Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming is a relative newcomer to the online casino arena. While not as well-known as some other providers, Rival Gaming is well on its way! The software provider offers a collection of standout games. Not only that, but its innovative software is the driving force behind many casino platforms. 
Looking to see what Rival Gaming casinos have to offer? We have you covered!  

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Rival Gaming – All You Need to Know 

From the very beginning, the goal at Rival Gaming has been to provide innovative gameplaying experiences. Tired of reskinned slots and basic gameplay, the developers sought out to create unique games. 
Officially debuting at the Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo in 2006, the company hit the ground running! The software provider quickly grew its games library. The games list from Rival Gaming is nowhere near as large as some of its competitors. But, most of the titles are more in-depth, creating a world-class experience for gamers. 
Rival Gaming also developed its proprietary Casino Controller. This software integrates into a casino’s backend. When you play at a Rival Gaming casino, you can benefit from its simplicity, security, and smooth operation. 
Today, the Rival gaming casino list is 150-plus strong! So, you have plenty of opportunities to see what this developer is all about! 

Rival Gaming licenses its software to a growing number of online platforms. You’ll find the provider’s games at many long-established casinos. Several newcomers in the online gaming arena are taking advantage of Rival Gaming technology, too! 
As we mentioned earlier, Rival Gaming has some innovative technology that’s poised to change the industry. At a Rival Gaming casino, you’ll find a collection of well-designed games. Beautiful interfaces, vibrant graphics, and smooth animations await! 
Thanks to the developer’s licensing, games are available to players around the globe.

Rival Gaming Most Popular Slot Machines and Casino Games 

As of 2020, Rival Gaming has over 205 games on its roster. From story-driven slots to unique takes on classic table games, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the provider’s most popular titles that you can play right now! 

Arabian Tales

Arabian Tales 

Arabian Tales is one of the provider’s most beloved slot games. It’s a five-reel slot with a unique story. Inspired by tales of the Ancient Middle East, this game features a fleshed-out plot. It’s not just a simple slot with a basic theme. 
The story unfolds as you play! Visit beautiful settings as you make wagers and spins. The game has beautiful imagery and several graphical elements that push the story further. The reel, for example, features symbols like daggers, magic carpets, and a genie lamp! 
There are also several character symbols. Landing on the Genie, for example, will trigger the “Open Sesame” round. This is a free spin round that can award you with big winnings! 
Overall, Arabian Tales is an immersive experience that goes beyond the traditions of interactive slots. It has all the gameplay you would expect. But, it takes things a bit further to provide an enjoyable experience.

Money Magic

Money Magic

Released in 2009, Money Magic provided a few “firsts” for Rival Gaming. it was the first five-reel progressive jackpot for this developer. Not only that, but it was the first nine-line slot! 
Money Magic takes its inspiration from old-school magic shows. It has all the hallmarks of a classic stage show! From the curtain backdrop to the magician-themed symbols, the slot has a strong theme you won’t forget! Some of the most noteworthy symbols include a white rabbit, a levitating woman, a top hat, and a dove. 
As a progressive jackpot, this game can award some big money! The jackpot continues to grow as players test their luck. The biggest jackpot to date was USD 303,835! 
You can only win the jackpot if you play Max Coins, which is five. However, you can play as many lines as you want. As a nine-reel slot, there are many opportunities to win with Money Magic.

Daikoku Blessings

Daikoku Blessings

Here’s a newer game from Rival Gaming. Daikoku Blessings released in 2020. However, it’s already one of the provider’s most popular titles. It’s not hard to see why. 
This is a six-reel slot with four rows. With that many symbols on the screen at once, the game offers an outstanding 4,096 potential win lines! 
Right off the bat, there are a lot of ways to win at Daikoku Blessings. But to sweeten the deal even more, Rival Gaming adds a handful of great features. You can get lucky and win Serendipity free spins with Divine multipliers. Or, you can land on the Holy Hammer jackpot! The game also has Lucky Stream Expanding Wilds to keep things exciting. 
Daikoku Blessings has a historic Japanese theme. When you play, you’re visiting Daikoku, the god of wealth and prosperity. Reels display signature Japanese symbols, such as koi fish, flowers, and paper cranes. Get lucky and you may see Daikoku use his hammer to flood the screen with coins! 

