Casino Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are legal documents provided by our online casinos to ensure you understand the rules and regulations of our casinos. These concepts may not be familiar to you if you are a newer player. Prior to opening an account and making a deposit, you should understand everything involved when playing for real money.

Any undesirable situation can be avoided simply by reading the T&Cs. Our casinos T&Cs are easy to understand and fair.

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What are Casino Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are legal documents provided by our online casinos to ensure you understand the rules and regulations of our casinos. These concepts may not be familiar to you if you are a newer player. Prior to opening an account and making a deposit, you should understand everything involved when playing for real money. If you inadvertently break the rules of our casino, your winnings can be confiscated. Any undesirable situation can be avoided simply by reading the T&Cs. If there is anything you do not understand, your best option is contacting customer service.

All of the online services and platforms you most likely use nearly every day have terms and conditions. Unfortunately, due to the length of this document, you may accept the terms without reading them first. T&Cs are applicable for online casinos, smartphones, social media accounts, etc. The details found in the terms and conditions for our online casinos generally include the following:

  • Casino processes are the ways our casinos conduct affairs on our website
  • Gaming rules
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Responsible gaming information
  • Know your customer (KYC) procedures
  • Prohibited activities
  • Player account procedures
  • Company information
  • IT notices
  • Withdrawal and deposit procedures
  • Privacy information and personal data processes
  • Contribution percentages of our different casino games
  • Additional legal information

The casino terms and conditions are lengthy and will require time for you to read. This document will provide you with the information necessary to understand how our online casinos operate. The T&Cs explain what is and is not acceptable in our casinos. Some of our casinos may have less or more information than defined above. The terms and conditions establish a contract between you and our online casinos. This contract was created for the protection of both you and our online casinos. The T&Cs also make certain both parties fulfil their obligations.

The T&Cs works both ways. Your interests and rights in addition to our online casinos are guaranteed in this contract. You should understand our online casinos are a type of business. This means the final result is making a profit. For this reason, the T&Cs are generally slightly in favour of our online casinos. A good example is the standard edge of the house. Understanding the conditions of the contract is extremely important since you will be using real money to make deposits and play. You also need to be comfortable making multi-component transactions with our casinos under our terms.

If you are not satisfied with some of the player limitations for one online casino, you may prefer the looser terms and conditions available at another online casino.

What is Covered in the T&Cs for Online Casinos?

When you are playing your favourite online casino games, understanding the smallest details of the rules can make the difference between losing and winning. A good example is online blackjack games. Certain games only allow you to double down if you have specific combinations. Other games allow you to double down using any two cards. The best way to plan an effective strategy for blackjack is to understand the rules of the specific game you decided to play. The same is true of every game offered by our online casinos. The T&Cs also cover all of the following.

Gaming Rules: No two online casinos have the exact same gaming rules. These rules explain how the game is played, what is required to win and the amount of the payouts. The rules for certain casino games like scratch cards are extremely simple. The rules for other games such as online craps are a lot more complicated. There are even rules for every online slot game. The rules were not created to intimidate you. The idea is to become familiar with the rules to ensure you are more confident and relaxed and are able to play better. This will help you enjoy playing your favourite online casino games even more.

Payments: Once you have opened an account, you will need to make a payment into your account to be able to play. If this is your first time playing at an online casino, there may be a little hesitation when you decide to make your first deposit. All of our online casinos are both reputable and secure. This means your money and personal details will remain safe. Making a deposit is quick and simple. Begin by logging in. Then proceed to the banking section found in your casino account. From here, you can make your deposit so you can start playing your favourite casino games for real money.

Make certain you select the correct currency if you have not done so when you opened your account. Do not be concerned if your currency is not listed as an option, When you make your deposit, you can choose from all of the options available. Your deposit will then be exchanged for your country’s currency. Choose the payment method you like the most. Most players use either a credit or debit card. Most of our online casinos accept Mastercard and Visa. The most frequently used payment methods include:

  • Credit or debit cards (Mastercard and Visa)
  • Instant bank transfers online including Klarna
  • Virtual card payments including Entropay
  • Electronic wallets including Neteller and Paypal
  • Online voucher systems including Paysafecard

All of the above options can be used to instantly fund your casino account. You will need to wait for a few days if you choose to make a traditional bank transfer. If the casino accepts checks, you will also need to wait for a few days. The fastest withdrawal method is an electronic wallet. The slowest method is bank transfer. Withdrawals are generally checked on an individual basis to ensure the funds go to the correct person. This is the reason your deposit requires less time than your withdrawal.

