Online Poker

Poker is one of the most popular and exciting gambling card games in the world. Once played in saloons, back rooms, and live casinos, poker can now be played online for real money. The trick is knowing which online poker rooms you can trust.

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We’re here to help you find the best places to play poker online. Here is all you need to know about our online poker casino reviews. Use them to find the perfect place to win big at real money poker games.

The purpose of our free service is to help you identify the best poker sites in the UK. There are many casino websites that offer live poker for players in the UK. It is unwise to choose an online poker room unless you have done your research. That’s where we come in.

Top Poker Casino Reviews

We provide free reviews of virtual poker casinos. These thorough reviews will help you sort through the legitimate poker rooms and the scams. Without a reliable poker casino review website you could waste time and lose thousands trying to find a reputable place to play. We give you a shortcut to the most reliable and fair poker rooms.

Our reviews will tell you which UK poker casinos are licensed, and discuss their reputation for fairness. We evaluate poker rooms on many factors such as games offered, bonuses and promotions, deposits and withdrawals, and software providers.

You can use our reviews to make a comparison of UK poker sites, and the rest is simple. Just choose the one you want to play at, claim your promotion, and enjoy. The hard work has already been done with our reviews. We always give you several poker sites to choose from, so you will always have options in deciding where to play.

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What Kind of Game is Online Poker?

Poker is a unique gambling card game that can be found in both live and online casinos. The game is different from most other casino games. Players are competing against one another. They do not compete against the casino, and the house does not have an edge.

Poker is also a game that involves a measure of skill. It can be a fun way to gamble for a few hours, but some players have turned poker into a full-time job. The World Series of Poker, held each year in Las Vegas, draws thousands of players from all over the world. They compete for the title of world champion and millions in prize money.

The origins of poker can be hard to pin down. Some believe that it existed as far back as the 10th century in China. We know for certain that it was a popular post-depression game in the US and also caught on in the UK. At some point during the mid-1900s, the game of Texas Hold ‘Em began to appear in the backroom poker games of the American south. The rest is history.

Our reviews of poker concern the online variety of the game. It is played exactly like the live games are played but uses a random number generator program to determine the cards which are dealt. In comparison, many players prefer the online version of the game. The online player can present fewer “tells” or hints about their hand.

How to Play Online Poker

One reason that poker became so popular during the past two decades is its simplicity. Anyone can learn the basics of poker play in a few hours. Don’t be deceived. It may be a simple game to learn, but poker can take a lifetime to master.

All poker contests involve making the best five-card poker hand. Some variations of the rules use seven cards, but poker always determines a winner by the ranking of five-card hands. In order of value the hands are:

  • High card
  • Pair
  • Two Pair
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full House
  • Four of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Royal Flush

The winner of a poker hand is the person who holds the hand of the highest value. Players should become familiar with the above terms. The terminology of poker does not change from variation to variation.

Some rules of poker permit a draw. Others may allow multiple draws. There are numerous variations of the game, but Texas Hold ‘Em remains the most popular.

You can teach yourself how to play poker at home. There are many free apps and versions of the game available that allow you to play for free. Some online casinos may also have a free version of the game that players can enjoy before they play poker for real money.

Online Poker Basic & Advanced Strategies

Poker is a game of skill as well as a gambling game of luck. Those who have learned to use the most effective poker strategies will have the most success at the poker table. It should be the mission of every poker player to find the best strategies that will help them during their online game sessions.

A poker game involves many elements. It also involves many different strategies. There is card strategy, table strategy, dealer strategy, and money management to consider. We will look at two of the most important. Those are money management and starting hand, or card, strategy.

One does not play poker by chance. One approaches the game methodically if they want to win. That means having a starting hand range that is effective. For many players, this means starting with hands of 9-9 or better. For some, it means only beginning with high pairs or suited face cards.

Your own basic and advanced strategy will evolve as you evolve as a player. Using charts to determine the best starting hands and the odds for each can be a good idea for the beginner.

A strategy for how to bet poker is essential. Players need to know how to build an effective bankroll, the table limits that their bankroll will support, and when to walk away. Having both win limits and loss limits can be good for all poker players.

Game Types and Variations

It is true that Texas Hold ‘Em gets the lions share of attention where poker online is concerned. Texas Hold ‘Em is only one of many poker variations, and some of the others are older than Hold ‘Em by decades.

If you want to play online and give yourself the best chance to win, you need to seek out casinos that have the best quantity and quality of poker games. We rank casinos and poker rooms on how many variations of poker they offer.

Your gaming experience can be enhanced a great deal by a poker casino online that provides many varieties of poker. Some games may include a progressive jackpot or bad beat jackpot that gives you a better chance at winning big. Other casinos may offer games that allow for promotions such as Aces Cracked.

The bottom line is that more varieties of poker mean more chances to win. Here are some of the poker variations that you may find at our recommended poker casinos.

Texas Hold ‘Em

texas hold'em

You can rightfully call this the grandfather of all poker games. The best poker players in the world will tell you that there is a reason why the world championship of poker is decided at Texas Hold’Em. It is a game that rewards strategy, the ability to read your opponent, and nerves of steel.

Each player is dealt two cards to start the game. There is then a round of betting before three cards are turned up in the center of the table. Another round of betting is followed by a single card to the middle. One last round of betting precedes The River – a final card in the center of the table for all to share.

The winner of each hand is the player who makes the best five-card hand by using the cards in their hand and the cards on the table. Texas Hold ‘Em is often played no-limit style, meaning that a player can shove all of their chips in on a single bet!



