French Roulette

Roulette is a tried-and-true casino classic. The iconic wheel is a staple of both physical and online casinos. It gives you the chance to lay it all on the line and test Lady Luck! Whether you win or lose is a matter of pure chance! However, the myriad of available bets provides a touch of strategy to flex the mind. 

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How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for French Roulette? 

Finding a suitable casino site to play at is a tall order. The sheer number of options is staggering! The last thing we want you is for you to choose a dud. So, we take care of all the research and experimentation for you. 
Our team of casino experts sifts through the saturated market to find the gems. We scrutinize what these sites bring to the table to ensure that you’re getting the best experience possible. How do we make our recommendations? We look at these sites beyond face value. Here are some of the most crucial factors we consider.

Bonuses & Promotions 

Who doesn’t love bonus cash? The best part of playing online is the opportunity to claim bonuses. Online casinos use ongoing promotions and welcome rewards to attract new players. But of course, not all offers are the same. 

To make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, we take a magnifying glass to all bonuses. We don’t just pay attention to not just the advertised rewards. Our team also scrutinizes the terms, conditions, and wagering requirements to find the most lucrative options. 

Safety & Security 

The online gaming industry is pretty safe nowadays. However, there are still scammers and fraudsters out there!  

We only recommend casinos with proper licensing. We make sure the sites we choose have the appropriate credentials from the UK Gambling Commission for our UK gamers. The same goes for international players. 

Beyond that, our team looks into safety and privacy features. Features like fraud prevention and robust encryption are always a plus.

Selection of Casino Games 

French roulette might be your main draw, but it’s good to have a healthy selection of games to try. The choice of titles can make or break an online casino. These sites don’t have the space limitations that physical casinos do. So, we try to recommend platforms with thousands of games at your fingertips. 
It’s not just about numbers. As they say, it’s all about quality over quantity! So, we check out the list of software providers, too. Reputable developers can create the very best gaming experiences on the web.

Device Optimization 

Mobile gaming is more widespread than most think. Who has time to sit at a desktop anymore? To be successful, online casinos have to cater to gamers on the go. 
We like to recommend sites that have fully optimized mobile counterparts. Whether that’s a standalone app or site that works on any device, optimization is a must. 

Banking Options & Fast Payouts 

Accepted payment methods vary widely from one site to the next. The usual options are almost always there. However, many players are looking for more than debit card payments and bank transfers. 
The best online casinos support a gamut of digital banking services. E-wallet services like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, and more are becoming increasingly common. Not only do these methods open up accessibility, but they can often lead to faster payouts! 
No one wants to wait weeks to get their earnings. Instant withdrawals and short processing times are always a plus.

Customer Support 

Of course, we can’t forget about customer support. While often overlooked, support availability can make or break an online casino. It would help if you had a reliable team to go to when things go awry. 
Fortunately, the best online casinos provide a bevy of ways to connect. We look out for live chat windows, active telephone lines, and quick-response messaging. 

Playing for Free vs Real Money 

One great thing about playing online is that you’re free to game how you please. Whether that’s with real money or not is entirely up to you.  
Not sure which avenue is right for you? Here are some excellent boons to mull over.

Reasons to Play for Free 

1. Game without all of the high-stakes risks. 

2. Learn how to play French roulette with no pressure. 

3. Try out new techniques and strategies. 

4. Test the casino software and user experience. 

5. Experience the game without commitments of signups. 

Reasons to Play for Real Money

1. Unlock the full gameplay experience. 

2. Take advantage of bonuses and promotions. 

3. Participate in VIP programs and tournaments. 

4. Earn the chance to win real money. 

5. Experience the exhilaration that comes with real-money bets. 

The History of French Roulette 

The game of roulette has a long and colourful history! While French roulette might not be the most prominent variation, it’s the original! 
You see, this game had humble beginnings in France. A primitive iteration appeared in the 17th century. Most historians agree that it was the brainchild of Blaise Pascal, a famed mathematician. 
Pascal didn’t set out to come up with a game that would change the world. Instead, he tried to create a perpetual motion machine! The iconic roulette wheel was the product of his experimentation! 
The version we know today, however, didn’t become popular until the 18th century. Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc developed the modern roulette wheel. They introduced the single “zero” pocket. 
At the time, gambling was illegal in France. So, interestingly enough, French roulette first came to be in a German spa! 
The pair reportedly took the game Monte Carlo shortly after that. After contacting Prince Charles III from Monaco, they built a casino. The rest is history! 
By the 19th century, French roulette spread throughout Europe and became one of the most popular casino games. Eventually, it made its way across the Atlantic. When it came to New Orleans, it evolved into American roulette. 

