Tens or Better

Tens or Better

You don’t have to play with others to enjoy the thrill of poker. The classic card game has many variations. One digitized version, Tens or Better, continues to be a hit at online casinos! 

Top Online Casinos for Tens or Better 

There’s no better way to experience video poker than through an online casino. Initially, the game blended card-based action with the modern convenience of slot-style gameplay. These titles had their own touch-screen machine. 
Online casinos make this title, and others like it, much more accessible. You can play from anywhere! Test your skills in the comfort of your own home. Whether you play for free or real money, online casinos give you a safe environment to have fun.

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How We Select the Best Casino for Tens or Better

Video poker is an online casino mainstay! Finding an online casino site to try out is not difficult. But, finding a top-notch platform with a lot to offer is another story! 
Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you. We take a magnifying glass to some of the top online casinos. We scrutinize every detail to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and playing safe.  
How do we choose our top picks? Here are the factors we look into.

Bonuses & Promotions 

The best part of playing online is the bonuses! New online casinos pop up every week. The market is super-saturated and highly competitive.  
To stand out, online casinos offer a slew of bonuses to new players. You can claim match bonuses, free spins, and even no-deposit bonuses! We look for the best bonuses and ongoing promotions on the market. Not only that, but we analyze wagering requirements to ensure you’re getting a good deal!

Security and Safety 

When you’re dealing with real money, security is paramount. Whether you’re winning or losing, financial transactions are occurring. The last thing you want to deal with is your banking information getting into the wrong hands. 
We only recommend casinos with appropriate licenses. For our UK players, we look for licensing and regulation by the UK Gambling Commission. Our team also keeps an eye out for features like fraud prevention and encryption.

Selection of Casino Games

Tens or Better has a lot to offer. But at some point, you’re going to want to play something else! The beauty of online casinos is that they can house thousands of titles! 
A site is only as good as its collection and the software providers it works with. So, we do our best to recommend casinos with plenty of variety. From themed slots to classic card games, we look for it all! 

Device Optimization

The days of tethered gaming are gone! Desktop play is still prevalent in the industry. However, there’s a notable shift towards mobile gaming, too. 
To stay competitive, online casinos have to have good device optimization. Standalone apps and fully optimized sites are key. That way, you can play anywhere you have online access!

Banking Options and Fast Payouts

Thanks to online and mobile banking, you have many more options to send and receive funds these days! The best online casinos will accept a wide range of banking methods. These include reliable methods like bank transfers and debit. However, modern alternatives like e-wallet services and mobile payments are available, too. 
Our team also pays attention to processing time. Faster payouts mean getting access to your winnings much sooner!

Customer Support  

Finally, you need to have access to reliable customer support! When things go awry, the customer support team should be there to provide a solution. 
The best casinos offer multiple avenues of support. We look for live chat, dedicated emails, operated telephone lines, and more.

Playing for Free vs. Real Money  

At online casinos, you don’t have to spend big to have fun! Unlike brick-and-mortar establishments, most online casinos have free-play options to get your fix. 
Established sites let you play how you want. You can bet it all or play conservatively. The choice is yours! On the fence about playing for free or real money? Here are some perks to think about.

Reasons to Play for Free:

1. Understand your own strengths and weaknesses.
2. Learn how to play without any risks. 
3. Try out new gameplay techniques and strategies. 
4. Make sure that the software runs smoothly on your device. 
5. Test the casino to see if it meets your needs. 

Reasons to Play for Real Money: 

1. Unlock the full gameplay experience. 
2. Enjoy the thrill of risking real gambling! 
3. Earn promo points and bonuses. 
4. Claim welcome packages and prizes. 
5. Earn the chance to potentially win big.  