Omaha is very similar to Texas Hold ‘Em in many respects. It is often played for pot limit stakes as opposed to no-limit. Players are dealt four cards to start in Omaha rather than the two to begin Texas Hold ‘Em. There are five community cards and several rounds of betting.

Variations of Omaha exist. Some games are played for only the highest hand. Others can be played for the lowest hand. Some Omaha games are a Hi-Lo variety that pay the holders of the highest and lowest hands.

7-Card Stud

7-card stud

7-card stud is one of the oldest poker games and probably predates Texas Hold ‘Em by many years. In this version of poker, the players are trying to make the best five-card hand from seven cards. Some cards can be seen by all the players at the table, while others are seen only by the player.

There is no draw in 7-card stud. Players engage in multiple rounds of betting as each card is dealt. This is a variety of poker in which bluffing is often used to great effect by the skillful player.

5-Card Draw

5-card draw

5-card draw is another variety of poker that is older than Hold ‘Em. It is the classic poker game that was once found in the bars and saloons of the American West. In this game, players are allowed to make a draw after their initial five cards have been dealt. The player may draw up to three new cards, or four if they hold an ace.

5-card draw is a game of skill and strategy. It can also reward bluffing by those who have the skill to pull it off.

High / Low Chicago

High / Low Chicago

Chicago is technically a variation within a variation of poker. In this variation of the game, poker players compete to see who holds the highest or lowest spade. The high spade would be the A, and it is also considered to be the lowest spade. A single player could scoop both halves of the pot if they hold the ace of spades.

You won’t usually find Chicago High/Low in a poker room online. It is most often played in home games where players can create a separate side pot.

Follow the Queen

Follow the Queen

Follow the Queen is an interesting variation of 7-card stud which is often played in home games. During the game, any card that appears after a queen is deemed wild. This new wild card replaces any wild card that has already been named. In theory, the wild card could change on the very last card dealt.

Having a wild card that changes adds a new dynamic to the game of poker. It can lead to the creation of some very large pots, and also very large losses when the wild card a player was counting on vanishes late in the game.

Short Deck

Short Deck

Short-deck poker is a variation of the game which is becoming more popular among recreational players and poker pros. In this variation of Texas Hold ‘Em the 2-5 cards of each suit are removed from the deck. Every other aspect of the game is the same as Texas Hold ‘Em.

Many players claim that this variety of poker requires more strategy because only higher cards are used. Others say that it turns every hand of play into a horse race. Short-deck poker is only beginning to make its presence felt in online casinos that have poker.

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Live Online Poker

There was a time when live poker was only available in physical casinos or card rooms. In the earliest days of poker, a game could be a dangerous proposition. We now live in an age where any adult can play live poker online for real money.

Yes, the excitement and thrill of real live poker can be experienced in your home. All you need is a desktop, laptop, or mobile device and an account with one of the online casinos that we recommend.

Live poker is available 24/7 online. We will help you find the best place to play live poker with our excellent poker casino reviews. You’ll feel just like you are seated at a live table with a dealer when you choose the right online casino for poker.

When you play live poker online you are competing against other players in different locations. The game takes place in real-time. There are even live poker tournaments that are hosted by many virtual poker rooms. Some of them award large cash prizes.

FAQ – Online Poker

Many questions are sent to us by those who read our reviews. Here is a list of the most common, and the answers to each one.

Is it fair?

Poker is one of the fairest gambling games that you can play. This card game levels the playing field, rewarding those players who have worked to improve their poker skill. The house does not have an edge, and players are competing against one another. Online Texas Hold ‘Em poker games use a random number generator to maintain fairness.

Can I play free poker and learn how to play?

There are many online casinos today which offer free versions of their poker games. These free versions do not require the player to make a real money deposit. They are similar in all respects to real money poker that is played live or online. You can use them to learn the game of poker online without risk.

Where can I learn poker game strategies?

The Internet can be a vast resource for those who want to learn about effective poker strategies. A simple Google search on the subject will provide hundreds of sites for poker strategy. Another good method is to invest in poker books that have been written by experts at the game. As always, practice will help you to develop your own winning strategies at poker.

How can I find a reputable poker casino online?

You’ve come to the right place. We think reviews are one of the best ways to find reputable online poker sites. The trick is to only trust reputable reviews! We have the industry experience and insight to provide unbiased online poker reviews that cover many different categories for each site.

What is a Welcome Package?

Many online casinos and poker rooms like to show their appreciation to UK players with a Welcome Package. This package can consist of bonus money, free poker tournament entries, and other perks. Most bonuses in a welcome package fall into two categories. There are no-deposit bonuses and matching deposit bonuses.

How do I know if a casino is safe?

We know how hard it can be to navigate the waters when it comes to poker rooms and casinos online. All of them promise safety for players, but some fail to deliver. You can trust the reviews we provide to determine if a casino is safe. We check the encryption protocols of each site we review to make sure the most recent technologies are used. We also do a reputation check to identify any complaints that have been made.

Can I play poker for real money?

It is legal to play poker online for real money in the UK and many other countries. You can play for real money at any of the poker rooms and casinos that we review. The winnings that you gain from poker can be withdrawn from your account subject to the specific policies of the online casino or poker room.

Can I play poker casino games on mobile?

Many online casinos and poker rooms are available today that provide games on mobile platforms. At these casinos you can play real poker on your computer, phone, or tablet. Mobile gaming is becoming more popular today as the majority of individuals depend on a mobile device for their Internet connection.

We encourage you to check out our online poker reviews. You will save both time and money by choosing to play online poker at one of our recommended online casinos.