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Microgaming has been in the business for more than twenty years. As a software provider, Microgaming has been on the cutting edge ever since. We are here to provide all the information you need about Microgaming and show you the best Microgaming casinos.

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The History of Microgaming

The origins of the online casino industry originated around 1994. This was when online games first became available. Numerous new companies were established during the year. A South African company claims to have introduced the first game for online casinos enabling the players to use real money.

The ownership of Microgaming in unclear, although one of the original founders is believed to be Martin Moshal. His name appears in nearly every story ever told about Microgaming. This is no doubt he was involved with the company. Any additional details regarding the ownership of the software giant have been kept private. The first game launched by Microgaming was in 1994. This is incredible because there were no internet connections yet available for homes during this time. Most people were using the mail to send for their AOL disks.

As the company continued to develop, they started to release new games extremely quickly. There were numerous other companies entering the casino development industry as time passed. Before long, the industry was crowded with fierce competition. Microsoft made a substantial contribution to the industry in 1998. This was when the company released Cash Splash. The slot game was not anything exceptional. What changed the casino industry was the game mechanics developed by Microgaming.

Microgaming Progressive Jackpot – Cash Splash

The first progressive jackpot became a part of history with the release of Cash Splash. Every time a player spun the reels, a portion went into a pooled jackpot. The only way the jackpot could be triggered was when the player had a certain combination on the reels. The gaming industry loved the new type of innovation. This was how Microgaming secured many of the biggest gaming clients in the world. Microgaming was one of the first software developers in the new industry.

The first progressive Jackpot, Cash Splash

Interactive Gaming Council

Microgaming realized a type of controlling body was required. This body would help ensure the industry remain legitimate by holding online casinos to specific regulations, and ensuring they take responsibility for their actions. During this time, online payments were only first being accepted. Making an online payment was less acceptable and much more difficult than the process has become in modern society. Due to the overall shady reputation of the industry, Microgaming believed steps would be necessary to ensure the players were comfortable.

This was the reason Microgaming joined forces with several different firms in the same sector. This resulted in the formation of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC). The organization was responsible for regulating the gambling industry in addition to making certain every game was played fairly. Operations were monitored by the IGC to help eliminate untrustworthy online casinos that would eventually become a part of the industry.

Eventually, Microgaming became one of the founding members of eCorga. This organization has received recognition for becoming the leader in ensuring proper business transactions throughout the industry. Microgaming continued gaining traction after their release of the first slot machine with a progressive jackpot. The company has since developed more than 1200 different casino games as the years have passed. Many of the titles offered pooled jackpots.

Progressive Jackpots

Mega Moolah

These games made it possible for jackpots to be pooled by multiple licensees into a single pot. This practice significantly increased the size of the jackpots. One of the best examples is a Microgaming slot game called Mega Moolah, on which the jackpot winnings has exceeded five million United States dollars. To this day, Mega Moolah is one of the most frequently played slot games available. Microgaming was responsible for another innovation in 2005. This was when a co-branded slot game was first released.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider was derived from the popular movie and comic book. The graphics began a new trend resulting in many different casino games offering a major entertainment brand. Microgaming reached even more new milestones in 2008. The first online slot containing one-hundred paylines was released by Microgaming. The $10 million progressive jackpot from a Microgaming game then set a new world record. The next milestone was the release of a brand new slot feature called My Slot.

Tomb Raider Slot

My Slot offered players the ability to upload personalized graphics directly into the software. Players could now decide how they wanted their games personalized. By the early 200s, Microgaming was no longer content with being a casino developer. The company launched the Microgaming Poker Network (a poker platform) and robust new bingo software. These products enabled the transformation of licenses into full service. This improved the bottom line of the company because players spent more money on all of the available Microgaming products.

Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act

In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act was introduced. This placed Microgaming in a tough position due to the impact throughout the entire gambling industry. The issue was a lot of the biggest United States-facing online casinos were using Microgaming software at this time. Microgaming was privately held and located in the Isle of Man. Despite this, the management believed the future of Microgaming would be at risk if the company remained in this market.

The management made the decision to close all United States-facing businesses at this time. The top licensees were then released from their contracts. This decision could have resulted in the destruction of the company. Microgaming surprised the world when the company increased business outside of the United States by more than half. Ever since then, new partners have been brought into the company every single year.

First Games on Mobile – Microgaming

In 2014, Microgaming was the first to secure the development and launch of a slot game created for wearable devices. New partnerships resulted in the release of new titles. Another world record was set by Microgaming in 2015 when a jackpot of nearly 18 million EUR was won by a Mega Moolah player. The game paid off again in 2016 for a jackpot worth an additional eight million EUR. The table below shows the casinos where you will find the best Microgaming games.

