Payment Methods

Every gambler needs an easy way to deposit and withdraw money from an online gambling site. Depositing money in a casino is almost the same as buying items online, except that casinos offer more payment methods.  
With casinos, there are more than 30 payment providers. As a player, therefore, you can fund your gaming account with ease. Most operators will give a detailed overview of all the available payment and withdrawal options. In most cases, you will likely choose one payment method for your deposits. You, therefore, need to choose a method that is convenient and affordable for you. 
Casinos do not offer all deposit options. A PayPal casino might also be a bitcoin casino and have a few more payment options. However, the same casino may lack options such as Paysafecard.  
We created this guide to show the best payment options available for gamblers everywhere.  

Guide to Online Casino Payment Methods 

Today, casinos offer so many payment methods including: 
• Credit/Debit Cards Payment  
• E-Wallet Payment 
• Phone Bill 
• Wire Transfer 
• Cryptocurrency 
In these five methods, you have several options to choose from. Some methods will charge you a transaction fee, but most of them are free. Choose a method that feels convenient and easy to use for you.  
The difference between these methods comes in the deposit and withdrawal time, and minimum and maximum amount you can transact. Most online casino payment methods allow instant deposit. However, bank wire transfer can take between 2 and 10 days to reflect on your account.  
Withdrawing the money to your account takes longer than deposits. Most casinos deposit money to credit cards within five days. For casinos that accept PayPal deposit or any other E-Wallet deposit option, withdrawals process within 24 hours.  
Casino online payout with bank wire will take between 5 and 28 days. If you need to deposit or withdraw between £5 and £5500, you can consider a PayPal casino or any other E-Wallet option. Credit and debit cards allow you to transact up to £20,000. If you need to deposit or withdraw up to £50,000 in a UK casino, consider bank wire transfer.  
Most casinos today offer instant withdrawal options. It is not as instant as within the minute, but your money will be in the account within 24 hours. This is better than having to wait for a week or a few weeks to have your money.  
High rollers enjoy benefits from the casinos’ VIP programs. Here, high rollers who need to deposit large sums of money might have exclusive payment options to make transactions swifter. Such options might include bitcoin casino deposit. Check the comparison and reviews below to pick the right method.  

Why Would You Need This Guide?  

Are you looking for the best casino payment methods?  
The hundreds of payment options online can be daunting. You may not know whether to pick cards, E-Wallet, or phone bills. Even if you choose E-Wallet, you still have to choose between casinos that accept PayPal and those that take Neteller. There are many more E-Wallet options to consider. Most of these options have their advantages and disadvantages, and we will help you discern the best.  
We are here to help you make secure and safe deposits and withdrawals. To do that, you need to pick among the best and safest methods. We only review and recommend the best payment methods. We have used most of these methods in different casinos. Through our experience, we know the methods that work best and those that fail. We have tested the payment methods for you so that you never have to lose time or money.  

How Do We Rate Casino Payment Methods? 

If you open any reputable casino today, you will see more than ten payment methods. How do we tell which is the best?  
We consider: 
• Fees – The method should be free or affordable 
• Registration Process – How easy is it to create an account and start transacting? 
• Processing Time – The method should allow you to deposit and withdraw cash with ease 
• Security – Since you are dealing with money, encryption and two-step verification features come in handy to keep your money and your identity secure. 
• Customer Support – As a player, you need a payment service available to answer your questions or solve any payment issues you might have fast and sufficiently. 
• Availability in Different Regions – Not all payment methods are available in all regions. However, methods such as credit and debit cards are available in most regions around the world. Such universal methods rank high.  
When shopping for an online casino deposit method, you need to consider the above factors. Choose a method that you feel comfortable using. 
A good payment method is not enough if you are not playing on the best casino. We only recommend registered and licensed casinos that offer the best payment methods. Most of the casinos we recommend have been in operation for more than a few years. They also have positive customer reviews, and have a high number of new signups. The reputation of these casinos makes them our choice.  Choose one from the list below:

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Credit/Debit Card Providers 

It is easy to deposit and withdraw money using credit/debit cards. Visa was among the first credit/debit card providers, but so many others followed. Using the credit cards only requires you to fill out the necessary details. There are only disadvantages to using credit cards. First the UK Gambling Commission restricts the use of credit cards for deposit online casino transactions. Again, there is a charge of between 0.8 and 1.3 percent for every transaction. The money you deposit is available in your account instantly.  
Below are the credit cards we recommend: 


Visa is responsible for more than 50 percent of the credit/debit card market. The credit card provider has been in business since 1958 and works in more than 200 countries. Almost every casino you open offers Visa as a deposit or withdrawal method, and you will likely never get your card payment rejected.  
The advantage of using Visa is that you do not pay a transaction fee. If you ever change your card, all you need to do is change the card details and you are all set. With Visa, you have either: 
• Debit card (pay with the money in your account already) 
• Prepaid card (load money in your card to deposit in the casino account) 
With Visa, you can transact up to £20,000. The service also offers fraud prevention tools to keep your money safe when you transact online.  


