Live Baccarat

Are you looking to play a Live Baccarat game? Do you have a preference for live games? Now, playing your Baccarat at a live casino is an excellent choice. It is better than playing the game at a land-based casino. Typically, you get an HD connection to the studio when you load your game on your device and click the play button. In a very short time, you are live and ready to start your game. 
In most cases, casinos offering live dealer baccarat games run around the clock. Therefore, when you click the play button, the game may already be underway. If this is the case, you might have to wait for a short while for the next betting window. This betting window allows you to place your bets and get rolling. Well, before this window appears, you can, in the meantime, review your scores through the displayed panel on your screen. 


Top Online Casinos for Live Baccarat

Now that you are here, you will probably want to know where you can play live Baccarat online. This piece will give you a list of the best and most reliable casinos online. They include: 

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How Do We Select the Best Casino Sites for Live Baccarat?

Deciding on the right casino can be a tough task. In most cases, choosing a casino might be more important than you understand. However, it is critically important to ensure that you invest your money in a casino that gives you commensurate returns. With vast experience in live gaming, we have decided that you would only want the best casino for your live Baccarat. Now, before you can decide on your choice of live casino, do the following: 

• Decide on the game you want to play. Do you need a wide selection or just a basic selection? 

• Evaluate the extent of bonuses that you need. You will need a casino that pays more bonuses. 

• Evaluate your gaming experience. If you are new to the game, you will need an interface that is very easy to use and caters to your simple needs. In addition, if you are already a player, decide whether you are a regular or a person who plays once in a while. Regular players should book for a royalty program since it comes with extra benefits. 

Now, with that out of the way, let us look at the features that make a baccarat live casino great:

Bonuses & Promotions

The simple fact that you are playing at a casino means you need a return on your money. In most cases, you need the best return you can get. A good number of live casinos pay signup bonuses and even offer great first match returns.

Therefore, if you are searching for the best online casino for your game of Baccarat, you will need to evaluate each casino’s payout in terms of promotions and bonuses.  
Essentially, you should evaluate the return on your wager depending on other factors such as the minimum deposit, other free features you get, and how you can win the bonus. In any case, a bonus is as good as a great win. However, winning the bonus is difficult, then that might not be your right casino.

Security and Safety

The second aspect of a live baccarat casino that you may evaluate is the extent of its safety and security measures. Currently, the digital and technological world has evolved to the extent that it is way more insecure than ten years ago. Normally, a simple breach could take your earnings and probably render you broke or set your finances back. Therefore, you should evaluate the casino’s licensing, security features if available, and history.

Selection of Casino Games

A wide range of selections gives you the ability to evaluate multiple games before deciding on the best game for you. In addition, this large selection provides you with variations in winnings, bonuses, themes, and returns. Now, live Baccarat is available in the following types. 
• Live Punto Banco: Made favourite by the James Bond Character, this is the classic game where the cards are dealt facing down on a bean-shaped table.
• Live Speed Baccarat: This variant of Baccarat uses the conventional baccarat betting options. Essentially, this is for more advanced players. However, it is fast passed and lasts for approximately 27 seconds. You get a 12-second betting window in this option. 

• Baccarat squeeze: This variant comes with the ritual of squeezing cards in a suspenseful way. The dealer slow squeezes and reveals the last card. 
With these variations of Baccarat, you would want a casino that offers you all the selections and benefits that appertain to them. In any case, you will need to evaluate your hands through different games before deciding which one is the winner.

Device Optimization

Normally, betting on live Baccarat mainly arises from the need for efficiency and autonomy. Typically, for land-based casinos, you would have to travel to the physical site. Now, with a live casino, you can connect to the table through your mobile device –a smartphone or a computer.

This is where the optimization comes in. Typically, you will need a good look at the dealer and the cards being dealt to make your bets. Therefore, a casino that offers the best optimization for your device is the best. Typically, this can be achieved through different screen sizes and resolutions. However, a closer look might need larger screens for clearer details. 

Banking Options and Fast Payouts

In the past, getting paid to a live casino was difficult since some payment options were not available to all players. Essentially, this was mainly due to jurisdiction and geography. However, with the change of situation and the integration of technology into the casinos, this has changed considerably.

Now, you can pay for your bets through a multitude of options and also get paid through a multitude of convenient channels. Therefore, when looking for the best live casino, evaluate their payment methods. This is especially since you would not want your money to get stuck in some account when you need it.

Customer Support

Glitches tend to occur now and then. For instance, you could be in the middle of your game when the casino system goes down. In addition, a network problem or a problematic pay issue could arise. In all these cases, you will need responsive customer support attention. Many casinos purport to offer round-the-clock support. However, when things get bad, they become unavailable. 
Additionally, if you are a new player, you might need some guidance. Without the right support, you might end up losing all your money. Therefore, ensure that the support offered by the casino is responsive and helpful.

Playing for Free VS Real Money

Now, before you can begin playing for real cash, you should at least get the gist of the game. In addition to understanding the game, you also get to hone your winning skills so that when you play for real money, you can get bigger wins. Essentially, you can do this by playing Baccarat for free through a set of available tools. So, what are the reasons for playing for free or for real money? Let us take a look.

