Top Keno Casino Reviews

Keno has long been one of the most popular games in casinos around the world. The game may also be found today in online casinos where players can wager on keno with real money. Online keno can be played on a variety of devices, including computers, phones, and tablets.

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Before playing keno tickets at an online casino, it is important to perform a comparison. There are many online casinos available to UK players. We help those who like to play keno choose the best online casino. Our expertise in casino reviews can help you avoid casinos with a poor reputation.

We rate online keno casinos in a number of areas. These include available keno variations, keno software providers, licensing, ease of play, online bonuses and promotions, and more. We give you all the information you need to choose the right casino, open your account, claim an exclusive bonus, and play keno.

Why should players use a keno review site like ours? It makes it much easier to find the best online casinos with keno gaming. The best casinos are going to be more profitable choices for the player. You could spend hours trying to find the best place to play, or you could trust our reviews and start winning right away.

A good review site for keno also means that you will have a much lower chance of being scammed. Sadly, there are online casinos out there that are not reputable. Those who have had their money stolen by a scam casino can validate how troublesome this can be.

Here is some information that you can use to choose an online casino for keno. Good luck in your efforts to win money at this exciting game!

What Kind of Game is Keno?

Keno is a casino game that is based on the lottery games played throughout the world. It involves the player choosing a set of numbers. A group of random numbers is then chosen by the online casino, and the player is rewarded for making matches. Keno is a fun casino game that is simple to play.

The origins of keno can be traced to China. Some say that funds earned from keno helped to build the Great Wall of China. The game quickly spread to other parts of the world. By comparison, the French were among the first to popularize keno as a casino gambling game.

Today, keno is popular in the UK as well as the US. It is also becoming a popular game for online casinos. Reviews of many online casino sites attest to the fact that keno is still growing in popularity. Every major online casino in operation today is offering some type of keno gambling game.

How to Play Keno

One of the main reasons keno is so popular is its simplicity. Keno has simple rules, and the game requires very little strategy. All one has to do is pick a set of numbers. Of course, there are keno strategies that can improve a player’s chances to win.

To begin, a player decides how much real money they are willing to bet on a keno ticket. The game can also be played for free at some online casinos. The more a player bets, the greater the possible reward.

Players then decide how many spots they wish to cover on their keno ticket. A spot is a terminology used for a number chosen in keno. According to the rules of keno, the potential reward of a keno ticket increases with the number of spots chosen. The reason for this is that more spots increase the level of difficulty.

The numbers are then chosen, and the player is paid according to how many matches were made. One of the great things about free keno is that the player can learn how to play in the comfort of their own home without risking real money.

Keno Basic and Advanced Strategies

Many people think of keno as a basic game of chance. It is true that skill or sophisticated strategy is not a requirement to play keno, but having an advanced strategy for how to bet keno can help.

A good place to start is to become familiar with the keno odds. These odds can vary based on the number of spots one wishes to cover. One can easily obtain a chart online for advanced play. It is always beneficial to get the best odds when playing keno.

Hand strategy is a term that refers to how the player will approach each different round of play. Some players find that wheeling a set of numbers and playing multiple hands is an effective way to beat the game of keno.

Another effective strategy used by many players is to limit the number of selections used on each keno ticket. Some new players have a tendency to play too many spots. The game becomes more difficult as more numbers are added to the keno ticket.

Some players have found that using a multi-race keno ticket is a good strategy. A multi-race ticket is simply one which uses the same set of numbers over multiple keno tickets. The theory is that these numbers will eventually be chosen and pay a return.

The best winning strategy for keno may simply be consistency. Varying your play too much will be like starting the entire process over.

Keno Game Types and Variations

To play online keno you only need to have access to an online casino that offers the basic version of the game. Little gaming experience is needed to play keno. The experienced player, however, will find that many variations of basic keno exist. Some of these variations can give the player a shot at winning big with a progressive jackpot.

Virtual keno includes variations which can improve the quality and profitability of the game for the player. It can also be good to switch up one’s preference to maintain variety and interest in the game.

Here is a closer look at some of the keno variations that you will find at many of the casinos we review. A casino with multiple variations of the game usually scores higher overall in a review.

Classic Keno

classic keno

Classic keno is the name given to the original version of the game as it is played in live and online casinos. Players typically choose up to ten numbers to construct a virtual keno ticket.

A random number generator is then used to choose the winning numbers, and players are paid according to the number of matches that they have made.

It is possible to play a classic keno ticket for a very small amount of money. The rewards can be great, even when the player makes a minimum investment.

Single Card Keno

single card keno

A single card keno game is basically the oldest version of live and virtual keno. The player is only playing a single set of numbers in order to win the jackpot. To receive the maximum payout all of the player’s numbers, or spots, have to be chosen by the random number generator. In a single-card keno game, the odds are determined by how many numbers the player uses. Odds are also affected by the total number of spots used in the game. Players should remember that using smaller amount of numbers reduces the odds, but it also lowers the payout of the keno game.