Rules of the Game 

If you’re familiar with American or European roulette, you’ll notice that the French variant is very similar. It plays the same way, using a betting table and a wheel. Players make their bets before the croupier spins the wheel and tosses the ball. How the ball lands determine what you win or lose. 

The differences with French roulette are subtle. However, they can have a significant impact on gameplay. 

First of all, the table and wheels are slightly different. Typically, it’s a split table. The placement of the various bets is distinct. However, it functions the same. Depending on the provider, the table may be entirely in French. 

Next, you’ll notice that the roulette wheel only has a single “zero” slot. It doesn’t have a “double zero” like American wheels. Also, the numbers and colors are precisely arranged to even the playing field. 

Beyond the stylistic changes, there are two additional rules. One of the rules changes the house edge! 

French roulette comes with the “La Partage” rule. This term roughly translates to “sharing” or “dividing.” It cuts the significance of the “zero” slot by about half. When you land on the “zero” pocket, all even-money bets split in half. That means that you get half of the original bet back while the house gets the other half. 

The “La Partage” rule lessens the blow of a loss a bit. Plus, it decreases the house edge to an impressive 1.37 percent! 

The second unique rule is “En Prison,” which means “in prison” in French. If you place an even-money bet outside bet, you can use “En Prison” to win your money back. The total bet becomes “imprisoned” until the next spin. If you win the subsequent spin, you win your bet back to break even.

Our Top Tips for Maximizing Your French Roulette Strategy 

French roulette is primarily a game of chance. However, there is a bit of strategy involved with how you make your bets. Check out some of our favorite tips below. 

1. Start Easy and Safe

You don’t have to go crazy when you’re just getting started! Roulette can be a little overwhelming if you’re not familiar with what everything means. Play it safe while you learn the ropes! Take advantage of those “beginner-friendly” bets. 
Outside bets like the High/Low and Odd/Even bets are the safest.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Table 

We can’t stress enough how important this is. You can’t go into French roulette blind. While you can play it safe, doing so is not going to win big money. 
You must understand the various bets and what they mean. Otherwise, you’ll only have the chance to win 1:1 payouts. 

3. Take advantage of Multi-Spot Bets 

Multi-spot bets involve wagering on several numbers at once. Many players call this technique making “neighbor bets.” 
It’s a form of non-progressive betting. After seeing how previous rounds go, you can make Square or Corner bets to increase your odds. Doing so covers a general area rather than a single number. 

4. Use the Racetrack 

The racetrack is an entirely separate part of the board. Bets here are a bit different. They are “call bets,” which occur verbally. You see this most often on high-stakes tables in physical casinos. However, online platforms may have it, too. 
When you make a call bet on the racetrack, you’re wagering that the ball will land on a specific area. It’s not limited to a single number.  

5. Set Limits 

Finally, don’t forget to set some limits. French roulette has a relatively low house edge. But, it’s still easy to lose a lot of money on French Roulette.  
Set some betting limits and take advantage of the casino’s safe gambling features. You’ll be happy you did whenever you start losing big!


How is French Roulette Different from American or European Roulette?

There are a few things that make French roulette distinct. The first two are the board and wheel. Slight design differences make French equipment easy to identify. The wheel only has a single “zero” pocket. Plus, most games keep the labeling in French.

French roulette also has two new gameplay rules. These include the “La Partage” and “En Prison” rules.

Is French Roulette Easier?

Some consider French roulette to be a bit easier. However, it’s not because the game works in your favour. The main draw here is the “La Partage” rule.

This gameplay mechanic allows you to share a loss. When landing on “zero” with even-money odds, you split the loss 50/50. This feature decreases the house edge by half compared to American and European roulette games.

What Kinds of Bets Can You Make?

There are several types of bets available. The simplest are number and color-based. Place your digital chips onto the corresponding number to make your wager.

Once you get comfortable with basic bets, you can get more strategic. Multi-number bets, sectional bets, and more are up for grabs. High-stakes games may even have call bets. They use a separate part of the table and can come with sizeable rewards.

Can You Play French Roulette with Real Money?

French roulette is available to play for free and real money.

Many sites have free-play variants or demos. While these titles are limited, they offer a great way to learn the ropes. You can test out new strategies and familiarize yourself with the betting structure. Once you’re ready, you can start using real money.

Real-money wagers are the only way to win big. You have to be willing to risk losing some if you want to win some!

Where is French Roulette Available?

French roulette is available at many online casinos. Some of the most prominent developers in the industry provide French roulette titles. There are versions from Playtech, Play N’ Go, Microgaming, and more. Some providers even have live iterations for some interactive fun.

Not sure which online casino is right for you? Check out our list of recommended platforms. We go to great lengths to find the best casinos to play French roulette and other popular titles.