Online Roulette

There are several versions of online roulette gambling offering the players a lot of variety and action. There are different rules, betting limits and bonus features. Once the wheel has been spun, the thrill and anticipation build until the ball lands.

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The players have the ability to win a lot of money with one lucky bet. Learning the rules is easy with no experience necessary. In French, the name of the games translates to the little wheel. This is because the players gather around the roulette wheel online as they wait for the ball to land on their number or colour.

Different Versions of Roulette

Anyone can have fun spinning the online roulette wheel for money. The basic idea is to place a bet on the number or colour on which the player believes the ball will land on the wheel. The player can wager on a group of numbers, specific numbers or all of the numbers in a specific colour. After all of the wagers have been placed, a small ball is spun by the dealer.

There is a track on the outside of the wheel in which the ball rolls. Once the ball slows, it falls off the track and lands on the wheel. After the ball stops, winning bets are paid by the dealer and the losing bets are collected.

There are differences in the European and American versions of roulette. The 0 and 00 slots are used by the American version as opposed to the single 0 used for the European version. This does change the odds between the two versions with it being a little harder to hit the slot in the American game.

After the table has been cleared, the game begins over again. The three most common variations of online roulette are as follows:

American Roulette Online

This is the most common version of online roulette. The American wheel has a double and single zero slot. Due to the extra track the ball falls into, the house advantage increases. This is generally around 5.26 percent.

European Roulette Online

This is similar to the American version. The difference is the wheel does not have a double zero slot. This makes a tremendous difference in the house advantage. The average house advantage for the European wheel is half of the American at 2.63 percent.

French Roulette Online

This is the original version of the game with a fairly low house advantage and superior odds for the players. Just like the European version, there is no double zero slot. This places the odds at 2.63 percent, the same as the European version. The rule of La Partage is the reason the house advantage decreases. The rule states only half of all even-money bets will be lost when the ball lands on 0.

How to Play Roulette Online

The popularity of online roulette is partially due to the straightforward rules. Learning the basic rules is simple because it is easy to remember the betting options. There are two basic kinds of bets, outside bets and inside bets. Outside bets have a lower payout with a better chance of occurring.

Inside bets have a better payout with a lesser chance of occurring. The French and European versions use a single zero wheel with a 0 and numbers from one to 36. The double zero wheel is used for the American version with a 00, a 0 and numbers from one to 36.The game begins once the players have made their wagers. The bets can be on a group of numbers, specific numbers, all even numbers or all odd numbers. Some players do not worry about the numbers and simply choose to bet on black or red. The dealer then spins the wheel so the ball can be released.

Once the wheel has come to a complete stop, the ball rests on a specific slot. If the ball stopped on the colour or number the player wagered on, they win. The player can take their winnings or leave them on the table. This offers to opportunity to double or triple up.

All of the even bets in the game are even or odd, red or black, one through eighteen or 19 through 36. All of these bets can win by almost fifty percent. In the European version, there is a 48.65 percent chance of winning an even-money bet. In the American version, the odds of winning are 47.37 percent.

The Inside and Outside Bets

The table layout in the game is slightly different according to the version, the key difference is the American version has the 00 section. The language is also different for each version. The French version almost always uses French despite which country the players are in. Outside bets are placed on the betting table in the outside area. this includes:

  • Colour Bets: This wager is on all black or red spaces.
  • Betting on Dozens: This is a wager on twelve numbers in one of three groups.
  • Even/Odd Bets: This is a bet on all even or odd numbers.
  • Column Bets: This is a wager on the entire column of numbers.
  • Low/High Bets: This is a bet on low numbers one through eighteen or high 19-36.

Inside bets are placed on the inside area of the table. The bet can be for one number or the line between numbers. The latter is called a combination bet. This wager can include two to six numbers. The other available bets include:

  • Straight Up: A bet on any single number found on the table.
  • Corner Bets: A bet on a block of four adjoining numbers.
  • Street Bets: A wager on three horizontal numbers.
  • Line Bets: A combination wager on two adjacent rows consisting of six numbers.
  • Split Bet: A wager on two horizontal, vertical or adjoining numbers.