5 Reasons to Play Live Baccarat Online for Free:

  • You get to learn the game 
  • Develop the ease of navigating the interface 
  • Learn what game variation would offer the best win in a real money game 
  • Understand the differences in the dealers 
  • Decide on the best casino

5 Reasons to Play Live Baccarat for Real Money:

  • Make some money by winning 
  • Invest your cash for better returns 
  • Get bonuses 
  • Improve your playing skills 
  • Recover money you lost in another game by winning more

Game’s History and Origins

You can trace the history of the Baccarat card game back to medieval Italy.  

Essentially, this is approximately five centuries ago. Baccarat started as a simple card game for the aristocrats and those in the upper social class. Though the exact origins are still uncertain, most researchers believe that the game was developed in the 15th century by a particular person named Felix Falguierein.  

The original name for the game was ‘baccara,’ which is the Italian word for ‘zero.’ This name was derived from the fact that all the tens and face cards were valued at zero. When the game became more popular globally, ‘baccarat’ – French spelling – was adopted. It is also believed that the game was inspired by the old Etruscan fairy-tale where a virgin threw a nine-sided die.  

According to this legend, the result of this throw determined her fate. If the result were a 9 or 8, then she would be elevated to become a priestess. A 7 or 6 would prevent her from engaging in religious and community events, while a result lesser than six would call for banishment and drowning into the sea. Though not quite a nice legend, the initial rules of the modern Baccarat arose from this tale.  

Though you will not get banished or drowned in the ocean, you will usually lose the game if you get six or lower. The original game was also dealt with differently than it is today. During those times, you would have four dealers dealing the cards. As a player, you had the opportunity to be a banker. Players could place bets against other players and even the house itself. In modern Baccarat, you get only one dealer. In addition, the house is the banker, and you can only place your bets against the house. 

Advantages and Disadvantages Over Regular Baccarat

Playing live Baccarat has more advantages than you would get from regular online Baccarat. You may be the player who loves the great casino lights, the cheering, and cross-the-table wine. These include:

Advantages of live casino baccarat include

  • Convenience. With live online Baccarat, you don’t always have to travel now and then when you need to play. All you need is your phone or computer to get logged in. In addition, even if you would love traveling now and then for a game, you will need to get geared up, carry your ID, and match up the casino’s pace.
  • You get to choose the dealer. With live Baccarat, you get to decide who deals you. In essence, you are the boss, and your preferences are respected.
  • Availability of more variations than the regular joints. 
  • The controlled pace and less pressure when choosing tables. 
  • Closer look availed by multiple cameras to enhance your experience. 
  • Real human dealer.

There are a few slight disadvantages

  • The quick pace. Normally, most gamblers prefer thinking fast and not waiting for other people to make decisions. If you love this kind of pace, you might have a better experience at the regular baccarat casinos. In addition, Live baccarat may prevent you from playing more hands. 
  • Lengthy waiting period for a seat. Since the game is normally continuous, you may have to wait for some time before starting playing. In essence, you will have to wait for somebody to leave the table so you can occupy it. While playing on an online casino, you have to sign in and start firing away.

Strategy – Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Live Baccarat Strategy

The best Baccarat winning strategy comes with a fair degree of chance involved in every hand that you get to play. The house edge will always be there, and if you thrive on statistics, it cannot be easily beaten. But you don’t have to beat the house edge to win in Baccarat. In Baccarat, you can make three types of bets:

  • The banker 
  • The Tie and 
  • The player

Your choice is essentially dependent on your approach. However, you can play using the odds attached to these bets. Essentially, winning statistics are: 

  • 45.84 percent for the banker 
  • 44.61 percent for the player and 
  • 9.45 percent for the Tie

The following tips will make you get more winnings:

  • If you are not using the system, use bet banker 
  • Decide what you are after since there is no best bet 
  • If your bet is the Tie, it does not matter 
  • There are no fallacies or hot tables. Don’t pin your expected win on hard facts. Just play within the current circumstances. 
  • If you lose, take it in stride 
  • Have fun while at it 
  • Have a fixed budget, don’t re-evaluate it while on the table.

Live Baccarat FAQ

Can live baccarat be rigged?

Essentially, if you are playing in a licensed casino, the live Baccarat is not rigged. Normally, it is broadcasted from a live land-based casino or game provider studio. This means that all you see on your screen is happening in real-time. The dealer never leaves the table, and you can even see shift changes on your screen.

Can I win real money playing live baccarat?

Of course! Unlike where you play the game in demo or free mode, live Baccarat will give you money for your wins. Once you win, you can withdraw your money right away.

Can I beat the dealer in live baccarat?

Essentially, your aim in live Baccarat is to guess which hand has a card with a value closest to 9, the banker or the Tie. If your guess is right, there you go; you just made a win.

Is live baccarat legal?

It is legal to play Baccarat in all licensed casinos. If the casino does not have a valid license, then you are risking your money.

Can I play the game on my mobile device?

Casinos have employed the skills of top developers to ensure that you get the best experience on whatever device you are using. Most casinos will provide you with a live baccarat version depending on your interface.