MasterCard only comes second to Visa with a market share of about 31 percent. The card is available in over 210 countries. Having been in business since 1966, the business has enhanced its security features and mode of operation. Most casinos offer MasterCard as a deposit option, so you are sure your card will never be rejected.  
Although you cannot use credit cards in the UK, you can use your MasterCard debit card to deposit up to £20,000. Like Visa, all you need to do is fill out your credit card details and you are ready to deposit or withdraw your money. The MasterCard Zero Liability Policy ensures that you are only responsible for the transactions you authorize. You will have to pay a fee of between 0.20 and 0.30 percent.  

American Express  

American Express is one of the oldest credit/debit card companies, having been in operation since 1850. It doesn’t have the numbers that Visa and MasterCard have, but it is accepted in a decent number of casinos. It is available in over 160 countries. The card service offers high-quality services, which makes them a choice for high rollers in casinos.  
Unlike other credit card options that charge per transaction, you have to pay an annual membership fee to keep using the card. The card allows you to earn points every time you use the card, and you can make large deposits up to £20,000.  
Deposits are instant and withdrawals take between three and five days. With an annual fee, you get better customer support from Amex.  


Diners Club might have less than 1 percent market share, but there are more than 70 million card holders. You can access Visa in 185 countries. Better yet, Diners partnered with MasterCard, so you can use your Diners Club card where there is a MasterCard logo. For a card that has been around since 1950, you can expect stellar services with a host of features. 
There are not as many Diners casinos as there are casino PayPal or Visa casino, but the card is gaining popularity among casinos online. It charges a fee for every transaction. It allows instant play casino as deposits are instant. You will wait for up to five days for withdrawals to process.  


Maestro is the card formerly referred to as Switch. The card is under MasterCard and has been in operation in the UK since 1988. The card was popular between 1988 and 2002 when it changed names from Switch to Maestro. Even today, most people refer to it as Switch. Maestro is MasterCard’s online payment card, working the same as Visa Electron.  
Maestro is almost as effective as online casino PayPal as it is a debit card option. You can only deposit as much as you can afford. If you max out your funds, you will need to load cash into your card to continue playing. Another advantage of this option is that it offers SecureCode, an added security feature. This feature might involve a set of single-use passwords for online transactions.  

Visa Electron 

Visa Electron is Visa’s online payment card. It is a card for basic transactions with no debt. Primarily, this is a debit card that works the same as a standard Visa debit card. With this card, you do not have a chance to get into overdrafts and falling in debt with your gambling. Most casinos in the UK are starting to accept Visa Electron as credit cards no longer work on online casinos. 
Because this is a product of Visa, you can expect the same security features available with the standard Visa debit card. With Visa Electron, you can only pay with the funds already in your account. You will pay the same transaction fees as with the Visa Card, and you can deposit up to £20,000.  

Online Casino E-Wallets 


PayPal deposits and withdrawals are allowed in almost every casino. The payment method is well established and popular in North America and Europe and other parts of the world. In 2002, eBay purchased the company, making more people trust in it. Although it is popular in a variety of casinos, it is facing tough competition from Neteller and Skrill. But you can still play PayPal slots in many casinos.  
The advantage you get when you use PayPal over other options is the free service, safety and security, and quick deposits. You can deposit up to £5,000 with PayPal. If you need to convert currency, the system does that automatically. With PayPal, you are able to store your card information in one secure location. Better yet, the service has excellent customer service. So, pick your online slots PayPal today and get started.  


Paysafecard services have been around since 2000. The Vienna, Austria, based company was only available in Austria when it launched, but later launched in Germany. In 2005, the company was among the top eWallet services and even earned EU funding that year. Today, the service is available in 43 countries and offers its services to around 1 billion customers.  
Unlike other services that require you to transfer funds from your debit/credit cards, Paysafecard uses a voucher system. Here, you will buy a voucher with cash and redeem it to load your Paysafecard account. With this method, the service allows you to manage your funds with much ease. It is also a safe-to-use method that allows you to pay for goods and services online. You can also use your MasterCard debit or credit card to load your Paysafecard account. Using the account, you can transfer up to £5,000 with instant deposits and within-the-day withdrawals.

