5-card Draw     

Do you love poker? The 5-card Draw poker is one of the oldest variants of poker and also one of the easiest. The rules are simple, and it can be your way to shorten the night or a way to make a few coins on real money games. Like in other poker variants, you can compete with other players or enter poker tournaments. This makes the game more interesting.  

There is no much difference between 5-card Draw and Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker. You just need to have the best five-card hand. To enjoy the game, you have to pick the best casino. We have picked the best casinos for you to enjoy a free or real money game.

Top Online Casino Sites for 5-card Draw Poker    

With hundreds of casino games promising to offer high quality games and security, you need to be careful of the casino you choose. You need a casino that offers you peace of mind when you start to play. To recommend a casino, we consider its reputation, security, features, and range of games among other factors. We have played on all the casinos we recommend and ascertained that they have the best features.  
After observing a casino for a long time, and we are sure they will offer the best, we recommend them for you.

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How We Select the Best Casino Sites for 5-card Draw Poker   

Whether you play 5-card Draw Poker for free or real money, you need to play in the best casino site. When we create an account with casinos online, we consider the following features:

Bonuses & Promotions  

Casino bonuses are great. They help you play this poker without risking your money. But, are all casino bonuses good?  
Most bonuses come with rules, and these are what we check before recommending a casino. In some casinos, you are better off playing free games or play with your own money. For starters, we check the wagering requirements. The requirements show a predetermined amount of money that you have to wager before you can withdraw your winnings. We also check the maximum conversion, which limits the amount of money you can win from a bonus. Next, we check the maximum bet and restricted games from bonuses and promotions.  
The best casinos have a host of bonuses and promotions with lenient rules to enjoy playing your 5-card Draw Poker.

Security and Safety 

The first sign that a casino is safe is on licensing and registration. A casino should hold a license from an independent governing body such as the UK Gambling Commission. Licensing shows that casino games undergo regular inspection to ensure they are fair.  
A casino also needs to submit to audits from third parties such as eCogra. These audit bodies check the safety of a casino and fairness of games. Casinos employ other safety and security features such as two-step verification and user verification.  
We also check other features such as SSL encryption and security badges.

Selection of Casino Games

You need a casino that offers poker. However, because you may have other favourite games, check a casino with a large selection of casino games. Better yet, you can pick a casino that offers games from your casino software provider of choice. If you like table games, choose a casino with a large selection of games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker.  
If you enjoy variants of certain games such as 5-card Draw Poker as a variant of poker, ensure the games are available. Also check the types of games offered, including live dealer games, mobile games, and many more. 
Because we are not sure of the games you may like, we choose casinos with the highest selection of casino games. Casinos with more than one software provider are better.

Device Optimization

You cannot carry your PC around, but you can have your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Most modern casinos allow you to play on mobile devices. Such casinos offer flash games on the web or have a mobile app.  
The availability of mobile casinos is now almost standard. Granted, you have to check the quality of games on mobile. We also consider how a casino supports players on mobile.

Banking Options and Fast Payouts

When choosing an online casino for real money games, you need to check the following: 
• Availability of a convenient payment method 
• Fees charged for the payment method one chooses 
• How long it takes to deposit and withdraw 
Credit, debit, and prepaid cards allow you to process payments within a few days. Wire transfer takes up to seven days while eWallets are almost instant. Most casinos offer a long list of banking options, including cards, wire transfer, eWallets, and mobile money transfer.  
Note that, with most casinos, you have to verify your identity before you can withdraw. You need to scan your ID and the necessary documents ready. Always check the list of documents that a casino needs to verify your identity.

Customer Support  

There are many questions you may have when playing on any casino. You might have questions about bonuses, 5-card Draw Poker, terms and conditions, and site operation. For all casinos, faster customer support comes in handy.  
Most casinos today offer 24/7 live chat support with friendly support personnel on the other side. Look for other support avenues such as email support, FAQs, forums, and many others. A phone number is also ideal if you can get through it.

Playing for Free vs. Real Money  

Reasons to Play for Free:

  1. Free games are a great way to learn the rules of this and other games. You can play as much as possible until you internalize the rules.
  2. You do not risk your money when playing free games. This also means that you cannot win anything.
  3. Most casinos can give you access to real money games without an account. This means that you can start playing instantly.
  4. Free games are a great platform to try out gaming strategies before joining real money games. This way, you will know strategies that work and those that don’t.
  5. Free games are as interesting as real money games with all the features, and you have to apply all the rules.

