Desert Treasure

When most people think of slot games, they picture the same old symbols, colour patterns, and style. There’s nothing wrong with traditional aesthetics. But sometimes, you want to venture into unknown territories for a thrilling new experience. 
The Desert Treasure slot game offers a brand-new take on old-school slot mechanics. It features all of the same gameplay you have come to know and love. But, a unique sand-filled backdrop sets the stage for a memorable quest for riches! 
This slot game has been around since 2005. Upon launch, it quickly became a favorite among slot fanatics looking for something different. Not only does it have a unique style, but Desert Treasure has many gaming innovations, too. 
There are countless ways to win big, making this slot game a must-try! 

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Pay Lines:

Min & Max Bet:
0.01 – 5.00

Top Online Casinos for Desert Treasure   

Desert Treasure is a digital slot game that’s exclusive to online platforms. It’s not a game you’ll find in brick-and-mortar establishments! The developers created it to cater to an ever-growing online audience. 
There’s no better way to play than through an online casino. Online platforms offer a safe and secure way to scratch your gaming itch. Not only that, but you’re free to play your way. Play for free or bet it all to test Lady Luck. How you play is entirely up to you. 
Best of all, you can play the Desert Treasure slot anywhere! Set up shop at your desktop to enjoy the thrill of online gaming at home. Or, you can game on the go whenever you have a few minutes to spare. At a top-notch casino site, you can do it all!

How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for Desert Treasure? 

It doesn’t take much to realize that the online casino industry is massive. There are hundreds of sites on the web with new platforms popping up every month! So, how do you choose where to play? 
We have you covered! 
Our team of online casino experts is here to cut through the saturated market. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to get started. There are so many choices out there! It’s not easy sifting through the garbage and finding the hidden gems. 
We take care of all that hard work for you and recommend the best of the best. Here are some of the most significant factors we look for in our search.

Bonuses & Promotions 

The best part of playing online is taking advantage of bonuses. Sure, physical casinos might have opulent buffets and free drinks. But try finding an establishment that hands out bonus cash! 
Online casinos do that regularly to attract new players. Usually, they’re tied to your initial deposit. Welcome packages can include free spins, match bonuses, and even elusive no-deposit bonuses. Many sites also have ongoing promotions and VIP programs to reward returning players. 
Before you get sucked into the allure of clever marketing, not all bonuses are what they seem. They can look good at face value. However, factoring in wagering requirements, terms, and conditions can reveal a different story. 
We dive deep into the fine print to find the most lucrative bonuses available.

Security & Safety 

We can’t stress enough how important safety and security are. Gambling at an online casino is serious business. While many fail-safes in place to keep gamers protected, scam artists and fraudsters still slip through the cracks. 
To ensure that your financial and personal information is safe, we only recommend licensed and regulated casinos. All of our recommendations are have licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and other governing boards. We also look for platforms that have top-notch technology and regular safety audits. 

Selection of Casino Games 

The Desert Treasure slot game has a lot to keep you occupied for hours on end. However, there’s going to come to a point when you want to branch out. The beauty of online casinos is that they can house thousands of titles! 
A casino is only as good as its games, so we recommend platforms tons to do. It’s not just the number of games that matters. Our team also looks into the quality of available games. Titles from well-known providers like Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, and more are always a plus! 
Of course, we look for more than just slots. Modern online casinos usually offer a vast selection of table games, too. Some may even offer live games that connect you to a remote dealer! 

Device Optimization  

These days, it’s not enough to have a high-quality desktop website. Today’s gamers are constantly on the go! To keep up, casinos need to have fully optimized sites accessible on a wide range of devices. 
Many casinos offer dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices. But, the best casinos have optimized sites that you can visit on any mobile browser. Play on the small screen while you catch the tube. You can also try your hand at tablet gaming during a lunch break. Whatever the case may be, having the ability to play anywhere is a huge perk.