Skrill (Moneybookers)  

Skrill started as Moneybookers in 2001. After launching, the company rose to be Neteller’s biggest competitor, and you can use it to deposit or withdraw your winnings from most casinos. It is known as a secure payment method. The Financial Services Authority, FSA, regulates the service, making it a trusted online payment gateway.  
Over the years, Skrill acquired its major competitors and improved its services to be a leading payment service in Europe. Today, you can use Skrill in more casinos than Neteller and PayPal. With Skrill, your personal data is kept private. Again, you can use the service from 200 countries and transact up to 40 currencies. Better yet, every Skrill user enjoys a Skrill Casino Bonus.  


Neteller is PayPal’s biggest rival. It is one of the fastest growing online payment services. Unlike PayPal, which was designed to help freelancers and stores get their pay, Neteller is linked with casinos and gambling. In 2005, the service handled more than 80 percent of all gambling transactions until it got into trouble with the US Department of Justice.  
The company moved its operations to the British Isles and diversified. Today, Neteller has a partnership with MasterCard. You can load your prepaid MasterCard from your Neteller account. Although it does not account for as much market share as it did in 2005, it is still the largest eWallet. You can deposit up to £5,0000 using Neteller. Deposits are instant while withdrawals take 24 hours or less.  

EcoPayz / EcoCard 

EcoPayz has been in operation since 1999. It is a widely accepted payment gateway with different financial services. You can use the service to deposit and withdraw winnings from your online casino account. Better yet, you can send money and withdraw from your prepaid debit card, EcoCard. This card allows you to do more transactions online, like make purchases and send money to friends and family.  
EcoPayz is one of the common payment services in online gaming. It is available in 7 languages and offers 45 currencies. The service offers instant deposits with withdrawals only taking a few days. However, the funding method you choose for your account will determine how long the process takes. MasterCard and Visa payments take a few days. You can deposit up to $5,500. To enjoy benefits and bonuses, join the EcoPayz club today and earn points for every transaction. Sign up is free.  

Bank Wire Transfers – Offline Banking Methods For Gambling 

Bank Wire / Wire Transfer  

Bank wire allows you to send payment from your bank directly to the casino. You can also use a special cash office to send payments. If you do not want to send money through an online platform, or you want to transfer large sums of money, you can use this method of money transfer. Most services allow you to transfer up to £50,000 to a casino of your choice. The only downside is that wire transfer takes longer than other methods on this list. Deposits can take two or more days, while withdrawals can take more than ten days.  
Most casinos accept wire transfers. Here, your money is safe and secure as there are no third parties involved.  


eCheck payment method is now available on most casinos. This is like an online check that functions the same as a traditional paper check. You will generate an electronic check, which you can use for your online casino deposit.  
The eCheck will draw money from your personal account and deposits are instant. With the electronic check, you do not pay interest at the end of the month. While you can easily deposit money using this method, it is not available as a withdrawal method in most casinos. Once you deposit through eCheck, you might have to withdraw through bank wire transfer. Like wire transfer, you can deposit large sums of money, up to £50,000.  

Western Union  

With Western Union, you can transfer your funds online or offline. Either use your phone to bankroll your online casino account, or walk into any Western Union Center and fill forms. As one of the most trusted payment methods, Western Union offers security and flexibility.  
Western Union has offered payment services since 1851. The service is available in 200 countries and allows deposits through phone, live chat, email, and in-house deliveries. These different means to send money gives you flexibility. Again, your private information is not shared online. Besides casino online best payout, you get bonuses from using Western Union in casinos. For high rollers, the system allows best online casino payouts. You can deposit or withdraw up to £50,000 with the best payout online slots. It takes a few days to process payments.  


Instadebit is free, and all you need is a Canadian bank account to deposit money to a casino. The service is available in over 30 countries, and same as PayPal slot sites, it is an easy to use service. While InstaDebit works almost like casino PayPal, it does not hold your money. Instead, the service transfers money from your bank account to your casino account without holding the money. The deposit online casino process can be instant, but the service is still not an eWallet. 
With InstaDebit, your deposits are anonymous, you enjoy fast deposits, and you can deposit large sums of money.  

Best Casino Mobile Payment Options – Pay by Phone 

Do you want a quick way to deposit or withdraw money to and from a casino from your phone? Look at these three methods.  


