Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck 2 is an online casino game that is free to play. It is a sequel to the popular Thunderstruck slot machine which was brought to the public by Microgaming. The graphics are colourful and bright, making it exciting even for those with sight difficulties. Thunderstruck has five reels and twenty pay lines. You can bet between $0.01 and $1 per spin, but many people choose to play for free so they can gamble without any risk. 
The setup for this game is identical to many other online casino games. Hit the ‘SPIN’ button and the reels automatically begin turning, revealing their combination. If you win, your total bet can be divided up by as many as 20 different pay lines. This gives you more chances to win big multiple times in one round. 
While this game is deemed to be quite a simple one, it still offers a unique bonus feature unlike any other slot machine in the industry today. It is called the ‘Gamble Feature’. If you hit two fiery sevens on the first and third reels, you will be given a chance to play an amusing mini-game. The outcome of this game will have the potential to multiply your current winnings by as much as four times. 

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Progressive Slot



Mobile Friendly:



Pay Lines:

Min & Max Bet:
0.30 – 15

How do we select the best casino sites for Thunderstruck 2?

Want to take a spin and test your luck? Plenty of sites let you do just that. But before you do anything, you need to choose the best online casino for your needs. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry: We have you covered! 
Our team of online casinos experts sifts through the saturated market to find the best platforms out there. We want to help you stay safe and have fun on your terms. To make our recommendations, we consider the following factors. 

Bonuses & Promotions 

The best casinos for Thunderstruck 2 will offer bonuses that have no or very low wagering requirements. This way you can win real money and use it at your leisure, rather than having to gamble it all back. The best casinos will offer an endless number of bonuses until you win a deposit, but also continued offers after your first win. An excellent promotion combines a welcome bonus with other rewards that are offered to players who meet certain requirements.

Security & Safety 

The best casinos for Thunderstruck 2 will have a robust security system in place. It will take away the worry that you may get lost in a sea of confusing terms and technology. This is especially important when playing with stake money as you would want to know that it is safe. Responsible players should always use casino software that has been designed to be secure and those which have never been hacked, but any reputable casino will offer their software under such conditions, as long as it has been tested thoroughly by independent sources. 

Selection of Casino Games

The best casinos for Thunderstruck 2 will offer a wide selection of casino games. It is important that you can play your favourite games online, without having to worry that the casino you choose is good for anything else. If you are a fan of slots then you want to be able to enjoy them in all their variety and originality. You should be able to find different types of poker as well, including different variations on the standard version. Multi-Table Games and Live Casino games are certainly becoming more common, but you can still expect to find them on all the best casinos for Thunderstruck 2. 

Device Optimization

One of the great advantages casinos can provide for a player is the fact that they can play from any device. So, if you use more than one type of device, or just choose to, it is wise to make sure that they all are well optimized for online gaming. Some browsers may be less friendly to online gaming than others, but this is something you shouldn’t need to worry about when playing at one of the best casinos for Thunderstruck 2. There are plenty of solutions that can help you, and it is up to you as the player to ensure that the software on your device is used appropriately to maximize enjoyment. 

Banking Options & Fast Payouts 

The best casinos for Thunderstruck 2 will be able to offer many different ways in which you can deposit. It is always good to know that your favourite payment method is offered, as well as some less common ones that may not be available at other casinos. It is also useful if the casino allows for a range of payout options. This way you can get paid in the currency you prefer to use and reduce the chance of getting hassled by fees or delays. With the best casinos for Thunderstruck 2, this is a real possibility. 

Customer Support 

Customer support is a valuable part of any online casino. This isn’t just to help players who are having issues but to explain how things work and show people how they can be most effective. Responsible players will not only look for security in their casino games but customer support as well. The best casinos for Thunderstruck 2 will be able to provide well-informed and friendly answers to many common questions players may have. 

Playing for Free vs. Real Money 

Online casinos offer versatility like no other. You can play in your PJs at home or on the train to work! How you play is up to you. 
When you play at an online casino, you also have the choice to play for free or for real money. Not sure which way to go? Here are some benefits of both to mull over. 

Reasons to Play for Free 

  • Most people will choose to play for free, and this is the ideal way for most people. Playing for free doesn’t mean that you are not getting a real deal. You will be able to enjoy this great game without any risk or financial commitment. 
  • Playing for free has its benefits. Depending on what type of casino you decide to use, you may win some nice rewards or get a whole lot of extra bonuses. You will have the chance to learn how to play and get all the feel of this great game.  
  • No matter how good you are or how much money you decide to bet, you will never lose any of your money. This makes playing for free a great way to practice and learn without any real risk involved.  
  • Gaming sites will provide you with a free game. These are designed to show you what the casino offers and what it is all about. 
  • You can try any game for free. You will be able to experience various features, so you can decide whether this is a game or not.  
  • You won’t need to deposit any money at all until you decide that this is something that you want to continue doing. 

