Online craps is one of the most classic casino games. Watching the dice rolling on the table is exciting as the players watch to see if they are going to win big. There is a lot of cheering at the tables in brick and mortar casinos when a shooter hits a hot streak. You don’t have to give  up on this excitement at home either. Just choose a casino from below and you can start playing craps even on live casino tables!

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How to Play Craps

The first roll is referred to as the come-out throw. Before this roll, the players make bets on either the Don’t Pass Bar or the Pass Line. Once the first roll has been thrown:

  • If the roll is a seven or eleven, all bets on the Pass Line win.
  • If the roll is a two, three or twelve, all bets on the Don’t Pass Bar win.
  • Any other number thrown becomes the point. Every Pass Line bet placed is now wagered according to the point. The players can also place any available bets such as combinations of their choosing or certain sums.
  • The shooter continues to throw the dice until they roll either a seven or the point.
  • When the shooter rolls the point, all Pass Line bets win. The shooter then starts all over again.
  • If the roll is a seven, every bet is collected. The dice are then given to the next player.

The Rules of Online Craps

  1. Step One: The shooter throws the come-out roll. This is the first roll of the dice when a new shooter takes over.
  2. Step Two: The shooter is given two dice to throw on the table.
  3. Step Three: There are three outcomes for the opening roll. The first is the natural. This is a roll of a seven or an eleven. The player wins and rolls the dice again. The second possibility is a roll of two. The player loses but they get another roll. This is the third option called the point. The player must roll a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten.
  4. Step Four: The player rolls the dice again and needs to hit the same number. As long as the number is the same, the dice combination is irrelevant. The player will win.
  5. Step Five: The player must understand at this point in online craps the number seven is no longer lucky. This is because if the player does throw a seven, they lose the round. The dice will then be given to the next player and they become the shooter.

Once the player has learned all of the steps, they can learn the betting options. Not only is this a lot of fun, but the player win big.

Online Craps Bets

Winning at online craps is a combination of luck and skill. Although the roll of the dice is strictly luck, if the player does not have the skill to make the correct choices when they place a bet, the chances are good they are not going to win no matter what roll they throw. This is the reason the correct choices are critical for the player. The best bets are as follows:

  • Odds Bets – The Odds bet is always the best bet there is. This bet is made by putting money on the Pass Line. On an Odds bet, the player is betting on re-rolling their point. This bet is incredibly fair because the edge of the house is zero percent. It is important to know the amount the player can make on an Odds bet is restricted. There are generally the following limits placed on this type of bet.
    • If the point is four or ten, the maximum Odds bet is three times the amount of the bet on the Pass Line.
    • If the point is five or nine, the maximum Odds bet is four times the amount of the bet on the Pass Line.
    • If the point is five or nine, the maximum Odds bet is five times the amount of the bet on the Pass Line.
  • Place Bets – A bet can be made when the shooter rolls a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. These are called place numbers. Since no bet on the Pass Line is necessary, the odds for this bet are lower. The house edge for six and eight is 0.46 percent, five and nine are 1.11 percent and four and ten are 1.67 percent.
  • Don’t Pass Bets – This is a smart bet with good odds. The edge of the house decreases from 0.42 percent to 0.40 percent.
  • Hard Ways Bets – Hard Ways bets offer poor odds for the players. A hard six or eight has a house edge of 2.78 percent with the edge being 3.40 percent for a hard four or ten. These percentages are two to three times more than the typical place bets. Although there are always players willing to take a chance, it is very difficult to win a Hard Ways bet.
  • Put Bets – Players technically have the option to skip Pass or Come bets until after the shooter has thrown the come-out roll. They can then place a bet on a Pass or Come. This strategy is not recommended because the result is an enormous edge for the house. The house edge on a four or ten is 33.3 percent, a five or nine is twenty percent and a six or ten is 9.1 percent. The player should always avoid odds this poor.
  • Proposition Bets – This is considered the most horrible bet any player can make. This is different from all of the other types of bets. One-off bets are based on the results of the upcoming throw. Most tables offer different variations of the Proposition bets. This often includes the following, although the house edge for all online casinos is not exactly the same. The actual payout can vary according to each casino.
    • Two, twelve and all hard hop bets have a house edge of 5.56 to 16.67 percent.
    • Three, eleven and all easy hop bets have a house edge of 5.56 to 16.67 percent.
    • A two, three or twelve has a house edge of 5.56 to 11.11 percent.
    • Any seven has a house edge of 16.67 percent.