Big Cash Win

Big Cash Win

If you’re looking for a classic slot experience, Big Cash Win is the game for you. This title came out in 2006, just as Rival Gaming hit the scene. Despite its age, the game is still a hit among players. 
That’s likely due, in large part, to its simplicity. Big Cash Win is a three-reel slot. All of the signature Vegas-themed elements are front and center! Symbols include Bars, cherries, and 7’s. There’s also the “Big Cash Win” icon, which awards the highest payout of the game. 
Big Cash Win isn’t super detailed. It doesn’t have any story-driven themes either. But, it has smooth graphics and simulates a brick-and-mortar experience. The audio even has chatter and sound effects that you’d year in a physical casino! 
The max bet for this game is £30. Meanwhile, the minimum bet is £0.01. With this wide betting range, the game works for newbies and novices alike. Either way, it’s the perfect game for casino purists.

How Do We Select The Best Online Casinos for Rival Gaming?

These days, finding a casino to enjoy is no easy task. There are hundreds of online platforms out there. Each one has a laundry list of titles to try out. But, not all of them are going to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience. 
We want to take the guesswork out of finding Rival Gaming Casinos to play at! With our expertise, you can sign up and start playing confidently. We analyze everything a casino has to offer to ensure that you’re getting recommendations you can trust. 
So how do we create our Rival online casino list? We take a look at the following factors. 

Games Selection and Variety 

First and foremost, we scrutinize the games list. What good is an online casino without some high-quality games to try out! Rival Gaming casinos are usually beautifully designed. 
The provider goes the extra mile to produce beautiful games. Every title is fantastically rendered in 2D and 3D. With the smooth animations and detailed graphics, every title is top-notch. You’ll also have some great sound effects and music to enjoy! 
Now, Rival Gaming has a relatively small collection at the moment. The developers are adding new games regularly. But, the provider doesn’t have thousands of games like its competitors. 
With most online casinos, Rival Gaming is just one of many providers. You might see a handful of Rival Gaming titles, but you also have to consider the other options. We recommend the casinos with the most Rival games. 
But, we also make sure you have plenty of variety to work with.

Mobile Compatibility 

Mobile gaming isn’t the wave of the future anymore. It’s the preferred method for many right now! 
Online casinos must provide many ways to play if they want to succeed. They have to provide a solid desktop experience while also giving you the chance to play on the go! 
When choosing our recommended Rival Gaming casinos, mobile compatibility is a big factor we consider. 
Luckily, that isn’t too difficult with Rival Gaming. Most of the provider’s titles are available on iOS and Android devices. In the past, this wasn’t the case. But Rival Gaming is shifting towards HTML5 for full compatibility across devices. 
You can play current games directly on your mobile browser without a download. 
However, there is the option to download if you want. Downloading a game lets you access it instantly. Log into your account and you can wager real money like you would on the full site. 

Security & Fairness 

Security is of the utmost importance when playing online. We want to make sure that you’re playing on a legitimate and reputable site.  
The beauty of Rival gaming casinos is that most use the provider’s backend software. Called Casino Controller, this software has many security features built in.  
The most notable is the fraud prevention system. The software automatically detects cheating and fraudulent activity. Without invention from a human, it will take action to mitigate risks. This ensures that your account and money are safe. 
Rival Gaming also has a fingerprinting system for mobile gamers. You can use it with the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone. Use it to establish a strong, monitored connection. The connection uses 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard your activity. 
You can even use the system to request casino reports with sensitive data. 
Overall, Rival Gaming software makes it easy for casinos to keep you safe.

