Book of Ra

Slot games are a staple at online casinos the world over. Many big-name platforms have thousands of titles to try! With quirky themes, thrilling gameplay, and plenty of opportunities to win, there’s a lot to discover. It’s no surprise that they are the most popular types of games in the online casino world.  
New games are popping up all the time. But one title, in particular, continues to have a lasting impression on the gaming industry. 

The Book of Ra slot game was one of the first big hits of online gaming. Developed by Novomatic, it arguable started a slot game revolution! The game continues to be a success, attracting gamers from every corner of the globe. 
The game offers a traditional gameplay experience. It, arguably, set the standard for online slots, kicking off a wave of imitators. While other titles come and go, the Book of Ra is a staple that millions love to this day.

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Pay Lines:

Min & Max Bet:
0.36 – 36.00

Top Online Casinos for Book Of Ra   

Interestingly enough, the Book of Ra online slot didn’t start on the Internet. It was a traditional land-based slot machine. Even today, you can still find it at some brick-and-mortar casinos. 
That said, the best way to discover this game is through an online platform. Online casinos offer a safe, secure, and fun gameplay experience. You can play from the comfort of home and enjoy the thrill on your terms. 
In a physical casino, you have no choice but to put down real money! That’s not the case online. Many platforms have free demos to help you learn the ropes and have fun without the risks. Of course, you can put real money on the line whenever you’re ready to test Lady Luck. 
Book of Ra has tons of opportunities to win. Thanks to bonus rounds and multipliers, you can walk away with a handsome reward! 

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How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for Book Of Ra? 

Ready to take a spin on the Book of Ra? First things first, you need to find the right online casino. Luckily, we make finding top-notch platforms a breeze. 
We have a team of seasoned players and industry experts that scour the web to find the very best. Our goal is to weed through the industry and help you discover the perfect match. 
How do we do that? We consider the following factors.

Bonuses & Promotions 

When you’re ready to play Book of Ra with real money, it pays to have great bonuses! Welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions are a common sight at online casinos. It’s a way for platforms to attract new players. They want you to sign up and create an account. To entice you, these casinos will hand out generous bonuses as an incentive. Try getting that at a land-based casino! 
We look for the most generous bonus packages out there. From match deposit bonuses to the sought-after no-deposit bonus, we’ll give you the low-down. The same goes for ongoing promotions. To keep players in, casinos will hold raffles, reward points, and offer bonuses to existing members, too! 
Of course, we don’t just take bonuses at face value. All promotions come with wagering requirements, terms, and conditions. We analyse all that technical jargon for you. All you have to do is choose the casino that offers the best bonuses and requirements! 

Security & Safety 

We can’t recommend a casino if it doesn’t have top-notch safety features. The goal is to play with real money and win big, right? When hard-earned cash is on the line, online security is crucial. 
Our team only endorses casinos that are appropriately licensed and regulated. For UK players, we choose platforms that are regulated in Great Britain. We look for that UK Gambling Commission badge of approval. If you’re from outside the UK, we’ll also let you know about additional licenses! The Book fo Ra slot is very popular in the UK and Europe. So finding a platform that’s catered to Britain by the gambling commission isn’t difficult. 
Licensed and regulated operations do a lot to provide peace of mind. But, we dig a bit further to ensure that you’re playing safe. We look for banking encryption, fraud protection, suitable random-number generators, and more. All these features create a secure playing experience you can feel comfortable partaking.

Selection of Casino Games 

The Book of Ra slot is enough to keep any slot enthusiast excited. That said, there’s also going to come a time when you want to try something else. Ultimately, an online casino is only as good as its game selection. 
We aim to recommend casinos that have a healthy collection of titles to try out. From immersive slots to interactive table games, we look for it all. Some casinos even offer live games, video poker, bingo, and more! 
In addition to the actual games, we pay attention to the software providers. Providers are responsible for developing and supporting titles. Heavy-hitters like Microgaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, and more are always a plus!

Device Optimization  

Desktop gaming was so two decades ago! Today, we have a world of technology at our fingertips. So, why not take advantage of it?  
Mobile gaming has grown massively in the last few years. With most people owning a smartphone or tablet, it’s the natural next step in online casino gaming. Unfortunately, not all casino platforms got the memo! 
We want you to game how you want. So, we keep an eye out for casinos that have good mobile device optimization. Full-featured standalone apps offer finger-tapping fun. However, some of the most well-known casinos have fully optimized mobile sites. With an optimized site, dedicated apps are a thing of the past! You can play directly on your mobile browser. Whether you have an iPhone, Android device, or anything in-between, we look for casinos that have you covered.