The History of Tens or Better 

This game is the by-product of rich gaming history. The roots of this game can go all the way back to poker itself. 
This title is a solo gameplay experience modeled after competitive poker games. The exact origins are up for debate. But most historians believe that video poker’s earliest forms came to be in the 1800s. 
Back then, poker was a staple on riverboats in the Mississippi River. According to the story, this game started as an alternative to Three-Card Monte. The creator thought that Three-Card Monte was prone to cheating. So, he sought out to develop a fairer title. What came to fruition was Jacks or Better! 
Eventually, Jacks or Better became a hit! It started to appear in casinos around the globe. Once video poker hit the scene in the 1970s, it was the obvious choice. Developers loaded the game onto a solid-state CPU and hooked it up to a TV. The low-cost setup started appearing all over Vegas. Even today, you can find video poker machines at any gambling hotspot! 
Tens or Better is a simplified version of Jacks or Better. It started to appear after the rise of video poker, offering an easier option for novices.

Rules of Playing Tens or Better   

Playing Tens or Better is very easy. 
Once you select the amount you want to bet, the game deals five cards.  
The aim of the game is to get the best hand possible. The winning hands are similar to traditional poker. However, the minimum hand you can have is a pair of tens! Anything less than that is a loser! 
It’s similar to Jack or Better, which requires a pair of Jacks or higher. Thanks to the lower winning threshold, you have more chances to win! 
If you don’t have anything good after your first hand, don’t fret. You can select which cards to discard. The game allows you to discard as many as you want. Whether it’s a single card or all five, it’s allowed. 
After selecting to discard, the game will deal new cards. After that round, you can create your winning hand and see what you’ve won! 

Winning Hands 

To win your money back, you need at least a pair of tens. Pairs of nines, eights, or less are automatic losers. A pair of tens provides a simple one-to-one payout. 
Next on the hand hierarchy are two pair and three of a kind. They pay two-to-one and three-to-one, respectively. 
Big money starts to come in with four of a kind. With this winning hand, you get a 25-to-one payout! The biggest possible prize is a Royal Flush. It rewards a payout of 800-to-one. 

Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Tens or Better Strategy 

This game isn’t as complex as traditional poker. But, there’s still an art to forming good hands! Check out our tips to improve your game.

1. Know when to discard.  
Many new players are hesitant to discard bad cards. Don’t be afraid to get rid of useless cards! If you have all low cards, you might as well discard them all.  

2. Know when to hold good cards.  
It’s also important to identify good hands when you have them. Any high cards are worth holding onto. You need at least two tens to rank. If you already have them, hold the cards for good measure. 

3. Don’t break a flush or straight.  
It’s rare to get better than a flush or straight. Unless you’re only one card away from a Royal Flush, hold onto the hand. Breaking it usually only results in a lower hand. 

4. Learn your hands.  
Familiarize yourself with poker hands if you’re not familiar. It’s easier with this title. You can ignore all the lower pairs and focus on high-ranking hands. 

5. Focus on the minimum first.  
Don’t forget the one rule of this game. You need to have a pair of tens to qualify for a win! Focus on meeting that requirement before trying more complex hands. 


Is Tens or Better a table game?

This game is a form of video poker. Video poker is unique and takes from Five-Card Draw. It bridges the gap between table games and slots. In physical casinos, these games utilize touch screen computers. The same interface applies to online casinos, too.

It’s a fast-paced game like a slot machine. But, it’s more intimate and doesn’t require a live dealer.

Is this a live multi-player game?

Like other versions of video poker, this title is a solo experience. The only competitor is Lady Luck! You must create winning hands using the luck of the draw.

How do you win Tens or Better?

To win this game, you must form the best hand possible. It’s like traditional poker, but you are not competing with others. You get two rounds of drawing. You’re free to discard as many cards as you need to create a good hand.

As the name would imply, you must get at least a pair of tens or higher. Anything lower than that and you lose!

Can you play with real money?

Tens or better is available to play for free or real money. However, real-money betting is the best way to experience it!

Before the game deals the cards, you get to choose how much you want to bet. You can play conservatively or go all-in! The amount you win will depend entirely on the betting amount.

What’s the highest payout?

The exact payout varies based on the amount you bet.

That said, the highest hand is a Royal Flush. With a Royal Flush, you get an 800-to-one payout!