Popular Microgaming Slot Games

This game is based on one of the most popular movies off all time, Jurassic World. The video slot offers convincing bonus rounds and a lot of action. The thrilling features enable you to earn even more wins. The cinematic graphics are absolutely breath-taking. Jurassic World offers you some excellent returns while you enjoy the same fast-paced action you saw in the movie.

Jurrasic World Slot

Immortal Romance reveals the secrets of four vampires. You can use the powers of the vampires to gain an advantage as you enjoy playing this gothic video slot. You will keep revealing more as you continue to spin. Your bonuses will also become increasingly lucrative. You will enjoy all of the opportunities to win and the gaming experience will keep you riveted.

Immortal Romance Slot

Progressive Jackpot Games from Microgaming

You have most likely heard about Mega Moolah even if you have not yet played the game. The game is often referred to as the Millionaire Maker. The slot game is so popular, the result are spin-offs. These also include the enormous, consistently increasing progressive jackpot. Just one spin resulted in a fantastic win of $22,000,000.

There is no doubt the most progressive online slot jackpot can be found in Mega Moolah. The biggest jackpot available is more than a million dollars. This is the reason punters across the globe play Mega Moolah every day. There is always a possibility you may become the next Mega Moolah instant millionaire.

Megah Moolah Slot

Microgaming has released a lot of progressive jackpot games worth mentioning. This includes SupaJax, Triple Sevens, Tunxamunni and King Cashalot. The games offer different features, paylines and a variety of themes. You will experience something just a little different when you play any of these games. Furthermore, you’ll have the chance of winning a massive progressive jackpot.

Live Dealer Games from Microgaming

The live dealer casino games released by Microgaming are some of the best the industry has to offer. You will find more than 20 of these games streamed right to your device through an HD live link. You can play these games on both your desktop and smart devices. You can even take advantage of the Playboy dealers option. The live dealer games offered by Microgaming casinos include baccarat, blackjack, roulette, Sic Bo and Casino Hold’em.

These games offer live video streaming with HD, multi-table and multi-window gameplay, options for auto-betting, analysis and stats.

How Does Microgaming Compare with Other Giants Including Playtech and NetEnt?

Once the first online casinos became operational, the development of online casino software began. There is a software provider responsible for every game you have ever played at an online casino. The game may be owned by the company responsible for the development or the online casino. The foundation of every casino are the games you are being offered. This has enabled game developers to occupy a special place in the industry.

The software used by each casino is called a platform. Each one offers different types of games providing you with a variety of rewards and themes. Hundreds of software providers are located all over the world. Only a few of them offer enough games to satisfy every type of player. Some of the online casinos have just one software provider. Others offer games from multiple providers with the software integrated into a single platform.

The software provider has a major impact on the popularity of the online casino. If you have ever searched the internet for online casino software providers, you have seen Microgaming Casinos and NetEnt Casinos. This simply means the online casino uses software from either Microgaming or Netent. Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech are often referred to as the Big 3. These three companies are considered the pioneers of casino software.

All of these providers are considered good choices for online casino software. Each developer is an exceptional software provider with different specialties and styles. Each player needs to decide which provider is preferable for their individual tastes. Unless you are playing at an online casino using only one of the providers, the chances are good you have played games developed by all three. The reason Microgaming has remained one of the top choices for the industry is they are trustworthy and legitimate.

Microgaming has received verification from eCorga. This means the results of all their games are completely random with fair payouts. Many players prefer Microgaming due to the MegaMoolah slot game. The game continues to set new records for the jackpots paid to lucky winners. Microgaming is still the leading supplier of online casino software anywhere in the world. During the last couple of years, the company has lost a little ground to NetEnt, its main competitor.

This is because NetEnt has developed some innovative graphics. You also need to consider a lot of other aspects. Microgaming offers you a 25-year heritage and an enormous number of different types of games. This is the reason they have retained the lead over all of the other major software developers. Microgaming also offers a large range of services and products for numerous types of gaming. This includes sports betting, bingo and poker.

Online casinos require the entire range of games to ensure players remain happy. Since Microgaming offers this range, a lot of casinos use just the Microgaming platform. A Microgaming Casino is distinguishable from all of the online casinos using multiple software providers. Online casinos offering multiple software providers almost always include Microgaming.

The only way you can experience the exceptional variety of games provided by Microgaming is to play at a Microgaming casino. The range of games available is more than enough to satisfy every player. Since Microgaming was one of the first established software providers, they offer both instant play and a version you can download.

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