Banking Options & Fast Payouts  

There’s a lot of variety in banking nowadays. You’re not just limited to standard debit cards or checks. The rise of e-wallet services paved the way for secure and fast gaming.  
Most casinos are going to offer the basics. You’re almost guaranteed to see Visa, Mastercard, and even Maestro acceptance. But with other digital services, support is hit or miss. 
We try to recommend casinos that offer as many choices as possible. Services like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, and more are always welcome. Not only are they secure, but they can also make speedy transactions possible. 
Wait times for withdrawals are commonplace. But, the exact processing times can vary from one casino to the next. When you win big at Book of Ra online, the last thing you want to do is wait! We take payout processing into account to find the very best casinos. 

Customer Support  

Lastly, we pay close attention to customer support avenues. You’d be surprised by how many online casinos don’t invest in good customer support! You’re dealing with real money here! Having access to a knowledgeable support team is essential. 
The best online casino platforms offer multiple communication methods. These include direct email, live chat systems, and live telephone operators. DIY troubleshooting guides are good, too. In-depth tutorials, guides, and knowledge-bases let you take matters into your own hands for non-pressing issues.

Playing for Free vs. Real Money  

Online casinos offer more gambling flexibility than any land-based casinos. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned slot-lover, you can play how you want. So, should you play with real money or for free? Here are some benefits to both routes.

Reasons to Play for Free:

1. Learn the Game:

With free games, you can learn the Book of Ra online without any stakes.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Controls:

Take the chance to familiarize yourself with pay lines and betting structures.

3. Test the Platform and Software 

Have fun without the stress and anxiety of real bets!

4. Play with Zero Risks 

Have fun without the stress and anxiety of real bets!

5. Enjoy the Experience Without Commitments 

Many casinos allow you to try demos without signing up first.

Reasons to Play for Real Money: 

1. Earn the Chance to Win Big:

The only way to win big is with real-money bets.

2. Unlock the Full Experience:

Many demos and free-play versions have limited features.

3. Take Advantage of Bonuses:  

You can’t earn bonuses until you sign up and make your first deposit.

4. Experience the Rush of Real Bets:

There’s no greater thrill than putting real money on the line!

5. Earn Points and Rewards:  

Online casinos with VIP programs only reward points if you make real bets.

The History of Book of Ra   

The Book of Ra slot is not a newcomer by any means. It’s wasn’t the first online slot game. However, it’s been around since the early days of this industry. 
The game started its life as a physical slot machine. The developers, Novomatic, saw how popular it became. When they dipped their toes into the online development arena, Book of Ra online was an obvious choice! 
The Book of Ra officially launched in 2005 to much praise. It instantly attracted millions of players. The distinct Ancient Egypt theme is universally loved. Beautiful graphics and simple gameplay made it an attractive option for newbies and seasoned slot heads alike. 
As the online casino landscape changed, Novomatic kept up. Throughout the years, Novomatic released several versions of Book of Ra. The original version is still playable. However, its style is a bit rudimentary by today’s standards. 
The first new release was Book of Ra Deluxe. It came out in 2008 and is one of the go-to versions for fans. The deluxe version included massive graphical updates and an improved interface. A new pay line added more winning combinations, too! 
New versions continued to appear in the years that followed. Novomatic even released a version with a progressive jackpot. Other titles also supported the main Book of Ra franchise. They include a dice game, a unique slot game, and a bingo game! 
Despite all the options out there, the original Book of Ra slot still has a lot to offer. 

Rules of the Game    

Book of Ra online is a pretty straightforward game. It’s a simple five-reel slot with a total of nine pay lines. 
Like any other slot, you get to choose the bet amount and applicable pay lines. Bet sizes vary from 1p to £20. Once you’re ready, spin the reels and see what you land on! The game has an Egyptian theme, so you’ll see a wide variety of symbols on the reel. If you’re lucky, you might trigger multipliers or bonus features!