Bonus Opportunities 

Next up, we look into bonus opportunities. Rival Gaming casinos frequently offer bonuses for newcomers. 
These bonuses can vary from casino to casino. However, most have some kind of reward that you can claim when you sign up! This could be a generous no-deposit bonus of free spins. Or, you may have the option to claim a match bonus on your first deposit. 
Whatever the case may be, we look for them! Bonuses are a great way to hit the ground running. We take a look at what every casino has to offer and recommend the best opportunities. 

Languages, Support, and Accessibility 

Finally, we take a look at smaller details that could impact the gaming experience. 
The first is available languages. Rival Gaming is based in Cyprus. But, the games are available to casinos that operate all over the globe! As a result, multi-language support is a must. 
Fortunately, Rival Gaming covers this issue. Currently, all of the games in the provider’s collection are available in 11 different languages. Now, that doesn’t mean that the casino itself will support those languages. But, we make sure to recommend platforms with the best accessibility. 
We also pay attention to the support department. If you have any issues with your account, top-notch support makes all the difference. Rival Gaming has an in-house support center. The Casino Control software also has a proprietary live chat system. 
Again, the implementation of these features varies from casino to casino. But most Rival Gaming casinos will take advantage of them! 

Rival Gaming FAQs 

When did Rival Gaming start?

Rival Gaming got its official start in 2006. The developers made their debut at the Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo that year. However, the company was operating a bit sooner in 2005.

The software provider has its headquarters in the island country of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. It is currently licensed by the Curacao Internet Gaming Authority. With this license, the provider is open to players in several countries. This includes those in the United States! In fact, Rival Gaming is one of the first developers to make games for the US market.

All that said, availability will depend on the Rival Gaming casino itself.

What kinds of games does Rival Gaming Offer?

Slot machines are Rival Gaming’s bread and butter at the moment. Currently, the provider has 205 different titles that it licenses to casinos. That number is constantly growing. Like most developers out there, Rival Gaming releases new titles regularly.

Of those 205-plus games, most are slot. You can find slots in a variety of fun themes. Many of the games are story-driven. They have unique plots that unfold the more you play.

Rival Gaming also has a handful of table games. Gamers can try the aforementioned Card Clash. The provider also has American Roulette and Blackjack.

Do seals of approval matter on a casino site?

Yes, but only from a reputable gambling review institution such as eCogra. The seals show that someone, or an organization, has inspected different aspects of the casino and verified its legitimacy. However, you still need to verify the legitimacy of a casino yourself.

Does Rival Gaming have live table games?

Live games are a unique gameplay style that’s rising in popularity. As the name would suggest, these games happen in real-time. They are meant to simulate a realistic casino experience. You can play against a real dealer all from the comfort of home!

Unfortunately, Rival Gaming does not offer any live games at the moment. The software provider hasn’t tapped into this market just yet. But, it’ll be no surprise if they do in the future.

Live games aren’t as popular as slots. That said, more and more gamers are looking for live experiences. We’ve seen some of Rival’s competitors dip into this market, so we suspect that it’s only a matter of time.

Are Rival Gaming games fair?

Rival Gaming has a robust security system. The system prevents fraud and ensures that cheaters can’t rig the games. That alone ensures fairness across the board.

However, the developer also has generous RTP percentages. The RTP is the Return-to-Player figure, which shows how much the game rewards. RTP rates can vary from title to title.

At Rival Gaming, the RTP of many slots is quite high! The game with the highest RTP is Cosmic Quest: Mystery Planets. It has an RTP of about 98.95 percent!

Where can you play Rival Gaming games?

You can play Rival Gaming games at many different online casinos. Most Rival Gaming Casinos aren’t going to have every game in the provider’s library. But, you shouldn’t have any issues finding some of their most popular titles!

There is no shortage of Rival Gaming Casinos available to UK players. As we mentioned earlier, the casino licenses to over 150 different casinos all over the globe. Sign up to one of our recommended casinos and try the games out for yourself!