Multi-card keno would simply involve playing more than one set of numbers. Some players use a “wheel” or other strategies which require multi-card play.

Jackpot Keno

jackpot keno

Jackpot Keno is a version of the game that gives the player a chance to win life-changing money by picking the correct numbers. Jackpot Keno is a difficult bet to win because there are many numbers involved. The requirements can vary from one online casino to another.

In most cases, a minimum of ten spots is required to qualify for a jackpot keno pay. This makes the odds of the game astronomical, but some players have walked away with huge winnings. Unlike progressive keno, the amount of the jackpot in this keno variation remains the same and does not change.

Progressive Keno

progressive keno

Progressive keno virtual games are those which offer the largest jackpots. These games require the player to pick as many as 20 numbers. When a player is correct on all selections, the progressive jackpot is won. If no player wins the jackpot in any given round, the jackpot continues to grow until it is won.

Jackpots as high as $1.9 million have been reported by online casinos that offer progressive keno. These games are very similar to the lottery. The odds of hitting the progressive jackpot are astronomical, but the cost of playing the keno wager is very small. Punters have the chance to wager a small amount to win a lot.

Golden Bonanza Keno

golden bonanza keno

Golden Bonanza Keno is a variation of the game that combines elements of bingo with keno. This gives the game a broader appeal to those who are fans of both types of gambling game.

In many respects, this variation of keno is similar to the basic game. There are 80 numbers to choose from, and players can pick up to 15 of the numbers for their ticket. Hitting all of the numbers results in the largest payout. The minimum cost for a ticket is usually $0.20 and the maximum is $20.00.

Power Keno

power keno

Power Keno is very similar to the Powerball lottery which is found in the US. The player chooses numbers just as they would in regular keno. The last number drawn, however, is the Power number. When the player picks this number correctly, their winnings are multiplied by a certain amount.

Most games of this type allow the player to choose between 2 and 10 numbers. Choosing more numbers increases the difficulty of the game, and it also raises the payout to the player.


Here are some frequently asked questions that we try to answer in our comprehensive online casino keno reviews. Those who do not find their question answered are always welcome to contact us for more information.

Is keno fair?

Keno is a one of the most inherently fair online casino games because the results are randomly determined. A random number generator, or RNG, is used to determine the chosen numbers. The best casinos also adhere to what is known as a provably fair model of gaming. This means that the results and algorithms of each keno game are made available for review. An examination of the history of the games can be used to demonstrate fairness.

Can I play free keno and learn how to play?

There are some online casinos which provide free keno virtual games to players. Free keno does not require a deposit of real money from the player. The downside is that there is no real money to be won with free keno. A free keno game is one of the best ways for a player to learn the game without risk. It should also be noted that regular games for real money can be played for just a few cents at most online casinos.

Where can I learn keno game strategies?

There are numerous websites which are devoted to keno strategies for players of all types, from beginners to advanced. One can learn about various keno strategies from these websites, but the best way to learn may be to play keno for free. There is little substitute for actual play when it comes to learning. Finding a free casino game will help you learn how to mark a keno card, the minimum and maximum wagers, and how to combine numbers for a better chance to win. You may also want to try and model the strategies of other successful keno players.

How can I find a reputable keno casino online?

Your best resource when it comes to choosing a reputable online casino for keno is our keno review site. We put all the work in to save you time. Our reviewers look at every aspect of an online casino to determine which casinos are legit. Choosing a scam online casino can cost you large sums of money. You should never open an account with a keno online casino until you have read trusted reviews like the ones we provide. We see ourselves as providing a valuable service to players who are serious about winning money at keno online.

What is a Welcome Package?

Many online casinos are willing to offer new keno players a Welcome Package. This package generally consists of free bonus money that can be used to play the online casino’s keno variations. The free money may be offered with no strings attached, or it may be given in the form of a matching deposit bonus. The best keno Welcome Package is one that provides a no deposit bonus and a matching bonus. We help you find the online casinos that have generous packages for players.

How do I know if a casino is safe?

It is always imperative that you choose an online casino that employs the highest security protocols. This means that the casino is using SSL protection, and that player data is encrypted. The problem is that it can sometimes be difficult to know which casinos are using adequate safety measures. Our keno reviews always include information on online casino safety. We will let you know if the online casino you have chosen is a safe place to play. We put in the time and effort to analyze each online casino website from a security standpoint.

Can I play keno online for real money?

Keno for real money online is legal in many countries throughout the world. It is even legal for some US residents to play keno online. Almost all online casinos that offer gambling for real money have keno, and most of them welcome UK players. The money that players win from keno is real and can be withdrawn from the player’s account at any time.

Can I play keno casino games on mobile devices?

Many online casinos are now making their keno gambling games available on mobile devices. We tend to rank casinos which offer mobile gaming higher than others. The preferred method of many people who gamble online is a mobile phone or a tablet. Keno is a casino game that presents an excellent mobile gaming opportunity.