Reasons to Play for Real Money 

  • Anyone who is familiar with mobile casinos will know that they offer just as much, or more than their desktop equivalents. With land-based casinos being so rare and expensive to travel to, this is a great way for anyone to enjoy playing their favourite games where ever they are.  
  • Reliable casinos will have been safety checked by well-known institutions. This is not something to be taken lightly. You should always check for regulatory certification.  
  • Playing games for real money will give you access to some of the best games available today. These include table games, slots, video poker, and many more great casino games.  
  • Playing games for real money will allow you to take part in some fantastic promotions. These will be available when you make your first deposit. You can win a good amount of cash very fast.  
  • These casinos won’t have any problems with the security of your funds as they are in the business of protecting your data and money. Your data will be safe, and your money will be kept separate from that of the casino, so even if there is a problem with one, you won’t have to worry about losing everything.  
  • Licensed and certified casinos are regulated by authorities who closely monitor their activities to ensure they are playing safely

Thunderstruck II History & Origins 

The original Thunderstruck appeared in the mid-nineties. It was a more traditional slot game, but it had a certain appeal to it. It was unique in the way that it featured different monsters. Instead of playing with jokers and wild cards, players would use different monsters to select the number or suit they wanted to get an outcome from. The game did well enough, and many people became fans of this slot. When the sequel came out many people were excited to see what Microgaming had created for this new outing. This is how Thunderstruck 2 came to be. 
In this new sequel, many of the same characters were there, but they were more detailed and finely drawn as compared to the original. A lot of attention was placed on each detail making the game a much more attractive prospect for players than before. This was just one way that Microgaming wanted to show off their skills. They also added some new features to this slot game that made it very popular with gamers who have an eye for realism and graphics. 

Rules of the Game

When playing Thunderstruck 2, you will see the same symbols used throughout most of the reels and buttons. This is because the game is focused on getting multiple types of monsters to come up. 
As you use your reels, some specific symbols will appear in certain places. These are: 
-The Wild: this symbol looks like this: V. It can appear on reels 2,3 and 4, and it can replace any other symbol but the scatter symbol to complete winning combinations. It also acts as a multiplier for winning payouts (x1 up to x2). 
-RTP: this is the return to player percentage. It appears above the reels in table format with these figures: 95.98%. This is just one of the ways that this game shows that it has a lot of attention paid to details, and can be counted on being fair. 
-Scatter Symbol: This symbol looks like this: S, and it can appear anywhere on the reels. It doesn’t pay anything by itself, but it will pay for certain combinations that are made using the other symbols in the game. The combination is as follows: 
-Volatility: the amount of variance in the wins that a game has is measured by its volatility. This is a term that is used to describe how much the wins can vary in value. While some games have low volatility, it will mean that most of your wins will be at a similar value. When you have high volatility, you can experience much bigger differences between your wins and losses. 

Our top tips to maximize your Thunderstruck 2 strategy

1. Play for real money 
This is the best way to experience Thunderstruck 2. You will be able to have a lot of fun with this game even if you lose some of your money, but if you win a lot and are not playing for real money, you will feel much happier. 

2. Play on the mobile and desktop versions of this game.
While they are different, both have their benefits. The mobile version is a quick and easy way to play, but the desktop version has more features, such as the high stakes banker. 

3. Winning streaks are important.
When you can concentrate on a long winning streak, you will be able to get a lot of valuable information. This information will allow you to know which symbols should come up next, and what combinations are likely to be successful. 

4. Target big payouts on this game.
Some of the combinations in the game can give you a lot of nice wins, but they are only available on specific pay-lines. If you hit a big win on one of these lines you will be able to multiply it by 2, 3, or 4 times before any other combination is made. 

5. Take advantage of the free spins bonus.
This is a great way to get a lot of additional free spins when you are playing Thunderstruck 2. As well as helping you get more wins, the bonus will allow you to use three different reels to place your bets on instead of just two. 


What are the features of Thunderstruck 2?

The game features high-resolution graphics and a sound engine. This means that it can process information very fast, and also that you will be able to hear every little sound without any difficulties. You will also be able to see some very high-quality images on the screen. They won’t slow down or lower the quality of your game because they have been well thought out.

What games are similar to Thunderstruck 2?

Many slot machines are very similar to Thunderstruck 2. You can find games like this at most of the leading online casinos. If you have played them before then you will know how good they are at getting players to keep on playing.

Is there a Thunderstruck 2 Jackpot?

Yes, there is a reward for reaching certain levels. If you play at least five times in one day and can get to this level, you will be able to claim the jackpot. You can check this for free at the game’s official website. This is a great way to double your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Which site offers the best bonuses for Thunderstruck 2?

We have collected the best casinos for Thunderstruck 2 for you. These casinos have very high payouts, generous promotions, and a player loyalty program. If you play in one or more of these casinos often you will be able to get a lot of rewards for all of your loyalty.

How do I receive my money?

There are a few different ways that you can receive your winnings after playing Thunderstruck 2. You can either choose to use the cash-out option, or to have your winnings paid directly into your account. If you are looking for a more fun way to get money into your account then you can use the free spins bonus as an alternative. This will allow you to get more rewards.