Banking Options & Fast Payouts  

The way we manage our money is a lot different nowadays, too. In the early years of online casinos, basic debit cards and bank transfers were the only options. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then. 
The best Desert Treasure slot casinos accept a myriad of digital options. You can find platforms taking digital wallet services like Skrill, PayPal, Paysafecard, and more. Some are paving the way to the future by accepting cryptocurrency! 
Modern banking options have a couple of benefits. For one, they make online casino gaming more accessible to the masses. You no longer need to give away your banking information, which is a huge plus.  
Secondly, new-age banking options offer much faster payouts! Gone are the days of waiting several weeks to get your hands on your winnings. Depending on the exact method, you may gain access to your funds in only a few minutes!

Customer Support  

Don’t forget about customer support. When you experience issues with your bankroll or account, it pays to have a reliable support team on hand. Unfortunately, not all casinos invest in the support department. Even heavy-hitters struggle to meet the customer support demands of players. 
We try to recommend platforms that you can turn to with any issue. The best casinos have 24-hour support and multiple ways to connect. That includes dedicated emails, telephone numbers, and a live chat system.

Playing for Free vs. Real Money  

The flexibility of online casinos is unmatched. They’re low-pressure environments that let you play your way. Whether you want to take things easy or bet it all, you can do so at an online casino. 
Not sure if you want to play the Desert Treasure slot for free or real money? Here are some perks mull over before making your decision. 

Reasons to Play for Free:

  1. Give the casino’s services a test run.
  2. Make sure that the software runs smoothly on your device.
  3. Learn how to play the game without any pressure.
  4. Try out new betting techniques and strategies.
  5. Have some stress-free fun. 

Reasons to Play for Real Money: 

  1. Experience the feeling of taking a real risk.
  2. Earn the chance to potentially win big prizes.
  3. Unlock the full game experience without any ads or restrictions.
  4. Claim welcome bonuses and VIP promotion points.
  5. Earn a chance to win progressive prizes and jackpots.

The Origins of the Desert Treasure Slot   

The Desert Treasure slot initially launched in November of 2005. At that time, the online casino industry was in full swing. However, the competition was still incredibly fierce. 

The slot game’s developer, Playtech, was a burgeoning powerhouse. Desert Treasure was one of many games to put the game provider on the map! 

Playtech began in the late 1990s. Online casinos were still in their infancy, and the technology used to power them was still evolving. Playtech’s founder, Teddy Sagi, sought to create software that rivaled what established casino operators were using. So, he established a crack team in Estonia and got to work! 

During those initial years, the online casino realm blossomed. Providers were coming out of the woodworks to create innovative gaming experiences. While the pressure mounted, Playtech was diligent in creating something truly unique. 

By 2001, Playtech was ready to debut its work! The technology went on display at trade shows around the world. It didn’t take long for operators to realize that Playtech was set to become an industry leader. 

Playtech launched its first casino platform in 2001. Instead of licensing the technology to every operator that wanted it, Playtech was a little more selective. It charged heftier fees and weeded out fraudsters that were taking advantage of other developers. 

The selective nature of Playtech paid off. It quickly rose to the upper echelon of gaming. Thanks to games like Desert Treasure, Playtech proved again and again why it was one of the best! That legacy continues today.

Rules of the Game    

The gameplay for the Desert Treasure slot is pretty straightforward. It’s a five-reel slot with a total of 20 paylines. 
To start playing, you have to set up your bet. Towards the bottom of the screen are several selection options. The first is marked as “Lines.” This section controls the paylines you want to play. You’re free to bet on a single line or go all the way up to 20. 
Next is the “Line Bet” amount. The line bet refers to how much you’re betting per line. The lowest amount you can bet is £.01. The highest is £1.00.  
Below that section, you’ll find the “Total Bet” amount. Remember: The line bet is how much you’re wagering per payline. If you have all 20 in play, you’ll need to multiply the line bet by 20 to get your total bet. 
Once you have everything ready to go, hit the “Spin” button and watch the reels turn! 
To win, you must line up symbols on the paylines.

