Barnyard Poker

Barnyard Poker is one of the leading video poker games currently available on the internet. This game is a variant of IGT Action Gaming. This game was first developed and released in 2015 at a leading casino in Las Vegas. The core objective of this game is to bank on multipliers for each pair of cards you have or to get a better deal. Once a player gets the best possible hand, they are awarded randomly with the banked multipliers that they receive.

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The rules of Barnyard Poker are similar to any conventional triple play video poker game. If you bet between 1 and 5 credits per line, the game will play through the traditional rules of video poker. Whenever a player doubles their bet to 10 credits per line, they will then have access to enable the Barnyard Poker feature. There are 30 total credits that will be divided between 15 credits for three bets. Players can use 5 credits per bet as well.  
There are 8 rules of the game which include the following: 
1. There are two Multiplier Banks 
2. After a player makes a bet, the first thing that happens is that the game will randomly decide to either award one or two multiplier banks. The game will distribute banked multipliers to three hands to the player. There is one bank awarded per game. 
3. The probability of getting one of the multiplier banks being awarded will depend on its size. However, the probability of any multiplier bank being awarded to a player is about 20% per bet and can change depending on the game or table.  
4. If the game is able to award a multiplier, the bank will be divided evenly between the three hands of each player. When the multiplier is not able to be divided evenly by three, the lowest valued hand will get an extra payout with the multiplier.  
5. All banked multipliers that won’t add up to the usual 1 multiplier per hand, will be replaced by another multiplier. When this happens, the return of the game will depend on how often a multiplier is awarded. As a rule of thumb, the less awarded, the better for each player.  
6. After a multiplier gets awarded to a player, the bank will replace it with a new multiplier of quantities of either 3 or 15. The bank has an 80% chance of reseeding at 3 and a 20% chance at reseeding to 15.  
7. If a player is given a pair or higher, one of the multiplier banks will be organized in quantities of 2, 3, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15. When playing the game, there is an average multiplier of 2.54 per hand. The average award increment per each award is 5.  
8. All of the multiplier banks must not exceed 36. Whenever an increment exceeds 36, it will remain at 36. The remainder is added to another bank. If adding to one bank would cause another bank to exceed 36, the additional amount will be given to the next multiplier of a bank.


When playing this game, there are many return tables that players can use to receive payouts. The return tables often vary depending on the pay table they use. Each payout is determined by adjusting the frequency of awarded multipliers. There are a number of bonuses that players can receive whenever they play this game. Players get a high percentage for certain hands such as Four Aces, Straight Flush, Royal Flush and Standard hands. A player can also get payouts through Deuces Wild and Bonus Poker Deluxe.


The strategy for Barnyard Poker is the same as any other conventional poker game. One of the keys to success in this game is to never leave a game with large multipliers in a barn. Players will want to seek a game where the last player left gets large multipliers in the barn. With these strategies, players will be able to achieve a lot of success when playing this game.  
When playing Barnyard Poker, one of the major differences is that the symbols are determined randomly. The game has slot machines that reveal 5, 10 or 15 symbols or any other quantity of the symbols. With a random probability, it is very difficult to calculate the payout percentage while playing the game. In order to determine your payout, you will need to know the likelihood of getting a certain number value. With video poker, you can determine the payout more easily. Since Barnyard Poker is a video poker game, you will be able to easily find out what number you are likely to get and therefore find out how much you earn while playing the game.  
• Pay Table  
This is a list of prizes for every possible combination of winning hands on a gambling machine.  
• Payback Percentage 
This is the theoretical amount of money that players are able to win back for each dollar they wager on the machine. It is always shown as a percentage. For example, if there is a payback percentage of 98%, you should expect to receive 98 cents for every dollar you wager when playing the game.  
• House Edge  
This is the amount of money that the casino will win for each dollar that player wager at a gambling game. This is the payback percentage subtracted from 100. For example, if the house edge is 2%, the casino will earn $2 for every $100 a player wagers on the game.  
When playing Barnyard Poker, you can play by yourself or with other players. In a single player game, a player focuses on winning while playing against the casino. A multi-player game is when the player competes with other players to get winning hands and win money while playing.  


Players can play the game with the option to play for between 1 and 5 coins. This is the same for any other video poker machine. You are not able to activate extra features that make the game different. In order to access the Barnyard Poker feature, you will need to bet at least 10 credits per hand and double the normal max bet during a game. Since this is a triple play game, you will need to provide 30 credits every time you decide to play Barnyard Poker. With a high investment required to play, Barnyard Poker is not ideal for those who are looking to bet a minimal amount of money to play.  


There are many different games that you can play with Barnyard Poker. The most popular games that you can play include Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus, Jacks or Better and Triple Double Bonus. The multipliers of each of these games affect the volatility as well as the percentage of paybacks when playing any game.  
Barnyard Poker is not often available online. However, we have collected some online casinos that feature this game:  

If you want to play this game live though, the easiest place to find this game is in Las Vegas. You can visit the Eureka Casino to play the game. Individuals can also visit Gold Coast Hotel & Casino and Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino and Suncoast Hotel & Casino. At each of these hotels, there are up to 2 machines to play the game. There are also a number of casinos in California that offer the game as well. In the United States, there are a total of 36 machines with one-third being in California and Nevada.  
Barnyard Poker is a fun and interesting video poker game to play. With random awards and increasing multipliers, players can maximize the value of their prizes and earnings. However, it is among the most volatile game as well. Players are required to wager more funds compared to other games. As a result, a considerable investment is required to participate in Barnyard Poker. While the investment is high, you can also make more money compared to other video poker games. Anyone who plays this game can actually benefit by investing a lot of money when playing the game. Compared to other games, it is helpful to wager a lot of money rather than hurtful.  
One of the best things about this game is that players won’t need to constantly change their strategy when playing the game. Players who already know the strategy for the base game will achieve a lot of success whenever playing the game on a regular basis. With a simple strategy, it is a fast game to learn and as a result, you can win a lot of hands and make a decent amount of money shortly after you begin playing. This game is ideal for novice video poker players as a result. Overall, Barnyard Poker is a fun game that will appeal to many video poker players.