Prior to making your first withdrawal, make certain your identity has been verified with the online casino. This will ensure the process is faster. Your funds will be paid out to the same account used for initially funding your casino account. In some cases, such as Mastercard, this is not possible. In this instance, your funds will be sent directly to your bank account. The fastest method for your withdrawal is an electronic wallet. The slowest is a bank transfer. This can require as long as 10 working days.

Account Procedure: When you register with one of our online casinos, we will ask for your personal details. This proves you can gamble legally, are a resident, will protect your account from fraud, verify you are at or above the legal gambling age and ensure your account remains secure. The most commonly asked information includes:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Full address
  • Sex
  • The username you use to log in
  • Betting currency
  • Security question such as your mother’s maiden name
  • Password

Responsible Gambling: These are the social responsibility initiatives established by the gaming industry. This includes governments, vendors, operators and gaming control boards. This ensures the fairness and integrity of the operators and promotes awareness of any potential harm resulting from gambling including a gambling addiction.

Promotional Offers: Our online casinos will frequently provide you with promotions, deals and offers. There are pitfalls to these offers. You need to take care when comparing or accepting any offers. How good the offer is will be determined by the terms and conditions. The most common T&Cs include:

  • There is an active time window for all offers. You must redeem the offer during this period.
  • The number of times you are eligible to receive the offer may be limited.
  • There may be a predetermined time period to claim your prize after winning. You may forfeit your winnings if you do not make your claim in time.
  • Participating in giveaways or entering a raffle or competition generally has specific parameters. You may need to do something specific or deposit a predetermined amount of money.
  • No deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, cash prizes and free spins usually have wagering requirements.

Where to Find the T&Cs

The terms and conditions are generally found on a separate web page. This can usually be accessed using a link located in a footer on our online casino’s website. Some of our casinos may put this information on the site’s navigational menu or your player account dashboard. If you are unable to find the T&Cs, ask customer support for either a copy of the complete document or directions for finding the T&C on the site.

Understanding KYC

Once an online casino has been licensed, the casino is required to confirm the identities of all players. The payment and contact information for the players must be verified. This process is called (KYC) know your customer. This is important for several different reasons including:

  • The prevention of underage gambling
  • Fighting organized crime and money laundering
  • Limiting player accounts to one for each individual
  • Ruling out casino fraud

The obligations established by the licensing bodies must be met for the casino to be adherent to gambling regulations. KYC encompasses account verification SMSs and emails when you sign up to an online casino for the very first time. When you make a withdrawal, you will need to submit documentation. This may include photos or scans of your:

  • Front and back of a credit card
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of address such as a utility bill
  • Photo ID or passport
  • Photo documenting you possess one of the above documents

Some of our online casinos will require you to submit documents when making your first withdrawal. Others only require documentation for substantial withdrawals of approximately £2,000 or more. Each casino will only require documents once.

Bonus and Promotional T&Cs

Our online casinos do not want bonuses abused by any of our players. This happens more frequently than it should. For this reason, most bonuses have strings. In many instances, there are so many rules for bonuses, our online casinos offer separate T&C documentation for bonuses. You can generally locate the document link on the footer of our online casino’s website. The bonus T&Cs can also be linked to the promotions page on the site. Bonus terms and conditions fully explain what you can do and are unable to do regarding an active bonus. Promotional T&Cs generally include the following conditions.

  • The wagering requirement you need to meet prior to withdrawing your winnings.
  • There is a maximum bet. This is generally 50p per payline or £5 per spin.
  • The wagering requirement is dependent on the amount of your deposit or bonus or a combination of the two. This is dependent on the casino. This amount is how much you must bet in order to clear your wagering requirements.
  • In most cases, there is a list of games that are ineligible for playing with your bonus money.
  • Your wagering requirements generally start when you begin using your bonus money to play. You have a set time period to complete your wagering requirements from a single day to a few weeks.
  • You can only use your bonus money to play specific games, usually slots.
  • If you are able to use your bonus to play live dealer games or table games, the contribution to your wagering requirements in between zero and 10 percent.


Several different methods for deposits and withdrawals are accepted by our online casinos. Banking T&Cs are different for every casino. The following are general guidelines for banking T&Cs.

  • The limits for deposits and withdrawals may be different for each casino and payment method.
  • You need to wager all of your deposits a minimum of once prior to making a withdrawal.
  • You will not be able to withdraw any winnings received from a no deposit bonus until your payment method has been verified and wagered at least once.
  • Certain banking methods can include fees. These may be directly charged to your account. If you pay by phone, the fee may be invoiced later.
  • There are maximum withdrawal limits for our online casinos. Depending on the size of your win, you may not be able to withdraw the entire amount with one withdrawal.

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