The House Edge

The house edge is how casinos make a profit. This is a long term and predictable advantage for the house or casino. The players have the chance of winning a short term payout. Depending on the layout of the wheel, the house edge varies between 1.35 and 5.26 percent. Due to the half-back rule, the house edge for the French version is 1.35 percent.

The zero slot makes the house edge for the European version 2.70 percent. The highest house edge is for the American version due to the double zero slots. This is 5.26 percent.When roulette is compared to the other games available at the casinos, the house edge falls in the mid-range.

The Most Common Strategies for the Game


The Martingale Strategy

Every time the player takes a loss, they double their bet. The idea is to recoup all of the losses to make a small profit. When all bets are placed on the same color and doubled until a win, the losses should be recovered.

The Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

This is the opposite of the previous strategy. The bets are increased after every win while being decreased after each loss. The idea is to take advantage of a hot streak while minimizing losses through rough periods.

The D’Alembert Strategy

This is safer than either of the previous strategies. The bets are decreased or increased by one as opposed to the riskier option of doubling bets.

Top Five Playing tips
  1. Systems Do Not Work: Despite the wide variety of systems for this game, they do not work. These strategies are creative, but they will not increase the winnings of the player or beat the house edge.
  2. Play French or European Roulette Online: The American version has the additional 00 slot. This decreases the odds the player will win. The best option is to go for either the French or European versions.
  3. The Best Bet: Choosing a lucky number and staying with it is very tempting. The problem is the single-digit wagers offer lower odds. For any player who wants to be safe, choose even/odd, high/low or black/red bets.
  4. Playing for Fun: This is not a game to play just to try and win money. The chances are good the player will finish with either a little less or a little more money than when they started. Online roulette is about excitement, thrills, taking a little risk and having a lot of fun.
  5. Online Options: If the player is online, there are a lot of different options to choose from. All of the online casinos are competing with one another by offering excellent signup deals. Try joining some sites with the offers that look the best. This should provide some free money to play the game with.

The Variations of the Game

French and European Versions

The European version is one of the most popular variations of the game. The game offers a single zero and 36 numbers. This version is available at both brick and mortar and online casinos in Asia and Europe. The odds of winning are in the middle with the French version providing the best odds and the least favorable being offered by the American version.

The table layout is extremely clean. The number grid is horizontally laid out across the table. Underneath the grid is two rows for outside bets. The three dozen bets are located on the top row. The bottom contains the other bets of low, red, black, even, odd and high. The column bets are placed to the right of the grid.

The same wheel is used for the French and European versions. No other versions have two of the same rules as the French. These are en prison and la partage. La partage means when the player loses an outside bet due to the ball stopping on zero, they receive fifty percent of their bet back. The en prison rule offers the player the opportunity to win back their money when an outside bet lands on zero. En prison is used to mark the bet which remains in the same spot. If the player wins the next spin, they have won their bet back. The house claims the bet if they lose.

These rules are in favour of the player. This offers a statistical advantage while decreasing the edge of the house for even-money bets by fifty percent. This is down to 1.35 percent. The table layout is different from both the European and American versions. The position of the number grid is horizontal across the table. Outside bets can be placed on both sides. The top is for black, even and high. The bottom is for red, odd and low. The dozen bets are placed on the lower and upper right of the grid.

The American Version

The American version is slightly different from the others. The positioning of the numbers on the wheel is different. The total number of pockets is 38 due to the double zero. This makes significant changes in the game. The house edge favours the casino nearly double with 5.26 percent. Although the payoff ratios are the same, the extra pocket changes the odds. The American version used by the brick and mortar casinos in Atlantic City offers a version including the surrender rule.

This rule is almost exactly the same as the French la partage rule where the player keeps fifty percent of their bet when the ball falls on the zero pocket. The layout for the American version table has some minor differences from the other versions. The layout of the number grid is vertical as opposed to horizontal. The double zero and zero bets are located on the left. There are two rows under the grid for the outside bets. American roulette strategy is not different from the other versions fo the game.

The Bottom Line

The main concept of playing the game is to enjoy all of the excitement and to have fun. Learning the rules is extremely fast and easy. Experiment with the different betting options and versions available. This will enable every player to find their preferences. Now that everything has been explained, there is no reason to wait any longer to have a fantastic experience. Go play online roulette for real money in one of our casinos and decide for yourself.

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