This slot game uses a combination of themed symbols and traditional symbols. For the themed symbols, you’ll see scarabs, explorers, sphinxes, pharaohs, and more. The standard poker card symbols are thrown into the mix, too. 
The explorers are one of the most important symbols. Landing five explorers earn you the standard jackpot. But this only applies if you play the maximum bet. 
Another significant symbol is the Book of Ra! This symbol serves a couple of different purposes. First, it acts as the wild. If you land on it, it substitutes any symbol on the reel to produce a win. 
If you get super lucky, you might land on several wilds at once. In that case, you can get a huge multiplier on your original bet. Land five wilds anywhere on the screen, and you receive a 200X multiplier. What happens when you get five wilds on a pay line? The game rewards a 500X multiplier!  


The Book of Ra also doubles as the scatter symbol! Getting three or more will automatically trigger the bonus round and ten free spins. 
The bonus round is a bit different from the base game. The book symbol expands to cover the screen. Then, all of the playable characters slide in one after another. Eventually, they stop until it lands on just one. This becomes your special expanding symbol. 
Not only does it expand, but this new symbol acts as a secondary scatter. You don’t need to land on this symbol in any specific order. As long as it’s on the screen, it will expand to cover a winning combo!

Our Top Tips to Maximise Your Book of Ra Strategy 

The Book of Ra slot is largely a game of luck. The outcome comes down to pure chance. However, there are some ways to play strategically. Here are our top tips!

1. Focus on the Symbols 

There are a lot of beautiful symbols to appreciate in Book of Ra online. Pay attention to them! It’s easy to lose focus while you’re hitting the spin button repeatedly.  
Some say that the visible characters indicate your chances of getting into the bonus round. There’s no concrete evidence of this. But many believe that important symbols appear more frequently when you’re getting close.

2. Aim for the Bonus Rounds 

The bonus rounds are where the real money is. There’s no real way to get into these rounds manually. Remember: It’s a game of chance. However, you should focus your big efforts on these rounds if you want to win some of the bigger prizes.

3. Play as Many Pay Lines 

More pay lines give you a greater chance to win something. Newer players tend to be a bit more conservative with pay lines. There are only nine lines available, so make the most of them!

4. Use the Gambling Feature 

Book of Ra has a unique gambling feature. It’s like “Double or Nothing” and occurs after a win. The mini-game involves choosing the colour of the next card in a deck. It’s a unique feature that can maximise earnings even more!

5. Set a Budget 

Finally, set a budget and stick to it. It’s not uncommon to see people get lost in slot games. Contrary to popular belief, playing more won’t increase your chances of a jackpot. Use your money strategically and play responsibly.


What is the RTP of Book of Ra?

The RTP is a percentage that reflects the amount the game rewards back to players. It stands for “Return to Player.” The RTP percentage of Book of Ra varies depending on the version. For the original game, it’s 92.13%. The deluxe version is higher at 96 percent!

The deluxe game is considered high-volatile for many. As a result, the original title is still very popular.

What’s the difference between game versions?

Novomatic continues to release new Book of Ra titles. Most versions of the game are slots. Though, some bingo and dice games exist too.

The original Book of Ra game is a simple five-reel slot with nine pay lines. The Book of Ra Deluxe is a direct sequel. It features ten pay lines and a few additional symbols. For example, a coin represents the wild symbol rather than a book. Scatter symbols are different, too. Other than that, the gameplay is similar.

Does Book of Ra have any bonus features?

Book of Ra does have a bonus round. You can trigger it whenever you land on three or more wild symbols.

The bonus round comes with ten free spins. However, you can earn more. There’s also a special expanding symbol.

The bonus round comes with ten free spins. However, you can earn more. There’s also a special expanding symbol.

Where is the game available?

The beauty of online gaming is that it’s available around the world! Book of Ra is a widely popular slot game. You can find it on many online casinos for UK players. It’s also a mainstay on international sites.

Novomatic, the game’s developer, is a respected name in the industry. As a result, the provider works with many casino platforms to make Book of Ra available.

Can you play Book of Ra for real money?

You can play Book of Ra for real money. In fact, it’s the best way to play! This slot game offers many ways to play. The standard jackpot is pretty generous. To win it, you have to land on five explorers. But that’s not the only way to earn something.

Book of Ra features a fun bonus round and several multipliers. The only way to take advantage of them is to play with real money.