Today’s online casino industry is ripe with innovation. Thanks to modern technology, developers big and small can get in on the action. Even still, the market is fiercely competitive! Developers are constantly vying for time in the spotlight to become the next big thing. 

While most seasoned and casual players are familiar with the developer juggernauts, smaller providers also have a lot to offer. One lesser-known online casino gaming provider worth looking into is Electracade. 

Electracade – All You Need to Know 

Electracade is a smaller developer launched in 2004. The company operates out of Surrey, England. After launching, Electracade earned certification from the UK Gambling Commission and Alderney Gaming Control Commissions. With that certification, the provider reached a broad audience of players in the UK and surrounding areas. 

It wasn’t long until Electracade started to attract considerable attention. What was the developer’s main draw? Licensed titles! 

While other game-makers focused on creating original themes, Electracade took advantage of pop culture. Slot games focused on familiar characters and films garnered tons of attention. With titles based on hits like Legally Blonde and Highlander, Electracade was on everyone’s radar. 

Before long, the developer started working with huge platforms. Partners included William Hill, Ladbrokes, 888 Casino, and more! 

In 2008, Electracade became part of the OpenBet Technologies family. While it doesn’t operate on its own name anymore, Electracade is still going strong! OpenBet’s investment allowed Electracade to reach more players, making the brand stronger than ever.

Top Online Casinos for Electracade 

Electracade games are available at a wide range of casinos. Under OpenBet’s tutelage, it has a farther reach than ever. The games appear on OpenBet’s online platform, which works with many casino sites. 

Electracade is a smaller provider, so the collection isn’t as expansive as heavy-hitting competitors. But make no mistake: The titles are well-made and offer up a memorable experience. 

Ready to try your hand at some Electracade games? Check out our collection of the best Electracade casinos on the market today!

Captain Scarlet Reactors 

If you’re a fan of British science fiction, this game is a must-try! It’s a licensed title for “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.” This show ran for a single series in 1967. A remake also came out in 2005! 

Captain Scarlet Reactors is a traditional video slot game. At face value, it looks pretty standard. You have five reels and five rows. Look at the slot game from a different perspective, and it seems eerily similar to a bingo board. That’s not coincidental! 

This slot game has some unique bonus features to help you maximize winnings. The bonus round is an old-school game of bingo played on reels. It’s a unique twist on a traditional slot bonus, making Captain Scarlet Reactors stand out. 

As a whole, the art style of this title is impeccable. Not only is it true to the cult classic show, but it’s innovative enough to stand up on its own. The characters appear on the reactor balls in all their 1960s glory! Whether you’re a fan or simply want to try something new, Captain Scarlet Reactors is worth a spin.

Family Fortunes 

Here’s another slot game designed for TV lovers. But instead of science fiction, we have a classic game show theme. Family Fortunes is a long-running show that gives families the chance to win big. Now, you can get in on the action through this slot title! 

The theme is spot on! Sound effects simulate a crowd watching you win. They react to everything, giving you an authentic game show experience. 

As if that weren’t enough, the Family Fortune slot has two unique bonus rounds. The first is “Double Your Money.” The second opportunity is “Big Money.” Both bonuses require you to match symbols based on specific parameters. It’s not easy to win, but you can walk away with a handsome prize when you do! 

Family Fortunes is well-made and is a feast for the eyes. More importantly, the gameplay is approachable. Five reels and three rows make it easy to spot winning paylines. As always, Electracade also highlights winning combinations whenever they come.


Who doesn’t want to take a time machine back to the 1980s? With the Electracade Robocop slot game, you can relive one of the decade’s most beloved films. 

Robocop is a classic that continues to captivate audiences today. Even with a remake, the 1987 version will always be a favorite among film buffs. 

The licensed Electracade slot does a fantastic job staying true to the movie’s theme and style. It’s a 5-reel slot game with three rows. Each reel features iconic artwork from the films. The symbols are large and in charge, letting you live your Robocop fantasy! 

