Thunderkick casino games have been popular for a long time. They’re one of the most reliable games you can play to win real money. Plenty of people wonder whether they’re trustworthy? So, we’re happy to tell you that they’re legitimate and licensed.  
You can play many of their games at popular online casinos, winning real money. They’ve got a huge catalog of games, too. So, you’ll be able to play a ton of different games made by them. Each of them has something different to offer its players as well. 

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History of Thunderkick   

Thunderkick has been in business since 2012. A small team of developers launched the company from Stockholm that year. Since then, they’ve grown to become one of the most popular casino game providers in the region. 
Today, they have a team of more than 50 people working for the company. Plus, you’re able to find their games at dozens of online casinos. Even PlayOJO has some of their games available on their platform now.  
Thunderkick holds licenses in both the UK and Malta. So, you can trust that they’re a reliable casino game provider. Each of their games goes through extensive testing to ensure reliability. That way, you can play without having to worry about anything. 

Rocket Fellas Inc 

Rocket Fellas Inc has a unique theme. You’ll be using a rocket fist to destroy rocks inside of a mine. Each time you blow something up, you’ve got a chance to uncover a prize. There are plenty of bonus features to keep this game interesting, too. It has wilds, transforming symbols and more. You can even win a bonus game with free spins. 
It has high volatility, so you can win a huge jackpot. The game features 5 reels on the playing field. That means there are a total of 30 pay lines. The RTP is an outstanding 96.1%, too. It was initially released in 2018. And, since then, it’s become the most popular title in their whole catalog.  
You’ll love the explosive theme of this game. Plus, it’s only got a maximum exposure of 7325. So, you won’t have to put too much on the line to enjoy this one.  

Børk the Berzerker Hack ‘N’ Slash Edition 

Are you a fan of barbarians? If so, you’re going to fall in love with this title. You’ll be helping Bork on a quest to save his loved one. An evil magician took them away from him, so you’ve got to save them.  
There are two standout features in this title. You’ve got expanding wilds, so things stay interesting. Plus, you can even win a bonus game. It has an ever-higher RTP than Rocket Fellas Inc. At 97.3%, it’s one of the highest in their catalog. There are 5 reels on the playing field, creating 20 total pay lines. That’s plenty of variability for avid players.  
This title was also released in 2018, quickly gaining a following. Today, it’s still among their most popular releases. Part of its popularity is due to its low exposure. You’ve got an exposure of 2100 at most. So, you don’t have to risk much to enjoy a couple of rounds.  

The Rift 

The Rift might have the most intriguing them of all Thunderkick games. Suddenly, a mysterious rift appears in the center of a small town. Once it’s appeared, it begins to suck up all the town’s resources. It seems to be feeding on magical artifacts from around the world. You’ve got a chance to collect them before they disappear into the rift. Can you do it? 
This title was released all the way back in 2016, making it one of their oldest games. It’s still quite popular, though. That might have to do with its RTP of 96.3%. It has lower volatility than many of Thunderkick’s other titles, too. So, you don’t have to worry about when you’ll win as much. 
The Rift features 5 active reels during each spin. There are only 17 paylines, though. It even has some of the lowest exposure of all, only 815.  

Esqueleto Explosivo

Celebrating the Day of the Dead has never been so much fun. Join Enrico Mortis and his undead mariachi band on a quest you’ll be sure to remember. This game has a ton of features, too. You’ve got dropping symbols, multipliers, and even explosive wilds.  
There are a total of 5 reels in play during each spin. They create a maximum of 17 paylines. You’ll be limited to a max exposure of 700 during each play. Plus, the RTP is a staggering 96%. That’s enough to entice veterans and newcomers alike. Its low volatility gives you something to enjoy as well. 

Flame Busters 

Would you like to save a cat from a burning building? Such a noble cause should attract many heroes. So, you might love joining Roasty Mcfry on his adventure. His cat has gotten stuck inside of a building that’s on fire. It’s up to you to help him recover the cat before anything happens.  
Flame Busters has a ton of features to make it fun for everyone. There are bonus games with free spins. Plus, you’ll have wilds and fire symbols as well. It was initially released in 2017. It’s still got a wide following, too.  
The RTP is 96.1%, giving you a solid chance to win. There are 5 reels in play whenever you spin the slots. They give you a total of 243 active paylines. That’s the most on our entire list. If you enjoy volatile games, you’re going to love this one. It’s got a high level of volatility. Its max exposure is limited to 5280, too. 

What Makes Thunderkick Games Different?    

It seems like they are a ton of developers saturating the virtual slots industry. So, what makes Thunderkick different from the rest? Thunderkick’s games feature several things that make them stand out from the pack. Here are a couple of things that should help to entice anyone.  

High Return-to-Player Percentages 
Above all, you’ll love their RTP percentages. Return-to-Player percentages describe how likely you are to win. The higher the RTP, the more likely you’ll walk away as a winner.  
Many of their games feature RTP percentages of 96% or more. Some of them go as high as 97%. That means you’re going to win something on the majority of your spins. It’s a lot more fun to play virtual slots whenever you’re winning something each spin.  

Bonus Games With Free Spins 
Another reason players love games made by Thunderkick would be their bonus games. Each time you spin the reels, you have a chance to win some free spins. These work just like your normal spins. However, you don’t have to pay anything to spin them this time. As a result, you might win even more without dropping another dime.  

Wild Symbols That Can Be Sticky 
Wild symbols make it a lot easier to win something big. Best of all, Thunderkick’s wild symbols can be sticky. That means they’ll stay in play after you’ve hit them. They’re not just going to disappear on you after a single round.  

Innovative Graphics and Enchanting Themes 
One of our favorite things about Thunderkick’s games would be their incredible graphics. It’s no longer 1987, so games should look innovative. Fortunately, Thunderkick has gone the extra mile with Thunderkick’s entire catalog. Each of their games looks and feels different than the rest. 


Can You Win Real Money by Playing Thunderkick Games?

Yes, you can win real money by playing Thunderkick games. Just sign up for one of the casinos featuring their games. Then, play one of the games. Make sure you’ve linked your Paypal account so you can receive a payout.

Does Thunderkick Have a Valid Gaming License?

Yes, Thunderkick holds a valid gaming license in both the UK and Malta.

What Are the Best Games Made by Thunderkick?

We’ve listed their most popular games above. Thunderkick focuses on virtual slots instead of other games.

Does Thunderkick Offer Any Bonuses?

It depends on the casino. Many of them offer bonuses to sign up new players. Check each of them to see which offers the best bonuses to you.