Progressive Jackpot Video Poker

Progressive jackpots are common with slots, but you can still have them on poker. The games start with a predetermined amount that grows with every bet one makes on the game. When you join a progressive jackpot poker, a percentage of your bet goes towards the pool’s accumulation. The amount the winner will get continues to grow with each bet they make.

The amount you contribute towards the jackpot will vary from one game to the next. You can keep track of the amount you will get on the jackpot meter of the game you play. To win the jackpot, someone playing the poker needs to form the Royal Flush hand.

It is not easy to form the Royal Flush hand. The chances of having cards ten to ace all suits are about one in 45,000 hands. As such, there is no limit to the progressive jackpot. It goes on until someone wins.

The History of Progressive Jackpot Video Poker

Progressive video poker machines started in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Unlike slots, which started in the 1960s, poker machines needed sophisticated software to offer progressive games. These machines first appeared in land-based casinos in London, Las Vegas, and Paris.

The online progressive jackpots started in the 2000s. Today, you will find these games almost in every online casino. Through these jackpots, players have won millions of pounds.

Rule of the Game and How to Play

Progressive Jackpot Video Poker has the same gameplay as the standard poker game. The only difference is that you have to bet the maximum coins for you to win the jackpot. You will also not get all the payout from your hand as a small percentage goes towards the jackpot. Every time someone plays and does not win, the jackpot amount increases.

The dealer deals you five cards, and you need to form Royal Flush to win. A Royal Flush means you have a suit of cards 10 to Ace.

The game follows the same rules as the standard poker. If you fail to hit the jackpot, you will at least enjoy other wins such as five of a kind, four of kind, or three or a kind among others. There are variants of Progressive Jackpot Video Poker where the Royal Flush should be of a specific suit. In such games, the chances of winning are very low.

Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Progressive Jackpot Video Poker Strategy

  • Set a spending limit as the chances of winning to do increase the more you play
  • Tweak all your strategies to match the Royal-only strategy. This way, you will make the best of every hand and achieve smaller wins as you eye the bonus
  • Switch your strategy as the jackpot increases as the house edge drops when the cumulative payout increases. This is where your strategy should be towards landing a Royal Flush rather than a different hand.
  • Monitor the progressive jackpot and enter the game when it reaches a break-even point. At this point, the house edge is lower, and you have a higher chance of winning.


What is a progressive jackpot break-even point?

The break-even point refers to a point where the jackpot amount grows too much that it offers 100% RTP. You can search for the break-even point of popular games online. For instance, the break-even point for Caribbean stud poker from RTG is about £201,245. It is not easy to calculate the BRE as you may not have the payout odds for a game.

What is a jackpot meter rate?

This is the percentage of the money you bet that goes into the jackpot pool. In some machines, the amount is almost negligible while in others it is as high as £1. You can see how much you pay by watching the meter move when no one else is playing. This has to be very early in the morning or late at night.