The game has a total of 20 paylines. As a result, you have plenty of opportunities to win. Pair that with unique features like the Prime Directive Wins, and you can leave this steampunk slot with a heavy wallet. The Robocop slot also has a Delta City Jackpot and a fun interactive bonus round.


This slot is a bit different for Electracade. It’s not a licensed title modeled after a TV show or movie. However, it still has a familiar theme and iconography anyone will recognize. 

The Cleopatra Electracade slot has an ancient Egyptian setting. This theme is nothing new in the online casino realm. However, Electracade does a fine job of creating an experience that’s visually appealing and fun to play. All the usual motifs are there. You have jewels, gold, and even the Eye of Ra. 

Keep your eyes peeled! The famed Sphinx makes an appearance as the scatter symbol. Getting three of them starts the Cleopatra bonus round. There, you earn free spins, and all winning combinations are three times their original value! 

The base game has a familiar layout. It’s a five-reel slot with three rows and 20 paylines. Thanks to the bonus round, this title is more than a reskin. It offers a unique experience with plenty of ways to win.

Snakes & Ladders 

Remember that simple board game you played as a child? Now you can relive that memory through the Snakes & Ladders slot.  

This title looks like a digitized version of the game board. Familiar imagery is everywhere! Spot the titular snakes and get a kick out of the unique artwork. Saying that this title is bright is an understatement. Vibrant hues and distinct artwork make Snakes & Ladders stand out. 

When it comes to gameplay, it’s pretty simple. Once again, we have a five-reel slot with 20 paylines. However, this game has some extra bonuses that let you win up to 500 times your initial bet. Don’t let the cutesy graphics fool you. There’s plenty to win here! 

Bonus rounds offer up free spins. There’s also a “Pick a Win” feature, allowing you to choose your prize.


Can you play Electracade games for real money?

Electracade is a certified online casino provider. That means you can play for real money!

Of course, you have to bet money to win money. Casino gaming is all about taking a risk and testing your luck. The only way to win genuine cash is to put down money first.

If you’re not ready to do that just yet, don’t fret. Many Electracade games are available to try for free. Demos are a great way to test the waters and learn the ropes. Some features might have limitations, but you get an idea of how the game plays.

The full version is just a click away when you’re ready.

What types of games does Electracade provide?

Electracade built its reputation creating slot games. For specifically, it’s known for its licensed titles. Many of the developer’s portfolio games feature licensed characters and artwork. They’re fan-favorites, allowing you to enjoy the media you love in new ways.

While slots are Electracades bread and butter, it’s not the only option available. The provider also has a small collection of table games. These titles are pretty traditional, simulating a real-world casino experience.

If you want a quick gambling experience, Electracade also offers digital scratchcards!

All that said, most of the developer’s 400-plus games are slots.

Are Electracade games fair?

It’s perfectly reasonable to question security. You never know with today’s digital landscape. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about those issues when playing an Electracade game.

This software provider has certification from all necessary regulatory boards. It’s licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gaming Control Commission. That means it has approval to run risk-based games in the UK and surrounding jurisdictions.

Electracade takes fairness pretty seriously. It uses robust random number generators. As a result, it’s impossible to “cheat” at these games. Everything is above the board and fair, so you can rest easy taking the risk.

Does Electracade have its own casino?

Electracade does not own its own casino. The company is a software provider. That means that it creates digital products it licenses to casino platforms.

That’s why you can find Electracade games at many casino sites. The developer works with a wide range of clients, making the games accessible to the masses.

Electracade is a part of OneBet Technologies. So, it operates a little differently than more well-known providers. Electracade is one of many OneBet developers. The games we discussed are on the OneBet platform, which improves accessibility to more players around the world.

Where are Electracade casino games available?

Electracade’s games are available at many online casinos! From huge sites with millions of players to more boutique digital play spaces, it’s not hard to find an Electracade title.

Not sure where to start? Check out our list of top Electracade casinos. Those sites partner with this developer, offering its many games to members. All you have to do to start playing is sign up!