The Odds and House Edge

We always need to be mindful of the odds of the game we are playing. Most of the time we reduce the risk of losing money, but unfortunately, in the long run we’ll always be behind the House.

The Odds

This is similar to a side bet once the point has been thrown. If the shooter throws the point prior to a seven, they win. An Odds bet is extremely fair because the edge of the house is zero. The bet pays two to one for a four or ten, three to two for a five or nine and six to five for s six or eight. This bet can be placed after a Pass Line bet. Since there is no house edge, the amount the player can wager is limited. The player can bet triple the amount of their Pass Bet after throwing a four or ten, four times after a five or nine and five times after a six or eight.

The theory is this bet was created to make the math simpler for the dealers. This is because the player will always win on the Pass Line and take maximum odds. This means the pay off for an Odds bet is always six times more than the Pass Line bet.

Laying the Odds

Laying the Odds is the exact opposite of taking odds, meaning the players bet the shooter will roll a seven before throwing the point. When the player wagers on a point once they have made a Pass bet it is referred to as Taking the Odds. When the player bets against throwing the point once they have made the Don’t Pass bet, it is referred to as Laying Odds. The statistics are fair in both scenarios because there is no house edge. Laying Odds against a four or ten pays one to two, against a five or nine pays two to three and against a six or eight pays five to six.

Laying Odds is similar to Taking Odds in the sense the player is limited for numerous Don’t Pass bets. A good example is an online casino offering 5X Odds. The player can make a wager provided they will not win in excess of 5X their bet on Don’t Pass. In regards to the more common three to four 5X Odds, the player can bet 6X after point on Don’t Pass. If the player wins, it is three, four or five times the amount of their Don’t Pass bet.


In online craps, four, five, six, eight, nine and ten are referred to as place numbers. The player can make a wager on any of these numbers. If they roll the number prior to a seven, they win their bet. Place bets are very similar to odds bets. The difference is the player does not have to make a bet on the pass line and the bet does not pay as well regarding the odds. A wager made on a six or eight pays seven to six, nine pays seven to five and four and ten pay nine to five.

Place to Lose

The opposite of a Place bet is a Place to Lose bet. When the player rolls a seven they win. If they roll the number they bet against, they lose. Place to Lose bets are only available in certain online casinos, England and Australia. A six or eight pay four to five, five or nine pay five to eight and four or ten pay five to eleven.

The Variations of Online Craps

Several variations exist which will further enhance gaming experience, because you’ll never get bored of playing the same game only. Read on to find out more. 


Bob Stupak is the inventor of this version. He was interested in the creation of a game where it was impossible for the player to lose a Pass Line wager because they threw a two, three or twelve. The Crapless version offers the player better odds because the edge of the house has been decreased for the come-out rolls. This version is also referred to as Never and Ruse. It is extremely popular in Mississippi.

High Point

This is a really fun version of the game. In the High Points version, an initial throw of two or three is ignored until the player throws a different total. When the player rolls eleven or twelve, they are paid even money. Any other roll sets the number for the point. To win, the player must throw a number higher than their point. If the number rolled is less, the player loses. Other than this, the same rules and betting for the traditional version are the same.

New York

This game is usually played in the state of New York, the Bahamas and parts of the United Kingdom. The rules are a lot like the Bank version, but the player is unable to place Don’t Come or Come bets and Place bets. Every player must play on a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. The New York version also a different layout for the table. There is a base dealer at both ends with two boxmen and a stickman.


The Simplified version is ideal for beginners. Just like the name, this version is the same casino game, but the rules have been simplified. Instead of all of the complicated side bets, the betting system is very basic. There are no Naturals, Don’t Pass Line or Pass Line bets. All the player has to do is roll the dice. The number they throw determines if they win or lose. The specific number rolled determines the payout. This means the large edge of the house has been sacrificed to simplify the rules. The edge of the house is 2.8 percent.

The Final Word

Online craps extremely exciting game full of thrills and anticipation. There is absolutely no reason to wait to play. Start having fun and enjoying the game now by visiting any of the recommended casinos.

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