Keno Lab

Keno is a centuries-old game that continues to entice casino players to this day! It’s one of the oldest games of luck in existence. While the gameplay remains largely the same, new variations provide a fun twist on an old classic. One such title worth trying out is Keno Lab. 
Keno Lab offers a fresh and futuristic take on the game you know and love. Available at many online casinos, it’s a themed experience that dives into the world of science and intrigue. Push the limits of your luck against a science-fiction backdrop! Powered by a random number generator, this game requires no skill whatsoever. Whether you win or lose is entirely up to fate. Pair that with the simplistic gameplay, and Keno Lab is an experience everyone can try. 

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About Keno Lab 

First released at the end of 2016, Keno Lab is not new to the online casino scene. It’s a relatively popular title that you can find on both large-scale and boutique casino platforms. The game was developed by 1X2 Gaming. 
1X2 Gaming is UK-based and has a pretty solid reputation in the industry. The developers started making games in 2002 and are responsible for creating many beloved titles. Originally, 1X2 Gaming was most known for slots. However, the providers expanded to offer more instant-win games, virtual sports, and arcade titles. 
Like Keno Lab, most of 1X2 Gaming’s titles have a unique theme. Distinct art styles, smooth animations, and vibrant graphics help spice up every game from this developer. Keno Lab is no exception. 

Art and Sound Design

As mentioned earlier, Keno Lab has some unique sci-fi appeal. The theme is that of a scientist’s lab. Upon launching the game, you’ll see the title card against a backdrop of DNA and spiral tubes. Once everything loads in, you’ll see the main play screen. 
Here, cartoon graphics depict test tubes and mysterious science experiences. The lotto-style board sits in a simulated glass dome. As the random number generator draws values, they appear as flowing balls. This action features a quirky animation that adds a touch of whimsy to the experience. 
If you’re lucky enough to have some winning numbers, you’ll notice some changes to the right side of the screen. The paytable is in a glass beaker. The liquid inside continues to rise with each winning number, representing your total payout! 
When it comes to sound, Keno Lab is relatively simple. A modern pop beak plays in the background. There’s not much to write home about for the music. It’s simple and doesn’t detract from the experience. Futuristic sound effects play for each drawn ball and selection, cementing the theme even further. 
Some might find the high-pitches sound a little jarring, especially as they repeat. Luckily, you can quickly mute the sound if that’s the case. The lack of sound will not ruin the gameplay experience. 

How to Play Keno Lab

Keno Lab is one of the most accessible online casino games to play. You don’t have to have any experience with Keno to be successful. It’s straightforward to doesn’t take more than a few minutes to learn. 
This game follows the same structure as most Keno games. A random number generator powers the game, and it operates pretty similarly to a lottery. The goal is to pick 15 winning numbers. 
Before the game starts, you must make your selection and adjust your betting parameters. 
Keno Lab is well-designed and features easy controls. You’ll see a small window with a number value and two arrows on the bottom of the screen. This area reflects the wager value. Use the arrows to choose a monetary amount you’re comfortable losing. The lowest bet you can make is £0.10. The highest is £20.00. Keep in mind that this number will directly impact winnings. The higher your initial bet, the higher your potential winnings if you’re lucky! 
Once you set your bet, it’s time to choose numbers. Complete this step in the grid just above the betting section. 
You can choose up to 15 numbers between 1 and 80. As you click, your selections will light up green. You’ll also see the paytable change on the right side of the screen. If you want to redo your numbers, you can click on the “Clear” button. Otherwise, hit the “Play” button and watch those balls roll! 
Like your favorite lotto game, winning numbers come from pulled balls. The balls roll from behind the digital gameboard to display front and center. As this happens, the numbers darken on the board. However, winning numbers turn bright red for easy visibility. 
A counter on the side of the screen lets you know how many balls are left. Keno Lab draws a total of 20 balls and compares the numbers to your chosen 15.

Special Gameplay Features

Not keen on choosing your numbers? No worries! Keno Lab does have a random selection option. Press the “Random” button on top of the number grid. Doing so will automatically choose numbers for you. 
Another unique “Turbo” button is available, too. This feature helps you speed up the game a bit. Instead of watching each ball get drawn, you can press the “Turbo” button. It skips the animations and displays the results instantly.  


Winning Keno Lab is simple. All you have to do is match some winning numbers! 
The paytable is on the right of the screen and will change as winning numbers are drawn. You have to match at least three numbers to win something.  
Your exact payout will depend on the number of matches you have and the value of your initial bet. With the highest bet, the maximum payout is £10,000.000. 
In total, Keno Lab has an RTP of 87.5 percent. The Return to Player value is a figure that represents how much the game rewards back over time. Keno Lab’s percentage is decent. Keno games with higher RTP rates do exist. It’s also considerably lower than most modern online slot games. That said, it’s still generous enough to give you a good chance of winning something back.

Are There Any Bonuses? 

Unfortunately, Keno Lab doesn’t have any bonus opportunities. 
The lack of bonuses might seem like a sour point for some players. Most modern slot games have extra rounds that offer handsome payouts. In many cases, the highest possible payouts are only available behind the bonus round. However, the game of Keno isn’t built for those gameplay mechanics. 
It relies on random number generation technology. There aren’t any distinct symbols or hidden easter eggs. Like most lottery-style games, Keno Lab is as simple as they come.

Keno Lab Strategies 

Keno Lab is a prime example of a purely luck-based game. There’s no way to improve your odds of winning or rig the game in your favor. Whether or not you win is up to Lady Luck herself! 
The only tip that we can provide is to adjust your bets based on your goals. 
If you don’t mind getting many smaller wins over time, keep your wagers small. Keno Lab offers decent odds across the board. But, you can quickly run out of money if you’re making the maximum bet each time. By lowering your wagers, you can play for much longer.  
However, doing so banks on making many smaller wins that add up over time. If you want to win big prizes, you’ll need to make sizable bets. 
How you play is entirely up to you! Keno Lab is flexible enough to cater to all playing styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun on your terms. 

Where to Play Keno Lab 

Keno Lab is available at many casinos. While not as famous as slots, Keno still attracts a crowd. The problem is that not too many developers try their hand at this lottery-based gameplay. As a result, you’ll run into Keno Lab a lot when browsing casino sites! 
This game is also mobile-friendly. Accessibility will vary from one platform to the next. But most sites will let you play directly on a mobile browser. Keno Lab is fully optimized for that, so you don’t need to download a standalone app in most cases.

Final Thoughts 

Keno Lab is a simple game that anyone can play. If you’re intimidated by the glitz and glam of traditional casino gaming, Keno Lab might be for you. The graphics and theme are unique. The title ditches standard casino fare for something new and exciting. 
It’s a game of pure chance. Choose some lucky numbers and see if good fortune is on your side!