Boku has helped gamblers make deposits since 2003. The service doesn’t need credit or debit cards or eWallets. You need to have money on your phone. Open your casino account and choose to pay through Boku. Enter the mobile number and other details as required. From there, you will get a message on your phone requesting your verification. Verify the transaction and the account is already loaded. 
You can deposit money in your account in a few minutes. The only challenge is that you cannot withdraw your winnings through Boku. The other challenge is that you can only deposit £10 in every transaction with a maximum of three transactions per day.


Formerly known as PugglePay, this deposit method has only been around since 2016. What makes this payment method appealing is that it was set up for gamblers. It offers more features such as setting a monthly gambling budget and other convenience features.  
Using Zimpler is the same as using Boku. Open your online casino account and choose Zimpler as the payment method. Enter your phone number. A message with a verification code comes to your phone. Enter the code to verify the transaction and you are good to go. With Zimpler, you can deposit up to £90.  


Only a few online casinos allow this method, but it is as safe as all the other phone deposit methods. The process is the same as in all other methods where you choose Payforit and enter your mobile number. You can then verify the transaction using the code you receive on your phone and the payment is complete.  
You will make anonymous deposits and your money is secure from hackers. You will only pay a small fee. Deposits are also low, and you cannot withdraw through this service.  


What matters when picking the right payment method?

You need to consider security, convenience, processing time, ease of opening an account, and ease of use. You also need to consider the amount of money you can transact, especially if you are a high roller looking to deposit more than £6,000. There are restrictions in some regions that may limit using one method, for instance credit cards in the UK.

There are also some payment options not available in some countries. For instance, casinos with PayPal deposit can only work in the 200 countries that PayPal operates. High rollers can choose bank wire, credit/debit cards, and bitcoin gambling, while beginners in gambling can choose PayPal slots and other E-Wallet methods.

Which payment methods are more safe & secure?

All the methods we recommended above are safe and secure. Credit/debit cards, E-Wallets, and bank wire options use two-step verification for your privacy. As such, you are sure your details and your money are safe. Your security is also dependent on the casino you choose.

A casino that encrypts the data sent over their network protects you from identity thieves and hackers online. You can deposit money and win real money online instantly, but only if you keep your details safe. You are also responsible for keeping your accounts details safe so that you can enjoy fast withdrawal casino service. Do not share passwords or any other account details.

For most gamblers, consider PayPal slot sites or debit cards for the encryption and restrictions on the money you can use.

What methods are faster?

Although most methods offer instant deposit, E-Wallet is faster than most other methods. If you need casino online best payout, try E-Wallet as the providers process money out of your casino account and into your E-Wallet within 24 hours.

Credit/debit cards are also fast with some processing your payment within two days. If you are a high roller, you can use bank wire to withdraw cash, but it will take the longest. So, you can get the best online casino payouts with PayPal or any other wallet.

How do I make a deposit at an online casino?

Start by creating an account at the online casino of your choice. Enter all the details needed and follow prompts. Payment details are always the last to enter.

Choose your payment, say online slots PayPal, option from the list of options the casino offers. For credit/debit card, you will only enter the details of the card and the bank and amount to deposit. All this can happen without leaving the casino site and payment will be made. Some cards require a password and any other form of verification. For E-Wallet payment, the casino directs you to the E-Wallet service provider where you enter your password and verification details before you are directed back to the casino.

How quickly can I cash out my winnings?

You can win real money online instantly and withdraw it within 24 hours with E-Wallet services. However, it will depend with the rules of the casino on withdrawals. Some fast withdrawal casino sites offer special packages to high rollers. Other casinos such as instant play casino also offer instant bank withdrawals where the money processes in a few days instead of weeks.

The duration it takes to process payments varies with each casino. You can check from the casino site how fast they process your winnings. With Bitcoin gambling, you can get instant withdrawal but how fast the casino processes the winnings vary from one casino to the next.

Should I choose eWallet over debit or credit?

You should choose casinos with PayPal deposit or any other eWallet if you need faster withdrawals. eWallet systems allow you to deposit instantly and withdraw instantly too. You can also choose online casino PayPal if you need to avoid debts with a credit card. With online casinos that accept PayPal, you can only use what is in your account.

Of most of the payment methods, eWallet options are the simplest as you never have to go to your bank for a card. You do everything online, and your transactions are secure. Debit/credit cards are better when you need to deposit more than the £5,000 that most eWallets allow. Cards allow deposits of up to £20,000.