High Roller Roulette

Roulette is a favourite fast-paced game for high rollers. It offers the players a chance to place easy bets with low risk and make more money. Again, if you love using Fibonacci or Martingale’s gaming strategy, roulette is a great game. Most online casinos today allow you to place huge bets. Although the bet limit varies from casino to casino, you will find a casino that meets your needs.  
With High Roller Roulette, you can bet up to thousands of pounds. To be a high roller, you need to bet between a few hundred pounds and hundreds of thousands of pounds. Casinos have different wager limits, depending on their size. Casinos recognize players on the high roller table as VIP and treat them differently. If you choose this game, you will have access to great promotions and bonuses. 

Top Online Casinos for Live Roulette

As a high roller, the first thing you need is security. Casinos that offer high roller games invest in their security systems to keep your identity and money safe. Before we recommend a casino for high roller roulette, we check its security and safety systems. We create multiple accounts and play the games like real players. This way, we understand the features and the systems that the casino offers. 
We have a list of the best casinos where you can play high roller roulette.

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How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for High Roller Roulette?

Once we sign up on a casino, we check the following features and factors: 

Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses serve three main purposes. They attract new customers, retain the existing customers, and help a casino stand out. For a high roller, bonuses will help you keep playing on days you do not deposit. Some of the most common bonuses casinos offer include: 
Welcome Bonus 
• First, Second, Third, and Subsequent Casino Deposit Bonuses 
• No-Deposit Bonus  
Sign-up Bonus
• High Roller Bonus 
Free Spins 
Casinos also offer other bonuses such as weekly, monthly, or annual bonuses, holiday bonuses, and random bonuses. High roller roulette players should pick a casino that offers VIP bonuses and high roller bonuses. When choosing the best casino for high roller roulette, we consider: 
• Bonus terms and conditions 
• Bonus validity  
• Bonus percentage  
• Games allowed  

Security and Safety

A good online casino for high roller roulette should offer advanced safety and security features. High rollers deposit a lot of money in online casinos. Without the necessary safety features, the high roller might lose money. To prevent that, we check the following features and factors: 
• Random number generator to ensure games are fair 
• Data encryption 
• Variety of payment methods  
• Casino licensing  
• The reputation of a casino 
• Two-step verification  
• Player details verification 
• Security signs 
• Audit signs such as eCogra 

Selection of Casino Games

While you may only have an interest for high roller roulette, it is important to pick a casino with other games. Ensure that the casino offers free and real money games. On days you do not want to wager real money, you can spin slots for free. 
Again, ensure that the casino offers games from different software providers so that you can have more of the games you need.  

Device Optimization

Do you often love playing on mobile or tablet? Most people love playing on the go. As such, casinos now optimize their sites to accommodate mobile games. You can play the games on a mobile app, or you can play from the web browser. Regardless of the platform you play on, ensure that the casino games are fast. 
Games on mobiles apps are faster and have more features, but games on the browser also offer  
impressive speed. 

Banking Options and Fast Payouts

High roller roulette players need to deposit a lot of money; sometimes tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds. As such, you need a variety of banking options. The best deposit and withdrawal method is bank wire transfer. Most of the other methods have a low deposit and withdrawal limit for high rollers.  
Where wire transfer is not available, some casinos offer Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal. With Bitcoin, a player can deposit or withdraw a lot of money. Where these two are not available, players can choose credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard. Most eWallets only allow a few hundred pounds, but you can use them to top up your account.

Customer Support

All casinos need to offer stellar customer support. As a high roller, you need to have dedicated support so that you never lack anything. Most casinos today live chat support, phone call support, and email support. Most of the casinos we recommend offer live chat as it is the easiest way to access the customer support team.  
As a high roller roulette player, you need to access VIP customer support where you have access to support staff at any time.  

Playing for Free VS Real Money

Should you play for free or for real money? 

Playing for Free 

  • Playing for free means you do not risk your money. However, it also means you do not have a chance to win anything. 
  • Free games are great for beginners who need to learn how to play a game.  
  • Some casinos allow you to play free games without creating an account. This guarantees your security and safety and ensures that you can access games fast.  
  • Free games are a safe zone to try out as many gaming strategies as possible.  
  • When you need to assess different casinos for real money games, you can create accounts and play free games.   

Real Money Games 

  • Real money players have access to bonuses and promotions that casinos have to offer.  
  • You can win big when you play for real money. A high roller roulette player playing American Roulette can get a payout of up to 36:1.  
  • Real money casinos offer advanced security and safety features to guarantee the safety of your money.  
  • High rollers have access to VIP customer support where they can reach the support staff any time of the day.  
  • Real money players receive special treatment in most online casinos compared to free game players.  

Game’s History and Origins

It is not clear where roulette started. However, the common belief is that the game is the brainchild of Blaise Pascal from the 17th century. Pascal wanted to create a perpetual motion machine when he created this game.  
Another theory suggests that roulette is a variation of an ancient board game from China. This game involved arranging animal figurines into a square with 37 numbers that add up to 666. The game originated from Dominican monks. Romans and Greeks also have their versions of the ancient roulette.  
Roulette is a game from France, from its name. In 17th century Europe, the games Even-Odd and Roly Poly were very common. These games involved a spinning wheel, same as roulette. Prince Charles of Monaco popularized the game in France and Europe before it spread to other parts of the world.   

Strategy – Our Top Tips to Maximize Your High Roller Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a game of chance. When you play online, the random number generators determine where the ball lands. As such, you need to maintain a budget so that you do not lose everything to the casino. Granted, here are our tips: 

• Bet on 1:1 payouts such as odd/even or black/red. The payouts will be lower than in other bets, but the probability of a payout is high.  
• Increase your wagering amount gradually instead of betting all your pounds in the first game. This way, you enjoy the game for longer.  
• You can also use the flat line betting system where you bet the same amount in every game. You can alter the kind of bet you make to increase your winning chances.