight to market and field test the game.  

The first time the game appeared in Eldorado Hotel and Casino where players loved it. Next, Luxor Casino in Las Vegas picked up the game and offered it for play in 2006. Later, the game spread online, making it accessible to people around the world. The game is still not as popular as regular craps, but it seems to be getting there.

How to Play Die Rich Craps

The game is easy to play as you only need one die, a pointer marker, a die cup, and a game board. You will win or lose as follows: 

• Six wins you money instantly when it appears in any rollout  
• One appears as the “craps” number, and you lose all pass line bets 
• All other outcomes in a rollout (two, three, four, and five) are safe. When any of them show up in a rollout, they establish a “point” and pass line wagers become “come bets.” After this, you have three rolls to duplicate your point. Duplicating the point gives you a payout. If the point comes up in the first roll, you win a payout of two to one. In the second roll, you win a payout of one-to-one. If the point rolls on the third try, you win a two-to-one payout. If you do not roll out the point by the third try, you lose your bet.  

You leave the table for the next player when you win or lose the bet. Because only one die is in play, the game is fast-paced and the table is less crowded. You do not have to wait for long before the game comes back to you.  

Some of the differences between this game and regular craps include: 

• You only need one six-sided die to play the game 
• You do not have a Don’t Come / Don’t Pass bets and players need to bet with the shooter 
• You only have three rolls to repeat the point before losing the game 

Because the gameplay involves only one die, the rules of the game are easier to master. However, the game also presents fewer wagering options. You can also lose twice as much as you would in regular slots. The house edge for the Basic Pass Line bets is 3.7 percent with Die Rich and 1.4 percent for regular craps.  

Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Die Rich Craps Strategy

Die Rich Craps, like regular craps, is a game of chance – your luck determines how much you win or lose. Regardless of where you play, online or offline, you have no control over how the die lands. You also do not need any skills to play the game. For such games, we advise that you try the following strategies: 
1. Start with free games and understand the rules of the game first before you play for real money.  
2. Set a bankroll once you start playing for real money. This ensures that you do not lose more than your budget can afford.  
3. Compare different payouts on different bets in an online casino. You can calculate the probabilities of every outcome before wagering to see where you have higher chances of winning.  
4. Avoid chasing a winning or losing streak as this might see you lose more than you were willing to stake. Know when to stop playing.  
5. Play with other gamblers to enjoy the game more. It might also teach you a thing or two from them on how to play the game.

Die Rich Craps FAQ

What are the pros and cons of Die Rich Craps?

The game is easy to understand with only a few rules. It is also fast-paced and ideal for adventurous players. You will have more fun as you do not have to wait for long to play. However, there are fewer wagering options compared to the regular craps game. It also has a higher hour edge compared to regular slots.

How is Die Rich Craps different from regular craps?

The main difference is that you only play with one die. Rules are, therefore, simpler, and you do not have as many betting options. You will play on a table close to that of blackjack. The game is also not as popular as regular craps. It is only available in select casinos.

Do you need any skills to play Die Rich Craps?

There are no skills to help you better your odds. The game is purely chance-based, and you only hope you are lucky enough. You can, however, calculate the probability of winning in different bets before you play.