Jacks or Better  

Jacks or Better is one of the most popular variant of video poker. It is also among the simplest variant, and this makes it interesting to play. You can play the game the way you play the Five Draw Poker as they share most of the rules and gameplay.  
It starts with your bet after which the dealer deals you five cards. You can keep your five cards, or you can release them and look for a better hand. You will get a payout when you have Jacks or Better. Like other video pokers, you can apply different strategies to win in the game, and this makes it an interesting choice for real money or fun games.  
There are many casinos offering Jacks or Better video poker game online. If you’d like to try out the game, only go for the best casinos.

Top Online Casinos for Jacks or Better

The best casino for this video poker should offer the best security, safety, range of games, and support. For us to recommend a casino, we create an account in it and play the games on offer. While at it, we test everything that the casino offers from the security to the mobile games.  
It is only after testing all aspects of a casino for a few weeks that we recommend them.

The History of Jacks or Better Video Poker 

This video poker traces its origins in the Mississippi riverboats in the nineteenth century. It came at a time when poker was very popular. The first mention of the game was by J.H. Green who compared it to Three Card Monte in 1834. According to him, the game was fair while Three Card Monte was not. 
The game was not so popular before the inception of video poker in the 1970s. At first, people did not trust the games as they were only simple TVs attached to a central processing units. However, the company SIRCOMA Si Redd’s Coin Machines designed video poker machines that made the game popular.  
SIRCOMA later changed its name to IGT.

Rules of Playing Jacks or Better   

The game starts with your bet. You can bet anything between one and five coins with coin denominations ranging from £0.25 and £1.25 in land-based casinos. When playing online, you can bet as low as one cent.  
After you bet, you need to click Deal, and you will receive five cards. You can then decide what to keep and what to lose based on the hand dealt. Once you choose the cards to keep or lose, click Draw to end your hand. The video poker software will decide whether your hand qualifies for a payout or not.

Our Jacks or Better Video Poker Game Winning Strategy

Poker strategy is never easy. With this video poker, you have a few winning hands, and this means that you shouldn’t spend so much time looking at strategy charts. Look at the list below to see the best hands to have to win big: 

• Royal flush, 4 of a kind, straight flush 
• 4 cards to royal flush 
• Flush, full house, 3 of a kind, straight 
• 4 cards t straight flush 
• 2 pair 
• High pair – J J to A A  
• Low pair – 10s or lower  
• 4 cards to outside straight  
• 2 unsuited high cards 
• 1 high card 
• Suited J 10, Q 10, or K 10


Why should I play Jacks or Better?

This game offers a good introduction to video poker where the game is simple and the strategies are simple too. Any other video poker you will play follows this game’s style. Again, the full pay version of the game, which is available in most casinos, offers a payout of 99.54 percent. Better still, you can apply different strategies and win big in a casino.

Does Jacks or Better have variants?

The game is straightforward with no variants. However, you can play it in different formats. Some of the formats that IGT offers include Triple Pay Poker, Good Times Pay, Hyper Bonus Poker, Hot Roll Video Poker, Multi Striker Poker, Pick and Pair Poker, Multi Striker Super Times Pay, and Peek and Play Poker. You can pick a casino that offers IGT games to start experiencing these formats.