Aces and Faces   

Aces and Faces

The video poker game Aces and Faces can be found at many online casinos. It is styled after the standard types of video poker, and the payback on the game is generous. Aces and Faces, as well as most video poker games, are one of the best bets in the casino for the player. Here’s a look at finding the best online casinos for Aces and Faces. We’ve also included a discussion of strategy. You can play Aces and Faces online for free or for real money.

Top Online Casinos for Aces and Faces    

Before you decide to play this video poker game online you should identify the best casinos. All online casinos are not the same. Some of them don’t even offer Aces and Faces or other video poker games. Finding the top online casinos can give you access to better bonuses, and it can also give you a better chance to win. The process can be time-consuming, but we have made it easier for you by recommending the best online casinos.

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How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for Aces and Faces?  

We have developed a very specific process for selecting the best online casino sites. It starts with using qualified experts on the online casino industry to make our recommendations. Every member of our team has conducted many reviews of online casinos.  
We rate casinos according to a specific set of criteria. The top casinos receive high marks in each category. Here is a look at the individual factors we consider.

Bonuses & Promotions 

Many casinos offer bonuses and promotions to new and existing players. These can include free slot spins, entries into drawings, and bonus cash. Our favorite bonuses and promotions are the no-deposit bonus and the matching deposit bonus. These are sums of free money that are given to the player when they create their account and make a real-money deposit. The top casinos are usually those which offer a mix of several bonuses and promotions.

Security and Safety 

No one wants to play Aces and Faces or any other video poker game at an online casino that is not safe. We only select online casinos which use SSL technology and other security protocols. We try to verify that all player data is encrypted. The top online casinos do not sell your data to third parties. Our selection process also involves looking for any data breaches that may have happened in the casino’s past.

Selection of Casino Games

A large selection of online casino games is a plus. Players want more than just Aces and Faces. They also want table games like blackjack and roulette. They want regular slot machines. Our favorite online casinos are those which offer hundreds of games by the best developers. It is also good for the casino to provide both free-to-play games and games that can be played for real money.

Device Optimization

Games at an online casino should be available to players in a variety of formats. This means that you should be able to play the games on a computer, phone, or tablet. Some very good online casinos even have apps for Android and iOS devices. We prefer online casinos that do not require a software download to your computer or other device.

Banking Options and Fast Payouts

The best online casinos are those which give players multiple banking options. Players should be able to make their deposits and withdrawals in any number of ways. Popular deposit methods include VISA or MasterCard branded debit or credit cards, e-wallets like Skrill, and various types of secure money transfer. Withdrawals should be handled in a timely manner. 24-48 hours is the current standard for receiving an online casino withdrawal. Players should be able to have their winnings sent directly to their bank account.

Customer Support  

Whenever you encounter an issue at an online casino, quick and satisfactory customer service is a must. Our top online casino picks are those which provide multiple points of contact for customer service. The best type of customer service platform is live chat. This allows you to receive an answer to your issue in real time. Other types of customer service that are offered can include telephone and email support. 

Playing for Free vs. Real Money  

You will see that many of the online casinos that we recommend offer both free and real-money versions of Aces and Faces. There can be advantages to each type of game.

Reasons to Play for Free:

  1. Learn the game at your own pace with no risk.
  2. Make the game a social activity.
  3. Try out the online casino without making a deposit. 
  4. Enjoy the game purely for entertainment.
  5. Practice your poker strategy for free.

Reasons to Play for Real Money: 

  1. Receive bonuses and free cash from the online casino.
  2. Win real money you can withdraw.
  3. Compete in real money online video poker tournaments.
  4. Enroll in online casino VIP programs.
  5. Receive priority support.

Game’s History + Origins 

You may find it hard to believe that the very first video poker machines began to appear in Las Vegas casinos as early as the 1970s. It would take several more years before the online video poker games that we are familiar with today started to appear. 
Aces and Faces began to emerge in popularity in the 2000s. It has since been added to the video poker menu of many online casinos. Players love video poker games because they offer a decent chance to win, and because they are very simple to master.  
All video poker games today owe their inspiration to the original Jacks or Better machines. Deuces Wild is another game that has inspired many video poker variations.

Rules of the Game    

The rules of Aces and Faces are very simple. The player is trying to make the best five-card poker hand from a 52-card deck. Players are dealt a total of five cards to begin, and one draw is permitted. Players can choose to receive from one to five new cards, or they can choose to stand on the original hand they have been dealt.  
The player is paid off if the final hand they hold contains a pair of Aces or better. The amount of the payoff goes up as the difficulty of the hand increases. A royal flush is the top hand in the game. It pays the most money to the player.  
The game play of Aces and Faces is very simple. Players begin by deciding how much they want to wager. Once the bet has been made, the player clicks DEAL to receive their initial cards. Players then decide which cards to replace. The final hand is dealt and the player is paid if they have made a qualifying hand. 
Variants of Aces and Faces include Jacks or Better and any other type of draw poker that can be played online.

Aces and Faces Strategy 

Here are our top strategy tips that can help you win when playing Aces and Faces online for free or for real money. 

  • Always play the maximum bet.
  • Always draw for the royal flush when two of your original cards can be used to make the hand.
  • Use standard poker strategy for decision-making.
  • Keep any winning hand greater than two pair.
  • Set win and loss limits for every Aces and Faces session.


Is it legal to play Aces and Faces online for real money?

Yes. Online gambling is legal in the UK and in many other parts of the world. You can play video poker and other games for real money after creating and verifying your account.

What are my chances of winning at this video poker game?

The payback on video poker games can vary from casino to casino. Generally, video poker has one of the highest returns for the player. Sometimes this can be as much as 98%.

Which game is better? Video poker or regular slots?

Video poker games like Aces and Faces offer the player a better chance to win than regular slot machines. There is also an element of strategy involved in video poker that is not present in regular slot games.

Can my free bonus money be used to play Aces and Faces?

Yes. You can use your free bonus money to play most any game in the casino.

Is the money I win mine to keep?

All money that you win playing Aces and Faces can be withdrawn to your bank account, subject to the terms and conditions of the online casino.