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NetEnt is one of the most recognized names in online casino gaming. The Swedish company has been producing compelling casino games for more than 20 years, covering everything from video slot machines to live table games. You have likely seen at least a few NetEnt titles if you frequently gamble online. We have selected the best NetEnt casinos for you, so you don’t have to do the legwork.

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The History of NetEnt

Though NetEnt was originally established in 1996, its roots actually date back to the 1960s. What became NetEnt began as AB Restaurang Rouletter, a gaming company founded by partners Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström. Several decades of success led to Lindwall’s son, Pontus, carrying on his father’s legacy by opening NetEnt to take advantage of the nascent online gaming industry.

Lindwall and his partners focused primarily on software for sports betting and basic online gambling for the first few years of their venture. Solid marketing and proven technology quickly led to growth. The early 2000’s saw NetEnt expand from producing software to opening their very first online casino.

The first decade of the 21st century was one of growth and expansion for the company. NetEnt launched a first ever virtual casino in 2002, obtained a license from the Lotteries and Gaming Authorities of Malta in 2005, and found themselves listed on the Stockholm stock exchange in 2009.

Among their more recent achievements are the release of their first live casino games in 2013 and more than 30 partnerships developed with major players in the gaming industry in 2014. NetEnt continues to move forward in an industry that rewards those capable of innovating.

Popular Netent Slot Games

NetEnt has designed some of the most popular video slot games in the industry. You know full well what they are capable of if you have played any of the titles listed below.


Simplicity is the name of the game when you play Starburst. This classic video slot features five reels and 10 paylines. Players can choose the number of paylines in play for each spin along with coin value and bet level. So many options means maximum control with every spin of the reels.

Bonus features are lacking in Starburst, but don’t be fooled. You don’t necessarily need free spins and other bonus play opportunities to enjoy video slot play. The strength of this game are the fewer-than-normal symbols. In fact, there are just seven standard symbols along with a wild.

You can win from either direction or by landing symbols in predetermined patterns. For example, form a triangle of like symbols anchored at either the top or bottom corners and you are a winner.

Starburst Slot

Finn’s Golden Tavern

Finn is a long-running NetEnt character embodying all things Irish. He is back in Finn’s Golden Tavern, the latest video slot in the Finn series. This game has the beloved character doing what he does in an entirely new tavern. The graphics here are slick and modern while game play is as smooth as ever.

Bonus features start with the Free Spins bonus game. There are two additional bonus features: Random Coins and Fist Slam. Both occur randomly during standard game play. If you are comparing this game with previous iterations of the Finn series, you’ll find the bonuses here are simpler and easier to trigger.

Finn’s Golden Tavern

Dead or Alive 2

Fans of the original Dead or Alive video slot will appreciate this sequel, Dead or Alive 2. This game was released some 10 years after the original. It is completely updated with fresh graphics and a boatload of new content. The familiar wild west theme remains intact.

There is a lot to love about this game including a Free Spins bonus game with three different modes. However, the best feature is how the game handles wild symbols. There isn’t just one. Rather, there are five. You’ll have to play if you want to know more.

Dead or Alive II

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is the quintessential explorer game with a story line that is sure to captivate. Released in 2013, it is now considered a NetEnt casinos classic. Its claim to fame was being one of the earliest NetEnt games with 3-D graphics. Those graphics are stunning, by the way.

The game features the intrepid conquistador trudging through a South American rain forest in search of ancient treasure. There is plenty of mystery and intrigue along the way. Most notably, spinning the reels doesn’t actually result in spinning at all. Rather, symbols drop down from the top of the screen represented as a series of blocks.

Gonzo’s Quest introduced the online gambling community to a number of innovations when it was first released. It is still a NetEnt favorite to this day.

Gonzo’s Quest


If you like your video slots themed after popular films, Conan might be right up your alley. This game is themed around the popular franchise featuring a series of films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The game is built around high-quality graphics and a haunting soundtrack that will have you looking over your shoulder for barbarians.

You can win from both the left and right with this game. You also get two wild symbols to work with. As for bonus features, there are three of them in play. Pay attention to the Scatter symbol as it triggers a three-mode Free Spins bonus game.

Conan Slot

Progressive Jackpot Games

What makes entertaining online games even better? Progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that continues to grow until someone wins it. NetEnt progressive jackpots have a reputation for being rather generous. A few examples are listed below.

Arabian Nights

The vast deserts of Arabia are the setting for this progressive slot from NetEnt. With just 10 paylines, it might seem like Arabian Nights is not worth playing. But remember the progressive jackpot. That’s where all of the action awaits. Hit the jackpot and there’s no telling how much you will walk away with.