Basic Symbols

The basic symbols can be separated into two categories: Low-paying and high-paying. 
The low-paying symbols are ones you probably recognize. They include the 10, the Jack, the Queen, the King, and the Ace. Of course, each one is marked with desert-themed artwork. These symbols appear frequently, so they come with lower payouts.  
The high-paying symbols are a camel, an oasis, and a Bedouin nomad. Landing combinations with those symbols can lead to big rewards! There’s also a cobra. It represents the “Wild” and can take the place of missing characters to reward a winning combination. 


There are two bonus opportunities, and both are triggered with special symbols. 
The first is free spins. You can earn ten free spins by landing on three or more images of a dark-haired woman. She’s the queen of the desert and represents the “Scatter” symbol.  
Finally, there’s the Treasure Chest bonus. You can get into this bonus round by landing on three images of a compass and map. Triggering the bonus brings you to a new screen. There, you can pick chests and earn cash prizes. 

Progressive Lotto Side Game 

The Desert Treasure slot game has a “Dollar Ball” button. It’s an optional lottery-style game that Playtech offers on many of its titles. Clicking it will let you pick five numbers between one and 49. If your numbers match the ones that get drawn later, you win the lottery jackpot! 

Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Desert Treasure Strategy     

Like most slot games, Desert Treasure is primarily luck-based. That said, there are some strategies you can adopt to help you get the most from every spin.  

1. Understand the pay table.

It’s essential to know the pay table before playing. Understand what each symbol is worth and how much you can get from combinations. Familiarizing yourself with the paylines is beneficial, too.

2. Use as many paylines as possible. 

Many newer players try to be conservative and only play one or two lines. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’re reducing your chances of winning. With 20 paylines, there are several ways to get winning combinations!

3. Aim for smaller jackpots.  

Smaller jackpots tend to pay more often than bigger ones. Desert Treasure’s lottery jackpot is progressive. While it’s a nice extra, don’t spend too much trying to win it. Instead, aim for the standard jackpots.

4. Stick to a budget.

With a game like the Desert Treasure slot, it’s easy to lose yourself in the thrill. Create a gaming budget to ensure that you don’t bet beyond your means. It’s a good idea to use any safe gambling tools the casino offers, too.

5. Don’t be afraid to make big bets. 

Desert Treasure has a high RTP, so don’t hesitate to get aggressive. The game rewards a lot to players. So, there’s a good chance you’ll win something!


What is the RTP percentage for Desert Treasure Slot?

The RTP stands for “Return to Player.” The figure reflects how much the game rewards back to players. The average RTP for land-based casinos is usually between 70 to 90 percent. For online casinos, that figure is even higher at 94 to 95 percent.

Desert Treasure is a rarity. It has an impressively high RTP of 97 percent! That means players win frequently.

Does Desert Treasure have any bonus rounds?

Desert Treasure does have a bonus round. A unique compass and map symbol triggers it. Landing on three will take you to a new screen where you can earn bonus cash.

A desert merchant presents you with treasure chests. The number of chests matches the number of symbols you got. There will be at least three, but you can have more if you were lucky. Clicking on a chest will reveal a cash prize. The prizes are added up and rewarded at the end of the round.

How do you play Desert Treasure?

This slot game operates very similarly to other titles. If you have tried other Playtech games, the interface should look very familiar.

To start playing, you must set your payline options and line bet value. After that, it’s as simple as pressing the “Spin” button. Wins are automatically added up and rewarded.

To make things even easier, Desert Treasure has an “Auto Play” function. It automatically respins a set number of times for hands-free play.

How much can you win from Desert Treasure?

The amount you can win depends entirely on your line bet. With all the paylines, there are many opportunities to win large sums of cash. The high-paying symbols like the oasis, camel, and nomad award the highest standard payouts.

However, the WILD cobra symbol is the most lucrative. Landing five in a row can award up to 100,000 credits.

You can also win big with the queen Scatter symbol. During the free spins rounds, you can get multipliers for even bigger rewards.

Where is the Desert Treasure slot game available?

Desert Treasure is available at many online casinos. It’s a very popular title, so many operators that work with Playtech will have it. The experience is the same regardless of where you play. However, the bonus opportunities, security features, and other casino-specific elements will vary.

Check out our selection of the best online casinos to find a platform that’s right for you!