Lucky Keno

Are you looking to try something other than slots and table games? You’re not alone! Online slots are fantastic for the sheer number of titles available to you. However, you’ll find that a vast majority are different variations of multi-reel slots. Sure, unique themes and distinct features set them apart. But sometimes, you just want a new experience. That’s where Lucky Keno comes in! 
Lucky Keno is a contemporary take on an ancient classic. Keno is an instant-win game that’s been around for nearly 2,000 years! Curiously enough, the gameplay remains much of the same. The lottery-like experience offers a unique thrill, and Lucky Keno brings it into the modern age. 

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About Lucky Keno 

Lucky Keno isn’t the first game of its kind and certainly won’t be the last. However, this title offers a clean, no-frills experience with enough extras to keep things interesting. 
It first came out in 2017. The software provider, PariPlay, went for a clean aesthetic without the unnecessary fluff. While some game developers do their best to stuff titles with over-the-top animations and graphics, Lucky Keno is noticeably simpler. 
There are no crazy backgrounds or even resource-hogging animations. Everything is light and easy on the eyes. More importantly, however, is its seamless transition to mobile devices. It uses HTML5 and lacks any specialty game engines. As a result, it plays well on most devices. The best part is that you don’t have to download standalone apps. Just log into the online casino with a compatible mobile browser, and you’re good to go. 

Art and Sound Design

The design of Lucky Keno is pretty sleek. As mentioned earlier, it’s not super flashy. Most of the graphics are flat and uniformly colored. There’s a large Keno game table set on a dark blue backdrop. 
The control menu is on the bottom, while the paytable is on the right side. On the left, you’ll see a colorful wheel peaking out. We’ll get into that a little later! 
When you select numbers on the table, they turn white. As you spin and the winning numbers appear randomly, they turn red. If you’re lucky enough to get some winning numbers, you’ll see swirling circles appear. 
They may also spark with bright yellow stars if you get one of the lucky numbers! 
The sound effects are equally subdued as the aesthetics. You’ll hear clicking and bells when you interact with the board. Fun fanfares play when you win, too! But beyond that, the sounds are relatively tame. There’s no background music track to get on your nerves, which is a huge plus!


When it comes to gameplay, Lucky Keno is not overly complex. It’s an instant win game designed for quick play. Some would even say that it’s more streamlined than slots! 
There aren’t any paylines, wild symbols, or scatter icons. The game doesn’t reward free spins or have a complicated paytable, either. While the lack of free spins might seem like a downfall, it adds to the game’s charm. Keno is supposed to be a game that anyone can play! Lucky Keno keeps that legacy alive, ensuring that anyone can test Lady Luck regardless of skill level. 
So, how does Lucky Keno compare to other games in terms of payout? This title has a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 80 percent. That means that it rewards 80 percent of all wagers over time. Lucky Keno falls right in the middle compared to other keno experiences. 
Most keno experiences have an RTP between 70 and 90 percent. That said, it’s a bit lower than most online keno games. Online casinos usually offer a higher RTP across the board, thanks to the economy of scale. As a result, online keno usually has an RTP percentage between 92 and 95 percent.  
There’s no denying that Lucky Keno has a higher house edge. But that doesn’t take away from its enjoyment! This game has plenty to offer, including a generous multiplier that can help you win big!

How to Play Lucky Keno 

Before you jump into Lucky Keno, it pays to know what you’re doing. Luckily, the game is easy to understand after a few practice rounds. Developer PariPlay does a fantastic job laying out all the features and eliminating confusion. 
The goal in Lucky Keno is to select winning numbers. It’s as simple as that! The concept is similar to a lottery. You choose numbers you hope will win. Then, the game draws numbers randomly. If your chosen spots match the drawn numbers, you get a hit and win. 
The difference between keno and lotto games is that you’re not pulling from a massive pool. There isn’t a jackpot. What you win depends on how many hits you get.

Betting Options  

When playing Lucky Keno, the first thing to do is adjust your betting parameters. You can do that at the bottom of the screen. The control toolbar lets you change the bet value.  
Lucky Keno has a minimum bet of £0.10 and a maximum of £10.00. Like all games, the value of your wager dictates the sum of the prizes you can win.  
Now, onto selecting your numbers! The gameboard has a total of 80 numbers on a 10X8 grid. You can pick up to ten digits as you see fit. All you have to do is click on them. It is possible to choose less than ten numbers, but doing so only makes your chances of winning slimmer. 
Lucky Keno has preset patterns if you don’t want to choose manually. Look for the “Patterns” button in yellow. Pressing it raises a menu with several graphic-based choices. 
Clicking on one creates the image on your board with selections. If you don’t want to do that, you can just hit “Random 10” on the patterns menu.

Playing the Game  

Once you make your selections, press the blue “Play” button. 
If you make ten number choices, three lucky numbers will appear. These are extra spots that could trigger a bonus round. Lucky Keno chooses the numbers randomly, highlighting them in yellow. It’s important to remember that these numbers do not count as hits towards a win. 
After the lucky numbers, the game commences! Lucky Keno pulls 20 numbers one by one. Sound effects and unique graphics will play if you get a hit. Afterward, you’ll notice that the large window below the table displays your total win.

Convenience Features   

There are a couple of features to enhance the gameplay experience. 
The first is the “Quick Play” option. It appears once you initiate the round. The standard “Play” button transforms into “Quick Play.” It skips the fanfare of consecutive number draws. As a result, you’re able to see the results in an instant without having to wait. 
There’s also an autoplay feature. It’s similar to what you’d see on a slot game. Set the number of rolls, loss limits, and automatic number picking. The feature lets you do up to 500 rounds.

Understanding the Paytable   

Usually, figuring out how much you can win is confusing with keno. However, that’s not the case with Lucky Keno. The game features a paytable that’s visible at all times. Not only that but the various tiers highlight as you make hits. It shows you how much you can win with every correct selection. 
To win the minor prize, you must have at least three hits. That’s if you choose all ten selections. The biggest reward is 1,000X your initial bet. If you play the maximum of £10, that’s a total of £100,000! 
Overall, the pay structure is all straightforward. It eliminates the confusion that many people experiences with other forms of keno. 

Bonus Multiplier for Lucky Keno

Lucky Keno doesn’t have too many extras. However, it does have a multiplier wheel! You can see it sticking out of the left side of the screen. But how do you trigger it? 
Remember those lucky numbers we mentioned earlier? Landing all three will initiate the wheel. Spinning it will reward you with an additional multiplier. The highest amount is 100X. 

Is Lucky Keno Worth a Try? 

Lucky Keno is a simple game through and through. You don’t have to be a gambling pro to pick it up. It’s easy and non-intimidating. For that reason alone, it’s worth playing a few rounds. Plus, you have the multiplier for a new twist on familiar gameplay. Give it a shot and see if Lady Luck is on your side!


What software provider made Lucky Keno?

Lucky Keno launched in 2017. It’s one of many games from PariPlay. While not as recognizable as other online casino juggernauts, Pariplay has a positive reputation. It’s a trusted provider with many slots, table games, and more.

Where is Lucky Keno available?

Lucky Keno is available at many online casinos. It’s a popular title, so it appears on most platforms that work with PariPlay.

Is it available on mobile devices?

This game is available on mobile devices. It doesn’t require a download or a separate app. You can play it on most compatible mobile browsers.

What is Lucky Keno’s RTP?

The RTP of Lucky Keno is on the lower end. It’s 80 percent, which is lower than competing titles.

Can you play Lucky Keno with real money?

You can try out Lucky Keno for free with demos. However, the best way to experience it is with real money. The only way to win is if you make authentic bets.