Reasons to Play for Real Money: 

  1. The main reason real money games are attractive is because they offer you a chance to win real money. If you apply the right strategies, you will have a chance to win big money. You can enter tournaments to increase the chance of winning big money. 
  2. Casinos treat their real money players better than free game players. You will enjoy better support and more promotions.
  3. You will enjoy a game more when you have some money at stake. You will be keen in applying winning strategies.
  4. Most real money casinos take your security seriously, and their games are fair. Because you do not want to lose your money to hackers, you are keen when choosing casinos.
  5. Real money games give you a chance to join tournaments and progressive jackpots.

The History of 5-card Draw Poker  

The history of 5-card Draw Poker traces back to the middle ages and the Wild West. Although Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker today, 5-card Draw Poker reigned during the 19th century and before. The poker might have started in Asia and spread to Europe. Later, the poker spread to the US across the Atlantic Ocean.  
In the 19th century, the game was a symbol of manliness as outlaws prided in playing poker right. There was only a single betting round for the game. Players got five cards face down, and they placed a bet. The deck of cards only had 20 cards and there was no draw seeing the limiting number of cards.  
The full deck of cards came in 1820. With the full deck, more people could play around a table. Again, players could draw cards now that the deck had more cards. Afterwards, the flush joined the game and so did the straight. The Wild West and the riverboats made the game more popular until the Texas Hold’em dethroned it. 
Even after the popularity of Texas Hold’em, the 5-card Draw Poker is still popular in some casinos. When online poker rooms came, the poker became more popular as players could access it with ease. It gained new popularity when it joined online casinos.

Rules of 5-card Draw Poker

This game uses a 52-card deck. It uses the same hand rankings such as Texas Hold’em. The strength of hands is as follow from the strongest to the weakest: 

• Royal flush 
• Straight flush 
• Four of a kind 
• Full house 
• Flush straight 
• Three of a kind 
• High card 

The game starts when players get five cards face down. Players can ditch as many cards as possible and draw new ones from the deck. If your cards are good, you can opt not to exchange them. After the draw phase, the next round of betting occurs and then the showdown begins. During the showdown, players reveal their hands. The player with the strongest card wins. If two players share a ranking, they will proceed to share the pot.  

The rules of the game might vary from one casino to the next. Although the house rules might not be so significant, they still make a difference in how you play. For instance, some casinos only allow you to discard three cards during the draw phase.

Our Top Tips to Maximize Your 5-card Draw Poker Strategy

You can learn to play this poker variant in a few minutes. However, you need to practice severally before you start playing for real money. Below are some of the strategies we recommend.

1. Avoid playing too many hands, especially flush and straights. Although “tight is right,” the saying only applies when you are starting a hand selection for poker. 

2. You need to play closer to the button as this increases the range of hands you can profitably play.  

3. You should play tight when you start your hand selection and work to raise your cards with aces and kings. As your hand improves, you can add cards such as nines, tens, jacks, and queens. This gives you a great kicker to back up your hand.  

4. Be mindful of holdings such as four to a flush or straight, as these players can leave your bankroll empty.  

5. If you ever have hands such as two pairs or even better, play them from the early position. You can raise their hands with aces and kings.


Which cards should I discard when I start playing this poker?

Your chances of winning are dependent on how well you discard or keep cards. The cards you draw will make or break your game. If you have one pair, you need to draw three cards. If you have two pairs, draw only one hand. And if you have three of a kind, draw two cards. This strategy will help yield positive results. However, there are many more strategies you can apply.

Can I read the hands of my opponents?

When you are playing live dealer games against other players, you can observe their game and understand their hand. For instance, an opponent who draws two cards might have three of a kind. However, players might also use their strategy to confuse opponents. Again, the same way you can read the hand of your opponents is the same way they can read yours. If you need to read the hand of your opponent, be sure to change your strategy to represent a holding that is stronger than what you have.

Where can I play 5 card draw poker?

You can play in any of the casinos we recommend. However, because we have a long list of casinos, go through them and pick one that meets your needs. All the casinos are safe and secure, offer a wide selection of casino games, and are licensed and regulated. All you have to do is choose the casinos with the games you like and one that offers convenience. Look at the payment methods and whether a casino allows players from your region.