The Jokerizer slot has a lot of features that make it stand out from the crowd. One is its free spins round, where you can get up to 20 free spins if three or more scattered jokers appear on the reel. It also has other unique features like multipliers and wilds that help you win big! If you’re looking for something different in your next online slots game, this one might be worth checking out! 

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Progressive Slot



Mobile Friendly:



Pay Lines:

Min & Max Bet:
0.25 – 6.25

Joker Mystery Win Feature

It is a mystery win that can have a value between 1 and 10,000 credits. This is achieved by allowing the random number generator to run for a certain amount of time. It stops generating numbers and returns whatever number was generated as a result of that spin. This gives the slot a unique feel and makes it seem like an interactive game rather than a static one.


Want to take a spin and test your luck? Plenty of sites let you do just that. But before you do anything, you need to choose the best online casino for your needs. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry: We have you covered! 
Our team of online casinos experts sifts through the saturated market to find the best platforms out there. We want to help you stay safe and have fun on your terms. To make our recommendations, we consider the following factors. 

Table of Results

The table of results is the important part of this game, which tells the slot what to do with each result generated. For a win to be triggered, the result’s value must match one in the table. If you add or remove rows from the table, it changes the number and type of win triggers. 
The table has 101 rows, which means that the slot can generate a total of 10,001 possible numbers to check against this table, giving an average of 5 wins per spin (assuming an equal number of small and large wins). As such, many users will likely find themselves getting irrelevant results (i.e., results that don’t trigger any win) pretty often. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the number of rows to be sure you get wins at least some times. 
The table has 60 columns, each column corresponding to one of the 60 numbers in a spin (i e 1-60 x 10 lines = values 1-600). Each row defines a number and a condition. If the random number generated matches one of those numbers, it triggers the corresponding action defined in that row. The possible actions available are: 

“+30xf” – add 30 times your current bet “-“30xf” – remove 30 times your current bet “-5xf” – lose 5 times your current bet “start” – start a new game 
The latter two actions can be combined to create a win: “++15xf-5xf” – win 15 times your current bet (i.e., add 15 and then lose 5). 
To make it easier for the user to generate wins, the table allows you to place conditions on certain ranges of numbers. For example, if the value is between 42 and 48 inclusive (range 42-48). 
For this to work, each row must have both a starting number and an ending number defined. In addition, there must be at least two rows adjacent to each other which cover the full range required. The condition is limited to 2 adjacent rows as it’s not possible for a result to ‘span’ across more than that. 



RTP stands for ‘Return to Player, and it’s a measure of how many credits you can expect to get back from playing the game. It is impossible to calculate this in calibre due to the random nature of the results generated. Instead, we use an average of over 1000 spins which we’ve found to give a fairly accurate result. The game has a return rate of 98%. This is fairly high but still within acceptable ranges. It’s important to note that this is an average, so many players will get back more than the RTP while others will get less

Calibre Auto Spin Feature

This slot includes an auto-spin function which allows you to let it run continuously without user input. Once active, the slot will automatically generate a result every 4 seconds (for the first 1000 spins) or if any spins show a win. It is possible to let the slot play continuously, even without being connected to the calibre. This gives an effective RTP of 43.5%, which is still reasonable considering that over time you will get some wins among the losses. 
Note: The auto-spin feature has a built-in delay of 4 seconds before it spins, so if you have a spinning wheel image in the slot, it will continue to show that image for 4 seconds. 

Disabled Lines Feature

Another auto-spin feature allows you to disable certain lines from being generated by calibre when it spins. The feature has four modes: None – no lines are disabled, even if they generate an error. All – all possible lines are disabled unless some of them generate an error. Some – only the lines that generate errors are disabled, leaving all lines with a positive potential to wound. Best – best line is always enabled.  

This means that you can have calibre spinning even if there are no credits left on your account without risking too much money. If you use this feature, it is strongly advised to click the spinning wheel in the slot yourself now and then so that calibre knows there’s a player actively playing. Otherwise, calibre might stop spinning after some time if it thinks there are no players around. 