Arabian Nights’ graphics are a bit dated as is the game interface. Yet you will find this game easy to play. Everything is laid out in a straightforward manner that should pose no problem for experienced online gamblers. You’ll also find that it is easy on the eyes.

Arabian Nights Slot

Grand Spinn

Grand Spinn is one of the more recent progressive jackpot slots from NetEnt. It boasts a cleaner and simpler interface compared to some older games. It offers what is best described as a classic Art Deco theme that speaks of understated luxury and finer living. That might just be what you are in for if you win one of the three progressive jackpots.

That’s right. Grand Spinn doesn’t limit players to a single progressive jackpot. There are three, each with its own symbol. Land of the right symbols in the right positions and you are in line for a big win.

Grand Spinn

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is NetEnt’s most lucrative progressive jackpot game. Its highest jackpot payout to date is in excess of €17 million. There is no guarantee you will win that much, but every spin of the reels represents another opportunity for you to get in on the jackpot.

This game is all about wealth. Its symbols include expensive jewelry, super yachts, and limousines. The Bonus symbol even resembles a giant wheel of fortune you might find spinning at your favorite Monaco casino. Mega Fortune will have you dreaming of how the other side – the side with money – actually lives.

You might be interested to know the progressive jackpot games are funded by the players spinning the reels. If you were to play one of NetEnt’s progressive jackpots, a portion of every wager you made would be contributed to the jackpot. The same goes for every other player playing the same game.

All progressive jackpots start with a base value and grow from there. They continue growing with each spin until won. At that point, they reset to their base value and begin growing again. This formula provides a constantly evolving progressive jackpot that makes each play truly unique.

Mega Fortune Slot

Live Dealer Games

NetEnt’s crowning achievement to date is the development of their live dealer games. These are games that are actually conducted in a remote studio using human dealers and live equipment. These are not computer simulations. Their appeal is the ability to enjoy live gaming action without having to actually visit a brick-and-mortar casino.

Live dealer games are conducted by trained professionals who are experts in both the games they host and presenting them in an online format. Players interact with their dealers via live video and audio. If you have not tried live dealer games before, you really should. Live games played online offer a unique experience you have to try to truly appreciate.

Classic Roulette

One of the first live dealer games developed by NetEnt is their classic roulette game. This is a standard European roulette game featuring a manual roulette wheel with a red and black slots. You place your bets on the betting table in anticipation of the next spin. The dealer will call out when betting is closed. Then it’s time to spin and see if you are a winner.

Auto Roulette Studio

Roulette players preferring a more fast-paced game can try NetEnt’s Auto Roulette Studio. This is classic roulette with a twist: the wheel spins automatically. This game is not technically a live dealer game in the sense that there is no host tracking bets and initiating spins. But the game is still live in every sense. The roulette wheel is as real as the studio it sits in.

Auto roulette relies on the latest gaming technology that keeps things moving along. You’ll have less time to place your wagers with this game, but that is part of the appeal. Auto Roulette Studio is a considerably faster version of the classic game you’ve come to love.

Perfect Blackjack

NetEnt turned the online gambling industry on its head when it introduced its version of Perfect Blackjack, a blackjack game that employs the Perfect strategy in order to cut the house edge significantly. It is a strategy that calls for memorizing charts that tell players when to surrender, split, double, stand, etc.

Master this strategy and NetEnt says you can cut the house advantage to a mere 0.5%. NetEnt also claims that their Perfect Blackjack live dealer game has a return to player (RTP) of 99.5%.

Blitz Blackjack

Blitz Blackjack is another interesting variation on the classic game. Rather than all players at the table being dealt their own hands, all work with the same hand. What makes this game so special is that, in NetEnt’s online setting, the number of players working the same hand is theoretically unlimited.

Despite every player working the same hand against the dealer, each player is free to make his or her own choices. Technologically advanced software sorts it all out in the background. This is definitely a game worth trying if you love blackjack but want a game with a slightly different twist.

How NetEnt Compares with the Competition

NetEnt isn’t the only game in town when it comes to online gambling. Competitors like Microgaming and Playtech have great titles to offer as well. So, how does NetEnt compare with the competition? Quite well.

Microgaming beat NetEnt to the punch when it released its first online casino two years before NetEnt was even established. Microgaming clearly has history on its side. The company is also known for its strong desire to innovate. They release at least two new titles every month, some of which showcase new technology.

NetEnt competes very well with its own innovations. A few of them have been mentioned in this post. NetEnt’s advantage over Microgaming is its philosophy of gaming simplicity. NetEnt games can be enjoyed by gamblers of every skill level thanks to a lack of excess and unnecessary complications.

Competitors like Playtech, Betsoft and Evolution Gaming do their best to compete as well. But it’s clear that NetEnt and Microgaming are the industry’s two biggest names.

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