Slot Details

The game uses physical buttons to generate random numbers. If you press and hold either button, it starts spinning slowly for 4 seconds (4 sets of 2 seconds), then it stops on the result. The speed of the spin will be exactly in between how quickly you pressed and held each button (i.e. if both buttons were pressed and held for the same time, it would spin half as fast as if it had started spinning after you only pressed one of the buttons).

Maximum-minimum bets

The slot has three betting lines which you can use to place your wager. The maximum bet is 1000 credits (or 1000 times your current balance).

Maximum-minimum payouts

Most winning combinations have the same payout regardless of how many you bet, but some exceptions exist. The minimum possible win is ten times your line bet, and the maximum possible win is 2000 times your line bet.

Moving Lines

An arrow on each of the three lines can be moved up and down to change where the potential winning combination will generate. This means you can change which line you want to bet on. This will affect the odds of hitting a certain combination, so it might be good to play around with this feature if you find your lines are not too lucky. 
If you move the arrow down to the bottom, that number becomes ‘locked’ and unable for the calibre to spin. The only way to unlock it again is to change the arrow (which will move it back up and make it available for spinning). 


For the RTP calculation to be possible, there must be volatility in the game. Volatility refers to how much money you can win (on average) for every credit bet on a spin. If you make 10 000 spins and all of them result in winning lines, your result would not be very representative (you’d either probably get rich if you were already rich). 
The Slot Machine uses a random function to ‘jump around and give some variation between spins. By default, it will jump up and down by 1 cent (so, for example, if the RTP is 50%, you can get anything from 49% to 51% on average per spin). That setting can be changed in the GUI, but it’s advised to not set it too low (less than 10 cents will probably result in very bad RTP numbers). 

Game symbols

The Jokerizer Slot uses the following symbols: cherries, lemons, grapes, purple stars, bells and lucky sevens. 
The cherries and the grapes are the lowest paying symbols. The purple stars and bells have a medium payout, while the lucky sevens have a high payout. To hit a winning combination, you have to match two or more symbols. The lucky 7s is the highest paying symbol in the game. To hit it, you have to spin 5 of them on any of the betting lines. 
The next best is four bells/purple stars. It’s not possible alone to get four lemons/lemons or grapes/grapes on any of the lines. You can, however, get 3 of each, which is good enough to win some credits. 
The minimum bet you can place is ten times your balance. The maximum bet is 2000 times your balance, but there’s no need to risk so much money on one spin – one of the best strategies is to set the line bet to 1 and maximize your payouts by adjusting the volatility/RTP. 
Another way to change how you bet is to use all three lines or just one of them. If you use more than 1 line, it’s harder for the slot machine to give you a winning combination but also pays better when you win. 
Using only 1 line is easier to achieve, but you won’t win any money except on very rare occasions. 
The most common combination in this game is two fruit symbols of the same kind – for example, two lemons or grapes. That combination pays ten times your bet.  

Graphics and sound

The game has nice graphics and sounds, which can be heard when you hit a combination or win. The game is very straightforward, the symbols are easy to distinguish, and it’s easy to understand how the slot works. 

jokerizer slot

Jokerizer Slot Bonus and Free Spins

The game has a bonus feature: the wild symbol. It is denoted by the Jokerizer Logo and can substitute for any other fruit or lucky sevens symbol on the line to complete a winning combination. If you get too many of them on one spin, it might be smart to lower your bet as you’re extremely unlikely to hit any more line wins. However, the bonus feature can be triggered at random without any combinations – so you could hit a big win when it happens. 
There are no free spins in the Jokerizer slot, but a bonus feature makes up for the lack of free spin games! In case you experience a spin with three lemons or three bells on one of your lines, and you get a winning combination, there’s a chance the Jokerizer wild symbol will magically appear on another line and complete another winning combination; too! This can happen 2 or 3 times in a row, so you’d hit 4 to 6 winnings at once.